A Forbidden Love Ch. 09

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69 Position

Chapter 9: Summertime Joys and Woes

Waking up in the early morning sun, arms wrapped around Rene, I couldn’t imagine anything better. Birds began to sing, echoing in their song what I felt. Curled up against me, her back pressed against my chest, and hair carefully draped over her neck, she looked positively peaceful. In the night, the quilt had been kicked aside, leaving us both fully exposed in the spooned position. With one arm tucked under her head, the other on holding my hand on her stomach, I noticed in the light the sparkle of the diamond in her ring.

I’d liked to have let her sleep, but we had to get up to get ready before we could leave. I wormed my hand free of hers and lifted her hair away to expose her neck. Sensing me, she began to stir from her rest, pressing further in me. Already pressed against her firm ass, she aroused my tired cock from its sleep. Not seeing any further sign of her waking, my mouth latched onto her tender neck, sucking as I pulled away. A smile appeared on her lips as she arched her neck towards me, purring in delight from the attention. Something said she was awake now, but I decided to continue, nuzzling on her silky skin. The prolonged sensation while I moved my tongue, laving over her skin, down to her shoulder, caused a reaction as she reached behind me and pulled my ass, pushing my cock into the crack of her cheeks.

She pulled her hips away a moment, moving my hard member between her legs, cooing as it rubbed against her already eager and wet lips. “Oh, sweetheart, what a nice way to be awoken.”

My arms drew her as close as possible. “But I didn’t wake you for that, though it would be nice. Remember, we still have the plane to catch.”

“Right,” she relented in a reluctant tone. “Do we really have to? Can’t we get a flight tomorrow or something?”

Before I could answer, I laid a soft kiss on the back of her neck. “The sooner we get there, the sooner we can spend every moment with only each other, baby.” Cooing in response, wiggling her butt against me, she smiled softly. “But, if it’s not too late, we can have a little fun.”

Enthusiasm took over her as she grabbed my wrist, looking at the time. “It’s a little before seven now. Think we’d have enough time?” The times ran through her head quickly. “We have a half hour if we start right now, maybe longer if we wait until we get to the airport to eat anything.”

Guessing at the times, I nodded, all the incentive she needed to jump on me. Before I could stop her, she’d impaled herself, already stroking. Instead of getting faster, she maintained a slow rhythm as she fell on my chest, her gorgeous breasts mashed against me. While our tongues explored each other in furious abandon, she began to speed her strokes, finding soon my hips meeting her. Firmly entrenched in that morning kiss, her orgasm flooding over her.

For the first time, I actually heard her growl, a low, almost dangerous sound. It caught me off guard at first, but the desire in her blue eyes just made me smile as she released from the kiss. Sitting up, she started to ride with abandon, flying up and down. One hand ran down her neck and chest, pausing a moment to squeeze her breast into her, then continuing downwards to her smooth mound. The other stroked her cheek as she moaned loudly, bouncing wildly about. For my part, I just watched in amazement at the woman riding me like a bucking bronco, holding onto her hips to steady her.

Another orgasm hit, sending a gush of warm cum over my cock. Despite the enticement to release, I held back with effort, wanting her to really cum hard. As she cried out, “I love you, Rick! Oh, God! Oh, baby! Oh! OH YES!” a grin grew on my lips.

Amazingly, she didn’t get enough, only moving faster and coming down harder. Lost in the moment, she missed it as I helped her out, practically slamming her down on me now. Before long, she came again, cum trickling from her cunt down my shaft. Screams of pleasure echoed across the empty field, and still she continued. Even as my own orgasmic burst began to rise, her body indicated the impending fourth orgasm. She bent down while still pounding me hard, kissing me softly a moment before her hands clenched my shoulders firmly just as my grip tightened on her hips. As one, we came, mixing our love juices together with cries lovingly laced, in the volume we screamed them at, affirmations of our love.

The time we spent lying there, cuddled up against each other in exhaustion and looking at the world in a new light, once more felt this was meant to happen. No words went between us, and I looked back on our lives for the first time then, at all the strange and wonderful little things to happen to us. I wondered if maybe our parents’ attempts to separate us might have been the catalyst to actually bring us this close. Either way, I’d found my soulmate and didn’t intend to loosen my grip on her.

When we’d gotten energized enough, we ran back into the house, stopping here and there to hug and kiss the way newlyweds often do. Something about being married, I realized, about it being perfectly okay in the eyes of the anadolu yakası escort law and God, it made couples feel suddenly free to show their love for one another. The same was true for us, and nothing would stop us from expressing that love.

It was decided we’d shower together to “hurry” things along, but it really just turned into a quickie in the shower, as we made love with her against the walls. Once cleaned and out, I ran out to the car to clean it out while she called for a cab. We packed and waited together, making out on the couch until a honk alerted us to the yellow cab coming up the driveway. With everything prepared, we ran outside, bags in hand. Most of our clothing consisted of light, easily removed items, though a fair bit of Rene’s bags were filled with lingerie, not that it would see much use.

The trip to the airport took too long for us, and only when we offered up to the cabbie our blessed marital state did he understand, smiling and winking at us both. He offered us congratulations and wishes for a “good” honeymoon before we left him at the curb. Checking in, we’d quickly realized we needed food and still had plenty of time. At the terminal lounge, we ate and talked, unable to keep our hands off the other. People walking past to catch flights or pick up incoming passengers would look at us and smile, seeing only a happy newlywed couple.

On the flight, sitting side by side, our hands roamed a little more freely while we offered up little kisses, and not confined strictly to lips either. Even the long flight didn’t dim our feelings and passions, but without attracting more attention, the kisses and touching alone had to suffice. By the time the plane landed, I could even see from the way her hips danced in the seat she needed satisfaction soon. No better off than my wife, the shorts I wore bulged incessantly from her constant attentions, leaving me to awkwardly walk in the aisle when the time came to get off the plane.

A week later, fully satisfied and yet oddly unfulfilled, we boarded the plane headed home. Over the week, never did we leave each other, joyfully holding hands and fondling a lot the few hours a day we would leave the room. Despite our constant love making, it came time to return back home, which meant behaving ourselves. Though we managed, it wasn’t easy for us to finally be so free to be affectionate and yet restrain ourselves still in some ways, the very ways we most wanted each other. On the plane, through the terminal, all the way home, nothing more than kissing, hands, and words passed between us until at last we’d reached the safety of our home.

No sooner did the door close than Rene leaped on me, wrapping legs around my waist and arms holding my neck. We wore only shorts and light t-shirts, but with a frenzy of passion and pent up desire, the clothes flew off, landing about the house in chaotic piles. Once free, her body hit the door with a thud, but she didn’t care, reaching a hand to guide me into her. Holding her and kissing furiously as though she’d vanish in a moment, she responded with equal zeal, throwing herself into the moment.

The smile she bore as we kissed should’ve told me something crossed her mind, but feeling her clenching muscles inside her tunnel caused a gasp as it gripped my cock. My eyes turned to study her face, just happily smiling as the walls contracted again, tighter this time. Almost without thinking about it, she braced herself and began moving up on the stake impaling her in a slow motion, falling back on it, tightening then releasing grip. Lips met again in intense desire, reveling in sliding with the other set, tongues lashing swiftly against the other’s, tasting our mixed saliva.

It took only a few moments as the pace quickened for her to start moaning. The way her body shuddered and tensed, it would be only seconds before she’d cum. The timing was good, with my balls sending sperm towards the shaft thrusting in her. When cum started spurting up into her, warming her womb and love tunnel, it set off her own orgasm with a fury I’d not expected. Her lips pushed hard against mine as we rode out the climactic fury together.

We’d become so busy together neither of us heard a car pull up outside, and so when someone knocked at the door, we almost jumped out of our skins, realizing whoever stood outside probably heard the last few seconds. Rene ran quickly into the kitchen to clean herself, grabbing her shirt and shorts as she flew away. The shorts I’d worn sat on the mantle above the fireplace, waiting to be reclaimed. Once I’d jumped back into them, I opened the door, finding a grinning Elisa and Alec holding each other. A silence passed between us before they came in, pushing me aside.

“You’d think you two would’ve gotten enough of that already. If not over the past year, then at least in the past week.” With a grin spread from ear to ear, I almost wanted to beat Alec down, but almost as instantly, I started laughing, slapping him on the shoulder.

Elisa searched around for Rene, finding her in the kitchen soon enough. My ataşehir escort eyes fell upon the small box she carried, Elisa giving it up to her friend as she came out now fully dressed. With everyone gathered, I sat down in the recliner and found my lovely wife in my lap in the blink of an eye, her arms thrown around my neck as she straddled my legs.

“Will you two cut it out already?” Her friend’s face scrunched up in mock disgust, Rene only stuck her tongue out at Elisa before giving a mouthful of her tongue. “You guys are impossible! Before anyone realizes, this house’ll be filled with babies.” Laughter erupted in the room, each of us imagining all the babies.

While she turned back around and sat down in my lap with my arms around her, Rene looked back at me. “Well, hon, think we could? We never did discuss how many kids we wanted.”

A thought crossed my mind, seeing her game. Elisa and Alec didn’t know we’d already settled on a number, but the opportunity proved too good. “I dunno, a hundred’s a good round number?”

Her eyes widened in surprise. “Only a hundred?! You think so small. I was thinking about two hundred.”

The looks from our friends on the sofa wasn’t the look of surprise, only annoyance. “Well, don’t let us stop you then!” stated Alec, gesturing with his arm to the stairs in a sweep. “If you want that many, better get started quick.”

After a few seconds of looking at one another, letting the moment pass, we all ended up laughing hysterically again. Finally, wiping tears from my eyes, having laughed so hard, I asked, “So what brings you two by? Not to hear the two us going at it. And better not be just to stop us.” I shot them both a glare, prepared fully to throw them out, or so they thought by the looks in their eyes.

“Hey, just thought we’d pay a visit to our old friends, s’all,” he answered, holding up his hands as if in some way it’d defend him. “We’d known you were coming home sometime today, just not when.”

Rene nodded and smiled. “Oh, don’t let him scare you.” A hand slapped my chest to control me, and I took advantage, feigning hurt. Almost immediately, she responded the way I wanted, giving me a soft kiss on my bare skin. “When are you two going to make that big ‘C’ and follow us? You two look positively adorable together, and very happy to boot.”

Elisa let go of one of his hands to hold out her hand, giddiness getting the better of her as she bounced in the seat. Suddenly a bouncing woman in my lap joined her in giggling, resulting in a flood of girlish questions. Alec and I looked on bemused while the two women studied the ring on Elisa’s hand, a nice diamond, though small. Not that I expected he could afford more. Though Alec had managed a scholarship to the Eastern Connecticut State U, he came from a farming family and despite all the hard work he put into his job, I knew he was lucky he could afford the ring she now wore.

Once the ladies finished conversing on, amazing as it sounds, the ring, I asked the question on my mind, and Rene’s, “When did you pop the question?”

Holding the cuddling creature beside him, Alec gave her a look, deciding between them who would answer. The decision made, he responded, “Actually, at your reception, just after you guys left. I’d planned on doing it the next day, but the beach and sunset, something just felt right, so I popped the question.”

“Yeah, but we haven’t been able to celebrate. My mom caught us in my room before we could do anything and booted Alec out.” The look of disappointment hid the stronger passion underneath. “She’s said if she catches Alec in the house again without supervision, she’ll sick dad on him.”

A thought crossed my mind, and before Rene could offer her sympathies, it came out. “Well, why don’t you move out? We got a nice room you two could share, and its definitely more private than at home.” Looking at Rene, I found it surprising to see her thrilled expression. “And it seems my better half certainly likes the idea.”

“You’ve gotta do it! You two can’t keep your hands off each other forever, and you dad, he would probably do something. It’s so like him.” Somehow, in the few moments Rene spoke, her words infected both of them more than mine had, and it didn’t bother me in the least. I hugged her close as the couple across from us looked at each other then back at us.

“And you two wouldn’t mind? I mean, man, you two just got married and still seem quite happy to have the house to yourselves.”

Rene threw him a dirty look, silencing him immediately as he sought comfort from his fiance. “Not in the house. The barn. With a little work, someone could put an entire kitchen in there and still leave you two room enough for a little house. It’d be great.”

“I’d want to pay you guys something, of course. This is too generous an offer, still.” His parents had taught Alec a lot of good values, those that most counted. It was pointless to argue with him, so I thought quickly on the matter, coming up with a fair number for his income. Before I could give an answer, he stated clearly, “250 ümraniye escort a month for us both in rent, plus utilities.”

I just nodded, knowing he’d never let me go below that amount. It seemed above what he could afford, but he’d set the price and trying to work him lower would insult his values. “If you think it’s fair, then done.”

“We can work on it this summer, get everything fixed up. Between the old gang, we can install an entire kitchen easy, and dad knows a guy who’ll get you great deals on appliances and materials.” He took a moment to give Elisa a great big kiss, surprising her but not unwanted.

Rene just pulled me to my feet and lead me into the kitchen. The girlish giggle was unmistakable as she turned and drew herself into me. “Have I told you how much I love you today?”

“One more won’t hurt,” was all I could answer.

“I love you, Rick, and you keep surprising me.” I closed my eyes as she pulled my head down to meet her lips, opening her mouth slightly. Her tongue lovingly stroked mine before separating.

With all the love I felt for her shining in my eyes, I just said the only thing I could, “I love you, Rene.”

* * * * *

With the summer on and more than enough in the bank for a little remodeling, I called the guys the following week, giving me and Rene time to enjoy each other. The phone rang for the first two days, mostly friends and family calling to check in with us. When someone wanted to come over, Rene made it clear we didn’t want visitors, wanting privacy. Every night, we’d walk out to the field in only quilts, making love in the tall grass under the starlight. During the day, we lounged around, having sex when it suited us, which proved to be quite often. Most times, we’d collapse in exhaustion, passing out together. With more than enough food in the house after a quick stop at the store on Sunday, we spent the rest of the week in and around the house.

By the following Monday, the guys arrived and between us we planned out how to proceed. The girls all gathered inside, talking about the latest news among our group. The heat outside was unbearable and beads of sweat began to quickly gather on our skin. Alec and I drove to a nearby town with the other guys in their trucks. With a lot of time to kill, I got to work buying the materials and appliances, setting the date for the arrival of the heavier items, helping to load the materials up.

By the time we got back, I could see a trail of smoke rising from the back porch of the house and a smell of hickory and honey hung in the air. The women had gone out to the store in our absence, deciding to reward our hard work with a barbeque. It took only a half hour to unload and stack all the wood and materials, then Rene came up to me wearing a nice little white sun dress of very light fabric, handing me a cold Coke bottle after running if over her ample cleavage. Behind me, thirteen guys’ tongues hung out limply, drooling at the sight. I just gave her a deep kiss before she left me, grinning and waving at the guys.

That night we all gathered on the large porch, sitting wherever in the dim light. We talked for hours, eating and snaking on the food, drinking cold drinks. None of us could yet get beer or anything, so we made do with sodas. Eventually the party ended and everyone started going home, with the promise of work ahead.

During the week, the guys would come over in the morning and work, when our jobs didn’t pull us away. I saw little of my new bride for much of the day at first while she went out looking for a better job, and my own job left me with little time in the day to see her. At night, when we both had all the time we wanted, we’d sleep curled up in the field, rising with the sun to make love again before getting ready for the day. The weekend came, and all of us spent long hours either in the barn, or guest house, as we started calling it, or dad’s workshop, working wood. I’d never developed the skill with wood dad had, but I managed well enough to do the counters and cabinets myself.

By the time Rene got a job at the lingerie store in the same mall I worked in, the kitchen had begun to come together. Then, out of the blue, she announced she’d made an appointment with a doctor, feeling far past due for one. Despite my reluctance to leave the project even for a few hours, it took only a little enticement to see the error of judgment. Two days later, we sat in the doctor’s office listening to our child’s heartbeat, smiling and holding each other, kissing, all in all, overjoyed. We’d also learned the baby was a she. While most of my buddies wanted nice strapping boys for their first kid, something in me hoped we’d have a girl first, a beauty just like her mother.

It took a solid two weeks to do all the work on the new kitchen. With a lot of excitement that day, we all pitched in to help Alec and Elisa move in, though there was some sadness between Rene and me, thinking we’d have to sleep inside in the summer nights. To our surprise, the first night, I caught sight of our friends outside, urging us to join them in the field. With quilts in hand (we’d stopped by this point of covering ourselves walking out), we all went off into the field in the moonlight, though moving to different parts. On the quilt, with the sounds of Elisa’s moans and Alec’s groans nearby, we made love to each other like we’d been doing, holding each other then and when we fell asleep.

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