A Naughty Moon

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(Some long awaited sexcapades are always sure to bring about some major changes in once boring lives. This story has non-human components, gay components, erotic coupling components, interracial components and romance components. Two gay friends of mine, Trevor and Ashton, sought to become first time lovers, to become irrevocably “changed for the better.” Not sure which category to toss this true but paranormal story into, so I selected “gay.”)


The descending sun became entangled in thick swaths of grayish fog, no longer illuminating a bluish skyline. The shroud of leftover day still wore slivers of brilliant oranges, sunflower yellows and rusty browns.

“I love it when night falls,” whispered Trevor, his lush white lips pressed gently against the sculpted chocolate cheeks on Ashton’s handsome face.

Trevor let his fingers dabble playfully in his long strands of silky brown hair. “You’re wearing that perfume I love.”

A shooting star suddenly catapulted across the sky, its trailing light etched into the blackboard of approaching night. Ashton became apprehensive and hopeful.

“Will I change tonight?”

“The moon has to be full for you to change.”

“A full moon? How soon will that be?”

“Tonight will be a waning gibbous moon, not quite as full as last night. I shall cherish the memories of last night forever, as the glorious night when you first allowed me to bite you on your shoulder.”

“Then, tomorrow night perhaps?”

“That will be a last quarter moon.”

“And then? Oh surely by then I will finally change to a werewolf?”

“Not quite,” whispered Trevor with a sigh. “Next we will enter the phase referred to as the waning crescent moon.”

“And after that?”

“After that, we’ll have a new moon, which occurs when the sun and moon rise and set at approximately the same time. Then we move into a waxing crescent moon, whereby more slivers of moon appear with each passing day. After that comes the first quarter moon, then what’s referred to as the waxing gibbous moon.”

“Dammit! The hell with all this moon terminology bullshit! Just tell me when the moon will be full again! I want to change into a werewolf for the first time, to finally hold you in my arms and hump your furry brains out!”

“In just over three weeks. That’s when the moon will be full. That’s what we werewolves refer to as the naughty moon. A time to put on our fur and make hot, howling love.”

“Three weeks! I can’t wait that long. Let’s make love tonight.”

“Shhh,” managed Trevor, placing a finger to Ashton’s alluring ruby red lips. “In order for us to make love, you first have to become a werewolf like me. Otherwise-“

“Fuck the otherwise. I’m so damned turned on and so insatiably horny that I can’t stand it anymore. I love you Trevor. And I want us to be together forever. That’s why I agreed to let you bite me in the first place, so I could become just like you.”

“And you will, my love. You most certainly will. But not until the moon is full and naughty. Then, we can make succulent, sweet love all night long.”

“And what a beautiful night that will be,” Ashton acknowledged, pretending to summon the needed patience to hold out for a naughty moon. A part of his desperate mind was still immersed in the notion that if he could just turn Trevor on, then he could make love to his dream man sooner, rather than later.

The flutter of stretched slate grey wings suddenly captured the men’s attention. The birds rested their long lanky white necks over their bluish shoulders while in flight, squawking only periodically to let their nesting young know they were approaching with the promise of regurgitated fish.

“A flock of Blue Herons,” Trevor declared, “heading for the marsh.”

A great horned owl turned its head stoically as the birds descended, marking the spot at which the birds ultimately landed. Its favored diet of scampering field mice were in short supply, making the allure of plump, baby chicks a palatable substitute.

“Have you ever made a kill?”

The words just seemed to roll off of Ashton’s tongue like too much paste being squeezed out of a flattened tube.

Trevor eyed him carefully. “Some things are better learnt in time. Right now, it’s enough for you to know that making love for the first time as werewolves will be sacred and cherished.”

“Will the rest of the pack accept me?”

Trevor sighed at yet another probing question. “They will accept you whether they want to or not, as long as we are both werewolves the first time we make love. That way there can be no question as to whether or not we belong to each other. Making love to a human is not just frowned upon, but actually forbidden. So you can see why I insist we wait until your transformation is complete.”

“I understand,” Ashton begrudgingly conceded. “That doesn’t change the fact that I am unbearably horny.”

Ashton pulled off his T-shirt, causing Trevor’s eyes to feast upon his rippling abs and stunning, tempting musculature.

“If sultanbeyli genç escort you’re trying to get me horny, you’re doing a good job, but I won’t bend. No lovemaking until the next naughty moon.”

Ashton pulled off his shorts and let his iron hard cock stand erect in the air. “Wouldn’t you love to have this up your ass right now,” Ashton whispered seductively.

Trevor’s eyes became instantly mesmerized by its gigantic length and thickness. “You know I would,” Trevor agreed. “But only when the time is right.”

The sound of approaching hoofs suddenly pounded the hard Texas soil.

“Better get dressed quick. It’s someone from the pack. Looks like one of the leaders, Byron. He must have seen us sitting up on the hill together. Perhaps he saw your giant cock in the starlight. I warned you to play it cool.”

Ashton whipped on his shirt and shorts then laid back on his elbows, waiting for the galloping rider to arrive. He didn’t have to wait long.

“Trevor. How goes it?”

“It goes just fine Byron.”

“Me and the rest of the pack could see everything from down below. You forget we have sight as good as wolves. We can see for miles. Your friend here was showing off his giant cock for a moment.”

“That’s why you came?”

“That’s why I came.”

“Ashton here, and I, well, we’re friends.”

“What kind of friends?”

“The kind of friends that love each other,” Ashton unexpectedly interjected.

Byron sniffed in Ashton’s direction then glared at Trevor. “You of all people should know the rules by now. No humans.”

“I had him bite me,” Ashton boasted, showing off the bite mark on his shoulder. “I’m technically no longer human.”

“Hmmm. But you are white, and as I’m sure Trevor told you, the pack is all black. Our ancestors were slaves. Some might not tolerate a white in our pack. Damn you, Trevor! You know the rules! Chocolate only, no vanilla, or are you going to make up your own rules from now on!”

“Some rules were made to be broken,” Trevor challenged. “Prejudice is slowly disappearing among humans, why not among us as well?”

“Hmmm. Well, in any event, we’ll have to take a vote,” Byron spat out ominously. “I’ll talk to the other members and let you know of our decision before the next full moon. And tell your white friend here, in the mean time, to keep his cock in his pants until he gets permission from us to stick it up your ass.”

“You have no right to talk to me that way,” Trevor asserted.

Byron snarled, his upper lip suddenly trembling violently. “Sorry, but you shouldn’t take chances that could put the whole pack at risk.” He yanked on his reigns, turning his horse around and galloping back down to where the rest of the pack were anxiously waiting.

“I guess I got you into a spot of trouble,” Ashton whispered.

“Don’t sweat it,” Trevor offered. “Byron considers himself to be the so called ‘Alpha’ male. He’s always grandstanding, trying to belittle the other members. Our pack no longer plays by traditional wolf pack rules, but Byron is desperate to assert his dwindling authority at every turn. Once you join the pack, you’ll have to watch out for him. As well, his brother Gordon, has the hots for me. He’s been trying for the last few months to make love to me, to officially consummate our ‘pairing.’ But I have resisted his advances. I was once in love with him, but he cheated on me with other members of the pack. I won’t tolerate being cheated on. So I’m guessing he will be insanely jealous hearing of you wanting to enter the pack and be my mate.”

“Hmmm. Joining this pack may be a little more complicated than I first assumed it would be. But I guess it’s too late to back out now,” Ashton said, rubbing the bite on his shoulder playfully. “Oh God, Trevor. Despite the danger lurking from these pack personalities, it’s all so very exciting, becoming a werewolf at the next full moon. Making love to you for the very first time, humping all blessed night long! I can’t wait! I just can’t fucking wait!”

“Neither can I. Maybe we can play a little, without going all the way. Come, follow me.”

Trevor arose and shook the dust off himself, then carefully sauntered down the other side of the hill, away from the pack that was still assembled at the hill bottom, peering and peeping with their astonishingly good vision.

“There’s a cave just up ahead. The others know about it but never go there. It’s an abandoned bear cave. We can be alone there. Even if we can’t make love now, we can at least explore each other’s bodies.”

Ashton eagerly followed him to the cave, trouncing knee high weeds that thrived in profusion. The cave mouth was hidden by wind swayed shrubbery, and afforded a commanding vantage point from which any approaching pack members could be easily spotted.

“We can hide, undetected in here,” whispered Trevor excitedly. “Now let’s see that giant cock of yours again.”

Ashton smiled ear to ear. “Now your talking,” he said, küçükyalı sınırsız escort pulling off his shorts. His cock now stood at rapt attentions, all ten thick inches of it.

Trevor sat on a rock and allowed his thumb and fingers to gently wrap around the centre of its shaft, causing Ashton to moan slightly.

Trevor next slid his circled fingers up and down, watching Ashton’s toes curl at the exquisite pleasure.

“Ohhhh, that feels sooooooo fucking good.”

“Shhh. Just relax and let my fingers work their magic. We’ve got the whole night ahead of us.”

Ashton’s muscular chest began to heave up and down as the taste of paradise made him pant. Soon Trevor’s lips joined his hand, wrapping themselves around his throbbing cock head and sucking skillfully. Ashton’s head snapped back at the impact, savoring a bliss that was unimaginable.

Slivers of moon light filtered onto the cave floor. Even under a waning gibbous moon, sporadic clumps of flowers were visible to Ashton’s wondering eyes as they fluttered in and out of white.

Ashton was panting ferociously now, his head bobbing as shadows of a fast pumping hand danced around the cave walls.

Trevor’s full, lush chocolate lips were rolling up and down his vanilla cock faster now as well. Ashton’s wild eyes fell briefly upon a patch of flowering lantana, it’s sprawling yellow petals igniting a resplendent oasis of color next to sprouting white Alyssum and a lone bloom of bright purple Ruellia.

The minutes soon turned into an hour, and Trevor’s warm, handsome mouth remained purposeful and unbearably sweet, wildly teasing Ashton’s cock and rolling along its length as chirping crickets sought their own elusive mates.

Layers of sensual, salty sweat now poured off Ashton’s rippling abs and muscular, heaving chest. He gently pried Trevor’s magnificent lips off his swollen cock and laid his black lover on his side, peeling off his blue jeans and boxer shorts. Next he gently messaged his trembling black bum with white, warm hands that were both skilful and determined. He then placed his giant, quivering cock head in between Trevor’s savagely turned on bum cheeks, and was about to stretch him open wide, when Trevor suddenly turned onto his back. “No. I know you’re impossibly horny, and so am I, but the moon isn’t right. You’ve got to undergo your change first. Before we make real love, the moon’s got to be full.”

“Which means, it’s got to be naughty as well,” Ashton whispered mischievously.

Trevor leaned over and kissed his warm handsome mouth passionately. When he finally pried his lips away, he said, “good things come to those that wait. After that full moon, when we finally do make love, I want to marry you.” He then got lost in his white fiancés sparkling eyes, which were now ecstatic, wide-eyed and glowing. “Marriage? Is gay marriage even possible in Texas?”

‘Who cares? If we have to, we can fly up to Canada to have the ceremony performed. It’s certainly legal there!”

Then they fell asleep in each others arms.


The morning Texas sun was scorching and dry, giving off heat like a furnace. Trevor emerged from the cave first, and spotted a red-tailed hawk diving for a scurrying field mouse. It whizzed by Trevor’s head and impaled its prey on grey, razor sharp talons, filling the air with a mouse’s desperate whimpers.

The hawk then ascended almost as quickly as it had fallen, its four foot wing span casting shadows of it’s brown and white plumage, it’s steadfast yellow eyes scouring the ground for a next potential victim, as it sailed out of sight.

A greater road runner then scampered purposefully on the horizon, cooing softly with a tiny green lizard dangling from its beak, its brown and olive feathers sprouting white wing tips that fluttered endlessly to ward off an approaching sibling, who had envisioned pilfering a free meal.

Trevor turned the skewered rabbit carefully over the open flame. He next chopped up carrots, green peppers, miniature corn cobs, onions and potatoes into a pot, and added water so it wouldn’t burn. In a few minutes he took the rabbit off the skewer, hacked it into small pieces, then tossed it in the pot as well.

“Smells yummy,” Ashton managed, adding a yawn as he too finally emerged from the cave. “What’s in the pot?”

“Rabbit stew.”

Ashton made up his face. “Ain’t never had rabbit before. But I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Trevor assured him. “After a while you’ll even get to like it, perhaps even fall in love with it, like how you’ve fallen in love with me.”

“I loved the way you held my cock in your hand last night.”

“It was my pleasure.”

“Does every one in the pack change automatically into a werewolf when the full moon comes?”

Trevor eyed him carefully. “Almost everybody. Gordon and Jarred have rare blood types. They can fight off the change if they want to, but they just usually submit and change with the rest sancaktepe öğrenci escort of us.”

“So those two are the only exceptions to the rule?”

“I said they were, didn’t I? Yes, those two are the only exceptions.”

“Does the change occur at any other time?”

“No, only under a full moon.”

“So only one day a month then?”

“No, actually the moon appears full for much longer, five days in fact. That’s five days out of every month when the transformation takes hold each night for five nights.”

“And how will I walk during the transformation, on hind legs or on all four.”

“Both,” Trevor asserted. “It’s a matter of preference really.”

“How many are in your pack?”

“We have twenty-five members, er…rather twenty-six now that you’re on board.”

Ashton shook his head. “It all sounds so confusing yet surreal, so muddled yet clear, and yet…and yet…all I have is questions. The more I learn is the more I need to learn.”

“Questions, questions and more questions, my love. Perhaps in due time I can answer them all.”

“One thing I don’t get, is how your pack can survive in the midst of modern society? How is it you have managed to elude detection for so very long?”

“We’re a close knit group,” Trevor explained. “We live out here on the desert, and may not see a sheriff’s car for months on end, sometimes for a whole year. We are really self sufficient, living on that ranch. All males, all black, well, mostly black now that you’re here. We farm, planting corn. Plus we raise cattle, hogs and chickens.”

“And rabbits,” Ashton added.

“No, actually, the rabbits we hunt. We’ve got to hunt something now and again, to keep from going insane. It’s not natural to simply domesticate ourselves. We do have a wild side to maintain as well.”

“Will I hunt?”

Trevor turned to face him, his eyes narrowing into two inquisitive slats, trying to surmise whether or not Ashton was ready to hear the truth. “Yes, you will hunt. Out in this deserted wilderness, you will find pronghorn antelope, desert bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer and wild turkeys.”

“And rabbits,” Ashton again added, only this time with a chuckle.

“Yes, and rabbits.”

“So there aren’t any game wardens to snoop around at what you kill?”

“Isolated way out here, not really. Again, maybe once a year we might see a warden’s truck, but hunting all the game I mentioned is perfectly legal, except for the bighorn sheep. Their carcasses you have to dispose of very carefully, especially the skulls. It’s even a criminal offense in Texas to own such a trophy skull unless you register it as having been found before the year two thousand and three, almost ten years ago.”

“Hmmm. Still, it’s amazing your werewolf pack was never detected by humans over the years.”

“Well, we are very careful. As you can see, we are very leery about outsiders. Even getting them to admit you has been a challenge.”

“What if they ultimately reject me as a member of the pack?”

“Oh, I doubt that will ever happen. They wouldn’t feel safe having you running around on your own as a werewolf. You might end up doing something that could alert police or bring attention to the pack. If the human authorities did find you, they would probably figure that there would have to be more werewolves around. No, the pack would never allow you to just roam free as a loose canon. They’re being hard nosed now, but in the final analysis they’ll have to accept you into the fold.”

“That’s so good to hear.”

“That depends on who’s doing the hearing.” The new voice startled Ashton and Trevor, and they turned their heads quickly to see who was the speaker.

Trevor sighed at the unwelcome sight of Gordon, Byron’s trouble making brother.

“You shouldn’t be up here,” Trevor asserted. “This is a private get together between me and my friend. You were not invited.”

Gordon snarled, his thin, waist length leather jacket bulging with rippling chest muscles and daunting biceps. “There’s nothing private in a pack. We aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other, remember? Who’s the white boy?”

“A friend.”

“What kind of a friend?”

“None of your business, now fuckoff!”

“None of my business? Fuckoff? Are you serious? Have you forgotten that you and I are supposed to mate?”

“That was before I caught you messing around on me with Jarred. I told you before that we’re finished.”

“We’re finished when the pack says we’re finished. You told me once you loved me. Did you tell the white boy here that? Did you tell him you’re already spoken for?”

“Yeah, I told him. Only it’s him I’ll be mating with, at the next full moon, not you. Sooooo like I said before, fuckoff!”

Gordon eyed Ashton Jealously then took an ominous step toward him, his giant black fists clenching as a sign he was ready and willing to fight for what he believed belonged to him. “You’d better run off, now, white boy. This is a man’s world and Trevor here belongs to me. The pack will never let him mate with you, so you’d better leave while you still can.”

“He can’t leave,” Trevor insisted. “He’s bitten, by me, on the shoulder. He’ll be one of us soon, at the next full moon. So the pack has to let him stay. Now why don’t you just run along and find someone else to cheat on.”

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