A good wife is tricked

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A good wife is trickedFrom the ensuite peter heard a gentle knock on the family bedroom door over the sound of the tv. “Come in”, he called i’m just in the bathroom.”D*d?” his s*n jack called out.”Just a minute!”, too much to drink last night meant a very full bladder and needs must. As he stood he noticed the reflection in the mirror. His s*n had picked up one of the ankle restraints, which where still attached to the bedposts from last night, and was looking thoughtfully at it. Peter in his haste had forgotten about the state his new wife was in.Oh last night had been fun and they had enjoyed their games. He knew he was a lucky man, Sylvia was a good 20 years younger than him with a firm pert tight figure which he thought he would never tire of seeing. Peter was always so proud and do turne don by the attention she got and lved the fact that she was his and so far had done all he asked. Jacks hand then reached for the bottom corner of the duvet. Peter could hardly believe his eyes! His s** was lifting the duvet covering his sleeping wife looking at her firm tanned bare legs. A very naughty flush filled peter and he could feel his cock start to swell, he was also turned on…his s** still in his early t***s was growing up and was clearly keen to see much more of his new step m*m. A dark urge filled peter as he called out “just taking a quick shower”..On went the shower as peter stood in the doorway watching..what would jack do?would Sylvia awake? and what the hell was he going to do , this was wrong but by now his cock was rock hard and he was incredibly aroused. He had been trying to persuade Sylvia to go out in one of her new short tight dressed with out her panties, the idea of someone else seeing her pussy had driven him wild, now maybe it would be jack his s*n who might see it!Jack taking advantage of his dad being in the shower raised the duvet more, his eyes roamed up from the curious fabric round his step mums ankle up her firm leg , over her taught pert buttocks along her back up her neck and over her face with the curious dried stuff on it. He wanted her to role over but his luck was not in. Worried in case dad case out of the shower to soon he gently replaced the duvet while rubbing the front of his sleep shorts with the other hand.Peter turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around himself flattening is erection and came out of the bathroom smilin at his s**.”shes very pretty isn’t your step m**?”Jack nodded looking embarressed.Peter put his finger to his lips. Carefully he moved the sleep mask back over his wifes eyes, pausing only to gaze and admire quite how much dried cum stil adorned her face from the previous night. Gently he loosened the restraint leashes and without having to move Sylvias wrists , clipped them on to her wrist bands. He turned to Jack ,pointed to the tv and motioned him to turn it up. Nervously Jack complied turning back wide eyed to what was unfolding before canlı bahis him.”Shes got ear plugs in so if we are quiet she won’t hear us”Jack nodded.”You think shes pretty don’t you””yes ” jack stuttered , reddening.”Would you like to see more of her?”Jack nodded scarcely believing his own ears. Peter slowly but firmly tightened the leashes pulling Sylvias arms gently towards each bed post.Peters eyes widened..so thats what they where and how they worked!Sylvia went to roll over to find peter but was pulled up sharply as she discovered that firstly her left wrist was tethered again and further moving revealed her right was alsoto be tethered. Not tightly but enough to stop her moving but tightly enough to stop her hands to her face getting or the releases on the restraints.She called out, “Peter again..oh you naughty man!”Peter turned to Jack and winked. Then he placed his finger on her lips ,signalling she was to be quiet. She kissed his finger then in a fit of mischief raised her head and sucked the finger, letting her head bob up and down on the digit, laping at it with her tongue. After a minute the finger was removed.Peter turned to Jack again,”she really is somehting isn’t she” he whispered Jack nodded wide eyed with an obvious growing bulge in his shorts.Sylvia licked her lips and said “more please”.Peter reached forward and turned on the bedside radio. Turning to his s** he smiled saying, ” this way she definately can’t hear! Now what shall i do next?Oh yes what was it you wanted to see…”With that, while looking at Jack he pulled the duvet cover being pulled back exposing her pert breasts and taught belly. Moving swiftly to the foot of the bed he gripped her left ankle and pulled her leg pulled towards the foot board where he clipped her ankle to the restaint.”Want to help me with the other one he said?”Jack nodded, his cock now fully erect, his wildest fanatsys begining to spring to mind, wow where this end. “What should i do ?”he whispered hoarsely .Peter explained how the leashes tightened and slackened, when he grabbe dhis wifes ankle Peter was to clip it to the leash and tighten it.The blood was pounding in Jacks heart head and groin.Peter grabbed her ankle she struggled but was soon overpowered when he used both his hands extending her ankle towards the tethered and Jacks trembling hand, who clipped the ankle as requested.”Shes got great tits hasn’t she? “Jack nodded.”Would you like to touch them?”Jacks mouth opened in to a wide O. Peter grinned and said, “our secret! Watch what i do first..pass me that baby oil from the dressing table please, by the way ever touched any girls tits yet?”Jack shock his head.”Hmm well you had better learn”Peters cock too was aching and swollen , he had wanted other men to see Sylvia to touch her firm young pert body and he would see it , up close and it was his s**.Peter splashed some oil on her shoulder and began to push up the oil up her bahis siteleri arms, in to her arm pits and down over her breasts cover every square cm with his touch. When he reached her breast he first circled then cupped them before squeezing and pulling her already hard nipple. She moaned ” more , harder ” and groaned in pleasure.” your turn !” Peter grinned standing back.Jack stood ther dumbfounded. “our secret, she will never know” and with that gently took his s**s arm and pulled him forward then poured oil on his wifes shoulder and nipple.”Enjoy!” said peter.Jack reached forward timidly his eyes going from his stepm**s breast to his d*d who grinned nodded and mouthed “go on”.Lightly his hand brushing her arm before pressing more, cautiously approaching her breast then pausing before gently ever so gently rubing over it.The tease , she gasped ” more more harder.” groaning thrusting her aching breast into Jacks hand which responded now with feverish pressure as the other hand clamped on her other breast.She moaned and sighed loudly pushing her firm breasts into Jacks hands. Jack was in extacy his first time really feling a womans breasts and what was better they where hi st****ms! To cap it all , she was moaning and writhing just like all the porn models he had seen on line! He pummelled , squeezed, teased , kneeded her magnificant orbs , doing all the things that he had seen on the internet! Each new technique gained a new response, his heart grew faster and his cock was aching.”My pussy” sylvia moaned, “it needs your hand ..please” she begged.Jack froze, God his stepm*m was dirty! He moved his hand away , had he gone too far?”Please my pussy ! I need to feel you , please rub it , please”, his step m* m begged. This was just like an internet soundtrack!Sylvia began to writhe under what covers she had still on. Jack looked to his d*d , who just smiled and said quietly , “wel done s*n!”Peter mover forward, “want to see more?”Jack nodded could this get any better than it already was?Peter took the duvet then smiling pulled it totally off his wife.”Now thats a beautiful sight! See how wet her thighs are? see how the bed is wet? Thats your handy work ! Well done !”Picking the oil up again he said , ” want to carry on?”Jack nodded , it could get better it was getting better… Peter splashed oil drops on her belly one leg one thigh then stepping back said , “learn discover explore and enjoy!”Again Jacks hand reached out timidly at first. It began on his stepm*ms firm belly then down over her hips which she thrust up twisting her mound towards his fingers. Jack timidily retreated to explore her leg gainnig confidence and pressure as he moved and explored the soft skin up down her calf before venturing higher. It was on her thigh now rubbbing firmly exploring all the contours , gradually moving up.”Please” she wailed, ” stop teasing i need them in me”Again a quick look at d*d , a nod to proceed güvenilir bahis and Jacks hand moved up discovering his stepm*ms soaked inner thighs. Jack paused unsure ,while Peter explained. Then Jack began to explore this ground with curiosity then pressure which cause deeper groans. Jacks fleeting finger caressed the top of her ozzing lips, sylvia tried to push against it but again Jack was nervous.”please..oh god please” she wailed”Go on s*n” his D*D said..”our secret!”Jack moved his hand closer to his stepm*ms hot wet slit. He let an inquiring finger rubbed her pussy causing her to gasp and it to open, as it did he could help but explore her soft wet yielding interior.Sylvia groaned “harder ..more harder oh god please”” Please i need your cock in my mouth” hi stepm*m begged. “”i am your dirty whore please fuck my mouth oh god please let me suck your cock”Startled Jack moved away , surely , no ..really this was his step m*m.His f****r edged past him, winking as he passed whispering ,” wel she did ask….hang on…”Peter tightened the leashes stretching his wifes arms out , then grasping the belt to his robe pushed her left elbow covered onto the edge of the bed where it was tied” now please your cock in my mouth” she groanedPeter stepped back, ” she is asking for it , go on..”Nervously Jack step forward lowering his shorts.His cock sprang to attention , as he again looked to his d*d he nodded and encouraged him.Jack gently tapped his cock against his stepm*ms lips, her mouth opened and her tongue licked the end of it , she moved to engulf it in her warm wet mouth but he backed off.”What if i cum” he mummered”You want to?” his d*d askedJack hardly daing beieve his own ears nodded.Again he tapped her lips with his aching cock, this time she gently licked the end of it, kissed it, before moving her lips over it sending shivers down his spine.His cock quivered , franticly she began to suck and lick and work her mouth back and forth, almost immediately Jacks hands gripped her hair the cock pusing deep into her mouth before a hot explosion flooded her mouth with so cum.Sheepishly he withdrew.”feel good s*n?”, Peter asked?All Jack could do was nod, that had been fantastic.”watch now” his D*D saidAwestruck he watched as sylvia let the cum dribble from her lips oozing down her cheeks before darting her tongue out to lapup what she could with her tongue.Peter leaned forward to wipe her cheek and then presented the damp cum covered fingers to her mouth.She licked his cum off his fingers while Peters other hand slide down her belly over her clit and into her aching pussy, a thumb gently nudging her pussy as he worked her wet slot she climaxed screaming louder than she relaised..and wave after wave of orgasm passed through her..”Thank you” she said”See your step m*m appreciates a good time””Better go now”..then i will untie herPeter watched his son leave, then unable to contain him self any longer quickly wanked himself off in the bathroom before releasing is wife….this was the start of many adventures for sylviaalready written is sylvias view of eventshttp://xhamster.com/user/peter263/posts/185967.htmlto be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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