A Bend in the Road

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My divorce was final and I was beginning to understand what it really cost me. It wasn’t the attorney’s bill, the lost equity in the house, or the lump sum I paid to avoid monthly alimony. I’d recover from all of that. No, the real cost was the realization that my sex life was probably over. I’m 45 and I’m no Chris Hemsworth. Not even an aging Chris Hemsworth. The best I can say is I’m thin and not ugly. Of course, “not ugly” isn’t the same as “handsome.” I was quickly finding that there weren’t many prospects for guys like me. I was descending deeper and deeper into online porn. I had some regular “female” chat room partners. I knew they probably weren’t female, but I cared less and less. Anything to get to the climax. I was realizing that, unless I went to Vegas and paid an escort, this was what my life would be. Surf porn sites. Chat with “girls.” Jack off. Repeat.

During the divorce my lawyer had recommended that I join a support group for newly divorced men. I hadn’t known there were such things, and I didn’t want to go. In fact, I didn’t go very much, which probably defeated the purpose. But one day I was sitting in the group listening to other guys like me bitch about their lives when a newcomer walked in. He didn’t stand out. He introduced himself to the group as Paul and told us his story. He’d recently moved to our city and was looking for a support group like the one he’d left behind. During a break he introduced himself to me and we chatted. He asked if I wanted to get dinner afterward. My choices were dinner with Paul or chatting online with “Tiffany.” I chose dinner.

Paul and I hit it off over steaks. We went to a sports bar after dinner, watched a college basketball game, and got a little drunk. We started getting together regularly after group and then at other times. We’d get dinner or drinks. We occasionally went to a ballgame or movie. Eventually we stopped going to the support group altogether. Our friendship naturally evolved to the place where Paul invited me over to his apartment for dinner and a movie. Of course, I agreed.

When I arrived at Paul’s apartment he had some chicken, vegetables and noodles going in a wok. He handed me a cold beer, and we chatted while he got dinner ready. It was relaxed and casual. The stir fry was good. After we cleaned up the meal and got fresh beers, Paul said he had a confession to make. He said that we could watch a movie on the 36 inch flatscreen in his living room, but that he had a much larger TV in his bedroom because that’s where he watched movies most often. He showed me to his bedroom. Sure enough there was a monster TV and sound system set up across from his king-size bed. I agreed to watch on the big screen and Paul went to select a DVD. He came back with two; a porn movie and one of the Marvel movies which, he reminded me, had Scarlett Johansen in skintight leather. All due respect to ScarJo and her fine leather-clad ass, but I opted for the porn. I’m divorced and lonely, after all.

Paul popped in the DVD and we both settled back on the bed, making sure there was a discreet gap between us. The porn was good; hot women in various couplings strung together with a loose plot. It got me horny and hard, and I shifted to hide my growing erection. Paul seemed more relaxed, so much so that his hand eventually drifted down and rubbed his crotch.

“Sorry, man,” he said, “I just gotta, you know.”

“Yeah, no problem,” I replied.

Soon his hand was inside his pants. What the hell, I thought, and started rubbing my own cock over my pants. I tried to focus on the action in the movie, but my eyes kept straying to the action in Paul’s pants.

The movie eventually stopped and Paul asked if I wanted to see another one. I agreed and he went to get another DVD. After he slid it into the player he kicked off his shoes and socks and dropped his pants before climbing back on the bed.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Paul said. “This is a good one and I just gotta get comfortable.”

“Sure, okay,” I mumbled as I tried not to stare at the obvious bulge in his boxers.

Paul was right about the movie. It was my favorite type: lesbian milf porn. Not long into the movie Paul’s hand was back in his boxers. There wasn’t a button on the fly and it gaped open as he stroked so that I got glimpses of his hand sliding up and down his shaft. I couldn’t stop stealing glances at him. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I’m straight. I’d always been straight. But somewhere in my loneliness and porn-fueled horniness I was finding it hot to watch my friend stroke his cock.

I had a raging hard-on myself and rubbing it through my jeans wasn’t enough. Nervously, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and lowered the zipper. I reached into my own boxers and started jacking off. This was weird, but it was also hot.

Not long into the movie Paul pulled his hand out of his boxers, pushed the waistband below his balls, and resumed stroking his cock in full view. The first thing I noticed was that his cock was about the same size as mine. At least I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I decided to take mine out. The next thing I noticed sultanbeyli genç escort was that he had some precum glistening on the head of his cock. Soon after he took it out I started hearing the precum too as it squished between his fingers and his cock. That’s when I felt the telltale liquid on my fingers too.

We continued to stroke through the lesbian scenes; him in the open and me in my boxers. The plot of the movie was about a straight woman slowly getting seduced by her bisexual friend. She catches her friend in bed with another woman, starts masturbating as she fantasizes about it, searches for and masturbates to lesbian porn online, all with the obvious conclusion of giving in and getting fucked silly and turned bi by her friend. It was so hot and the longer it went on the less I watched Paul stroking. As the film drew near the end I got so horny that I pushed my boxers down too and stroked in the open. When the straight woman finally gave in, Paul grunted. I looked over just in time to see his cum shoot in the air and land on his hand and stomach. My climax hit a second later and I was covered in cum too. We stroked ourselves soft as the movie ended, then Paul went to get towels for each of us.

After cleaning ourselves up Paul went to get us each another beer. He didn’t bother putting pants back on and I didn’t bother zipping up. Part way through the beers Paul asked if I was going to be okay to drive home. Honestly, I wasn’t. But I also didn’t really want to leave. I told him so.

“Well, do you want to do another movie,” Paul asked.

“Sure, why not,” I answered.

Paul got up to get another DVD and put it in the player. Then he dropped his boxers before getting back on the bed. I felt a little silly at that point so I got up and took off everything from the waist down also.

This movie was about a couple getting into swinging. They experimented with another couple before visiting a swingers club. The newbie wife got seduced by the other more experienced wife early in the film and that lesbian scene got me hard again despite having just cum. Paul was hard, too. It wasn’t long before both of us had precum flowing.

The couple’s first visit to the swing club was hot, but their second visit was scorching as they both gave into to their deepest desires. I could feel another climax starting and I slowed my hand down to prolong it. All of a sudden the husband got seduced by another man. He got a blowjob and then gave a blowjob all while his wife, who was getting fucked doggy style, watched and encouraged him. It was during that scene that my life started to change.

As the action built between the two men on the screen, Paul slipped his free hand across the bed toward me and wrapped his thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock between my hand and my body. Then he gently slid his hand up, pushing my hand off my cock. As his hand inched up he wrapped more fingers around my cock until he’d taken over stroking me with his whole hand. Now he was stroking himself and me and I was watching. Eventually I noticed that he was looking between my face and my cock in his hand. I met his eyes and he asked if I wanted to try it. Somewhere between the beer and the porn I did.

I reached over as he released his cock. I bobbed above him, straight and rigid with a sheen of precum on the head. I touched his head with my forefinger, feeling the soft, wet glans of another man for the first time. I ran my finger around the head, along its ridge, over the soft skin under the tip, and then over the slit. That released more precum which I smeared over the head as I made another circuit. Paul slid toward me until our hips were touching. Now that it was easier to reach, I wrapped my hand around his shaft. Soon we were both stroking in rhythm, sometimes watching the bi swingers and sometimes watching each other. I know that my gaze alternated between my cock in Paul’s hand and his cock in my hand. I wasn’t sure which one turned me on more.

Soon it was too much for Paul. I heard him moan, felt his hips rise, and then he exploded all over my hand. Being a guy myself, I knew to slow my strokes and let him come down from the climax. When he relaxed I let go. Paul then redoubled his efforts on me. He turned toward me on his side so that he could use his other hand and get a more traditional jacking off grip on my cock. He began pumping me firmly and steadily. It didn’t take long before I coated his hand in cum just like he had done to mine.

After we cleaned up I offered to sleep on the couch, but Paul would hear none of it. He insisted I sleep in the bed with him, which we both did naked.

In the morning I awoke to two things: the smell of coffee and Paul kneeling between my splayed legs. He was slowly stroking his hard cock as he asked me if I wanted another one. I was instantly hard, which was enough answer for him. Paul grasped my cock with his other hand and began stroking both of us in time. I came first this time, pouring fresh cum over his hand. Then Paul came, aiming his cum for my cock where it mixed with my own.


I küçükyalı sınırsız escort went home after we cleaned up from our morning session. My first human-to-human sexual contact for over a year had been a great release, but I needed a break to process everything. Paul didn’t argue the point, although I got the sense that he didn’t have the reservations that I felt.

Paul texted me during the week to ask if I was okay. I responded that I was fine. After several bland text exchanges, he finally took the plunge and invited me over again the following weekend. I didn’t respond right away. I knew he wanted more, or at least more of the same, but I wasn’t sure if I did. I’d never been with another guy before unless you counted my online chat sessions with girls who were probably guys pretending to be girls. That didn’t seem to be the same thing as stroking a guy’s cock while he stroked mine. But I had done it. And I had cum. Twice. Women weren’t lining up at my door to do what Paul had done for me. So I told Paul I’d be there. When I knocked at Paul’s apartment door, he opened it wearing a bathrobe. Oh boy, I thought. Here we go.

We sat on his couch watching a basketball game. During the first commercial break Paul asked if I really wanted to watch the game. We both knew the answer, and before I could say anything he clicked off the TV and we got up and headed for his bedroom. Once there, Paul dropped his bathrobe and was completely naked. His cock was at half-mast as he went to his DVD collection. I started to undress while he put tonight’s DVD in the player. Paul was naked so I got naked too. But the time Paul got the DVD going and came to the bed his cock was hard and bobbing in front of him. Mine wasn’t far behind.

This DVD was all threesomes, bi MMF threesomes to be exact. There was no seduction of straight guys here. It was full on jacking, blowjobs and anal with a hot babe thrown in for fun. I laid down and Paul met me in the middle of the bed. He didn’t waste any time, but reached over to stroke my stiff cock. I did the same for him. We stroked steadily, enjoying the scenes playing out on the TV. Once the precum was flowing, Paul quietly asked when I’d last had a blowjob. I told him it had been over a year. He looked at me and asked if I was interested.

I didn’t know what to say or even think. Mutual stroking was still brand new to me. Hell, being naked with another guy without touching was new to me, too. Now my friend wanted to blow me and probably expected me to blow him in return. This was moving too fast. I’d enjoyed our stroking fun and wanted a little more stroking fun. But did I want more? Did I want to be bi? Was I already bi? Was I gay? Was it a problem if I was?

Paul didn’t rush me to answer. He just kept stroking me. And I realized that I was here because he was a real live human being. Before our first time together I hadn’t had intimate contact with another human for over a year. It felt good to not be alone, to not be in front of a computer monitor, to not be living in a fantasy world. Did it matter that Paul was a guy? Did I need this human contact too much to care? I did.

I nodded and Paul moved to kneel between my legs. He bent over and, without any hesitation, licked my precum-covered cockhead. A wave of pleasure surged through me. Then he licked me again from my balls to the head and back. Finally, he took my cock in his mouth, sliding his lips down my shaft to the base and holding me there while his tongue danced on my cock. Then he began sucking me in earnest, his head bobbing over my cock in a steady rhythm. Maybe it was just the long period without a blowjob, but it felt like the best one ever. It didn’t take long before I warned Paul that I was about to cum. He didn’t skip a beat, but kept on sucking as I pumped cum into his mouth. He swallowed it all and then milked my cock for the last drops, licking them from my cockhead.

Paul moved up on the bed to lay next to me, a satisfied smile on his face. Now I knew what my wife sometimes saw after I ate her to orgasm; that look of accomplishment and power. I also saw that he had a raging hard-on and I suddenly knew that I was going to suck it. I knelt between his spread legs and took his cock in my hand, pointing it at my face. I’d never sucked a cock before, of course, but I’d gotten sucked and I knew what felt good to me. All I could do was try to replicate that feeling for him. The strange thing was how badly I wanted to. I was desperate to put this hard cock in my mouth and to bring Paul as much pleasure as I could.

I stretched out my tongue and licked the precum oozing from his slit. It tasted a bit salty, but not bad. I licked again, this time pressing the flat of my tongue against the soft skin under the head and licking up and over the knob. Next I started at the base of his cock and licked up the shaft and around the head.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” Paul murmured.

I didn’t answer. I just puckered my lips as if to kiss the head and then pushed my mouth over his cockhead so that my lips kept contact the whole way sancaktepe öğrenci escort onto the shaft.

“That’s it. Suck it. You know you want to,” Paul said. I did want to, so I started slowly sucking him.

I stole a glance at Paul. His expression wasn’t begging or pleading. It was confident and expectant. He knew that I’d succumbed to desire and that I was going to keep blowing him until he came. It was such a turn-on.

I picked up my pace, pumping Paul’s cock in and out of my mouth. The skin was soft, but it was so hard underneath. And it began to taste good as his precum leaked out. I found myself wanting more, wanting to please him, and wanting him to cum in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough. I sucked harder, keeping up the suction and as much contact as I could between my tongue and mouth and his cock. Paul was enjoying it. He was murmuring encouragements to me. His hips starting rising to meet my mouth. Suddenly I felt a pulse in his cock and then start to swell. I knew he was close.

“Come on, baby. Here it comes. Swallow it,” he said with some strain in his voice. But he didn’t need to tell me. I was committed. I was going to swallow my first load of cum. I wanted to. I needed to. And then it erupted, a big glob shot into the back of my mouth followed by four or five more. I kept Paul’s cock in my mouth and swallowed every drop. As he started to relax I came off and caught my breath. I pumped him with my hand to milk out the last of his cum, and I licked each drop from his slit.

“Holy shit,” Paul sighed. “You’re a fucking natural. That’s one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.”

“Mmm, I’m glad you liked it,” I said.

I laid next to him and we cuddled in each other’s arms. Eventually we fell asleep spooning naked with him behind me, his soft cock nestled against my bare ass. In the morning that cock was hard and I blew him again while he stroked me with his hand until we both came.


That became our routine for weeks. I’d go to his place a couple nights a week and most weekends. We’d be naked the entire time. I was blowing him regularly and swallowing every drop. Typically he would jack me off. I might get one blowjob a week, but I didn’t really care. I was enjoying myself and finding that I liked sucking cock. And I was getting good at it.

One day I walked in Paul’s door to find him completely dressed. Normally he wore a bathrobe to open the door when he was expecting me. Paul said he had a present for me and handed me a package. Inside was a pair of white cotton men’s bikini underwear, the kind with a pouch in the front and full covering in the back but just the elastic band on the hips. Paul explained that he thought I’d look hot in them. He wanted me to wear them while we went out to eat and then we’d come back and have some fun.

I was happy to help with his fantasy, so I took off my pants and boxers and slipped on the underwear. Paul walked around me, staring at my body hungrily and complimenting me. Then I got dressed and we went out to eat. On the way back to his apartment he asked me to unbuckle my pants. I did so and he slipped his hand in and stroked my cock through the bikini underwear. My precum started and he commented that he could feel me leaking through the underwear.

By the time we got back to Paul’s apartment I was horny as hell. He must’ve been too because he couldn’t get me undressed fast enough. In seconds we were standing with my back to his front. Paul was naked with his hard cock pressed against my ass. I was still in the bikini underwear and Paul rubbed my cock through them. By now, my cock, his hand, and the underwear were soaked. Finally Paul reached inside the underwear and stroked my cock. I came in seconds, coating his hand and the underwear with cum.

No sooner had Paul pulled his hand out then I turned, knelt down, and took his hard cock in my mouth. I’d never sucked Paul standing before, and it turned me on to be in such a submissive position. After I’d sucked him a few minutes Paul said, “balls.” I knew the cue by now. I released his cock and held it up with my hand while I took first one and then the other of his balls in my mouth and lovingly sucked them. After thoroughly caressing his balls with my mouth I hungrily sucked his cock again. It didn’t take long before Paul blew a huge load in my mouth. After I finished swallowing him I asked where that big load came from.

“I told you. You look hot in those,” Paul said, gesturing at my bikinis. After that I started wearing them regularly at his house. I even bought myself more in other colors.

A few weeks later Paul had another gift for me. This time it was a gold man’s thong. I knew it was for men because the front had a bit of a pouch to make room for a cock. Of course, I put them on right away. Wearing a thong was different. The sensation of it sliding between the cheeks of my ass was odd at first, but eventually I got used to it and even enjoyed the feeling of it rubbing against my puckered back door. Paul enjoyed it too. I got more blowjobs for a while, and he loved grinding his cock against my ass while I wore the thong. It became our primary way of watching sports on TV. He’d be naked. I’d be wearing the thong. We’d spoon on the couch with him behind me rubbing his cock against my ass and fondling my cock with his hand. We’d do that until one of us couldn’t stand it anymore. Then we’d mute the TV and go at it until we were both satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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