A different fertility treatment

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A different fertility treatmentEm and Jay pulled up at the hotel; it was their anniversary and they had both decided a night away was a good idea. Jay had been a little frustrated lately. The couple had been trying for a family for over a year and so far nothing. Jay couldn’t help but think it was his fault. But tonight would be different. He knew how much Em wanted a baby and he was prepared to try anything to keep her happy.The couple had checked in, dressed for dinner and walked down to the restaurant. As they sat at the table, Em looked at Jay with a look of naughty excitement. Jay knew she only had stockings and the suspender belt on under her long dinner dress. She liked to tease him, to let him know but make him keep his distance during a meal. However Em didn’t realise the treat Jay had for her. They finished their meal and headed back to their room. As soon as they were in the room Jay pounced on Em, kissing her passionately and exploring her neckline with soft lips and a delicate tongue. Em forced Jay onto the bed and told him to sit still. She walked to the camcorder they had set up earlier and switched it on. She danced slowly as she seductively removed her dress, letting Jay stare lustily at her beautiful body. She knew exactly what got him hot. Em left her stockings, suspender belt and high heels on. It would make Jay go mad with desire. He couldn’t take any more; he shot up, grabbed Em in his arms and kissed her hard and deep. Jay pushed Em onto the bed, pinning her. Em loved it when he was so dominant with her. But then Jay did something different.Jay reached under the pillows and pulled out wrist straps. He had tied them to the bed whilst Em was in the bathroom and hidden them beneath the covers. Jay quickly tied Em’s arms to the bed. Then he slid down to the foot of the bed and attached ankle straps before adjust all of the ties to keep Em spread out helpless on the bed.Jay began to tease Em, licking her body all over, making her gasp with pleasure. He teased Em, until he could smell her sweet pussy juices. He licked her lips and tasted her; she was almost begging to be fucked. But Jay stopped, stood up and walked to the room door. when he opened the door, Em could hear voices. Jay ushered someone into the bathroom but Em couldn’t türkçe bahis see who. A few moments later Jay walked back into the room, looked at Em, then sat down in an armchair in the corner of the room. He was looking at Em, then called out “Come in now.” Three men walked out into the room wearing nothing but a face mask. Each man had a different a****l mask; a dog, an owl and a bear. The masks hid the men’s faces but for their mouths. Em could see their eyes through the holes in the mask, each man had a excited look about them. Em was still in shock but also extremely aroused. She had had fantasies like this but never expected Jay to share them with her. The men stood around Em, then Jay gave them his first command. “Warm her up, get her ready.” The three men began to kiss and lick Em all over. Owl and Bear spent time teasing her already hard nipples, flicking them with their hot tongues, circling and gently biting. Dog teased Em’s legs, tickling her inner thighs and getting frustrating close to her pussy but never quite making it. Bear and Owl stood and took turns to slide their cocks into Em’s mouth. She greedily sucked them, making both men hard. By the time Jay gave the second command, every man could see and smell that Em was ready.”Owl, make her soar. Fuck her.” The men changed places and before Em could calm her racing heart, Owl slid his hard cock inside her wet pussy. Owl began slow and shallow, slowly increasing speed and depth. He hovered over Em so that she could see the enjoyment in his eyes. Em couldn’t believe this; it was a thought she often masturbated too but it was real this time! She knew it wouldn’t take her long to reach orgasm. She began to moan, louder with each trust of Owl’s hot cock. Em could feel that Owl was close to cumming too as his cock begun to swell inside of her. She looked quickly to Jay, waiting for the command for Owl to withdraw and cum on her. But Jay’s command was not expected. “Owl, cum inside of her dirty wet pussy”. It was too much excitement for Em to take. A sudden wave of pleasure crashed over her and she was cumming hard and uncontrollably. Em arched her back and almost screamed as her vaginal muscles pulsed, gripping Owl’s cock in ripples. She could feel Owl’s cock throb too and güvenilir bahis siteleri she felt his hot cum shooting in jets inside of her. As she lay back upon the bed, panting hard, she looked over at Jay. He sat in the armchair just watching. Although he was still fully dressed she could see the bulge in his trousers. He so desperately wanted to fuck her but he was waiting for something. Owl slid out from her as Jay said “Dog, fuck her like a dirty bitch!” Dog released Em’s ankle ties and flipped her over with his strong arms. He pulled her arse up into the air and knelt behind her on the bed. Her pussy was soaked with her cum and Owls mixing so it was even easier for Dog to slip inside of her. Dog didn’t start shallow and before Em could catch her breath he was fucking her deep, hard and fast. She could feel his balls slapping her pussy lips. With the solid slap they made, she knew Dog had a lot of spunk to give. Em managed to look past her swinging breasts to where Jay sat. He looked at her with almost a look of disgust, but with overwhelming lust too. He was almost bursting to see his wife being used by three strangers. Em felt Bear and Owl lift her by her shoulders to set her on hands and knees. They took hold of her hair and slid their cocks into her hot willing mouth. She could taste Owls cum on his cock, mixed with her own. She was so overwhelmed with this sensation overload that it wasn’t until too late she realised she was about to cum again. “Shoot your seed deep Dog” Jay called out from the corner of the room. She was so overcome by the feeling that she didn’t realise how loudly she was moaning .This time Em’s orgasm seemed to go on for minutes and she almost totally collapsed upon the bed. Only Dog’s strong arms kept her arse in the air just long enough for his cock to pulse strongly, shooting his own cum inside of her. Dog held Em up as the last of his twitches faded away. Em was breathing hard, eyes closed and waiting for her heart to slow. But she was not given a chance to recover. “Bear, fuck her as deep as the woods.” Bear was the biggest built of the men and spun Em over as easy as a rag doll. Once on her back, Bear lifted her arse and hooked her legs over his shoulders. He slid his cock into youwin her pussy with a wet soft sound. Em could feel the two strangers cum still deep inside of her. Bear pulled Em deeper and deeper onto him. She stared at his eyes as he grunted with each thrust. Her wrist ties were released and a wet softening cock thrust into each hand. Both Dog’s and Owl’s cocks were slippery with the mixed cum. Bear’s hard hot cock was reaching deeper inside Em than she had ever known. Em was so horny, the sound of her soaking wet pussy, the feeling of the hot cocks all around her, the sight of a strange, masked man fucking her deeply and the knowledge that Jay was watching it all. In a few minutes Bear roared “I’m ready to cum!” Em screamed out “Yes, cum! Please cum inside my dirty wet pussy! I want it!” Jay nodded at Bear and he increased his speed for a few more thrusts. Bear exploded inside of Em, with blast after blast of hot thick cum shooting from his twitching cock. It was the final straw for Em. She closed her eyes and gave a low, deep moan as her pussy gripped Bears shaft, the muscles rippling to milk every last drop from him. She hung from Bears shoulders just long enough for him to finish cumming. She felt her legs lifted from his shoulders and expected to be lowered onto the bed. She opened her eyes as she felt another set of shoulders take the place of Bear’s. Jay was now naked and had her legs over him. He moved up the bed so Em’s legs were either side of her body, her pelvis raised from the bed. Jay held himself up on his arms and tiptoes as he gently slid his cock into Em’s already full pussy. He began to pound into her hard and deep. Jay looked Em straight in the eye as he fucked her hard. “You’re so full of cum that you will have to get pregnant. I want you to grow a big belly. I want us to impregnate you!” “Yes!” Em cried, “Cum inside of me, let your seamen mix inside of me, give me a baby! Cum, cum now!!” Em could tell how teased Jay had been as he came quicker than any of the men, quicker than he ever had. With the last of her energy, Em orgasmed too. Gripping Jay’s cock and holding him there until he collapsed onto her. Em and Jay lay there, connected for a few minutes. Owl, Dog and Bear walked back to the bathroom and left soon after.A month later Em’s pregnancy test turned positive. She would have their c***d. Maybe it was the c***d of one of the sexy strangers, but that didn’t matter. She would never know who they were, so she happily decided it was Jay’s cum that had impregnated her.

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