3 Evil sisters-Part 4

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3 Evil sisters-Part 4tories.com3 Evil sisters-Part 4 Introduction:If you like it, dont like it, just feel like commenting or anything in between, feel free. Feedback is always nice. Plox-n-Thank you :DWhat was I doing?In the middle of the night I decided to get up and walk out of the house after I discovered that both of my sisters were using me for sex. Technically I already knew that Ashley was using me for sex but she lied to me again in order to get more sex out of me. I just couldn’t figure out what compelled those heartless bitches to not only want me, but to treat there own brother like a piece of meat. Of course I didn’t have much time to think about my family because as if Karma was paying me back for sleeping with my sisters, it started to rain.So here I am. A thirteen year old k** walking down a pitch black street while being bombarded by droplets of water, and to make things worse I didn’t have a jacket on. It never rains in this town after all so how the hell was I suppose to predict that tonight of all nights it would decide to make a surprise visit.I was slowly making my way towards town now but I didn’t have the slightest idea what I’d do when I got there. I couldn’t rent a room or anything because I was u******e, and since it was so late there weren’t any shops open either so finding salvation from the rain was also out of the picture. All of this only left me with one option, to keep walking.The pounding of rain drops and the crashing of car tires as they hit puddles filled the air now as fatigue started setting in. My body was fighting against me, longing to stop and rest but I knew that if I stopped it would only get worse, after all some k** huddled up in a dark alleyway in the middle of the night was just begging to get robbed.“Max!” a voice shouted behind me.I stopped and slowly turned, in my mind I thought it was one of my sisters rushing out to find me but I quickly shrugged off any idea of that happening as a figure started to come into view. Whoever they were they were my height, and I could only catch a flash of brown hair as they passed under a street lamp.“Max is that you?” I recognized the voice now.“Gene?” the words escaped my mouth, “What are you doing here?”Sure enough she came into view soaking wet as well, a black apron over her white long sleeve shirt with ripped jeans that were probably a tight fit.“I work across the street,” she answered panting and pointing across the street to a small coffee shop that was still bursting with light. How did I miss that? “What are you doing out here this late at night?”“I could ask you the same question.”“I have the night shift this week so I get off at one, and don’t change the subject. Why are you out here?”“Running away,” I shrugged.“What? Why are running away?” she shouted over the now thundering loud rain. I opened my mouth to answer but she slapped her hand over my forehead randomly. All I heard was a little gasp before she checked the streets and rushed me across it and into the coffee shop. “Quinn I’m taking off early it’s an emergency.”“See ya!” a voice shouted from the back of the store. Before I could even open my mouth to protest we were already back outside and shutting the door to Gene’s car as she sped off down the street at an alarming speed. Had I been more alert I probably would’ve asked if she was trying to kill us but for some reason I was fighting just to stay awake.Guess I was a little more exhausted then I had originally thought because my eyes kept slowly closing while my body started shaking like a broken washing machine. Once I realized that I couldn’t keep my hands steady I knew exactly what was happening.I caught a flu…fuck me, right?She aggressively pulled into a drive way and nearly broke her car door flinging it open, rushing to the other side of the car and yanking my door open as well before clasping onto my forearm so hard that I’m pretty sure she left marks. There were no lights so I had no idea where I was going or what it looked like but eventually she led me up two steps and in front of a big white door as she fumbled with some keys until I heard the rattling and a click that let me know she unlocked it.Again, she d**g me inside and down a hall, tossing me inside a room and flicking on a light.“You need to get out of those clothes Max before your fever get’s worse. Do you have a spare set of clothes?” I nodded at my backpack. “Well then get inside the shower and get out of those wet clothes. I’ll be waiting outside alright?”With a simple nod she shut the door and left me to do my business. I stumbled into the shower after taking off all my clothes and let the warm water smother me for awhile. It felt great, but I knew that it wasn’t going to help in the end. I was out in the rain for almost an hour after all so it was safe to say that I’m going to feel like hell tomorrow.After I dried myself off I opened the door only to have Gene grab onto my hand and drag me through more dark hallways and into a small room that looked like it hadn’t been touched in ten years. She let me climb into bed myself thankfully, however I found out that she would’ve helped me if she wasn’t fetching a dozen blankets to bury me with.“Get some sleep, I’ll check on you in the morning. Goodnight Max.”I grunted a response before rolling over to my side and shutting my eyes. I was finding it hard to care about what was going on to be honest. I’m pretty sure it was just the sickness talking but everything seemed so bland right now that it disgusted me. Was it really the sickness? Or was it the fact that I had finally walked out on my family?sleep overcame me before I could have a chance to think it over, and for once, I was glad that it did.By the time I woke up there were rays of sunlight torturing me while I laid in bed. I mumbled curse words under my breath before rolling over and tossing the billions of blankets that Gene threw over me last night. My brain felt like it was rattling around my skull with each step I took, my throat probably felt like a cat’s plaything with how scratched up it was, and my body in general was so weak that I was positive that a five year old could’ve knocked me over by accidentally running into me.What I needed to do was to get meds, sleep, and recover as soon as I can, problem was that I was in a strange house, surrounded by strange things, and with a light humming off in the distance I knew that I was probably near strange people. I stumbled down a hallway, passing a few doors before emerging into the living room. It was pretty cozy, nice L-shaped couch and a big screen TV along with some pictures on the wall. My curiosity was about to get the better of me when I heard a sink spring to life through a doorway behind me.With the grace of a drunken frat boy, I walked into the yellow tiled kitchen to find a woman humming softly as she cleaned dishes. She was a little taller then me, with long auburn colored hair and an amazing ass from where I was standing. She was also wearing an apron over her clothes but this one was a lot frillier-“Jesus!” she shouted grabbing onto her chest and snapping me out of my glazed look. I guess I should’ve made my presence known before scanning her body, but it didn’t do much now.“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” my voice was like a whisper, “I’m Max, Gene’s friend.”“Oh don’t worry,” she blushed and calmed down, “She told us all about what happened last night and I don’t blame her for helping you. You just surprised me a bit is all. My name’s Tiffany by the way.” She eyed me suspiciously, “Why are you out of bed? Gene said that you had a terrible fever last night, did you recover from it already?”“I’ll be fine,” I lied and she caught me like a mouse trap.“Nice try Max,” she placed her hand on my forehead and shook her head disappointingly. She then went to a cupboard and pulled out some medicine, filling up a cup of water and handing it to me.“I’m fine,” I set the cup and meds down, “I don’t want to be a burden so I’m just going to get my stuff and go. Tell Gene I said thanks for everything and it was nice meeting you.”She put her hand on my shoulder as I turned to leave and shook her head yet again, canlı bahis “As a mother I can’t let you leave Max plus you’re not even a burden. Take your pills and take your sick butt back to bed.”I opened my mouth to argue but something was stopping me and I’d be damned if I knew what it was. So instead I grabbed the cup of water and swallowed the pills before heading back into the empty room and collapsing back into bed. With my consciousness slowly fading thanks to the pills I tried to figure out why I listened to her so easily.So what if I was sick. She wasn’t my mother, or anyone that I knew for that matter so I didn’t have an obligation to listen to her. Yet she ordered me around and like a well trained dog I did what she said immediately. For the rest of the day I remained in bed. Thursday brought more of the same except this time Tiffany brought the medicines to me before I proceeded to pass out for the rest of the day.Friday changed around evening, with my migraine gone and my body back to its normal temperature, I was well enough to get out of bed and wander into the kitchen. Admittedly I wasn’t prepared to see Gene, Tiffany, and a man that I pegged as Gene’s father sitting at the table eating.“Max, you’re awake!” Gene smiled warmly and pulled out a chair next to her. “We were just about to eat dinner. Care to join us?”“Sure,” I shrugged and sat down as Tiffany loaded up a plate with food and placed it in front of me.“So you’re the famous Max we’ve been hearing so much about,” the man said with a slow, methodical nod. He was silently judging me, his eyes moving up and down my body as if reading a newspaper.“Um, I guess?”“Oh,” Tiffany gasped, “I’m sorry Max, this is George, my husband.”I held out a hand and he shook it, “Nice to meet you.”“Likewise. Gene’s told us a lot about you.”“Huh?” I looked at Gene for confirmation and she slyly looked away while scooping a spoon full of mash potatoes into her mouth. “Well I never got a chance to thank Gene for modeling for me. Without her I don’t think I’d be where I am today.”“You mean a runaway in friend’s house recovering from a three day fever?” George winked and everyone started laughing. If only he knew how accurate that statement really was I doubt he’d laugh so much. Regardless I chuckled just for appearance sakes before digging in.It was weird eating with Gene’s family, not because of her mother and father, but because they actually talked to one another while they ate. My family did that too, but it wasn’t in the light hearted manner that her family was currently displaying. Maybe that’s why is was weird, because instead of hearing news about boys or how stupid I was, they talked about their day.Is that what a family is supposed to talk about at the dinner table?It was dizzying to wrap my head around but eventually the dinner ended and as a sign of gratitude I helped Tiffany clean up the table.“You were pretty quiet at the table Max, everything ok?” she asked as I handed her a plate.“Just a little tired is all.”“You really shouldn’t lie to me Max,” she giggled and I turned to defend my horrible lie when she quickly followed, “I’m a mother and a psychiatrist. I’m lie proof Max. So let’s hear the truth.”Damn this woman’s good.“Guess I’m just not used to conversations like that at a dinner table.”“Really? Doesn’t your family eat together?”“Sometimes.”“And what do you talk about?”“Boys, or nothing at all.”“Boys? Max may I ask how many siblings you have?”“Three older sisters.”“Wow,” she whistled, “That might explain it.”“Ya think?” I joked as I gathered up most of the dinner plates.“What about your parents?”“Mom’s always traveling, Dad’s dead.”“So it’s only you and your sisters?”“Yep.”“I can see a that living arrangement causing some mental harm.”“You don’t know the half of it,” I mumbled out of earshot, “Thank you for all the hospitality Tiffany. I’ll probably leave sometime early tomorrow.”“And go where?” her tone made it obvious that she didn’t want me to go. “Max you’re not a burden at all, and Gene really likes you. She spent the last two days at your bedside making sure you were all right. The least you can do is come to her soccer game tomorrow. It’d really make her happy.”I ran my hand through my hair, trying to think up an excuse not to go but she was right. I did owe Gene for what she did and going to watch her play a soccer game wouldn’t be the end of the world would it.“I think I can do that.”“Excellent, thanks Max.”We shared a smile and I left the kitchen to return to my temporary bedroom. When I opened the door however, I wasn’t prepared for Gene to scare the living shit out of me.“What the hell!” I shouted stumbling backwards and looking up at Gene’s smiling face.“That’s payback for making me worry,” she helped me up, “So what were you and my mom talking about?”“She threatened to shoot me if I didn’t go to your soccer game.”With a playful shove, she smiled, “Ha-Ha Max. So are you going to come watch me play or not?”“To be honest I didn’t even know you played a sport till she said something.”“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Max,” her hand twirled her hair innocently.“I could say the same thing about you.”“Yes but it’s your fault!”“How?”“You never wanted to talk.”“You were modeling, which means that you’re not supposed to move, period.”“Well would it have killed you to at least ask before or after we started?”“It might’ve,” I shrugged coyly before giving up the charade. “Alright fine. I’m sorry Gene. You’ve been a good friend too me even though I’ve only been mean to you.”“You’re damn right I have been.”We both laughed and joined her father in the living room to watch TV. The rest of the night was actually fun. We played board games, watched a movie, ate popcorn, the works! It was all so new to me that I loved every second of it. If this is what actual family’s do then I might want to stick around for awhile and enjoy this newfound feeling. When I went to bed that night I had a smile on my face, because for the first time in my life, I experienced what life was like in real family.The next morning we all got in the car and headed to Gene’s soccer game. It was a beautiful day too. Blue skies, bright sun, green grass, and loads of families having a good time and watching their k**s play soccer. Rows upon rows of soccer fields in every direction, each one with k**s of all different ages and sizes.It took awhile but we finally found Gene’s field, setting up some chairs near the center of it as she left to join her team. As the game began I quickly realized that Gene was a badass at soccer. She played forward and absolutely ran circles around the team, pulling of moves that made my jaw drop. By halftime, she had already scored two goals and set her teammates up to score two more. George went on to tell me that Gene’s team was undefeated and that this was an average game for them.During halftime I decided to get a drink. It was a short walk to the nearest drinking fountain and as I quenched my thirst, I heard it.“Max?”Over twenty fields s**ttered through this soccer complex, stretching over a mile from end to end. The odds of running into someone you know is probably a million to one, and unfortunately, I was that one person. The worst part was that I could’ve seen this coming a mile away. Ashley plays soccer after all, I should’ve known that she came to place to play her games, but it’s too late to regret it now.With a slow turn, I came face to face with all three of them, although I could tell something was a little off with each of them. Ashley was in her soccer uniform but she wasn’t drenched in sweat as usual, in fact if I had to guess it looked like she didn’t even get to play. Izzy’s pale white skin seemed to be extra white today, and with sweat pants and a baggy black sweatshirt she didn’t look flattering in the least. Riley’s hair was tied up into a ponytail that looked like a two year olds handiwork, with her makeup shadily done as well.They looked like shit, enough said.“Where the fuck have you been Max?” Izzy asked, her voice was shaking with rage and she was glaring at me with a different kind of anger that I couldn’t describe.“Around,” was all I could say as I bahis siteleri matched Izzy’s evil glare.“Around? That’s it? That’s all you have to say after barging out of the house at one in the morning?”“Yep.”“You’re lucky I’m not the mood to whoop your ass right now Max. Now get in the fucking car we’re taking you home!”“Pass.”“Pass?” Ashley chimed in, “Max were not giving you a choice, we’re telling you to get back in the car.”“Then tell me why the fuck I should get back in the car?”“Cause we promised mom we’d take care of you,” Riley rolled her eyes as if the answer was that obvious.I burst into laughter, a small tear rolling down my face because of it. “That’s rich! You three, taking care of me? When have you ever taken care of me? You’ve beaten, belittled and badgered me for as long as I can remember, and now that I’m finally rid of you three I couldn’t be happier.”“You ungrateful little worm,” Riley growled, “Look at everything we’ve done for you.”Something told me that Riley had no idea why I left, which gave me the perfect opportunity to let her in on the little family secret. “Riley do you even know why I left?”“Because you’re ungrateful.”“Nice try,” I smiled and looked over to Ashley and Izzy who already knew what I was going to say, “I had sex with Izzy and Ashley, and when I found out they were both playing with my emotions just to fuck me, I left.”I dropped that news like a bomb, and Riley was blown away by it. Her jaw dropped to the floor and even if she didn’t believe me the look on her face was totally worth it.“He’s lying Riley!” Izzy quickly denied.“Yeah! Who are you going to believe? Us or him?” Ashley added.“Me,” I answered walking away coolly, “Because how else are you going to explain why Ashley kept disappearing from her room and Izzy suddenly being nice to me.” With a final glance behind me, Riley’s eyes locked onto mine, “You know I’m right.”Playing it cool, I didn’t look back once as I returned to my seat with Gene’s family, no sign of my sisters anywhere. That surprised me a bit because Izzy and Ashley weren’t the quitting time, but if I had to guess I’d say that they had there hands full trying to convince Riley that I was lying.Gene’s team proceeded to stomp out the other team, and after that we went out for pizza. The rest of the day flew by and Sunday soon came and went and I found it harder and harder to make excuses to leave. Gene’s family treated me like their own, and I couldn’t help but enjoy what a real family acted like. Because I was paranoid, I did help out around the house whenever I could just so I wouldn’t be that much of a burden. When Monday rolled around Gene and I went to school together and went about our day normally.By the time school ended I could safely say that that was the best day of school I had so far. Nothing went wrong and I knew that it wasn’t chance, it was because I was rid of those three cunts that I unfortunately had to call my sisters.Gene and I still went to Mr. Edward’s class so I could sketch her and we both decided that it would be better if he didn’t know that I was now living with her. He didn’t suspect a thing as far as I could tell, and after the hour was finished we started to pack our stuff up.“Oh crap!” Mr. Edwards began, sprinting to his desk and grabbing his bags, “I’m late for a meeting. Catch you k**s later!” The door was already flung open now as he flew out of the room leaving Gene and I somewhat speechless.“Um,” I stammered looking towards Gene, “Did he just leave without locking the door?”“I think he locked it from the outside so once we leave it should be sh-” The door swung open, not only interrupting Gene and also proving that she was wrong, but that even the best days can be ruined by seeing someone’s face, “Riley?”For some reason that I couldn’t fathom, Riley was standing in the doorway. She didn’t look nearly as crappy as she did yesterday but I knew she still wasn’t where she usually was hotness wise.“Oh…hey Gene,” Riley stammered, most likely shocked about seeing her of all people here. “What’s going on?”“I’m just helping Max work on his art by modeling for him. He’s really good for his age,” she smiled at me but I kept my eyes glued on Riley. “Oh, I’m sorry let me introduce you two. Riley this is Jake. Jake, Riley.”“I shouldn’t be surprised should I?” I said with a small shake of my head.“Huh?” Gene gave me a funny look but Riley knew exactly what I was talking about.“Gene, Riley’s my sister.”“What?!”“Riley is that true?” She nodded sheepishly as the room fell silent. My own sister didn’t even tell people she had a brother. Not that I blame her, in fact, I don’t know why I’m so surprised after all. She’s even admitted to being embarrassed by me so if someone asked I’m sure she’d only mention Ashley and Izzy. “I had no idea you were one of Max’s sisters.”“Hard to believe little miss perfect here lied huh?” I leaned back against a table, “Then again I’m used to all of her bullshit by know so I’m not surprised.”“Max! She’s your sister!” Gene argued.“Gene,” Riley began, “Do you mind if I talk to my brother in private?”“Um, I guess I could meet Max out there when I’m done.”“Excuse me? Why would you wait for my brother?” Riley’s jaw dropped suddenly, “Is he…is he living with you?”“Well…” Gene looked away, caught by Riley’s impressive deduction ability. Hell, I was speechless as to how she came to that conclusion, but it was too late to deny it now.“Yeah,” I admitted, “Gene found me after I left and took me back to her house after I caught a flu in the rain. Her family’s been nice enough to take care of me this past week.”“And you…like living there?”I opened my mouth to give it to her straight but that would only cause problems in the end, and of course, I wasn’t going to stoop down to my sisters level. “Gene could you please leave the room.”“Sure,” Gene answered uneasily and gathered her things, heading out the door with a confused look on her face. Riley and I watched attentively as the door swung open and shut, marking that we were now truly alone.“The fuck do you want Riley?” I spat out, eyeing her angrily.“Come back to the house.”“No. In fact, hell no! I would rather be homeless then go back to that hell hold.”“We’re family Max!” she shouted abruptly.“Since when!” I shouted back, “Please tell me Riley. Since when have we been an actual family! Gene’s parents have treated me better in one week then you, Ashley, and Izzy have in a lifetime. So why the fuck should I come back huh?”“Because…” she mumbled something under her breath.“What?”“Because we need you alright!” she exploded. “We fucking need you Max. Is that what you want to hear? We took you for granted and now that you’re gone everyone’s a mess.”“Who would’ve thought that the little brother who did all the house work, cooking, and kept that fucking place running was useful huh?”“This is serious Max. Ashley can’t sleep and Izzy’s been so grouchy lately that I’ve even started avoiding her.”“And why should I care if Ashley has a problem falling to sleep? Or if you’re finally the one taking Izzy’s bitching?”“It’s only been five days Max! Imagine what it’ll be like in a month?”“The house will be burned down and you’ll all be homeless,” I smiled, “I can’t for that to happen. And another thing, why are you so surprised about this? You think that’d I thank you for all the hell you put me through? You convinced my first grade teacher I was mentally retarded so they put me in special classes for the next two years. What about when you splashed water on my pants right before the school play so everyone thought I pissed my pants? Don’t even think I haven’t heard all the rumors you’ve spread about me either, and the fact that because of you, I’m one tardy away from a suspension. So please Riley, tell me why I want to come back and live with a self-centered, whiny, obnoxious little bitch that gets turned on whenever she makes my life miserable.”“I just…” she looked down at her hands.“Oh yeah, and the fact that I committed i****t with both Ashley and Izzy make me want to go back even less. Did they finally own up to it or are they still denying it?”“They told me everything,” her voice was all but gone. “I-I can’t güvenilir bahis believe they really did that too you.”“I’m more surprised that you haven’t done that to me too to be honest.”“Me? You think I’d really stoop that low Max?”“Without a doubt in my mind,” I hissed coldly.“I would never do that too you!” she shot back angrily, “What they did was mean and over the top Max. Don’t even think about comparing me to what they did!”She was visibly angry now. Quivering body, flaring nostrils, and a shaky voice, and everything in between.“What makes you so different?” I asked. My tone unusually calm considering that Riley was shouting at the top of her lungs.“Because I’m still a virgin! Are you happy now? I said it! I’m still a fucking virgin!”Without thinking, I reactively said, “Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. You dated so many different guys and you expect me to believe that you’re still a virgin?”“Say what you want Max but I’m still a virgin alright! I wouldn’t use you because I don’t know how!”“That doesn’t even count then! Besides I still don’t believe that you’re a virgin.”“The only way I could prove it is if you fucked me right here and popped my cherry.”“I know your playing one of stupid pranks on me Riley and I’m not falling for it this time!”“For fuck’s sake am I the girl who cried wolf?”“That’s exactly what you are!” I accused. But it was at that moment that the perfect plan formed in my head. It was time to fight fire with fire, and I knew just how to do it too, “Tell ya what Riley. I’ll make you a deal, and if you win, I’ll come back to the house and won’t leave unless I’m absolutely pushed over the edge. But if you lose, you have to promise to never bug me about coming back to the house ever again, understood?”“Deal!”“You haven’t even heard what you have to do yet?”“I don’t care,” she was standing her ground, “I can take whatever you throw at me.”“Perfect,” I smiled, clapping my hands together. “We’re going to have sex. Right here, right now.”“What?!” her confident attitude was gone just as quickly as it arrived. “Y-you want me to have sex with you?”“That’s right Riley, and if I pop your cherry then you win, but if there isn’t a cherry then you lose. Deal?”“Are you insane? You’re asking me to have sex with you! That’s gross we’re siblings!”“Ashley and Izzy didn’t seem to mind, and weren’t you the one who said that you could take whatever I threw at you? Time to put your pussy where your mouth is.”“Bu-but-”“Backing out already? Guess that means you lose,” I threw my hands behind my head and started to head for the door. “Looks like I don’t have to come back to the house ever again.” With a triumphant oomph in my step, I thought I was home free.Boy…was I wrong.She grabbed onto my head as I passed by and slowly guided it to her boob. I looked at her oddly, but she kept her head down while pressing my hand onto her boob. This wasn’t part of the plan, in fact this was the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. And even though I knew I’d regret it, I was still holding onto the belief that she wasn’t a virgin so I might as well try and enjoy it.With my mind made up, I squeezed my hand onto her boob and she quivered immediately. I tossed my backpack to the side and moved in front of her, grabbing onto the back of her head and pushing her forward so that we could kiss. It was timid, more timid then I was used too, but fuck it was hot! I could feel her lips shaking as I tugged lightly on her bottom lip.I thought about treating her like Izzy, shoving her up against the wall and letting my lust go crazy but I knew that that wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead, I wrapped my arms around her, trying to show her that I wasn’t going to hurt her as kissed one another slowly.“Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered after a kiss, my eyes closed as I basked in her warm breath and waited for my answer.“I’m sure,” she whispered back.She wasn’t sure, I could tell, but that only made me want her more. I slowly moved away from her mouth, nibbling playfully on her neck while she moaned into my ear. She shuddered as I moved further down her body, each kiss bringing louder moans until I stopped just above her boobs.“Take off your shirt,” I ordered and she nodded slowly, taking off her white V-neck to expose her pink bra that she undid moments later exposing her perky boobs in all there glory. She crossed her arms over them quickly, her cheeks cherry red as she tried her best to hide them.It was cute.I’d never seen this side of her, and it only made me want her more. I grabbed her arms and slowly moved them away so that her boobs could be exposed once again. She resisted slightly, but didn’t bother to fight after that as I started fondling them slowly. If I had more time I would’ve kept this up, but the thought of Gene walking in on us crossed my mind so I moved her over to the very table I used to draw on, guiding her onto it softly. I started to unbutton her jeans when she grabbed onto my hands.“Sh-shouldn’t you be naked too?”“Would that make you this easier for you?” I asked seriously and she replied with a nod so I moved my hands away and took off my shirt while she unzipped her pants and wiggled out of them. I undid my belt and took off my pants too, exposing both of us while she eyed me nervously while lying on the table. My dick was rock hard as I grabbed onto her hips and moved in closer.“If your telling the truth, then this might hurt a bit ok, but I promise it’ll feel better later ok?” I reassured her, a part of me still under the impression that she wasn’t a virgin. With a frightened nod, I stuck the head of my dick into her and she winced in pain immediately. Her hands glued to the sides of the table, grasping onto them to try and dull the pain as I gently started to go in deeper.“Oh fuck,” she whispered, her face displaying just how much pain she was in. I didn’t blame her either because her pussy was so tight that I had to push a little harder just to keep my dick from sliding back out. Finally I had got the head all the way inside and with a firm grip of her hips, I made a quick and deep thrust that made her scream immediately and sure enough, I saw blood slowly dripping down my dick and onto the table.She really was a virgin. Holy shit! I just took my sister’s virginity!After my initial shock wore off I looked at her face as a tear rolled down her eye, forcing me to ask, “Are you ok Riley?”“It hurts, but…I’ll be ok,” she panted out her face spelling out the exact opposite.Before I did anything else, I reached over and grabbed her shirt, wiping up the blood on the table and my dick. Tossing that to the side I grabbed onto her hips once again and started a slow, and smooth motion. She was breathing heavily with each thrust, and my lust was starting to get the better of me as I asked, “Riley do you think you can handle more?”With a weak nod, I didn’t waste time as my dick plunged deeper into her pussy.“Fuck! Fuck it hurts! Oh my god!” she screamed, her face on the brink of tears as I moved faster and faster. She was gasping for breath now but I kept a firm hold on her so she couldn’t squirm away. “M-Max, your going to make me cum.”I nodded to her as she screamed out at the top of her lungs only moments later, her pussy tight pussy clamping onto my dick so hard that it was hard for me to keep going. Her pussy juice felt great as it coated my dick, and she was howling in mix of pain and ecstasy which only drove me to keep going. It wasn’t long until she was crying out again and I knew that I drove her to another orgasm.Her sandy blonde hair was now drenched in sweat and she eyed me with a glazed look that was silently begging me to stop. I knew I was getting close to cumming but I didn’t know how long Riley would last because it looked like she was on the verge of passing out. My lust won out in the end as I leaned forward and grabbed onto one of her boobs, going as fast and as deep as I could until I started cumming inside her pussy as she shouted Fuck over and over again.We both reeked of sex, and as soon as I took my dig out of Riley’s body went limp. I moved to the side of the table and gently nudged her over so I could lay down next to her. She was panting heavily, her head resting on my shoulder now as we recovered slowly but surely.“So,” she began in between breathes, “I won.”“Yeah,” I laughed weakly, “You won alright.”

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