A Night Of Fun With Lilly

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A Night Of Fun With LillyA Night of Fun With LillyI had come home from work, exhausted from a long day at the office. Walking into the house, I noticed it was quiet, no television going, no water running, no noise at all. Maybe my wife Lilly was out shopping or with friends. I walked into the kitchen and got something to drink, then started to walk upstairs to our bedroom. As I got closer to our door, I heard a soft noise that I couldn’t quite make out. I slowly opened the door to my bedroom just a crack. What I saw made me instantly hard. My wife, spread-eagle on the bed, naked, was using a vibrator to slowly fuck her hot, wet pussy. I could hear her wet pussy squishing as the vibrator worked its magic. She must’ve been doing this all afternoon because she gets dripping wet after only a short time, but she was wetter than I had ever heard her before. I stood there and watched her for some time until I finally made up my mind to let her know I was home. She had her eyes closed tightly, so she didn’t see me open the door and sneak into the room. I stepped up to the bed and watched her, smiling to myself, as my cock got harder. Grabbing some handcuffs that we kept on the bedside table, I grabbed her free hand and cuffed her to the bed quickly. Before she knew what was happening, she was helpless, looking at me with those beautiful, crisp blue eyes. They were the kind of eyes you could lose yourself in and not give a damn. “I…” She started to talk, but I stopped her and just stood there looking at her.”You’ve been very naughty baby, and now I need to take care of you.”I could see the lust and desire in her eyes, with just a hint of fear. But, I knew the fear would soon dissipate, we had played this game before. I was going to tie her up and make sure she couldn’t move at all. I softly tied her ankles to each post at the end of the bed. Her only free hand was still gripping the vibrator as it quietly buzzed in her pussy. bostancı escort I decided to have some fun with her, reaching down to the vibrator, I turned it up to the highest setting, and started slowly turning it back and forth between hight and low settings, watching her body shudder with every shift in speed. Her moans were music to my ears, but this was only be beginning. I’ve only been home ten minutes, I have her to myself all night long. I softly kissed her lips, and began undressing. Her right hand was still free. Her eyes lit up as I took it in my hand and gently put it on the crotch of my boxers, to let her feel just how hard I was, and what she was going to have deep inside her mouth, pussy, and ass before the night was over. She was being a good girl, not saying anything, just moaning, smiling, and the look in her eyes was enough to let me know she was loving every minute of her ordeal so far. I had long since “trained” her, letting her know what I wanted and expected of her at times. I like her being submissive to me. She knows I love her and would never do anything she didn’t want me to do. She loves me tying her down, spanking her, blindfolding her, and many other fun games. I love teasing her, covering her body in whipped cream and slowly licking it off with my tongue, or acting like I’m r****g her and letting her know that she belongs to me forever. I want her forever, and I have her. But, I digress, back to the present. I take her free hand, and secure it to the headboard, she is finally bound tightly, and unable to stop me from doing whatever I please. I pull the vibrator out of her pussy, to a very disappointed moan by my princess. I smile to myself, knowing that soon that moan will be one of pleasure, and she will be begging for my cock to pound her into the bed. I will happily oblige her and have her cumming all over my cock until I fill her pussy with my cum, sancaktepe escort or maybe I’ll cover her beautiful face with my hot, sticky cum. I will make that decision when the time comes. I drop my boxers to the floor, freeing my hard, seven inch cock to her eyes, and climb onto the bed. Climbing between her helpless, spread legs, I lean down to kiss her forehead, face, and lips. “I’m going to make you scream for more.” I softly whisper into her ear.I feel her squirm as she hears my words. I can feel her hot pussy, dripping wet, as the head of my cock softly presses into her pussy. God is she hot. I can’t say I’ve ever felt her this hot. She must’ve really been using that vibrator. Running my hands up her stomach, to her breasts, gets another moan from her. She increases with her moans as I grab her breasts, squeeze and twist them, making her pull at her bonds. She’s not getting away from me though, she is mine to do with as I please and she knows it. “I hope you’re ready for what I’m about to give you my little cumslut.”I slowly, deliberately taking my time, slide my hard cock into her hot, slick pussy. We both moan together as I bottom out into her, our bodies meeting at our junction. She closes her eyes, but I put a stop to it and tell her to keep them open, or she knows what will happen. What will happen, is that I will pull my cock out of her, and make her beg for it until I give it to her again. She knows I want her to keep her eyes open, so I can see the fire in them and she can see the desire I have for her. Gradually, I get faster and harder, fucking her more deliberately. I feel her expertly squeezing my cock as I fuck her. I kiss her deeply, and tell her to keep doing that. She responds by squeezing herder, and I fuck her harder and deeper. Jennifer starts moaning louder and louder, and I know she is about to have an earth-shattering orgasm. I feel her pussy zeytinburnu escort starting to spasm, and watch her legs start to shake and try to break free. Her body shakes uncontrollably, as I fuck her harder through her orgasm. I don’t slow down at all, and pound her repeatedly. “God baby, your pussy is so tight, I’m going to fill it up with my cum. Are you ready my cumslut?”She can’t respond because she is orgasming over and over, her breathing is ragged and her body is thrashing about. I reach up and grab her hair and pull it as I slam my cock into her one last time and cum deep into her pussy. She screams one last time and collapses with a final orgasm. I slowly pull my cock out and move up to her body, straddling her chest and putting my cock against her lips. My princess opens her sweet mouth and I push her head onto my cock, and feel her tongue swirling around the head as she cleans my cock. I untie her ankles, and then her arms. We lay together, in the afterglow of a nice fuck session. There will be more to come tonight, but right now we both need to rest and recuperate. I take her hand and we walk into the bathroom and start the bath. While the bath is getting hot, I pull her to me and kiss her deeply, letting her know that I love her more than life itself. When the bath is ready, I help her into the bath, and get in behind her. I sit down and and pull her down to me, letting her rest her back against my chest. Wrapping my arms around her, I grab a washcloth and softly run it up and down her upper body, cleaning her and cooling her off after out bed workout. We share a hot bath or shower at least once every day, but it is always more special after we’ve made love. Jennifer always seems more relaxed with me in the bath after we’ve been to bed together. Tonight is no exception, she was really worked up when I got home, and I just capped it off. As we’re laying in the tub, I softly play with her nipples, and kiss her neck, telling her how much I love her. When the shower is over, we dry off and walk, still naked, back into the bedroom. We get into bed, and I pull her up against me and we fall asleep in each other’s arms. The night of fun is over, for now, but there will be many more nights to come. This is just one of many.

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