A Lift Ch. 02

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It’s better if you read the first part to better understand the plot and characters. Thank you all for your very positive and encouraging feedback. Do you think the story is good enough to move on to next chapter? I’ll wait for your comments, feedback, email or all of these. 🙂


“It is oozing out profusely Jane. It’s making my cock so wet, so slick, as if someone has poured juice on it … colorless, thick, sticky juice. You wanna taste it sexy girl? You wanna taste my cock juice? You wanna take it in your mouth and swirl your tongue around it baby?”

“Yes … yesssssss, yessss James, yes I wanna lick this wet mushroom of your cock with my tongue. Oooooooh James, it’s been such a long time. Yesssss, James, I want your cock in my mouth baby.”

It was getting hotter every passing moment. I felt as if it was not my hand touching my cock … it was Jane’s.

I thought out loud, “I wish you were here right now Jane. Oh I so wish ……….”

I heard her sigh. She did not say anything but I knew she had the same thoughts running in her mind. She also wanted to be here with me … right here in my arms. I wanted to give her pleasure that she had never experienced, never even imagined in her dreams.

“It’s not my hand squeezing my cock right now. It’s yours. I’m going to help you reach your fingers around it. Now my hand is covering yours. Do you feel it?”

It was just “hmmmm” that i heard from Jane. I knew at that instance that she was in the heat of passion. She was feeling that sexual urge which could not be quenched alone. It was a deep unsatisfied urge that needed a partner to satisfy.

“Squeeze it a little harder, Baby. Yeah, like that. Ahhh, Jane …” I groaned but did not stop there. “Since you’re touching me, I’m going to suck on you. I think I’ll start with your nipples. What do they look like?”

She hesitated.

“Come on, Jane. Talk to me.”


“Damn…” I sighed involuntary. “Are they hard? I want them hard so that I can suck on them hard baby.”

She sharply inhaled. I asked her to move her fingers to explore her hardening nipples.

“Stroke them for me Jane and tell me what you are doing and how you are feeling.”

She spoke in a hoarse whisper-like sound that she took her hands to her ever-swelling breasts, pressed her fingertips against the pebbly peaks and a bolt of electricity shot deep into her belly. Right at that moment, I heard a groan of pleasure escaped her lips.

“That’s my tongue, licking; like an ice cream cone. Tug on them for me, Baby.”

Oh James, what are you doing to me James … oh please come and fuck me. I’m going mad with this desire that I can’t control baby. Pleaseeee …!”

“That’s my mouth sucking those tender, dark pink nipples—however bostancı escort hard or however softly you want. Are you pulling them hard or are you pulling them soft?”

“Hard.” She groaned. “I’m pulling my titties hard.”

Another involuntary sigh escaped my lips. “Jane, I’m turning you around so that i can hold you from behind. Do you feel my hard wet cock wedged in the crack of your ass Jane.”


“Now I am sliding my hands under your tits and lifting them. So heavy in my palms. I bobble them up and down. Oh Jane, how nicely your boobs jiggle. It must have been long since someone’s hands touched them, held them and played with them.”

“Oh yess James, yes. I long to be touched, and fondled. I ached for the feel of your strong, big hands grabbing and squeezing at my big titties. James, what are you doing to me. I have never felt this much heat in my body.”

“Sexy Jane, just feel how I raise them both up high and let them drop. I lift and drop again. Does it hurt when I do it.”

She moaned heavily before she spoke in a gasps, “It does … James … but it is … the kind of pain that … feels good after the initial shock of it.”

“Are you doing the same to your breasts Jane? Are you doing what I’m telling you baby?”


I was going mad with the desire of taking her, but i wanted to take her to the apex of her pleasure. Her pleasure was the focus tonight. It was all about Jane tonight. It was all about Jane’s pleasure and satisfaction.

“My hands rub more aggressively now Jane. I grab as much as I could of each tit and squeeze hard. My fingers sink into you fleshy mounds, and I massage them passionately.”

Jane almost cried in shrilled voice, “Oh James, James, Jamesssssssss. I feel something running down my inner thigh. Do you know what it is James? Oh my gracious lord. I can’t remember the last time I was so turned on that I am literally dripping wet.”

I wanted to take the next step. I closed my eyes and imagined my hand drifting down until I touched the downy softness of her pubic hair. It was such a powerful imagination that I literally felt softness of her patch on my fingers. I described her the same, taking her to another level of excitement and passion.

“I pause there and toy with your pubic hair for a moment, before reaching lower. My fingers slip easily along the length of your slick slit. The hair on your outer lips feel … oh so smooth and soft,” I said in a groan.

“James, baby … I am touching my pussy but I really feel it is you touching me. I feel you right here, touching me, watching my passion elating to a level I haven’t ever reached. I want you to see me masturbate.”

She groaned, moaned and continued, “The excitement is too much for me right now James. Too sancaktepe escort much to exercise any self control. I can’t stop myself even if I want to. I am going to make myself come James.”

I wanted to take things further … wanted her to know that she could not come until I tell her to. “No, Jane. Not so quickly. How can you come without taking my rock hard cock inside your wet cunt baby. Don’t you wanna play with my cock?”

“Yessssssssssss. I want your big cock in my hand, in my mouth, in my mouth … anywhere you want James. Look, I’m pulling your cock hard baby.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier for you if you touch my cock facing me?”

“Yes James, turn me around. I wanna see you in your eyes when I’m doing this baby….”

“I am turning you around Jane. Now you are facing me. Touch my cock, pull it hard and do with it whatever you want to do Jane. Put your fingers on your clit. I am going for it now. It is hard and ready. I want to stoke it while you’re stroking my cock. Are you doing it?”


“Rub your clit hard baby…feel my lips on it, kissing it, lightly flicking it with my tongue. I suck on your clit baby … taking it deep in my mouth and rubbing it on my tongue. Oh Jane, I can feel its stiffness. I tease your little bundle of impatient nerves. They’ve been screaming for my attention all day long, and now they have it.”

With her gasps and moans, I could feel that every grazing touch sent sparks of excitement through her pussy.

“Now put your finger inside Jane and when you go inside, say my name with every stroke and I’ll be pushing my cock inside of you.” She was so turned on that I could hear her thrusting her wet pussy onto her waiting fingers.

“James…” She growled. “Oh, James … oh James!” Then it was faster and faster until it sounded like a train making sexy noises of “Oh JamesohJamesohJamesohJames …”

I kept describing to her that I pressed my fingers along one side of her clit and moved my hand rapidly back and forth. The pleasure mounted … her sounds or moans and small screams said it all. “I clutched one of your tits and dug my fingernails into your flesh.”

“Yessssssssss. James, oh James. I clutched my tits as you were describing baby. Sharp points of pain radiated through me, transforming into pleasure as it spread. James … my sweet James, I’m fast approaching climax. This isn’t going to be any amusing firecracker like I usually achieve. This is a daisy-cutter raging for release Jamessssss…..”

“Oh Fuck, Jane!” I whimpered and growled.

“Ohh, yesss!” Jane cried out too.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck … Thrust your fingers hard in your pussy baby, just like the way you’d want me to pound on your pussy.”

I almost forgot that my cock needed some attention too. zeytinburnu escort It became so hard and felt so neglected that I felt pain in it. I started tugging on my cock fast.

“Jane, my cock wants to pound your pussy ceaselessly. It wants to fuck your pussy like there is no tomorrow. Janeeeeeee, oh fuck Jane. Oh fuck. Jane, I’m rimming your ass crack while thrusting and banging your pussy hard and fast. You want me to put it inside your puckered hole baby? You want me to touch your back channel from inside with my finger my sexy Jane.”

“Ohh, God yesss!” She yelled even louder. “Oh fuck James, fuck me hard please, yessssssss….Oh God, oooooooooh fuck James, I’m commingggggggggg.”

That sent me over the edge. A thick white sticky rope of cum plunged out of my cock, flew over the bed and fell on the carpeted floor. Next was not far behind, although it landed far behind the first one: on the edge on the bed. My cock seemed to spew cum forever. I had never come this hard and this much in my life.

Jane’s mantra, “oh James, oh fuck, oh fuck James, ohfuckohfuckohfuck…..” went on for quite a long time time.

I imagined her orgasm sizzling to life between her wide open legs, racing up her belly and around her ass at the same time. I could feel the sensation hitting her tits and coalesced in her nipples. As that was happening, that same sizzle fired up her spine and erupted in her brain. I imagined it happening all at once, like her body was being pulled in a dozen dazzling directions simultaneously. Her cries, screams of pleasure, and groans were telling me that she was a puppet and the overwhelming pleasure was her master.

It took me a few moments to catch my breath when I finally spoke in the phone again.

“Jane? Are you OK there baby?”

“Yeah, oh James. What did you do to me James. I’ve never felt this in my life.”

I could feel the truth in her words. The passion that she felt, the sensation she went through, and the peak that she had just experienced was evident in her words.

“I thought I gave you a heart attack or something.” She just took a deep breath in response.

“What are you doing tomorrow evening Jane?”

“I uh…better go. I gotta go to work in the morning.”

“Oh it’s like that with you—love ’em and leave ’em?” I chuckled.

“James …You don’t think this is awkward? We just met today and what we just did.”

“Why, Jane? Just because we got off together?” I replied in a soothing whisper.

She didn’t answer.

“I know this might sound corny—but you are my best friend right now. I feel like I can talk to you about anything, say anything to you … and be myself with you. That’s not true?”

“I don’t know James. I think I need time to sort it out.”

“You didn’t tell me,” I asked her in romantic tone.


“What are you doing tomorrow evening?”

“I uh … I am … James. Goodnight.”


Third part is coming along pretty soon. But how soon depends on the feedback I get. Do let me know if you like the story and if you want me to continue it on.

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