A Late Christmas Present

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Chapter 1

Once, during Christmas break while in college, I went hitch hiking around Michigan a day after Christmas. I had just recently broken up with my girl friend and really didn’t want to hang around home with her memories. Near Battle Creek I was picked up by a slim attractive older woman who I later leaned was 38. After about 40 minutes of small talk we introduced ourselves and Carol asked me if I would like to make a stop at her place for something to eat and a cup of coffee before continuing toward Ludington. It was getting colder as the clouds rolled in and so I agreed to take this detour. I have to admit that when she asked I secretly hopped that more would happen then just eating a snack and drinking some coffee. I chased those thoughts from my mind and tried to calm down.

She was an attractive short and slim woman with short dishwater blond hair and a cute open smile. She told me that she worked as a receptionist and was still looking for that special man who would “ride in on his white horse to sweep her off her feet!” Under her coat she was wearing a simple while blouse and wool skirt. The blouse was loose fitting but hung nicely off her small breasts. I could just barley make out the lace along the edge of her bra when the evening sun illuminated her side just right.

It was a quick ride from the express way through a small suburb to her apartment. Carol lived on the top floor of a three story building. Her place could have been taken from the pages of a Good House Keeping magazine. It was a neat as a pin and had comfortable friendly feel. With true Midwestern hospitality she bustled me into the kitchen after taking my coat and instructing me to put my boots on the rubber mat near the door. I had left my pack in back of her car.

We sat in the kitchen as Carol fixed something for both of us to eat. It was a small kitchen and as she moved through the room she bushed into me several times. This slight physical touching coupled with the movement of her slim body beneath her blouse and skirt was having the expected effect on me. My imagination added to the intensity of my feelings and soon it felt as if someone had turned up the heat. My cock swelled and throbbed as a felt it push against my pants.

At one point Carol asked me to get something from a top shelf and when I stood up she noticed the bulge in my pants and stared for a second before looking away. It appeared that she had blushed a bit. I got a little embarrassed but moved to help her all the same. She seemed more flustered and suddenly turned toward the table and collided into me. Our bodies met and I felt my swelling cock push hard against her stomach. She released a soft gasp and looked up at me as her face reddened. In a second Carol pushed away apologizing for being so clumsy. I tried to calm her down as the gentle aroma of her perfume dissipated. My hands tingled from the brief contact I had had with her arm as I reached to hold her as we collided. Carol’s skin was soft and warm and I felt a longing rise and a desire to kiss her.

Soon sarıyer escort the coffee and sandwiches were done and we sat opposite each other at her kitchen table. Our conversation turned to what I was doing hitch hiking in December and I told her about the recent break up with my girlfriend and my love of wandering and meeting new people. I smiled and commented that if I hadn’t decided to go hitch hiking I wouldn’t have met such a lovely and interesting woman. She smiled and thanked me for my compliment. I quickly followed up and told her that I found her very attractive and exciting. She blushed and looked down at the coffee cup she was holding in both of her hands. She told me that I was too kind and that I must be an odd duck because I was the only one who had ever found her exciting. As she kept looking down at her cup I reached out with one hand and ran one finger across the back of her hand just behind her knuckles. Again the softness of her skill excited me and I told her, almost under my breath, that she had the softest skin. She didn’t move as she thanked me again for the compliment. I moved my hand further till my hands covered her and I squeezed.

I cleared my throat and feeling as if was in a hokey romantic movie I asked if she would mind if I kissed her. She looked up suddenly and at first I thought I had pushed too far too quickly, but then I saw the fire in her eyes and a smile spread across her red lips. She cocked her head to the side and told me that she would enjoy a kiss right now. I rose from my chair and moved around to her side of the table. I lowered myself to one knee and moved my head across to hers and kissed her lightly on the lips. We were frozen our lips a hair’s breadth apart. I could feel her warmth radiate from her face and opened my eyes to see that she had hers still closed. My hands moved and slid beneath her hair to hold her neck and I pulled her toward me. There was no resistant and soon we were kissing passionately and deeply. Our tongues met and seemed to dance and powerful sensations rushed through my body. She reached around me and pulled me tightly to her our kiss unbroken for want seem like hours. I moved from her lips and kissed her face and neck. Carol rolled her head back and exposed the soft skin of her neck to me and I kiss down toward the cleft in her blouse.

I released her neck with one hand and moved it down across her letting it come to rest on her left breast. Her nipple was hard beneath my hand. I squeezed softly as I kissed her lips and a soft moan escaped her lips and I felt her shiver with excitement. Our kissing continued as I felt her stand. I followed her move and soon we were holding each tightly her body moved against mine and I felt my rock hard cock throb against her stomach. Carol pulled away from our kiss and smiled mischievously as she asked me if that was a gun in my pocket or if I was just happy to see her. We both laughed at her joke, our bodies shaking with a mix of humor and pent up excitement. esenyurt escort I smiled back commenting that I was VERY VERY happy to see her!

One of her hands left my back and moved down my side and toward my font. We parted slightly to allow her hand to move between us down to the ridged bulge in my pants. As she caressed me I gasped and jerked back a bit from the wonderful feeling of her hand. I moved back toward her as she squeezed my shaft and massaged me as I moaned loudly my hips moving in a gentle thrusting motion. She kissed my lips slightly and whispered for me to remain standing. I opened my eyes not realizing that I had closed them to see her slowly lower herself to her knees. She looked up smiling broadly and winked and whispered again, “Don’t move!” I just stared down at her with a silly grin of shock, pleasure and amazement. I couldn’t believe what was happening and felt weak in the knees as she undid my belt and tugged at my zipper.

I moved my legs apart to gain a better footing as I felt my pants being pulled down. She urged me to lift one leg so that she could pull one pant leg free. Then without warning I felt her mouth around my cock head still in my underpants. I looked down to see her smiling eyes looking up at me to watch her sucking my cock through my pants. Her teeth bore down on me slowly till it hurt. She winked at me and released her grip on me and I relaxed. Her free hand found my balls and squeezed gently hefting me through my pants. Her touch caused my sack to contract as I felt it grown tight against my shaft. She continued sucking my cock and massaging my shaft and balls driving me crazy as I begged her to remove my pants. All I received from my begging was muffled giggling and a tight squeeze of my balls and ass.

My one hand rested on her head my fingers becoming entangled in her soft hair. I lead down with my other hand eager to touch her soft breast. I leaned down letting my hand slid across her neck and beneath her blouse till I felt the lace edge of her bra. I lingered feeling her heart beat race and breathing accelerate! I caressed the edge of her bar following it to the center and then up the other side. Carol pushed her chest out as I moved back up the crisp lace to her shoulder. Then, I slowly moved my hand over her bra feeling the firm flesh rising and falling beneath my touch. I found her nipple erect against the soft cotton of her bra and moved around it in a continuous circle. Carol’s sucking hesitated as I felt her tug on my shorts. My erection prevented her from pulling my briefs free till she was able to tug them over my erect cock. I looked down to see my hard shaft sway before me as her eyes followed it as if in slow motion. She reached up and caught the shaft, kissed my cock head gently and then flicked her tongue over the tips before sucking me into her mouth.

As she sucked me in I squeezed her breast and felt her quiver. After enjoying the pleasure of her breast snug in her bar I moved up and slipped under the bra to caress her avrupa yakası escort bare breast till I was cupping and squeezing it fully in my hand. The feeling of her nipple against my palm was exquisite as I watched and felt her suck me harder. I started thrusting my hips in rhythm with her sucking as she raked her finger nails over the wrinkled skin of my balls. I arched my back feeling my orgasm rise and called out in pleasure. She pulled away suddenly to let my glistening cock sway before me as she licked her lips and listened to my complaints.

She brushed my hand away as I tried to grab my cock so that I could start jerking off. The desire to climax was intense and I groaned loudly as she smiled seeming to completely enjoy my frustration. After I relaxed a bit she reached up and grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with the other and held me firmly as her tongue flicked out to lick my cock head and tickle the underside. I thrust my hips toward her with intense eagerness and reached out with my hands to hold her head still. Finally, she leaned forward and sucked my cock into her mouth as she stared up at me. With my hands firmly on her head I started slowly fucking her mouth, soon I was overtaken my the intensity of what was happening and lost control. My hips rammed into her as I felt my balls being squeezed against her chin. I heard her gag but she didn’t pull away. I looked down at her to see her eyes role back in their sockets as massive amounts of saliva was squeezed from her mouth to flow in thick streams toward her chest.

I called out too warn her that I was about to explode and her hands went around me to grab my ass and pull he hard against her. One finger slipped between my crack and found my anus. As she pressed I could hold on no longer and exploded. The first massive explosion of cum filled her mouth and then she pulled away as she yanked my cock hard forcing the remaining jets of thick cream to cascade over her face and breasts. My knees grew week and I lead out to brace myself against the kitchen table. My felt my body quiver and shake as I groaned and moaned loudly with each firm jerking. As the last spurt exited my cock she suck me back into her mouth and nibbled on my cock head as she squeezed my balls. I nearly feel over from the sensation and tried to pull away. She held me firmly in place till my spasms ended.

With a quick slap on my ass she rose smiling at me and leaned up to kiss me. I didn’t hesitate, my cum was smeared over her lips and was dripping from her chin. I was excited about the idea of kissing her passionately and tasting my cum on her tongue. The sensation was powerful and I felt my balls stir with excitement. We kissed deeply for a long time as we held each other tightly.

As we released each other she finally spoke asking me if I was happy. I could only shake my head up and down emphatically as I told her that this was one of the most intense sexual experiences I had ever had. She smiled saying that she was happy that I had enjoyed myself as much as she had enjoyed it herself. She then suggested we take a shower and relax with some wine. I agreed eagerly as I though about seeing her completely nude. I started wondering if she was shaved or bushy and if she would like me to make oral love to her in the shower. Again desire stirred in my balls as I followed her to toward the shower.

……….. more in chapter 2

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