A Lady’s Intuition

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially. These stories have been public for some time, but I am slowly uploading my back catalogue of stories currently.


A Lady’s Intuition

“Well, well, well… What do we have here, dearie?”

Amethyst smirked, her crimson painted lips curving wickedly. She paused in the entrance to her boudoir, which, in her mind, welcomed her home: large bed decked out in rich, purple bedding, a wooden floor strewn with matching rugs and gleaming, chocolate tone furniture touched up with silver accents. Her red mane was done up in a series of tight plaits, a remnant of the overseas holiday, if the suitcase at her hooves was not sufficient evidence of a much needed break. The tight fitting jeans accentuating her long legs and light, airy t-shirt had served her well on the long flight. It was good to escape the day job from time to time and the chestnut equine was happy to return to her detached house on the edge of the city, her stables a ten minute walk from her back door. And she had some fantastic ideas for a new story!

What she had not expected, however, was to find her dear friend and house sitter bound in a most compromising position upon her return.

Liv shook her head, groaning through the red ball gag – the first one that she had ever had against her teeth, willingly taken. Left alone in her friend’s house for two weeks, the slender Dalmatian had made use of the entertainment system, extensive library and power shower, which was to be expected of a house sitter in any situation. Conversely, less pleasant tasks had entered into her job description and cleaning had to be undertaken with youthful vigour sooner or later. Forgoing her residence in the spacious guest bedroom, Liv had thought to surprise Amethyst by cleaning her bedroom from ceiling to carpet, leaving it fresh and airy for her friend’s return. The bedroom had held more than a few surprises and, well, Liv was a curious canine. What was the harm in peeking within a few drawers?

Evidently there had been some harm and the keys for the padlocks had not been easily obtainable, much to Liv’s detriment. The black haired Dalmatian squirmed, embarrassed by her nudity. The culprit of her predicament lay on the bed to her right – a black backed book open to a page that depicted a large breasted husky bound in a very similar position to Liv’s self-imposed, rudimentary bondage. With her chest and muzzle on the silk bed cover, Liv had propped herself up on her knees, paws stretched back between her legs and cuffed to her ankles. The canine was utterly helpless with the padded, leather cuffs around her paws and ankles attached to one another with petite padlocks that had not been stored with the correct keys. Rubbing her muzzle against the bed, Liv groaned, tucking her tail against her raised rump.

“I had an inkling that you would experiment while I was away,” Amethyst winked, drawing her loose shirt over her head. “But I had not expected anything of this scale.”

“Mmph!” Liv shouted, which she hoped would translate to, “please let me go”, though the meaning was ignored or lost in interpretation.

“No, no, no…” Amethyst murmured, perching on the edge of the bed where Liv could see her and her lace-fringed, violet bra, barely covering the nipples on her small, perky breasts. “You’re staying right there, darling. I’ll teach you not to go through my belongings in future… Not without permission from your mistress of the moment, that is.”

Mistress? Liv blushed and whined desperately. Sure, she swung both ways but it was all too much at once! As if privy to her internal thoughts – even though the Dalmatian’s bodily reactions were fickle – Amethyst rubbed the curve of her victim’s buttocks, the dog’s tail lifting instinctively. The soft, fleshy pink folds between her thighs were beautifully exposed, glistening with pearls of erotic moisture. Oh, yes, the canine wanted more to happen, paw on heart. Tracing her fingers around Liv’s flushed vulva, Amethyst teased warmth into her sex, inducing the dog’s clitoris to push forward as if to display her eagerness on a physical yet subtle scale.

“See?” The mare smiled, flicking the tip of her finger against Liv’s swollen clit. “Your body wants this.”

Moaning around the gag, Liv shook her head, her whole body trembling with a fire that seemed to burn a hair beneath the surface of her skin. She shifted on her knees, thrusting her rump higher, yozgat escort unknowing of the attention this drew as she fought to maintain some level of comfort. Licking her painted lips, Amethyst fluttered her eyelashes, standing up to remove her skinny jeans with a sigh of relief. A matching violet thong cupped her crotch, a dark patch of feminine arousal evident through the sheer fabric.

“You want this,” Amethyst repeated, simultaneously sliding one finger into Liv’s cunny; the Dalmatian bucked her hips, muzzle lolling from side to side. “You must first learn to obey.”

She withdrew abruptly, striding to the impressively sized chest of drawers, hooves loud on the wooden floor without any hint of an echo. Shivering, Liv pressed her tongue against the hard ball in her maw, tilting her head so that the drool was not as obvious. It was erotic and sent ice through her nerves, cooling the fire into a frozen heat that could not be satisfied by any course of inaction. Rummaging through a drawer that Liv was yet to investigate – and she had thought that cats were the curious ones – Amethyst gave a quiet ‘aha’ of recognition, swishing her tail with the holiday braids.

“Thank you for trapping yourself in such a convenient position,” the mare raised her eyebrows, showing the red, rectangular paddle, which was dotted with holes, to the wide eyed submissive. “It will give me ample opportunity to test my new paddle.” She paused, eyes twinkling. “And next time you’ll taste the flogger with the tails that sting something vicious.”

Liv gulped, wriggling her buttocks to the flood of warmth that inflamed her loins. Why did the thought of that sound so good? So erotic? She closed her eyes and sighed heavily, resigning herself to her fate. The bed dipped on her left as Amethyst climbed on to it, presumably kneeling with her legs apart for the sake of balance. A paw caressed her rear and still the Dalmatian did not pull her tail down, her tight anal pucker and soaked pussy on display to anyone who cared to look.

The first slap of the paddle came as a surprise. Liv yelped, rocking violently forward as her body reacted. There had been no warning bar the removal of the mare’s paw and a low whistle, the paddle brought down in a swift strike. The pain was short lived, however, and the canine whined, thrusting her rump back for more. The pain felt as good as she had dreamed.

“Easy, girl,” the equine whispered, rubbing her paw over the warm redness that showed through the white parts of Liv’s fur. Twisting her head, Liv stared pleadingly.

More, please… More.

“Do not intrude into my personal space,” Amethyst said firmly, smacking both sides of the Dalmatian’s buttocks in quick succession, the muffled yelps musical in tone. “Never again.”

It was then Liv realised that the pain was far from wholly pleasurable, for it was intended as a punishment. The insides of her ears turned pink in humiliation. Why had she done that? Amethyst was her friend and she had abused her trust. Her paws clenched into fists and her body fell rigid, taking the paddling with the staunch resolution of never doing anything to hurt her friend again.

It is better if pain is pleasurable for both parties, she thought, blinking to keep traitor tears from welling up. It hurt and she knew it was wrong for pain to still feel so satisfying. Confused, she whined the best she could, breathing sharply through her nose, unable to pant as she would have liked. She curled and uncurled her fingers, imprinting little crescent shapes into her palms where her trimmed fingernails dug in. A fierce warmth spread through her rump and she knew,even if she could not see, her pussy was dripping wantonly with her juices, body loving every second of the pain.

“There,” Amethyst scored two final slaps against the lower curve of Liv’s buttocks, making them ripple delightfully. “That is all. It is done, honey.”

Trembling, Liv gave her best impression of a nod, a light sweat covering her short fur coat. It felt as if she had run a mile, as she was not the fittest of furs, despite her slender top half; she carried more of her weight around her rump and thighs, which had supplied plenty of padding for the beating, she thought wryly. She grunted around the gag and shifted her knees again to resume her original position, tail wagging faintly.

“I knew you’d learn,” Amethyst flopped on to the bed, her head beside Liv’s. “Now,” she said, taking up the book that had so transfixed her submissive of the time. “Let us she what else you have been looking at, shall we?”

Pretending not to notice the Dalmatian’s alternate looks of panic and a particularly threatening death yozgat escort bayan glare (“you wouldn’t dare”), Amethyst held the book so that the pages fell down, pulled by gravity, and shook it until a gap in the pages was revealed. Old tricks still had some use to them after all! Grinning, the mare flipped open the page that Liv had spent some time perusing and whistled in surprise, caught off-guard on a rare occasion.

“My, my… I would not have assumed that you would be into pussy clamps,” she said, biting her lower lip thoughtfully. Perfect.

Springing off the bed, Amethyst tossed the book to one side and excitedly dug through another drawer, her tail flicking wildly. Something clattered within the chest of drawers and she cursed under her breath, Liv watching her every move with bated breath. Clamps… A hidden desire. The nip of pain. The pressure. Wriggling ecstatically, Liv prayed there would be suitable clamps in there, somewhere in the extensive collection of curious implements. She knew that she would not be subjected to more than she could handle.

“Oh, here we go…” Amethyst said, collecting four small objects into the palm of her left paw. “This will be a treat for you, doggie!”

The name should have been humiliating but it roused Liv to further heights of need. Slipping elegantly back on to the silken bed, Amethyst showed her four blunt clamps, black and designed so that they would spread pressure over a wider area. Two of these she put aside, patting the dog’s rump and edging around to administer the next dose of pain. Liv tensed, feeling a paw spread slick juices across her labia, tugging each of them out so that the ‘lips’ were plumped for clamping, comfortably positioned. Murmuring encouragement, Amethyst selected one side of the canine’s cunny and carefully clamped down on the fleshy part closer to her clit: Liv howled and bucked.

It bit and burned but the pain faded to a hasty throb after a few seconds, leaving Liv wriggling and panting on the bed. She wagged her tail to show that she was ready for more, astonished by her own excitement and how the need in her swelled with the application of the clamp. It was as if the pain did not honestly matter, merely the arousal that it was paired with. Taking her direction from Liv as to what the canine was prepared for, the mare massaged the opposite side of the dog’s cunny, pulling out the labia repeating the action in the same area, inducing a low moan from Liv.

“Easy,” Amethyst whispered, sliding two fingers into the dog’s cunt to distract her. “You are dripping, sweetheart, but we’ll have to leave it at two this time. I have something special for you and for me.”

Through the haze of pain and sexual tension – she was drawn as tightly as an arrow strung to shoot forth from the bow – Liv turned her muzzle to the left, eyes large and begging. Giggling, Amethyst put one finger to her lips and withdrew something that had remained out of Liv’s sight on the bed, cunningly concealed for planned use. It was a strangely shaped dildo of some denomination, bright red in colour and with another attached to the end at a particularly angle. Several straps – leather – hung from the contraption, though the horny canine could not fathom how everything related with her mind so overcome.

Sensing her confusion, Amethyst shook her head, flipped her red mane and prepared to demonstrate. One end of the contraption-dildo, she slid up into her snug sex, simply pushing the thong string to one side, parting her lips in a gasp of much-desired pleasure. This action presented the second dildo so that it pushed out near horizontally from her hips, the meaning slowly becoming clearer to the fervent canine. To complete the ensemble, the chestnut horse drew the leather straps up around her legs and waist, ensuring that neither dildo would slip but ever motion made with one dildo transferred through the silicone to the other for double the feminine sensation. Amethyst’s tail flicked in its typical, unruly fashion and she advanced on the mute dog, who could not take her eyes off the horse sporting the ladies strap-on.

Mostly out of Liv’s sight, Amethyst ran her paws over the glowing, spotted rump before her, enjoying every moment immensely, the sensation of sore flesh beneath her paws, the warmth. Her ears twitched and she snorted contentedly, playing with the two pussy clamps that made the canine gasp and wriggle so enticingly. She had waited too long to claim this one.

No lubricant was required as Liv provided in ample doses, the mare thrilled at how well her body responded. Grabbing the strap-on dildo with one paw, Amethyst rested her other paw on the Dalmatian’s escort yozgat rear as she slowly rubbed the red head of the dildo up and down against Liv’s damp slit, testing her readiness. Groaning, Liv fought to escape her bondage, rocking back and successfully spearing an inch of the fat dildo into her cunt before being forced to collapse forward, chest heaving from exertion. Unwillingly to deny herself any longer, Amethyst nickered and slowly drove the full length of the phallus into the dog’s warm, welcoming tunnel. Liv’s tail wagged furiously.

“Murr…” she breathed, Amethyst’s hips flush with Liv’s rear cheeks. “One last surprise.”

One more? Liv barely heard but she certainly felt the vibrations rocking through her cunny as the dildo suddenly jumped into life; a shrill whinny from the mare alerting her to Amethyst’s experience of the same. The clamps added to the pleasure, making her want more and more like an insatiable, horny slut – what she desired to be, with an owner holding her leash! The canine could not remain still with the vibrations, desperation to reach orgasm. She may as well have been teased for hours and still denied! Neighing proudly, Amethyst clutched the dog’s hips and fucked her like a stallion, snorts of pleasure escaping her with every deep thrust. Liv howled, suddenly pushed over the edge with vicious pleasure, losing sense of the world as climax raced obscured her vision. Pinning the writhing Dalmatian down, Amethyst huffed and bucked like a wild horse, spurred on by the vibrations that were so perfectly placed against that sensitive bundle of nerves inside her pussy.

She was so close. Vaguely, the mare sensed Liv returning to her senses once again, but she was solely concerned with her own pleasure. She pounded the dog without mercy, choosing the angle that would best stimulate her. Hitting a sensitive spot, Amethyst whinnied, chestnut mane bouncing against her neck – almost there! It was with an equine scream that she finally reached orgasm, slamming into Liv’s cunt and shuddering as waves of pleasure wracked her body. She panted heavily, striving to catch lost breath, as she ground the dildos deeper, trembling with spasms of ecstasy, Liv murring contentedly beneath her, sated with her own explosive climax.

Pulling herself together with a lazy smile, Amethyst withdrew the dildo reluctantly from Liv’s cunt, switching off the vibrations first of all. The clamps were removed in due course from Liv’s cunny and Amethyst resisted the urge to rub the afflicted areas as blood rushed back into them, making Liv whine anxiously. Instead, Amethyst unbuckled the straps holding the double-ended strap-on to her crotch, leaving it to one side where it could be later cleaned and restored to its suited place in the drawer. Liv’s bondage was easy to undo once the correct key had been retrieved from a labelled box, the mare having the grace to grin in mild shame for leaving the wrong ones dangling from the padlock rings: hey, mistakes happened.

It was with some trepidation that Amethyst removed the ball gag from Liv’s muzzle, wondering at how the Dalmatian allowed her to remove it rather than take the gag away of her own accord. Smiling, Amethyst relaxed into the warm glow that encompassed her after orgasm, drawing Liv close to her as she would a lover, paws belatedly finding the Dalmatian’s breasts as she rolled on to her back. Liv shot the red mare a look, working her jaw to relieve the tension there and surreptitiously wiping away a stray smear of saliva, one downside to that type of gag.

“I can’t believe you did all of that to me!” Liv burst out once her jaw was relieved. “You didn’t even ask me, what did you think…” She trailed off, pouting cutely as she realised that the object of her ‘anger’ was in fits of giggles.

Amethyst leaned over, dropping a kiss on Liv’s hair, chuckling as a strand of black hair caught on her lips. She snuggled closer to the canine, tucking Liv’s muzzle against her chest when she refused to cease pouting, unsure of what the ‘right’ response to the situation was.

“Oh, don’t be such a girl,” Amethyst grinned. “You loved it really.”

“Well…yes…” Liv sighed, hiding her muzzle beneath her arm. “I wouldn’t have tied myself up if I wasn’t curious…and I did love it. What you did. I’m sorry I looked in your drawers and took the gear without asking. But how did you know? How did you know that would happen?”

Amethyst murred, snaking her arm around the Dalmatian’s waist and pulling her close, Liv’s backside snug against her temporary mistress’ crotch. Spooned up behind the dog, the horse sighed happily, nuzzling the back of her neck and nipping playfully at her hair, messy from their shared romp. Relaxing at last, Liv shivered, one ear pricked attentively as she waited for the answer to her initial question. Never one to disappoint, the mare huffed a warm breath against Liv’s hair, a sly grin creeping over her muzzle as she tapped her friend playfully on the nose.

“A lady’s intuition!”

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