A Model Cousin Pt. 06

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We were running late. I needed to run to Best Buy before they closed for some new lens wipes and my cousin Elena needed to make some phone calls. Nevertheless, we convened in the house at about 8:45. We were both tired, I could tell, but if it was time for a shoot, nothing else matters.

“So how are we startin’ this one?” I asked my cousin as we both walked down the hallway to her room.

As we entered her room she said, “As usual, get naked and get hard.”

I put my camera down and started doing as she asked. She started undressing at the same the time.

As she took off her jacket, her shirt, her pants, her bra, and then her underwear, she said “Now remember, this one is gonna be a little more extreme in terms of content than any shoot you or I have ever done. I know we have an agreement, but you’re still my cousin, so if at any point, and I mean any point, you don’t feel comfortable with the content, just say so.”

“I’m sure I’ll be okay with it. Tell me more.” I said as I stood there jerkin’ my softie trying to get it to stiffen up.

“So, as the finisher to this shit, I want my followers on my social medias and my website to see the most intense angles of my sexuality. My mentality behind it is – if I’m gonna be showing my body, I might as show people the limits of it, ya know?”

“I see, I see. Makes sense, thematically. Let’s do it.”

“Alright, as soon you’re all the way hard, come over to bed and we’ll do the first shot.”

I jerked off some more as I watched her walk over to the bed, sit and wait. Her breasts jiggled gleefully as she hopped on the bouncy mattress.

When my noodle was right proper stiff, I asked “Tripod or handheld?”

“Tripod!” she said.

I grabbed my gear and headed over to the bed. My cock flopped back and forth with every step.

“Okay,” she started. “Some oral shots first. Put the camera over there and point it at your waist.”

I did.

She continued: “Now, like I said, this isn’t gonna be like last time. How many times can you cum?”

“Like…an like an 30 minute period or what?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Um, probably twice, maybe three times if I pump hard enough.”

“Okay, cool. I’m gonna need to cum more than once during this shoot.”

I hadn’t the faintest clue of how I’d do that, but god dammit, I’ll try.

“Alright, grab my hair,” she said. “And instead of me doing the work, you’re gonna face fuck me. But I need you to pull my hair and shove it down so hard and so fast that I’m gagging. Until I’m red in the face.”

THAT I did not expect. Holy shit.

I chuckled. “Damn, cuz. Alright.”

I set the timer on the camera like I’ve done a million times and grabbed my naked cousin by her hair. As forcefully as I could, I shoved my cock into her mouth. I felt my tip touch her uvula.

I started thrusting faster and faster. Eventually she was deepthroating my rod faster than a jackhammer on concrete.

The camera shutter clicked, but I knew it wasn’t what she wanted.

I started fucking my cousin’s face even faster and harder. We were both beginning to swear, and finally, she started gagging and looking like she was gasping for air. Her face became red.

I hit the button again, and the camera SNAPPED another few.

Before I could move, she yelled “More!” through the muffled wall of my cock in her mouth.

So I did more. My cousin looked like she was seriously running out of breath.

I fucked her face with the force of a heard of elephants for another 30 seconds or so before the camera clicked rapidly again.

Immediately, she took her cock off my mouth for a split to second to say “Another!” before shoving it back in.

I hit the button again. This time she started rubbing and squeezing her tits together while I facefucked until she looked like a pepperoni.


We were done now. She immediately retracted and flipped quickly over onto her back.

“Alright, now same thing but upside down. See if you can zoom in on my neck.”

Now that was an idea I could get behind. I pedestaled the camera up as high as it could go and zoomed in on her neck. Right where my cock head would be bulging through.

Neither of us needed to speak as I grabbed her chin and slammed her upside down head and my penis. Like last time, I started slow and gradually gained momentum. The sound of my nuts slapping against her face was loud enough to crack the sky. I couldn’t fucking believe it.

By the time the camera shutter went off, it was total cock suffocation. Like she was being choked by a snake (in a way, she was). And I didn’t need to look at the camera display to know you could see my cock almost ready to burst through her trachea.

I did another just for good measure.

“See if you can get one of me sucking on your scrotum.” she said as she spit out my cock and started making out with nutsack. I quickly leaned the camera under me and hit the button, waiting for the shutter. anadolu yakası escort Because of the shadows and my unsteady hand, it probably just looked like black, but in the present moment, I could overlook it.

She stopped as soon she heard the shutter.

Her face was still slightly red when she sat up. “Did you use the new soap I bought?”

“Haha, yeah why? How do you know?”

“I can tell by the way your balls taste.”

My eyes widened. I laughed, but somehow, that was one of the sexiest thing she’d ever said to me. I hope the taste stayed in her mouth forever.

“Are you ready to take it up a notch?” she asked me so pleasantly.

“Sure, whadda ya got?”

Without a moments hesitation, she reached into the drawers next to her bed and pulled out a spiked choker and a ball gag. JESUS CHRIST.

She put the choker on and talked to me: “Okay, so this one will need a little bit of prep. This is gonna be the first time we’ll use your cum, so be ready. I need you to fuck my throat until I’m red again and then explode in my mouth. Then, I’ll spit it up and…well, you’ll see.”

“I’m cool with it. Where should I put the camera?”

“Just leave it be for now. We won’t need to take the photo until after I’m covered.”

Finally. A moment to facefuck her raw and and not have to worry about my stupid camera.

“Alright, how do you wanna do the prep?” I asked.

“I’ll lay like this, cause the picture’s gonna be from above.”

She laid back on her bed, facing towards the ceiling, and in a moment, I crawled on top of her and shoved my cock immediately down my cousin’s throat.

Once again, I grabbed and pulled her hair and thrusted with all the energy I had in my body. She began to make that gurgling sound everyone in porn makes when they take a huge BBC. This was the hottest fucking that’s ever happened to me. And what a glory is was to throatfuck her for about 2 minutes without having to worry about the photo.

“Alright, I’m gonna come in a second.” I said.

For obvious reasons, she couldn’t speak, so she gave me a thumbs up.

I started breathing heavy, then heavier, then let out a moan as my cock juice exploded all into the inside of my cousin’s mouth. What did she say was gonna next?

When she sat up slightly, I got off her and watched her do something that could have made me grow a second dick and cum again right there: She spit my cum out into her hands, rubbed it all over her face and her breasts, then grabbed the ball gag and put it in her mouth.

I heard her say through the gag, “Okay, now take the picture!”

I hurried for my camera, my cum-dripping dick head dragging across the bedspread.

I sat stood on the bed above her, semen remnants dripping down far. I framed a medium close up – tits and face in frame. The cum on her tits was rubbed all around her nipples and in between on her chest. It looked so haphazard and messy. It looked fucking great.

I snapped 4 pictures of my cousin from this angle. I started remembering months ago, which kind of felt like yesterday, when I was nervous to take photos of her in a revealing bikini. The tables seem to turn in this house faster than I can keep track.

My cousin momentarily removed the ballgag to tell me the next set-up: “Alright, for the next one, I just need you to choke me.”

I was taken aback. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I need you to choke me, cousin. Take your hand and choke me until I’m red. I’m gonna make myself orgasm and then you take the picture right as I’m finishing.”

Ho-ly fuck (again).

“Wow, um, alright.” I replied, awestruck.

Laying the camera down on the bed for a moment, I sat back on top of her, my dick just under her tits, and got in position.

“You ready?” I checked.

“Yes, go.”

“Alright, I’m doing it.”

This was a huge step up for me, but I must obey. I wrapped to hands around the base of my cousin’s neck, which caused me to get some of my own cum on my hands, and started squeezing. She put the ball gag back into place.

Almost at the same time, she brought her hand, which also still had my cum on it, to her pussy and began pleasuring herself. I understood now.

For almost 3 minutes, she rubbed her clit and moaned while I squeezed her short of air supply. I knew if I did it for too long I would actually hurt her, so every once and a while, I lightened up.

Through the ball gag I heard her struggle to say: “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Get the camera ready but don’t stop choking me.”

Oh shit. I quickly grabbed the camera beside, and with my non-dominant hand, attempted to snap close-ups of her cum-covered face as she orgasmed. I had already seen her climax once on a previously mentioned shoot, but this was different. Her face distorted in ways I’ve never seen before. Her eyes went into the back of her head, her lip and nose wrinkled, and her body flailed suddenly underneath ataşehir escort me. Add my cum on her face and a dark red complexion from having been choked for several minutes, and this was a whole new level of sexual play I had never touched before. I had no idea my cousin had this side to her, or to me. Plus, I’m sure that photo will look absolutely awesome in our traditional black and white.

I crawled off of her, camera in hand. “Wow, cousin, that was really intense. You’re really putting yourself out there for this last installment.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait for people to see it. With you involved, it’s gonna look so great, like always. Ready for the next one?”

“Well I am, but are you sure you don’t wanna take a break. You look exhausted already.”

“Nah, cuz, I can keep going. You don’t know how much I can take. I can even orgasm again.”

“Alright,” I chuckled. “Let’s keep goin’ then.”

“Alright, clean up your dick, cause you’re goin’ in my vagina for this one.”

In an instant, the world, my heart, my mind, everything stopped.

This was it. This was finally it.

I get to properly fuck my cousin.

I didn’t say anything. I needed to remain professional. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and quickly wiped the excess cum from my anywhere on my penis. It was now dry again as I walked over.

“Okay, I’m ready.” I said.

She got into missionary position on the edge of the bed, a spot I had become so familiar with these past months. She spread her legs as wide as she could, welcome my shaft for it’s warm entrance.

“Okay, hold the camera high above you, almost like an aerial shot. And make it slightly out of focus. Like, enough to see that it’s me getting fucked but not enough to make out any details. Know what I mean? Like the first cum photo we did.” she demanded of me.

“Yeah, gotcha.”

I stood in front of my cousin’s spread legs, my raging erection pointing straight at her opening. I stood silently for a second, unable to believe what I was about to do. But then I remembered my professionalism – I changed my facial expression, pretended to clear my throat, and nonchalantly slid my dick right in. She said nothing.

I stood there with my dick in my cousin’s pussy completely still as I messed with the focal length of my camera.

I raised the camera up and took a photo.

I looked at it – it didn’t look good. Bad framing and kind of shaky. Three more attempts saw the same problem.

My cousin saw my frustration. “You can thrust in and out in you want to. If it helps.”

“Well, yeah, I will. But hold on. I need a rig for this.”

I loved the fact that as I talked to her, and she looked at me, she sat there, casually, with her legs spread, and my cum still all over her face and tits. I love my cousin so much.

I slid out of my cousin. I spent about a minute running around with dangling erection building a higher platform behind where I was standing out of shoeboxes and other things. I then put the camera on the tripod on that platform and pedestaled it all the way up until it was taller than me.

“Okay, I have an idea. It doesn’t need to be out of focus. I’ll set it to take about 50 photos over the course of a minute like we’ve done before, and then in editing, layer all the photos on top of one another so it’s just a big blur.” I explained as I got back into position.

“Good thinking, cousin! See, this is I love working with you. I promise I’ll find time to work with you here and there even though my contract won’t allow it. I promise.”

I slid back into her and made sure the camera was pointed at where we wanted it.

“Okay, here we go.” I said as I began thrusting in and out of my cousin’s pussy slowly.

At first, we both remained silent. Silent and professional. But as I gained momentum and started to go a little harder, we both started to breathe heavier and let out slight moans here and there.

When I reached a good speed, I reached above me and hit the button to take a photo. About 50 SNAPS went off in a stretch off about 30 seconds.

We kept going, kept breathing, and kept moaning, and then I did it again. Then again. Then again.

By now we had been fucking for at least 3 minutes.

“I think,” my cousin started saying through her reluctant moans. “If we want to be really blurry we should go faster.”

“Okay.” I said back to her.

Steadily, I picked up the pace and gradually began fucking my cousin faster and faster and faster. After a minute or so, our parts were slapping together. If her room was bigger, the echo would have sounded like someone clapping in an empty cave.

At this pace, I found it more difficult than ever to hit the photo button. Both physically, because it will probably be too shaky anyway, and mentally, because I didn’t want to stop. Forget the fact that this is the first time in my life I’ve ever gone unprotected, but that it was with my cousin. My cousin who, just months ümraniye escort ago, I was remember fondly having seen her kiddish buttocks in the swimming pool. My cousin, who just months ago, gave me a hard-on by volunteering to model some swimsuits for me as a way to pass the time. Now, here we are, fucking in full force, all for our art.

I found the stamina to reach above me and push the button. And then again. 2 times, a rapid succession of SNAPS came from above as the camera captured our sex.

“I think that’s enough of this position,” my cousin said as she slid herself off me. “I think those will look great when you edit them. Let’s move on.

She got into a doggystyle position.

“Put your camera at the other the end of the put and make it so your whole body in frame but your out of focus.”, she continued.

I replied: “That’ll be difficult considering I can’t set my depth of field to something that’s not there yet, but I’ll try, cuz.”

I focused on her face as she sat with her pleasant pussy thrusted into the air, waiting to welcome my penis back into it.

This was one difficult – I set the camera to take another 50 photos in about 60 seconds, as I rushed behind her and fucked her doggystyle multiples times during the multiple attempts.

It wasn’t working. The focus was off, and you could see my face clear as day. It couldn’t be published, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t keep it for myself.

All per her request, we did a number of different sex shots: One simply where it’s a close-up of my penis in her vagina, one wide angle from the side of the bed, two cheesy ones where the camera POVs where mine and her perspectives during missionary, and another where I fucked her as she hung off the side of the bed, taken again from above at a tilt.

I had now been taking photos of me fucking my cousin for about 30 minutes, and I was beginning to feel another orgasm coming on, despite how tired I was, and despite the fact that cock had been taking a beat for well over an hour and was starting to soften up.

“Alright cousin, I’m feel another load comin. Where do you want it this time?” I asked while were still having intercourse.

“Okay, okay, okay. Right on my belly.”

We quickly stopped fucking, I put my camera to the side for a moment, the accursed thing, and busted a fat nut all over my cousin’s beautiful flat belly. It wasn’t as big a load as last time, but it was still a couple little rain droplets.

I positioned the camera and she told me to take an exteme close up of it from many angles, so I did.

I was noticing by now that my load of cum that she smeared all over herself at the beginning was kind of beginning to harden. Her tits were sticky, but not wet. And it was starting to look like the skin on her face was peeling. It was fucking hot.

There were a short break now as my dick deflated and she got up and walked to the bathroom to wipe my cum from her stomach. I stood still, naked in the middle of her room, breathing heavy. I can’t believe everything that’s just happened. My cousin sucked my balls, I came in her mouth. We fucked. We’re cousins, and we fucking had sexual intercourse.

“Okay, if you want to take a breather, give little woody a rest, now is the time.”, she explained as she exited the bathroom.

“Okay, I’m gonna go grab some water.”

“Grab me one too please, When we resume, we’ll be doing some photos that explore some of my most hidden fetishes. Stuff I’m into that I’ve never really told anyone I’m into. So again, I know we’ve already gotten very intimate, cuz, but if I ever push you too far for any of this, just tell me and I’ll arrange something else.”

“Elena, I’m sure I can handle it.”

And so we took a short recession. We both put just our underwear back on and drank our water together over the kitchen counter. My cousin wiped off the fresh cum that was on her stomach with a paper towel, but left the now dried cum all over face and tits.

It’s amazing how quickly she turns on a dime – 30 minutes ago I was ejaculating on her, the both of us naked and sweaty, and now she sits here with cum-covered exposed tits, talking to me like we’re having a breakfast at a diner about her relationship with her mom and her hopes for the modeling industry. I think I love this woman. I don’t care if she’s my cousin.

When we resumed, we explored some of the “fetishes” she was talking about. She asked to whip her breasts with her whip while she wore a blindfold sprawled out on the bed, to put nipple clamps on her and take photos of her while she fingers herself. Standard BDSM stuff as far I was concerned.

But then came the golden shower. I mentioned as we finished up a shot of her bending over while tied up with ropes that I had to pee. “I’ll be right back. Gotta pee, I said.”

“Actually – if it’s not too weird – we could use your pee for a shot”

“What? How?!” I laughed.

“Let’s go in the bathroom and do it in my mouth. Take a photo. I’ve always been turned on my the idea of someone pissing inside of me. Is that too weird?”

“It’s a little strange, but hey, you’re the model, not me.”

I set up my camera to my left and my cousin knelt down right in front of me as if for a regular blowjob. I had to readjust my ISO heavily due to the awful orange light in the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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