A Happy Thanksgiving

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Big Tits

Thursday, November 25, 2010 – Dear Diary:

I’ve always looked up to my big brother Tim, not only because he’s older than me, but because he’s taller than me. Okay, so I’ve got a lame sense of humor. But seriously, he’s not only the best brother a girl could have, he’s also like my best friend. I slept fitfully as Tim’s body was wrapped around mine last night. Ha ha, it’s not what you think, diary! Neither of us are used to sharing a bed with another person seeing as how we’re both single. We ended up sharing my bed when our aunt Carol came to visit for Thanksgiving.

The plan was for her to sleep in Tim’s vacant bedroom, since he was away at college and couldn’t get a ride home for the holiday. Luckily for all of us, my brother scored a ride at the last minute and pleasantly surprised us all when he got in last night. He had planned on crashing on the floor of the family room on a sleeping bag, but my dad and his sister Carol stayed up late talking, so I generously offered Tim the floor of my bedroom. But something weird happened. During the middle of the night, my brother got up to pee and when he came back into my room, he unexpectedly crawled into bed next to me.

I laid there in bed really confused. He fell right back to sleep, so I don’t know if he totally was aware of his actions. He might have been sleep walking. Soon after, with his sleeping body pressed against mine, I could feel his penis pressed up against my butt through my pajama shorts. One of his arms was draped over and across my hips. He was sound asleep so it’s not like he was trying to make a move on me.

As morning poured in through the blinds, I felt something I had never felt before. Tim’s penis was now erect and pressed firmly against me along the length of my butt crack. This stirred a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had only ever experienced one time before. That was when Robbie Dunlap gave me my first kiss.

I had never thought of my brother as someone I might be sexually attracted to before this. Sure, he looked good playing basketball in the backyard shirtless and sweaty. He had a broad “v-shaped” back, ripped abdominals and from what I could tell, a nice firm ass beneath his shorts. A nice male specimen, but still my brother, so that was the extent of my observation. I mean, I certainly never imagined what his penis might look like. That is, until I felt it pressing up against me.

It was straining through his boxer shorts. I just laid there afraid to move, because I didn’t want the experience to end just yet. Is this what sleeping with a man felt like? It felt good. I felt safe in his naked, shirtless arms. He was snoring so he was definitely still asleep. I could have laid there forever, but I promised Mom that I would help with the turkey and she wanted to get it into the oven early. I reluctantly got up and left my sleeping brother in my warm and cozy bed.

Dinner was great, though the turkey was a bit over-cooked and dry. Afterwards, the family all hung out in the family room. We played some board games and even though I’m only 18, my brother sneaked me a mixed drink. It was a Jim Beam and Coke. One of his favorites. sarıyer escort I got a bit tipsy from that one drink and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I wonder if Tim will crawl into bed with me again tonight. The anticipation excites me and I’ve got those feelings in my belly again.

Friday, November 26, 2010 – Dear Diary:

I had to wake up stupid early this morning to go shopping with Mom. I hate Black Friday and just wanted to sleep in, especially since Tim slept in bed with me again. Well, he didn’t “sleep” with me, he slept in my bed next to me, diary. I thought I should be clear about that. He didn’t have to crawl into bed in the middle of the night again. This time I offered. I told him he might as well, since he slept in my bed most of the night before. He claimed he had no memory of it and was surprised when he woke up to find he was in my bed and not on the floor. He sure seemed sincere about it, but I have my suspicions.

I had the most vivid dream last night that Tim and I were on a beach somewhere. It was sunny and warm. We were both naked for some reason and he was applying suntan lotion all over my body. When he reached my breasts, I felt a tingling that coursed through my entire being. I reached up to kiss him and he responded by kissing me back. That’s when I woke up to find that he had managed to wrangle himself over to my side of the bed again and was spooning me. In his sleep, his hand had found its way under my pajama top and was resting on my tummy. It felt nice. I wanted to take his hand and move it farther south below my panty line. If only he wasn’t my brother.

I bought a skirt and sweater today, and a couple pairs of shoes. I also found a nice pair of comfy silk pajamas, but that’s about it. The crowds were unbearable. I couldn’t wait to get home. As I was trying on my new outfits in my bedroom, I noticed a whitish crusty stain in the middle of my bed sheet. Where did that come from? Did my brother cum in the middle of the night? That’s sure ballsy of him if he did. LOL

Tim wants to get out of the house for a bit later this evening, so he asked me if I wanted to go see a movie after dinner. I said sure.

Saturday, November 27, 2010 – Dear Diary:

OMG! Last night was crazy! I don’t know where to begin, diary.

Tim and I went to see a movie. We saw “Love and Other Drugs,” a rom-com starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. There were explicit nude sex scenes between them and I felt a bit awkward sitting there next to my brother. I can’t believe how aroused I got during the movie. I hadn’t thought about sex this much over the last couple days in forever. What is going on with me?

After the movie, Tim took me to a bar where we met up with some of his old high school buddies. This cute blonde named Danny was hitting on me most of the evening. I think it was making Tim upset because he had a talk with Danny and after that Danny mostly avoided me. When we left Danny asked me for my cell phone number and I gave it to him. I didn’t tell Tim.

Now diary, this is going to blow your mind. When Tim and I got esenyurt escort home, it was late so we were trying to be quiet. As we walked past Tim’s bedroom, we could hear low key moaning and groaning sounds. Was Aunt Carol masturbating? We listened in and we heard a man’s voice whispering something and it got real quiet all of a sudden. Tim and I looked at each other and covered our mouths to keep from laughing out loud. Did Aunt Carol bring a man home? Tim joked that it was probably Dad. It couldn’t be! Could it? What’s with all this sexual stuff going on?? Is it just me?

I dressed for bed in my new pajamas, which consisted of a peach colored silk camisole top and matching silk shorts. They were super comfy. I modeled them for Tim and he thought they looked “sexy” on me. I blushed a bit and said “really?” He admitted that that was probably an inappropriate thing for a brother to say to his sister.

I looked in the mirror again and noticed that my nipples were visible though the sheer fabric. What was I thinking dressing like this when I would be sharing a bed with my brother? I offered to change into something “more appropriate” but Tim insisted I keep my new pajamas on. He joked it would be fine as long as we don’t do what Dad and Aunt Carol are apparently doing. We both laughed. But seriously, were Dad and Aunt Carol… fucking?

Tim crawled into bed without me even offering. I warned him to watch out for that gross crusty stain in the middle of the bed. Tim apologized and said he must have done that when he was eating glazed donuts in bed earlier in the day when mom and I were out shopping. I giggled and winked at him.

I had another crazy vivid dream last night. My brother and I were back at the movie theater watching a movie. This time instead of some famous actors, on the movie screen were my father and his sister, Aunt Carol. They were naked, in bed, making love. They were being really loud. I turned to look at Tim sitting next to me in the movie theater, and he was fully naked. He had a large erection and was rubbing his shaft up and down. Tim reached for my hand and pulled it towards his penis. I grabbed hold of it and started stroking it.

I looked down and I was also naked and Tim’s fingers were in my pussy. He pulled his fingers out and brought them up to my mouth for me to taste myself. I licked and sucked on his fingers and pulled them out of my mouth, guiding his hand back down to my pussy, where I pulled aside my panties and let him finger me to orgasm. It felt so real. I must have cum in my sleep because when I woke up it was wet and sticky between my legs. Was that why the bed was stained the day before?

When I woke up this morning, my brother was not in bed. He had gotten up and made me breakfast, which he served to me in bed. What a doll. He said that we needed to eat because we were going to go on a secret mission today. Dad had told him that he and Carol were going to do some Christmas shopping so Carol could help him pick out a Christmas present for Mom. We were going to follow them and see if our suspicions about them being lovers was true or just our imaginations. avrupa yakası escort Breakfast was yummy. More later, diary. I have to go now.

Okay. That was insane, but this is going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010 – Dear Diary:

Yesterday was bananas. Tim and I followed our Dad and Aunt Carol when they left for the Mall. I felt a little foolish, because I was sure there was nothing going on between them. Until we followed them to the Marriott and watched them stroll into the hotel arm in arm. Tim and I just looked at each other in shock. Our suspicions were confirmed.

But rather than be disgusted, I kind of get it. Wasn’t I harboring sexual feelings for my brother? Maybe incest runs in the family? That’s supposed to be a joke. But even if I had those feelings for Tim, I wasn’t about to act on them, diary.

The ride home was tense and quiet. Tim and I didn’t speak a word to each other, we just shared occasional nervous glances. Thank goodness Mom was out having lunch with her girlfriends or she might have been able to tell we were freaked out.

Tim poured us a couple strong drinks and we sat at the kitchen table wondering what we should do about this? Should we tell mom? Tim took my hand and squeezed it and told me he really enjoyed last night and would love to do it again. I asked him what it was about last night he enjoyed so much. I thought he meant the movies and the bar and spending time together. He said he loved the way I took charge last night in bed and guided his hand to my pussy and allowed him to finger me and bring me to orgasm. He was amazed at what a sexual dynamo I was in bed, sucking my own pussy juices off my fingers.

I thought Tim was gas lighting me. When I told him I was asleep the whole night he thought I was gas lighting him. We were both speechless. Shit, diary! I’m going to hell and taking my brother with me!

I started to cry and begged for Tim’s forgiveness. It’s not his fault. He was only doing what he thought I wanted, and in my dream, I guess that’s what I wanted. Except it was no dream, so I guess this is something I really wanted. That’s when he confessed that he knew what he was doing when he crawled into bed with me that first night.

I started to laugh uncontrollably at just how fucked up this situation was. I only stopped laughing because Tim reached over and kissed me. I pulled back at first, but I looked into his eyes and saw such love there, that I was slowly drawn back into the kiss. I had to laugh further though when Tim suggested we get some glazed donuts and go eat them in bed.

We didn’t say anything to our parents about Aunt Lois and Dad. They have their secret and now we have ours. Maybe incest does run in the family. Tim and I spent all of last night together and it was wonderful. I don’t think we ever really slept. We kissed and cuddled and I gave Tim my first blow job as he guided and instructed me. He came in my mouth! He tasted so good! I can’t wait to do that again, diary!

Tim performed oral sex on me and he brought me to an orgasm, the kind of which I had never experienced before on my own. We didn’t fuck. I’m not ready for that with any man yet, let alone my own brother. But when I am, I know my brother will be my first.

I’m bummed that Tim had to leave to go back to school. His ride came to pick him up minutes ago and I miss terribly him already. He’ll be home again for the holidays, and I can’t wait for him to cum.

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