A Dish Best Served Naked Ch. 02

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*This is a story in three parts that will only makes sense if read in order.

*This is Part 2


I didn’t get fired. In fact, Jim didn’t say a word to me for weeks. Eventually everyone found out what had happened, and I quickly became the office hero. People spoke more openly about his womanizing now and how I had finally put the creep in his place. Things appeared to be going okay. Jim had been served a large piece of humble pie, and maybe he wouldn’t do anything after all.

I was wrong.

Two weeks after the “incident” (ie me handcuffing his balls to his chair), I found a camera under my desk. I never would have found it except that I brought a clock radio to work, and when I crawled under my desk to plug it in, I saw the camera. It was a web cam aimed at my crotch. I was luckily wearing pants that day, and I was pretty sure it had been several days since I had worn a skirt.

I got one of the nerdy software guys to inspect it for me, and he was able to disconnect it easily enough. In the few days that followed, no upskirt photos of me circulated through the office, so I assume I dodged a bullet.

A few days later I was in the ladies room and heard a slight whirring noise as I prepared to sit down on the toilet. I had second thoughts and decided to hold it until lunch when I would go out. After hours, when I knew Jim had left, I took the same guy from software, and we found the camera in the ladies room. It was much better quality than the web cam under my desk, and I had heard it focusing as he had tightened the frame when I was sitting down.

The next few days I was paranoid at work. The weather was warm outside, but I was wearing pants and turtle necks to work, scared that there would be cameras at all angles trying to get a shot. I thought about installing a security system at home too but hoped he wouldn’t get that bold.

I talked about it with Terry during our racquetball sessions. “You know he is never going to let up,” he told me. “You got him better than he ever expected. No one is even sure how he got himself out of those cuffs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife found out. He will not sleep until he has paid you back.”

But how, I wondered. Cameras were easy to defend against. His next tactic was not. I heard a dog back in the office the next week and heard a woman scream. “Stand back, ma’am,” a very bravado voice called out. “We got a tip for a drug bust?”

No, I thought. No one here would be that stupid. Then I panicked. I quickly dug deep into the drawers that I never use, lifting up papers and pulling back hanging folders. There, in the back, was a zip-lock bag of what looked like flour. Of course, I had never seen it before.

I could hear the dog coming my way from down the hall, and I had to get rid of the evidence. The cubicle next to mine was empty, as my neighbor was on vacation, and I threw the bag into her garbage. I was back at my desk playing innocent when two men and a dog came around the corner. They were dressed as cops and quickly ordered me to stand up. I say “dressed” as cops because when I looked close at the badge of one of them, it had no badge number. The one without the dog pushed me up against the cube wall and made me stand as if he was going to frisk me.

Knowing this had come from Jim, I was sure the frisking would turn into a type of strip search once they found the planted drugs. But they weren’t going to find them. The fake cop with the dog spent a long time looking through only one drawer – the one where the bag had been – but he couldn’t find anything. The cop near me had his hands poised to start his search, waiting for a signal from his friend, but it never came. A crowd was growing by my cubicle, and I saw that one of the security cameras was turned in my direction. Jim was ready to catch the whole thing on tape.

“I don’t have anything,” I cried.

“Shut up and face the wall!” the one next to me said. “We’ll tell you if you are hiding anything.”

Terry showed up soon, and it was a good thing too, because after the guy with the dog had still found nothing, he turned to his friend, “Search her.”

“On what grounds?” Terry called from the crowd of about ten people.

“You stay out of this,” the guy near me replied.

“I’m a lawyer,” Terry replied, and both men froze. “You and your dog have found nothing. If you got a tip, it must be someone else.” The dog had its head in my trashcan, undoubtedly making a meal of the half a donut I had thrown away.

The two guys exchanged nervous glances and shrugged their shoulders. “Let’s go.” They didn’t search anyone else and made a quick line to the exit.

The crowd left as I stood stunned against the cube wall. Only Terry hung around, and as he walked up to me, I burst into tears and fell into his arms. “I can’t work like this,” I sobbed.

He rubbed my back. “Let’s go to lunch.” It was early, but I nodded my head.

At the small diner we talked about options. Terry wanted me to quit. “No,” I replied. “I haven’t https://bursali.org been looking and the job market isn’t that strong.”

“Someone like you can get a job anywhere you want. You are too smart to stay unemployed.”

“But not smart enough to beat Jim?” I asked.

Terry frowned at the comment, but I didn’t relent. “I want to beat him. I have to beat him. It’s not just the money, either. It is a lot of money, but I need to beat him for my career. I have never faced a challenge that I couldn’t beat.”

“And how will you do that?” Terry asked. “He will not stop until he pays you back, and the longer you wait, the more he will escalate his attempts. He might start attacking you at your home. He might end up hiring someone to almost rape you.”

“It will only end when he gets what he wants,” I admitted. “And he wants me humiliated in front of everyone like he was.” I knew it wouldn’t be enough to just go into his office and give him his blow job. Even if he filmed it, he couldn’t show it anyone to embarrass me because he would be in it.

“And if that happens,” Terry advised, “then he wins and you might as well quit now.”

“But what if I let him think he won?” I said, a plan slowly starting to creep into my head.

“What do you mean?”

The plan was still forming, but I talked it through. “Right now I am at the mercy of his imagination and formidable intelligence. He will keep coming up with more and more elaborate plans until he gets me, and he will get me his way. What if I offer my surrender and allow him to get me my way?”

“And what is your way?” Terry asked. “He wants you exposed and naked in front of the whole company. What are you going to do, a strip show for the whole company at the next fundraiser?”

“That’s it!” I had my plan. “I will strip for the whole company at the fund raiser next month. That should be more than enough to satisfy him.”

I could see Terry’s eyes widen at the idea of me doing a strip tease, but then he shook those images out of his head and came back down to earth to be my friend. “Well, if you are willing to do that, why didn’t you just let the cops strip you back at the office. There were only ten people watching then.”

“And a camera,” I pointed out.

“And who’s to say there won’t be a camera at the fund raiser?”

“You don’t understand,” I said, the smile on my face hard to control. “I was not in control back in the office. Had I known what was coming, I could have prepared for it by minimizing the potential damages and then going through with it. I could have disconnected the camera. I could have not thrown away the planted bag of drugs in my desk and then ran to the men’s room, forcing them to do the strip search where there were no cameras.”

“So how do you control a strip show in front of the whole company?”

“You shall see,” I replied, hoping I could pull it off.


Jim was sitting at his desk when I walked into his office. I had knocked lightly on his open door and he had grunted for me to come in without looking up from the papers on his desk. I had rehearsed this meeting several times in my head, and with all the different approaches available to me, I wasn’t sure which one would work.

I stood there for a few moments, waiting for him to look up. He still didn’t know it was me and was waiting for his guest to ask him a question so he could just grunt his reply and continue reading his computer screen. Eventually, he looked up and his frown increased.

“What do you want?”

“I want to apologize,” I said calmly.

He glanced at the open door behind me, but then shrugged, figuring everyone in the company already knew what had happened. “For what?”

“For not taking your previous advice seriously.”

As smart as Jim was, he wasn’t used to being confused, but he was now. He didn’t ask me to clarify, and waited patiently for me to continue.

“You advised me that I needed to allow myself to be vulnerable in front of the rest of the office. That because I have hid my past to everyone else, it does show that I do not own up to my mistakes. I am a prissy bitch and unless I show myself to be vulnerable, others will not be able to work with me because they have no confidence I will own up to my mistakes, or that I even think I make mistakes. I need to be able to show them I am human just like the rest of them.”

As I gave my speech I had to be careful that I didn’t start to believe it. I had been open and honest with Terry about my faults. I just hadn’t worked that closely with anyone else yet to have the opportunity to open up. Whether I believed it or not, I could tell my boss enjoyed it. It was like I was quoting from all of his favorite team building books at once. I thought he might have me repeat my speech so he could emboss it on a plaque and hang it over his desk.

But as the savvy businessman inside him became satisfied, the dirty old man finally woke up. He realized that his dislike of me wasn’t because I didn’t play bursa escort kız along in his team building exercises or because I didn’t sign up to his business philosophies, it was that I was strutting around his office with a great body (if I do say so myself) and he wanted to see it.

“How do you propose to do that?”

“At the benefit dinner next month, I will perform a strip tease in front of the entire company.”

To his credit, he controlled his shock extremely well. “Really?”

I nodded. “I need to show that I am vulnerable, and this is the best way to do it.”

“You will strip down to your underwear?”

“I will strip down to my skin,” I corrected.

“All of it?” Like Terry, he couldn’t believe I would agree to do this.

“Every last inch.”

I could see his eyes start to glaze over as they moved up and down my body. I wore form fitting slacks and a tight sweater. It had a high neck line, but it accentuated my breasts well. I could tell he was about to ask for a sneak peak, so I spoke first.

“In exchange, however, you need to call off your dogs.”

“My dogs?” he tried to act confused.

“You need to leave me alone until the dinner. No more hidden cameras, no more surprise strip searches. Okay?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he argued.

“If the intrusions into my privacy do not end, then I will not perform. Understand?”

He nodded, not wanting to speak in case he was being recorded and this was just some setup to make him admit that he had been responsible for the previous instances.

“Then I’ll see you in a few weeks,” I said, winking and him and sauntering out of his office with my hips swishing liberally. I closed the door behind me in case he wanted to jack off with the hard on I was sure he had developed under his desk.


In the weeks leading up to the dinner, with the help of Terry, I started to spread a rumor around the office. I was going to once again humiliate our boss sexually, only this time I would do so in front of the whole company. I made sure the rumor had no idea how I was going to do it, just that it was going to happen.

Only Terry knew what I was planning, and he still couldn’t believe that I was going to go through with it. He kept asking me what the trick was going to be, but it wasn’t until the night before the dinner that I finally let him in on the game plan. I had to. It was really a two-person job.

The hall where the dinner was going to be was a very old building, and there were pictures up of old swing bands from the 40’s and 50’s. There was a small stage at the end of the rectangular room where a band could play or a small theater troupe could perform. The lighting was simple, but I had already investigated it for my needs. The traditional way to light up performers was with spotlights from the front. That way the side of you that the audience saw was always lit up. If you light the back of someone, you create a very dark silhouette for anyone looking on as they squint into the light. It was a trick many magicians used.

I showed Terry how to work the lights, since I would be on stage, and he confirmed by moving down to the floor where the tables would be, that it was very hard to make out any of my features with the rear lights on and the front ones off. However, from on stage, looking at me from the side, he could see me perfectly.


The dinner proceeded as if nothing was different. Drawings for prizes took place, dinner and wine were served. A small band played on the stage. When dessert was being served, and the band was finishing, I excused myself and went back stage where there were some dressing rooms.

The band had taken the nice one, but the second room was big enough. It had a couch, a rod for hanging clothes, a desk with a vanity, and a small sink. I had hung my outfit in the room earlier, and I got it now. It was actually something I had worn to work before. It was a white blouse and brown, knee-length skirt with a 4-inch slit. There was nothing too provocative about it.

I also had a black and red lacey thong with a matching liquid push-up bra. With the added boost to my bust, I could barely get the blouse buttoned over by chest, but it closed, and I buttoned it one button higher than normal to hide any potential cleavage. . . for now. I spent a few moments in front of the mirror, putting my hair up into a bun secured with a clip and donned a pair of fake glasses.

I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a librarian. A very sexy librarian, but I fit the part. I slipped on a pair of heels and pulled a full length trench coat off a hook and wrapped it around myself. I took a deep breath and then made my way out of the dressing room.

I followed the hallway backstage to the edge of the curtains and met Terry. He looked at my trench coat curiously, and I could tell he was wondering if I was just going to do a flasher routine and if there was anything else on underneath. bursa anal yapan escort I opened it a few inches to give him a preview and he let out a low whistle.

“Not bad,” he said.

The band was just finishing up their last number, and I hoped a little banter would calm my nerves. “Not bad? I look killer in this outfit.”

“How good do you look out if it?”

I frowned at him. “This show is for him,” I emphasized, both of us knowing who I was talking about. “Once you hit the lights on my cue, you are to go back to your seat in the hall.”

“That is completely not fair,” he grumbled. I leveled at gaze at him until he relented. “Okay.”

The band was done and as they slowly brought their instruments off stage, I asked two of them to move the chalkboard Terry and I had prepared out to the stage. They did, and then I had one of them move a chair and table on stage as well.

The band was not completely off stage and I cold hear the people out in the hall mumbling in anticipation. It was now or never. I strode out on stage, my heels clicking loudly on the hardwood. The crowd before me became suddenly silent. I made sure the chair and table were on the correct spots I had marked on the floor and then continued on to the chalkboard. I undid my trench coat and hung it on the wooden frame of the chalkboard.

I got a couple whistles from the crowd, but only the tables that sat close could get a good view of my figure, and it was an outfit I had worn to work before. I smiled at the crowd with my hands on my hips and shook my head disapprovingly. “Class, settle down. I don’t want to have to call one of you up to the punishment chair.”

That brought a few laughs from the group, though a few others were hushing the crowd, scared they might miss something. I realized they weren’t going to be as rowdy as I had hoped, so I made my move quickly. “Fine, if that is the way it is going to be . . . You!” I pointed toward Jim’s table.

The lights weren’t reversed yet, which meant they were shining in my eyes and it was kind of hard to see everyone, but I knew where Jim was sitting.

“Me,” I heard his voice call back. It had a playful tone, which was a good thing. I imagine that up to this point he wasn’t sure I was going to go through with this. To be honest, neither was I.

“Yes, you. Come up here. And the rest of you, be quiet!” The crowd responded appropriately, and so did Jim. I saw his portly form moving through the tables to the stairs that led up to the stage and the chair. “Sit down and behave.” I instructed. He did, and I could see a big grin on his face.

I turned to the chalkboard, picked up the chalk, and began to give a very basic lecture on multiplication. I kept Jim in the corner of my eye, as the board was slanted at 45 degrees, and after almost a minute of my boring lecture, his smile began to disappear and his eyes turned to the crowd curiously.

“Eyes up front!” I screamed, and his head jerked around. “That’s better,” I corrected. I turned completely around now, giving him my backside to look at. I pushed my butt out a bit and swished it as I wrote on the board. After ten seconds I turned my head and could clearly trace the line of his gaze.

“Don’t look at me, look at the chalkboard.” I put the chalk down and turned to face him with my hands on my hips. “Or is math too boring for you?”

He nodded his head, not sure what role he should be taking, but knowing that he didn’t want to watch me do multiplication tables. “How about something more interesting? How about human anatomy?”

With that, I cast my eyes above Jim to where Terry was standing out of view and nodded quickly. He hit the lights and the music. In the flash of light and sound I ripped off my glasses with one hand and pulled the hair clip free with my other, tossing my blonde hair about my shoulders.

The movement brought a sudden “Awwe,” from the crowd, but it ended oddly as the lights from the stage hit them in the face. I ended my hair tossing with my face toward the crowd as my right hand came up to undo the top button of my blouse. I looked at the squinting faces that were pointed at me and could see that even the tables that were only fifteen feet from the edge of the stage held people whose pupils were the size of pin pricks. Already I could see people shifting their eyes to Jim at the other end of the stage.

I made sure the light shining on him was still on, and the one that would have backlit him was off. I swished to and fro a few more times to the music, tossing my hair over my shoulders and twisting my blouse to untuck it from my skirt. I looked at Jim, who had his eyes trained on me, and then back at the crowd to see that most of them weren’t even looking at me anymore.

They had been told that this was something to humiliate Jim, and while a few of them still cast an occasional glance toward me, their squinting didn’t last long, and they understood the real entertainment was to watch the facial expressions on Jim.

I sauntered toward the dirty old man now, swishing my hips and flexing my legs to force my skirt to slide up my thighs. I stopped at the table that separated us and leaned forward on it. I tossed my hair off to the side so it didn’t hide my cleavage, which he was staring intently at. “Now, naughty boy, pay attention.”

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