487 Sex for the good of the family

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487 Sex for the good of the family487 Sex for the good of the familySome of this story is 100% true, some is wishful thinking, you be the judge of which bits, though I will say the names are not all false, enjoy and after, tell me your thoughts!I, stretched myself, stood and took my plate to the sink, hers was already on the drainer, just another day, unusually it was me who washed up, normally it would be Kate, my Kate, the love of my life, Kate who kept house, and who saw to the lad, young John, 16 now. Growing to be a real man, full of himself, a know it all, just like his dad had been at that age.John was a gangling youth, fit energetic and though he would never be a runner or a boxer, he was a good swimmer, and was now a member of a life-saving team at the swimming club at the old pool where he spent most of his spare time. I am was immensely proud of that lad, not that I would tell him so it might swell his head! I myself had lost a lot of my own youth, there had been what I usually described as a bit of a skirmish… We had been called up, and I drove a petrol tanker through Normandy and up to the low countries, and as I was prone to say, “been shot at and shit on for this delightful country!” A year after my discharge my wife who I had only married that one year, had died in c***dbirth, leaving me with a son to bring up. Luckily, his grandmother had stepped in even though she had enough to do my father now being a cripple.I had remarried after another year or three, to Kate, then a housekeeper ‘in service’ as they used to say, and she had been a real treasure, a redhead, of about my own age, no drink on a stick model, all perfect curves and sensual, but a thin wiry lady in her 40`s, who was unafraid of hard work, and who to my mother`s relief took to the boy, and kept me a good house. There was only one drawback, Kate had something in her past that had frightened her away from sex… at least with grown men… and Sadly I was one of them, a grown man. Oh, she would kiss and cuddle me, she would let me fondle her breasts, older and saggy now, but breast just the same, but… get my end away… no bloody chance! It was psychological torment, I knew that, something in her past somewhere had caused her to freeze if a man even touched her sexually “down there!”, but I needed her love and if truth be told, her housekeeping skills.I had come to terms with it, this sexual rejection thing, first I hoped she would, ‘Grow out of it’ but 12 years of using your hand had become the norm and perhaps I had mentally given up hope of ever getting it accommodated in Kate! Oh, occasionally I still tried now and then, but it was always the same, she just froze, and I missed out once more.This last couple of years things had however have been different, Kate has slowly come to allow just a bit more, inch by inch, bit by bit. Full penetrative sex, was still not on the cards, but my hand had got to her clit a few times, and she had ‘reaped the benefits’ as they say, so it was softly, softly. catchee monkey as my ever-hopeful thought!I now know what had brought about the change in Kate, and to be honest I was jealous in one way and glad in another. If it meant that one day me and Kate would be fully sexually together, as man and wife, well I welcomed it, even if my son was getting more than I was, one day the lad would leave home and so on, all young men do, so in a year or two he would be gone, then, perhaps she would need me that way!At 13 John had had by chance the unusual pairing at life-saving club, he could not even tell you the woman`s name, but she was the trainers daughter. He was exceptionally tall for his age, at 6 feet 3 inches and for the dry land drills the instructor had asked his daughter to partner the lad, all the rest of the class being younger or shorter! She was a pretty 18year old, a really curvy lass who as it happened was waiting to join the navy. The instructor, unknown to our John, felt his daughter might need a rude awakening before joining up, I suspect he thought it funny to embarrass her, so he partnered her with my lad.The first three positions were tackled well enough by the 10 or 12 in the class, though this shapely lass in a one piece swimming costume was every lads wet dream, and I suspect to his embarrassment he could hardly contain his stiffness in his luckily new orange nylon and fairly strong swim-wear… however it was the fourth drill that caused the real problem. The rescuer after disengaging himself from the victim turns the victim onto his or her back in the water, though in a drill on dry land its done just by spinning him or her away from the rescuer. He slips his hands under the victims arms and places them on the victims chest raising bursa escort the elbows to stop any struggling which might ensue and then …in theory… on their backs in the water he kicks them both along to safety! Our lad had never in his life had his hands on a woman`s chest, oh he had seen his step-mother Kate, in a thin slip a time or two, wondered at her shape that sort of thing but so far touch …a breast… no way …that was way out of his orbit!Thinking about it now, John now suspect`s, that, that trainer knew it would cause at least a red face and he`s pretty sure, so did she but she wouldn’t disobey dad! The problem of sexual excitement in pubescent lad`s not least helped as the trainer insisting that all the rescuers stood up close to their victims, sorry casualties… touching as you would in the water, so she was stood with his five or so inches of stiff penile meat resting up against her buttocks, only two thin swimsuits thickness away…so it may have been a bit self-evident quite soon after they started! The trainer walked the line of couples, mostly in the lower ages groups, adjusting a hand here or a poise there, placing a chin on a victims shoulder, raising an elbow here and there, until he came to John who had his hands below the woman`s breasts. She by now was blushing, as was John, the instructor standing in front of his daughter could not see John`s errection, perhaps luckily, but gazing into the girls eyes he took Johns wrists and placed one hands firmly and directly onto each breast. Her nipples were now becoming erect under the costume, her face flushing red, as the man told our boy to “put his head alongside hers and raise those elbows, she was a girl not a lion and she wouldn’t bite!” This the lad did and the rose perfume she had used would forever, like those breasts and the hardening nipples, be indelibly printed on his mind. The instructor moved on and John overcome with the feelings and intoxicated by that scent, filled his trunks in what must have been a spectacular way.The class, that particular position completed, stepped away a pace, turning to face one another, she with a self-satisfied smile appearing on her face as her eyes dropped to his wet fronted trunks. John now conscious of her gaze, blushing the colour of a fire engine and avoiding her smile!Like sumo wrestlers they bowed to one another, a class habit, then embarrassed beyond belief he scuttled away to the showers. He never saw her again, she had gone by his getting out at the final whistle, and the navy took her off in the following week, though he has never to ever forget her. At home that evening and again at school he found himself eyeing breasts, at every opportunity.Kate was a lady who missed nothing, she it was who knew something had changed, though what, well she had no idea, but she was determined to find out! Was he perhaps still a virgin? She doubted it, it was the ‘modern 1960`s’ and k**s grew up quickly now… He however kept looking at her breasts, spying on her, not casually now as he had before, but really trying much harder to catcher her half-dressed!Mornings were no good to chat, we all know what a scramble mornings are twix bed and work or school, he took a packed lunch, so once they had gone, she saw no one till he came home and as the lad left school at four, and walked home, they were only alone together for an hour or so at most, as I work in the summer months till six!She went off on the Saturday me having to work stocktaking to visit her sister at a farm some 15 miles away, returning on Sunday laden with fruit and eggs and so on, the lad meeting her from the bus. So chatting was not on over the weekend at all.Her opportunity came in the week, when luckily on the Tuesday, he had a hospital appointment, just a routine check-up, after a minor foot problem he had had as a lad. Kate gave him a note for his teacher the day before and said he could be having the day off which was suspicious, in Kates eyes the usual criteria for a break from school being bubonic plague or death!I of course had gone to work that morning as normal, an unwitting player in the day and of both this ‘chat to come’ and it`s later outcome!Now Kate and I well we have a pact, she knows my thing about TRUST, I believed and still do, that Trust is more important than love, lust, or any of the rest of the things involved, oh I know they are necessary, but to me trust is the big bit!Now to break that …well it would have broken up our marriage, not that in Kates case her cheating on me was ever a consideration… we kept a big diary by the bed, on my locker, and if either of us had anything we wanted to record, reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, that the milkman had made a pass at her bursa escort bayan or that a customer had done so to me, …(oh yes not as unusual as all that…I`m not that far gone…) it saved us the embarrassment of telling our opposite number, and it had so far been a big help sexually, as she would put in ‘you tried last night, and though I wanted too I just couldn`t I`m sorry my love’ or something like that! Anyway, the night before she had explained that something was in her words “upsetting the lad” and that “she would talk it out and either sort it or would keep me informed!” I wonder now if I would have been so condescending had I known then, what she would do, but who knows. Life is here to be lived and what is done is done and can`t be undone I always say!Anyway, off I went to work and they went off on a bus to our local hospital to be there by 9.15… as it happened for a change they were out with a clean sheet by 10.00 and it being a perfect day and the bus another hour, they decided on an ice cream and a sit in the park next door.So far so good, now Kate, she`s never been what shall I say, ‘slow in coming forward,’ or one of these ‘come at a subject at an angle folk’ she was a ‘bull by the horns’ type of woman… yeh, I reckon that covers it, so mid ‘99’ and before the chocky bar had time to get chomped, or the ice-cream licked, they were sat on a bench by the boating lake and she had started on the lad. “Look John, since that swim club meet last week, you’ve been acting, well, a little odd!” the lad looked a bit uncomfortable, so she went on, “I`ve noticed you have been playing shall we say ‘I spy’, a bit more keenly ever since and it strikes me something has happened, am I right?”He sat red of face and mesmerised she later told me, so much so she had to remind him to lick! Anyway, he did as bid then, said, “yes Mum, your right, something did happen…!” he went back to the ice, she asked what, he grinned, blushed again, then said, “Well…” he thought, then he slowly explained what had happened. She fained interest in her ice-cream then he came out with the killer statement, “Well, after I got home, you and Mr`s Parker, in chemistry and Miss Probert in English, were the only ladies I have had close contact with and to be honest I`ve become a bit fascinated, and I want to know more I`m sorry if you were embarrassed, I didn’t want to do that and thought you would not be able to tell!”She grinned then said, “don’t join MI5 when you leave school will you, you were so ruddy obvious!” they finished the ices, the bus would be due soon so a slow stroll through the park to the stop was the order of the day. Not a lot was said, her thoughtful and he a bit embarrassed and worried what she might say. They soon boarded the bus, the lad sitting next to her on a near empty bus asking if he was in trouble, which she later told me she had said “no” and added that “she had been flattered, in a strange sort of way” which quietened him till they got home.At home it was a case of him getting changed so as not to soil his better clothes, as he planned to work on another soap box cart, that’s a k**s cart bodged together in an ally, an ally bodge! good with his hands it was something he built as a hobby and he sold one or two, to the local k**s, which got him the nickname which nickname he still uses of ‘the Ally-Bodger!Either way, by then she, Kate, had made tea and was sitting at the living room table, drinking and thinking, as he appeared on his way out to our workshop (the old shed out back!) She told him to sit down and to chat for a while, which he reluctantly did.“Look my lad I have decided once and for all to sort out your problems with Puberty!”She said his face was like a rabbit in a headlight, his jaw sagging open his eyes fixed on something distant and his face flushed pink. She went on to say, “I can`t have you running round the town like a loose cannon peering at women in such a way, it is not decent!” he stuttered that “he didn`t meet that many women,” but she would have none of it, swearing him to secrecy even to me, (though she knew she would have to tell me herself of the whole affair soon!)She said, “now look young John, you must be totally truthful with me, and I will be with you, in fact a bit later on I will let you ask me anything you want, but for now I just want to know what you know about sex and what you have done so far in that line. I am not angry with you as it`s all part of growing up and as you will soon understand its natural for you to be curious about it all!”According to Kate he was hesitant to start, then slowly he got into his stride and realising he was really not in trouble, he began to pour forth the little he knew about women and escort bursa the having babies bit! She said it was little and what he did know was jumbled and she asked him had he not been curious before the swimming club thing.Apparently, he and his mate Rob, had found out about wanking from another lad, and had even tried wanking one another. His mate Rob having too his thinking, “a strange shaped cock with no skin at the tip!” They had been in the long grass at the school playing field when they did it first, and had from their hiding place seen a girl go behind the locked pavilion, and not knowing they were watching pull down her knickers and squat to pee, they were too far from her to really see well, but it was curious to the two boys, she hadn’t stood, and peed as the boys did, thinking “perhaps she had not learnt?” Kate smiled, then asked, “if they were not curious about that?” he said that, “They were, but scared of being discovered they had kept quiet! And they had no one to ask really. ”She asked if there was more and he said that, “in a science class they had seen a film of a pet rabbit that had had young and they had been allowed to watch the teacher saying that birth, in a****ls was as it was in humans, and he and Rob, had assumed from that, that birth was for women just the same,” it was apparently the only information on the subject they had been given at the school and the teacher being embarrassed was not keen on answering the questions of a bunch of eager youngsters. We must of course remember it was sadly… not such an open world back then!She asked about the fortnightly swim club, the life-saving incident, what had he felt etc, and he replied, “two jelly like mounds soon with hard tips growing after my first touch!” she explained that she had meant emotionally, and he said, “excited then embarrassed!” which she found worrying. He was obviously embarrassed now, especially when she asked, “Was he stiff at the time and could his partner feel him against her?” blushing like a red light he said, “she must have felt him he was up against her bum” and that he, “was well stiff and made a mess without a hands touch!” she smiled at him reassuringly and said, “And do you think that will happen with any woman`s breast or body?” his answer made her laugh, “well I should think so mum, its stiff again now just talking to you!” she said that, “she would like to see it, would he mind?” He was embarrassed but said probably reluctantly, if she really wanted to see it, he would strip off his clothes for her, but it was not large, and he thought. not much to see. Calmly she replied, “Yes please, that’s if you want to see some of me today!” His eyes came out on stalks, saying “Wow…Really!” and instantly began to divest himself at speed! She waited till he was naked, here in the living room of the little terraced house and had him standing facing her his hands on his hips, across the table corner, using it as a barrier for his shyness. She leant forward to see. It stood stiff and proud, his scrotum resting on the oilcloth covered table, his little used balls not massive or even large.She gently rested the head of the tool in her palm, the first adult ever to touch the thing. Immediately there was a re-stiffening, and a spurt of seed up her wrist, luckily when she came indoors, she had taken off her jacket. On the lads face a look of sheer horror. He began to apologise, blustering, terrified of what she might say. So, smiling, to calm him, by doing no more than curl her fingers around the still stiff tool, she looked deep into his eyes and said, “My John, that’s a nice compliment, well done, and don’t worry, it`s what should happen when your excited and with someone you care for!” She led him round the end of the table by his still erect tool till he stood facing her as she sat, still dressed in her short-sleeved shirt, his seed easy to see on her arm. Slowly she released him, raised her arm and without losing eye contact, to his amazement, she licked up the deposit and swallowed it. He looked amazed, and as she later said, “mesmerised.” She glanced at the clock, then said, “its midday, your dad will be in later and I shall need to cook his tea by the time he gets here, so we have just about four hours today for you to learn a lot, though we have just an hour each day to go further that’s if you want to with your old mum. His eyes were like saucers, she went on, “first I will show you my body, every woman`s body is slightly different, but all women have the same main features just, well, different in size, or shape or whatever! Your swim partner, well she was a lovely shape I am sure, and as she became excited, so her nipples stiffened automatically. Mine are stiff now, my breasts not as full as hers but then, I am a lot older.” As she spoke, she unbuttoned her blouse, his eyes never leaving her cleavage, for him those fingers were unbuttoning the holy grail.Continued in part 2

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