A.J. – Teacher’s Pet

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A.J. – Teacher’s PetWe’re lay on the sofa cuddling when I suddenly get up and say,“I have a special surprise for you… Wanna follow me to the bedroom?”You get this wide grin on your face and follow without a word. I push you into sitting on the bed then grab my bag and look back at you, “I’ll be right back hun…”,you nod with a cheesy sort of smile. I slink into the bathroom to change. When I come out you see me in a short black skirt, crisp,white, cotton shirt, my old school tie, white knee high socks, and sexy black shoes. Your jaw drops and all I hear you say is, “Wow…” as I let out a small giggle and ask you“How do you like it? Did I do a good job at fulfilling a fantasy?”“Ohh yes, you did…”I sensually walk over to you and slowly straddle your lap and softly whisper in your ear “Teacher, I think I have been naughty. I got an F on my last test. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to raise that grade so I don’t have to show it to my daddy. I don’t want him to spank me…”“Well you know what F stands for right? It stands for fuck and that’s what a bad girl like you is going to have to do in order to raise your grade. You may not want your daddy to spank you, but I will whether you want it or not. That’s what naughty girls deserve…”I jump off your lap and go grab the ruler out of my bag. I hand you the ruler and slowly bend over the bed.“Oh, no I want you bent over my lap and that’s final.”“Yes sir”I say as I get up and bend over your lap, raising my arse in the air so I make sure you get a nice view of it. You lift up the back off my skirt and see that I have no panties on.“So I see that you’ve decided to be extra bad and not wear panties? Dirty little girls like you need to be punished… harshly.”“Please sir, don’t hur…..” Is all I get out of my mouth before I get a quick smack on my ass with the ruler.“Ahh” I moan.As I receive another sharp smack.“Don’t worry, there are plenty more coming. canlı bahis I’d say you deserve at least 20 or more…” You say followed by a cynical smirk and small laugh.Your smacks get a little harder as you continue without comforting my ass at all. You’re on smack 15 when I finally cry out a little because it hurt a lot instead of feeling good. The pain getting to me, but its fine until smack 20 when you hit me so hard, I let out a scream.”Owww…”“Don’t worry teacher’s little pet. Your punishment is all over. Now it’s time to pleasure me so we can raise that bad grade of yours.” You say as you gently rub my ass.I get up from your lap, but have to grab onto the bed because of how bad my ass is stinging.“Aw, the baby girl’s hurting. Must be bad for you, but that doesn’t matter. You got what a naughty girl deserves.”“I know sir, I was bad, but now I want to be dirty. I’ll do whatever I can to raise my grade.”“Good, now stand up and help me remove my trousers.”I walk over to you and start to unbuckle your belt. After the belt is undone, I unbutton and unzip. Then I slowly start to tug them down, but I tease you. I brush my fingertips along the bulge in your boxers while pulling your pants down. As soon as I get your pants and boxers down, I drop to my knees and gently take your dick in my hand and start to stroke it. I lick your shaft up and down, swirling my tongue around the head. Then I slowly wrap my moist lips around the head your dick, still swirling my tongue around. Teasingly I start to rub your balls slowly with just the tips of my fingers.I moan as I feel you pull my hair and say “Such a good little teacher’s pet, but you know you’re going to have to do better than what you do to those pathetic school boys.”That’s when I plunge your dick deep into my mouth and start to slowly move up and down. Using my hand to stroke whatever I can’t fit into my mouth. I increase my speed as I hear you let bahis siteleri out a little moan and feel your fingers tangled in my hair. You feel your dick going In and out of my moist mouth rhythmically passing through my dark red lips, feeling my tongue glide up and down your shaft. I take my lips off your dick and lick down all the way to your balls. I slowly and gently start to suck on them while stroking your dick.I finally wrap my lips around your dick again taking you in all I can. I feel how hard you are and all I want is to feel you inside me. I release your dick and stand up and go lay on the bed. Propped up on pillows I start to slowly unbutton my shirt.“Please come join me teacher so I can pleasure you more. I’ll show that I deserve a higher grade. Maybe I’ll even teach you something… “ I say as I giggle.You walk over to the bed and lay down. I kneel on the bed while straddled over you and take my shirt off completely. I then hook my thumbs around my bra straps and slip the straps off my shoulders slowly revealing more and more cleavage until I reach behind and undo my bra and let it fall off completely.“Mmmmm” is what I hear escape your lips as you reach up to play with my tits.I bend down and place one above your lips. I feel you start to nibble on my left nipple and pinch the right one, but I also feel you getting extremely hard in between my legs. My soaking wet pussy is rubbing up against your rock hard dick. We both know we are moments away from getting what we want. I want it so I can raise my grade and you want it because you know I will give it to you, no matter what. I run my fingers down your chests as I lean down to kiss you passionately. Our tongues intertwine we feel the heat building between us and as I pull away from the kiss I gently pull your bottom lip with my teeth.This send you over the edge because next thing I know you ram your dick into me. No mercy at all.“Take güvenilir bahis it you dirty slutty horny school girl. This is why you failed. You failed because you knew it was the easy way to get my cock, but I knew that all along. All you had to do was ask…”You say as you hold your dick in me so I can recuperate from such a hard entrance.“I’m so sorry teacher. I am sorry I was so stupid. I know I deserve such a hard fuck because my plan was stupid and it failed.” I barely make out as you start ramming your dick in and out of me like there is no tomorrow.You feel your dick slide in and out of my tight pussy. My walls contract every time you enter me. You’re in me so deep you’re hitting my g-spot, just slamming right into it. My hips are rocking against yours as I press myself into you and lean my tits against your chest. You roll us over so you’re on top and lift my legs in the air so you can get at me deeper and rougher. I’m moaning and panting as you grunt and pound me with your big, thick cock.“Yes, yes ohh yes Teacher!!!” I scream as I have a violent orgasm, but that doesn’t stop you. You just keep ramming into me as I grasp the sheets for stability.On the verge of another orgasm you feel my walls tightening around your dick as you make me let out a moan as I cum. You start to slow down and thrust deep in me. I know you’re close to coming so I try to get you in me as deep as possible. Finally you blow your load deep in me, which feels amazing almost bringing me to another orgasm. You drop next to me while I start to rub my clit vigorously so I can get my last orgasm out. You see me doing this and decide to help.You shove two fingers in me and rub in and out of me gently while I rub my clit.“Ahhh, ohhh, ahh… Mmmmmm!” I pant as I come again.You pull your fingers out of me and I suck them clean. Then I take your dick in your mouth and clean up any of our juices that are on it.“Wow, desperate school girls really do make great fucks.” You say as you wrap your arms around my waist tight and kiss me deeply.“Teachers really do know best…” I whisper as I wrap the covers around us and curl close to you and fall asleep.

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