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My ex-boyfriend and I had been together for quite awhile at the time I‘d had my first sexual encounter with his now former buddy Johnny, but like some long-term things, the sex with Josh either was lousy or fell off eventually. When we first began dating, Josh and I would fuck at least three times a day, seven days a week; now I was lucky if I’d seen any action once a week for a ten-minute screw. Sure, he traveled and the like for his job, but I also suspected that it was very likely he’d also had probably been getting other pussy on the side himself.

But hey, a girl has her needs too. Not that I was looking for sex constantly, but I will be the first to tell you I am pretty hot and quite the nympho; and I was even in need for some good hard cock at this time too. The last guy I had fucked with had been the 18 year old son of the couple down the street when Josh was out of town and the kid’s parents had gone to some kind of boring dinner party. Damn, that horny kid and I must have sucked his cock and we banged the hell out of each other for over three hours till he couldn’t cum anymore! Then two hours later, he’d brought his best friend over for a threesome, and we all went at it until the parents of the kid I’d originally fucked and sucked off earlier were due to be home.

Johnny, on the other hand, was one of Josh’s buddies and was married. I didn’t really see the attraction myself; Johnny was a built, muscular stud with an outgoing, if a little raunchy, personality with a rumored strong sex drive to boot, and Myra seemed an uptight, bitchy Miss Priss and frigid. Opposites attract, yeah, and she’d come from money, which is likely why Johnny married her in the first place, outside of her having a 40C bust. And according to Josh, Johnny had a special fetish at the time he and Johnny ran together for rich chicks with big tits–as long as they were natural ones. And once he’d charmed Myra and gotten her into bed, he married her, thinking he’d see more of those naked tits of hers and get more sex when he wanted it.

But for some reason, I couldn’t picture these two together period, much less in the bedroom, being in the initial marriage bargain that Myra would finally get a husband while Johnny got both the security her trust fund helped provide and her big boobs, didn’t quite work out that way. Myra guarded her fund with a iron clad fist and didn’t seem the type that liked sex very much, and it turned out she and Johnny were virtually at a standstill in the bedroom for a couple in their late twenties.

It didn’t bother her much, but Johnny was always horny and had either been picking up women online or at the beer joint the hung out at and either taking them to a motel and/or fucking them in the back of his SUV, or been seeing a few strippers looking for some extra cash on the side in order to get laid. The rest of the time he’d jack off to the large-breasted esenyurt escort women in his hidden stash of men’s magazines and porn movies once Myra was safely in bed.

Anyway, a bunch of his friends and their women had thrown a pool party to celebrate Johnny turning 30, and even though Josh was out of town again, I couldn’t miss the fun of teasing the shit out of Johnny about hitting the big 3-0..never mind I was almost 13 years older than he. Despite the age bracket, he was one of my best buddies too.

Myra was her usual stiff, prissy self, but everyone else seemed to be having a whale of a time. As the night progressed, a lot of guests were pretty fired up on booze and one of the other men had called out that it was only fair that the women should also be topless, with some other guys starting up a “Take it off!” chant.

A couple of women hooted and threw off their bikini tops to the cheers of the men.

Though I was in a one-piece, another drunk guy had sneaked up and pulled the tie to the back of my suit, causing the top of it to start slipping down.

“Show your tits, baby!” he hooted. “Take it off!”

Now I am not a prude–heaven knows I had been totally naked at many an ‘adult’ party–but there was no way in hell I was going to bare my boobs in front of Miss Priss Myra, knowing damn well she’d blab to Josh about me going around half naked “like a common whore.”

With that in mind, I ran inside of the house and into a spare bedroom to fix my suit, when, startling me, there was Johnny in the room.

“Why aren’t you out with your buddies enjoying the show?” I teased. “All those topless women and you’re missing it! Quite a few of them have some big ones too, just as you like them!”

“Shit,” he snorted. “I’ve seen enough tits in my lifetime. I’m getting old. My wife is a pain in the ass and doesn’t even like to fuck me that much. My job sucks. I’ve haven’t even got any kids yet and I’d like at least one but the bitch of a wife won’t let me knock her up yet. ‘I’m not ready for a brat,’ she says. Is this what being thirty is?”

“Come on, Johnny, you don’t mean that. You had too much to drink. Maybe you should go to bed for awhile.”

“Good idea,” he said, grabbing and shoving his tongue down my throat in a deep kiss.

“Johnny!” I exclaimed, pushing him away.

“Oh, baby, I’ve always wanted you. Your big ass, those huge tits, all of it. There isn‘t a day that doesn‘t go by that I don‘t think about getting you into bed and fucking you till both of us are so drained, neither of us can cum anymore!”

What?!! I thought. Johnny the good buddy thinking about sex with me?! Was he serious?!

As if answering my silent question, he stepped back and peeled off his swim trunks, revealing the biggest cock I’d seen yet, fully erect. “Look what that hot body of yours does to avrupa yakası escort me, baby. All this cock just for you. I love women with meat on them…every time I see or think about you, I gotta jerk off real bad or I‘d climb the walls!”

He then went over and locked the door and smiled. “I want to see if you’re as fantastic naked as I fantasized.”

With that, he stripped off my one piece with a flourish and said, “Ohh shit, baby, you are a hot one! So fucking sexy! I gotta taste that sweet pussy of yours!”

With that, he then shoved me back onto the bed and dove his head between my thick thighs, working his tongue in and out of my cunt, licking and sucking my clit. “Mmmmmm,” he said as he was eating me. “Such a nice wet, ready pussy.”

“Ohhhhh…Johnny…so good..ohhhhh,” I moaned. “Do me more, Johnny…I’m going to cum!”

Johnny’s tongue was very talented; he spent a long time licking, sucking and nibbling my clit, tongue fucking my snatch, making me cum over and over, turning him on even more.

He then flipped me over and ate me out from behind, tongue fucking both my cunt and ass. He continued to tease me with his mouth until I couldn’t take it any more; I wanted him NOW!

“Fuck me,” I gasped. “Put that big cock in me, Johnny. I need fucked now!”

He got up to guide that massive cock into me. “I thought you’d never ask, baby.” And with the deep thrusts that were about to follow, I was about to experience some of the best sex I’d had to date.

“Ohhhh, baby. Somebody hasn’t had it for awhile,” he said as he continued to pump his fuck pole in and out of me. “You love my big hard dick inside you, huh? You like getting fucked? Your cunt is sooooo hot and tight!”

“Fuck me, Johnny. Harder.”

“Oh fuck yeah!” he called, speeding up the thrusts in and out of me. “Myra..Myra..so fucking cold…hates to get dirty…gotta cum in a rubber so I don’t knock her up…doesn‘t even like to fuck more than a couple times a month…god you are one hot bitch!”

“Ohhhhh Johnny…fuck! FUCK!”

“UGGGGGGGHhhhhhhhhhhhh…” he grunted, driving his cock deeper into me.

Soon, we changed position, with me on my side as Johnny lifted one of my legs over his hip, drilling his cock from behind into me yet again in yet another fucking frenzy. Within minutes, I was about to cum again, spilling my orgasm juices over his willing cock and balls.

“Oh damn, baby!” he called. “I never had a woman cum so much!”

“Ohhhhh yeah…you fuck so good, Johnny…such a good lover…”

Suddenly, he pulled his prick out again, putting me onto my back and wrapping my legs around his broad shoulders. He proceeded to fuck me so long and hard, my head began to bounce off the headboard of the bed, but I didn’t mind; Johnny’s eager and experienced anadolu yakası escort dick felt so good inside me.

Then I felt him tighten up and his massive prick swell inside me, a sign that he was about to cum. “You on anything? Because I’m ready to cum and I wanna shoot in your cunt.”

“No, I never got pregnant yet…fill me with all that hot cum, stud…”

“You sure? You’ll tell me if I knock you up? I mean, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind if you got knocked up with my kid….”

“Yeah…….oh, Johnny, please cum inside me Give me that hot load of yours!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes! I’m gonna cum now deep in your hot cunt! Here it is, baby!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Yes! Oh, God, Johnny, I‘m cumming too!” I cried as my own final orgasm approached and he fucked me even harder as I began to feel my pussy filled with shots of his hot cream, filling me up to where it felt like it would overflow my well-fucked hole as we came together.

When we finished, he collapsed onto his back on the bed beside me.

“Jesus, baby. That had to be the best fucking birthday gift I ever got! If I had any doubts whether you liked getting another guy’s cock, I sure don‘t now! You‘re one hot fuck!”

“Glad you liked it,” I winked.

We lay there for a few more minutes enjoying each other’s nakedness before Johnny said that we had to get back downstairs before Myra came looking for him and bitching, not to mention I may be missed too. And it wouldn’t look good for either of us if someone came in and seen us both totally naked together.

“Don’t want it getting around I got a hot piece of ass for a change from someone that actually likes sex instead of Mrs. Frigid,” he joked, slapping my bare ass as we got dressed, my cunt still tingling from the fucking he just gave me.

Since the party, I’ve dumped Josh and moved out and since Johnny got a job near where I live now, he and I now meet at least four times a week for tons of hot fucking and sucking in every way possible. And I still let him cum in my snatch each time he and I fuck, “instead of in a rubber” (as per the uptight bitch Myra) anytime he likes, which seems to be his favorite thing outside of me swallowing a load or two of his cum here and there during each of our wild fucking sessions.

The other two days, he sees a redhead with 42D tits, a stripper he also wants to bring to me for a threesome sometime. Though she won’t let him cum in her own cunt, he says she gives great head, always swallows his loads and lets him shoot off in her ass, so it is all good (She and I know about each other and Star is a great lady…we’re actually email and phone pals, sharing hot stories of our sex encounters with Johnny and what the uptight wife is missing out on!). Needless to say, from what Johnny is getting from both me and Star, he’s not only not needing to pick up women or date other strippers for sex anymore, but life in the bedroom with Myra is a little more tolerable on his part–though she may only still give it to him twice a month.

So guys and gals, make sure to keep your men and women happy in bed, because you never know when the persons you least suspect may be lusting after them, waiting for their moment of opportunity to get some of that cock or pussy themselves!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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