A Mother’s Lust

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My name is Helen. I’m a 45 year old divorced mother. I have one child, a son that is 19 years old. His name is Jim and he’s lived with me alone since I left his father several years ago. Our relationship has always been perfectly normal, we are both active and busy with friends and have always been close. I’d never really thought about him in a sexual way until a few months ago.

I was busy getting ready for a night out with the girls and was changing into a rather naughty outfit in my bedroom. I realized that I had left my lipstick in the bathroom and went to retrieve it. When I exited my room, I saw Jim walking away from my door rather quickly. He sat down in an easy chair and grabbed a magazine. His face was red and he was acting very nervous. I pretended not to notice, but realized that he had been spying on me through the keyhole. I was shocked and confused by the incident at first but later that evening as my friends were gabbing and dancing, I found that I was becoming turned on and excited at the thought of my own dear son’s interest in my body.

I made an excuse and left the nightclub early. The thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind and as I drove home I found that I was hornier than I had been in years. The illicit nature of my fantasies developed into a strong desire to deliberately tease him. The fact that it seemed wrong only made me more wet. I opened my legs and brought my hand between them to feel the slick arousal that coated my panties. I imagined my boy stroking his hard dick to orgasm as he peeked at me through my door.

I grasped the hem of my skirt and pulled it up to my waist. “Oh God,” I breathed aloud as the images raced through my mind. I pushed my panties aside and slipped two fingers deep inside my sopping cunt. I withdrew my hand and lifted the dripping fingers to my mouth. There was such a volume of my juices that when I sucked it from my fingers, I actually swallowed it. I was unbearably horny and in my excited state I needed to do something really dirty. I unbuttoned my blouse to my navel and pulled my breasts out of the cups of my bra. I wanted to be seen acting like a whore. My nipples grow very long when they become erect and now they were standing straight out for anyone driving past to see.

My hand returned to the center of my hot pussy. I began to circle my clitoris through the thin wet mesh of my silky panties. My clit is larger than normal and was fully engorged and throbbing. I sucked a deep breath of air and pinched at it roughly as my boobs bounced freely with every bump in the road. Just as I was on the brink of orgasm, I realized that I was only several blocks from my house. A rush of embarrassment overtook me and I quickly buttoned up my shirt.

Before I knew it, I was pulling up our driveway and into the garage. I sat for a moment and collected my thoughts before entering the house. When I walked in the door I felt that if Jim saw me he’d somehow be able to read my mind. It was late, but I could hear the sound of the T.V. in the living room. I was very nervous, but even more anxious to see him. I called out to him and announced my presence before walking into the front room.

“Hi baby,” I said as I clicked along the tile floor in my heels. “What’s on the tube?”

“Uh…nuthin much, just channel surfing.” He replied.

I stood sideways between him and the television. Giving him an ample opportunity to gaze at my body as I feigned interest in the program. I tucked in my blouse and thrust my tits forward in an exaggerated gesture. I sensed his eyes burning into me and I turned my head quickly to find an expression of eagerness as he stared at my full boobs. Suddenly I realized that in my flustered state, I had failed to pull my bra up to cover my obscenely hard nipples. My shirt was practically transparent and hid virtually nothing from view. My face flushed and my first thought was to run into the next room and cover myself, but I simply turned my head and looked back at the images flashing across the screen. I have no idea what was on the television. My only thought was that I was doing it. I was flaunting my half naked breasts to my own son. I was exposing myself to him deliberately to make him horny. To make him want to FUCK me.

“You’re home early.” He said with a strange tone to his voice.

“Uh..yeah, I wasn’t feeling it. I thought I’d, um…sit up and read for a while.” I said rather stupidly as I brought my hand to my chest and absently pushed up at the center of my bra, causing the flesh of my breast to be thrust up and forward even more. The act may sound innocent enough anadolu yakası escort but I felt so depraved because of my wicked intentions. I wondered how far I could push this without seeming obvious. My poor little shaved pussy was on fire and I could feel the oils running down my thigh. “I’m going to pour myself some wine,” I stammered. “Can mommy get you want anything?” I asked, turning again to catch his intent gaze.

“No thanks,” He answered as if in a trance, never averting his eyes from my elongated nipples.

I turned on my heels and headed for the kitchen. I slipped into the bathroom to fix my face and brush my hair. I couldn’t believe what I had done and had no idea what would come next. I applied a fresh coat of lipstick and it was then that I could fully see how transparent my blouse was. I felt so dirty and slutty and glorious. With the door wide open, I stuck out my tongue in a lewd gesture and reached up with both hands to pinch and pull on my sore nipples. I squeezed my thighs together and felt my clit contract and pulse in a mini orgasm. Suddenly in my peripheral vision I saw him pass the door into the kitchen. I knew that he had seen me twisting my long nipples and a shudder went down my spine.

Any decent mom would have stopped right then and there, but I was only getting started. When he passed again, I’d give him even more to enjoy. In a rush I unbuttoned my blouse again , until it hung wide open. I placed my right foot up on the toilet seat and hiked up my skirt until the dark tops of my black nylons were exposed. I leaned forward and started caressing the silken stocking around my calf. I knew that when he passed, my pale breasts and thighs would be in clear view. I heard him coming, but pretended not to notice as I fumbled with the clasp of my garter. My heart pounded as I realized that he wasn’t passing, but coming directly my way. I kept fingers busy and felt my nipple suddenly slip from the ruffled front of my shirt.

“Here’s your wine mom.” Jim said as he boldly walked right up to me.

My hand was visibly trembling as I reached for the glass. He was wearing only a loose fitting pair of gym shorts and his cock was fully erect. The moment seemed like an eternity as I stared at my boy’s arousal and he feasted upon his mother’s straining nipples and nylon sheathed legs. “I’ll be right out sweetheart, give your mommy just a minute.”

When he turned to leave, I almost collapsed. I held the glass with both hands to keep from spilling it and I downed it with one gulp. My stomach felt sick from lust as I rebuttoned my blouse and made my way to the kitchen to pour another. When I returned to the living room, he had a pillow over his lap and a very intent look of passion on his face. His young eyes burned into me as he watched my boobs bouncing and jiggling wildly as I strode towards the couch. “I’m going to get out of these clothes and get in bed baby.” I declared to my own surprise. “Are you going to stay up and watch?”

“Am I..going..to watch?”

“T.V. I mean?”

“Oh, uh, yeah I’ll watch for a while I think.”

“Good honey, I’ll see you.” I said with a wry smile as I turned and headed for my room, hoping that he had taken the hint as I swayed my hips for his pleasure. I entered my bedroom and placed the door carefully so that it was open slightly. I sat at my vanity for a few minutes to give him time to sneak to my door. When I finally saw the reflection of his shifting shadow from my dresser mirror my heart started beating like a drum and I knew it was time. I was going to undress for him. I fussed with my hair for a moment and then applied a heavy coat of lipstick to my open mouth. I cannot describe the intensity of that moment in my room. I knew that my son was watching me and I WANTED IT. I knew that his dick was hard for ME, his own sweet mother. I knew that I was going to FUCK myself as he watched and jacked off just a few feet away. His own private mommy whore.

I turned slowly in the stool until I sat in profile to him. I crossed my legs and began running my fingers lovingly along my nylons as if admiring them. I let my black high heel dangle from my toe as I lazily kicked my foot. I sat up very straight and looked sideways at my reflection in the mirror, stealing glances at the parted door. I ran my hands up my sides and lifted my heavy boobs. I kneaded them gently and pushed them together. I thrust my chest forward and marveled at the sight of them standing outward from my torso. I then loosened my grip and reached for my nipples. I pinched ataşehir escort them both and slowly started to pull outward until my tits were stretched and taut. With a loud groan, I tilted my head back and winced as I twisted my tubular nipples. After holding them firmly in this position for several moments, I released them and began unbuttoning my thin, red top.

I turned and faced the door now, with my shirt loose, but still on. I leaned back onto the vanity and placed my heels on the footboard of my bed. I wanted to show my son the condition of my ruined panties. I put my hands on the insides of my knees and slowly forced my legs open to his view. With my eyelids heavy and my lips parted, I silently mouthed the filthy words; “Look at your mommy’s pussy. Look at your mommy’s pussy.” When my legs were wide apart, I sat motionless for a good while, trembling and savoring the excitement and anticipation of what was to come. Finally, I lifted my sheathed legs and stood up.

I reached for the side zipper and brought it down. My skirt fell to the floor and I let my blouse drop behind me. I was now standing before him in full glory and he had an unobstructed view of my naked tits dangling and wobbling out of my black bra. Feeling nasty and depraved like never before in my life, I lifted one pendulous breast to my mouth and started sucking at it like a slut as I took down my panties with the other hand. I immediately adjusted my stance, so that I stood with my feet wide apart and dug my fingers into my slopping, bald cunt. My eyes shot wide open and when I cried out loudly, my nipple dropped from my lips trailing a long strand of drool. I stood before my baby, grunting like a ravenous animal. Tongue extended madly, spitting on my nasty tits as my left hand tortured my popping clit and my right hand flexed inward toward my G-spot.

I was lost and at a point of no return. I glanced up to the door and saw that it was opened slightly more. I could see my son. Oh god, I was looking right at him and he was completely naked and jacking off his huge cock. My eyes snapped shut. I couldn’t bear the insane desire that overwhelmed me. I was practically fisting myself right in front of him. I had four fingers buried in my pussy up to the palm and it still wasn’t enough to quench my hunger. I hoped that he would burst through my door and force his thick shaft down my gagging throat. The frantic thrusting of my hand inside my cunt was causing my flopping tits to bounce around wildly. I started to lose control of my body and my legs jerked and twitched involuntarily. My knees gave out and I sat back down onto the stool.

The onset of my approaching orgasm was interrupted by my fall and I sat for a moment with my eyelids fluttering and my body convulsing. When I regained my senses, the filthiest thought entered my head. I acted upon it instantly and turned to pull open the lower drawer of my vanity where I keep my stockings. I withdrew the first pair I found and began to wind one of the flesh colored nylons around my left breast. After circling my boob twice, I pulled very hard at the binding until my tit swelled from the constricted base. I continued to wind and draw the hose tighter until my breast had contorted into a large tight ball. I tucked in the ends of the stocking so that it would stay in place and then bound my other in the same fashion.

I pulled and yanked at my nipples until they were standing a full inch and a half long, then bound them equally tight with a pair of rubber bands so that they would stay erected at full length as I continued my unholy display. I could hear a distinct groan from the doorway as I stood again and strutted to the far side of my bed. Making sure not to look in my boy’s direction, I made my way to my dresser and opened the drawer where I kept my dildos. I selected a small butt-plug, a large, thick, rubber dildo and my vibrator. I placed them on my bed and then tossed my pillows to the foot of the bed so that I could lie facing my son while I fucked myself to oblivion. My boobs were already turning a light violet color from the silky bindings and small, white drops of milk began to seep from the sensitive, dark points as I laid down and spread my long legs for him. He had withdrawn several steps into the dark to conceal his presence, but there was literally just a few short feet separating us now as I continued my display.

I situated myself against the pile of pillows in a half seated position and began sucking on the long dildo as I clutched and squeezed my firm, tight tits. I ran my tongue ümraniye escort around the bulbous head before sliding it deep into my mouth. My wet pussy was wide open for him as I began to deep throat the rubber dick. After a few thrusts I began to gag and when I withdrew the dildo, a large stream of slobber poured from my mouth and onto my chest. I took a deep breath and continued to fuck my own throat until I thought I would throw up on myself. My red lips barely fit around the massive girth of my toy and each time I drew out the fake cock, my tortured tits were coated with a fresh supply of runny spit. I raped myself for his pleasure this way until my eyeliner was running down my cheeks and my neck and upper body was drenched with drool.

I could hear his labored breathing and the rapid, wet sounds of his dick sliding through his fingers as I reached for the plug. I rubbed it across my dripping nipples and collected the droplets of milk and thick slobber until it was coated and ready. Drawing my knees up with my heels in the air, I groaned loudly as I placed the tip at my anus and forced it in with one hard thrust. Feeling utterly depraved and maniacal, I brought both hands to my pussy and vulgarly spread my labia wide open. I flexed and grunted until I felt the expulsion of my cream running down the cheeks of my ass. “Oh god no, oh god FUCK me.” I yelled as I thrust my ass off of the bed for my son.

I started to mouth obscenities to myself as I alternated between stretching my wet, bald cunt open and then contracting my vaginal muscles to release my excretions. I savored the pressure at my breasts and asshole. Focusing my mind on those areas of intense pleasure as I rambled out of my wits. “Fuck your mommy. Fuck your mommy’s pussy. Oh god, I’m fucking my son. I’m fucking my own son.” I mouthed silently as he watched. “Suck your cunt you whore. Suck your nasty, open cunt.”

In my lecherous trance, I reached for the dildo and once again forced my mouth to take it’s entire length. Shoving it down and drawing it out as I gagged and spit on myself. Finally with a curled lip and my tongue sticking out like a whore, I brought the terrible thing between my legs, placed the head at my neglected opening and pushed. The rounded head of the dildo entered my pussy and when the large rim of it passed the stretched opening of my cunt, my eyes and mouth shot wide open into a silent expression of shock. With eyes and mouth fixed open in a catatonic state, I started pushing the thing inside with both hands as my whole body quaked from the sensation.

I was careful not to look directly at the door, but could see my son clearly out of the corner of my eye. He was hunched slightly forward and his weight was supported by his left arm at the door jam, while his right hand moved in a blur at his organ. The thrill was intense beyond belief. We were almost close enough to touch, yet we were able to keep up the pretense that I was unaware of his presence and his powerful, young lust. I wanted this to last forever, but I knew we were both close to our climax. When I felt the familiar escalation that swept my senses, I would withdraw the thrusting dildo with a loud pop and fuck my mouth with it. Inhaling the pungent scent of my pussy as I sank it to the base between my lips. When my approaching orgasm faded, I returned the slobber ridden dildo to my groin and continue the fucking.

After a while, I couldn’t take another second of this self imposed torture and reached for my vibrator. With my pussy and ass filled to the brink, I placed the buzzing vibrator to my elongated clit. A loud groaning howl escaped from my mouth when the tip of the toy made contact. My head strained forward and my body locked tight in a frozen state at the brink of release. I was fixed in this condition for several seconds before I felt the surge of pleasure rack my senses. Screaming with lust, I ripped the dildo from my cunt. A powerful stream of fluid sprayed from my gaping pussy and spattered against the headboard and onto the sheets. Grasping at my now purple tits, I pressed the vibrator firmly against my clit and surrendered to the most intense orgasm of my life. My son’s hand stopped moving and to my amazement, I watched as his semen flew from the crack in the door and shot across my bed. Large blobs of his cum hit my convulsing legs and ran down my stockings. The sheer perverseness of this mutual act of incestuous masturbation caused my orgasm to go on endlessly.

My vibrator fell from my hand and I lay clutching my leaking breasts and pulsing, swollen pussy. When I finally caught my breath and opened my eyes, he had gone. As the rhythm of my climax started to subside, I looked down at the white streams across my legs. I lifted my ankle up to my face and started lapping my baby’s fresh cum from my leg and shoe. This final act of kinkiness thrilled me and I kept sucking at my stocking until my mouth was full.

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