A Peculiar Trunk

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About midday Jennifer and Denise had removed most of the old varnish and sat back to review the trunk, half painted, half peeling. The day was warm and both had tee-shirts and shorts on. Denise looked a little puzzled while staring at a small piece of wood that was protruding from the left inside corner. She reached over, pushed down on the wood and it seemed to fit into a slot just below, almost like it was designed to fit there.

“Hey Jenn…look at this.” Jenn moved closer and noticed what Denise was looking at; she squinted inside the old trunk smelling the old musty scent. As the piece moved into place, a hidden panel slid to the side where the trunk was thickest! They both stared in amazement as a tiny shelf appeared with a crystal clear bottle sitting neatly, slightly covered with dust.

“Wow…” Denise said aloud and reached in to pick it up. Jennifer carefully watched her movements as she picked it up and blew some of the gray dust from its surface. Denise squinted and rubbed the bottle against her shirt to help clean the exterior.

As she looked back at it, she almost laughed and said, “Oh my God Jen…you won’t believe this! The paper on the side says: Sex Oil…oh wow!”

“Yeah…right!” Jen laughed and reached for the bottle to inspect or confirm this preposterous happening. “Oh my…you’re right! What the…?” Jen answered while looking quizzically at her best friend. Denise, usually the bolder of the two scrutinized it further and peeled away the rubber band about the top and started to pull at the smooth glass insert. As it popped off a strange, exquisite aroma emanated into the room smelling of herbs, but different somehow.

Denise held her nose to the edge of the bottle and sniffed the aroma more closely, “Jen…oh Jen…it’s so sweet and so nice…god I bursa escort bayan feel almost lightheaded and refreshed and…and…”

Jennifer had to follow suit and held Denise’s hand while passing her nose over the rim. “Mmm…what is it? What kind of concoction could this be and why was it hidden inside this trunk? Damn…” She was thinking out loud.

As Denise placed the bottle onto the floor, she shook it ever so gently and a tiny droplet fell onto her hand. Her other hand quickly rubbed the strange formula into her skin and began to feel something different. She felt sexy. Alive. Vibrant. Her hand was tingling but wonderfully. Jen reached for her hand and smelled the fragrance that was lingering there.

“Mmm…better…what could this be?” Jenn wondered aloud. As they were so close to each other, Denise felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her friend. And so she did by cupping Jenn’s chin into her palm, placing her warm lips over her mouth, quickly darting her tongue inside.

The motion was so spontaneous, so seductive…Jenn broke off the kiss and whispered, “Let’s take off our clothes lover…it’s so hot…we’ve been working at this trunk, its time for a break anyway.” Jennifer said while taking off her shirt and shorts in the process. They stripped and stared at each others loveliness, drinking in the nude sight.

A clean spot on the nearby carpeting called to them and they lay side by side in one another’s arms, hugging and rubbing their hands across naked backs. “Oh Jenn…I have missed this…we seem to be caught up in our routines lately. We just need this time together. I just feel so damned sexy…so in love…so…” She said while catching the tiny bottle in the corner of her eye.

She thought about the bottle and the mysterious contents and quickly reached görükle escort for their new item. Denise held the bottle up to her nose again, inhaling deeply then pressed a fingertip over the opening. Allowing a drop to form there, she reached for Jennifer’s right nipple and daubed the fluid there. Her nipple reacted strongly by turning a deep shade of red and elongated outward to a full inch!

Jenn moaned quite loudly and pressed herself against Denise, “Ohh…my…ohh…Denise! What is this? Goodness…it’s like I’m so aroused there…so quickly…oh my, I can’t control the feelings!”

Denise stared at the quick response from this oil, licking her lips and without any hesitation reached for more and daubed more onto Jen’s other breast, the remainder on her own. Both sets of nipples reacted and stiffened to lovely proportions, sexual energy flowed through the heated room. They pointed their stiff nipples into each other and began to rub furiously, panting and gasping from the contact.

Time appeared far away…something that did not exist as they held on and explored one another, licking biting and kissing. Jennifer lashed onto Denise’s neck, sucking her flesh there deeply, biting until she moaned loudly, “Don’t stop…Jen!”

The oil seemed to only intensify their lust for one another, it having some type of secret ingredient that heightened their passion uncontrollably. Within a minute, Denise moved between Jennifer’s legs, parting them to smell her wonderful arousal and opening her own legs straddled the writhing Jennifer underneath. Karen’s open mouth longed to eat her lover, lick the sweet juices and flick her tongue deep inside but reached for the small bottle dabbing one tiny droplet into Jen’s open labia covering her pearl with the oil.

Jennifer’s bursa escort bayan lips magically pouted open, swelling from the contact, her clit becoming hard and instantly erect! Her dainty hood parted allowing Denise to observe the throbbing bud.

“Jen…oh my Jen…you’re so beautiful here. God Jen I’ve never seen you swell like this…it’s…” Denise whispered as she moved her finger in small circles around Jen’s bulbous clit. Moaning out of control, Jen bucked her hips upwards to make contact, Denise pressed her open mouth over the palace as Jen simultaneously grabbed Denise’s hips and pulled her closer.

They were connected now, tongues reaching into individual pleasure spots, drinking, eating with a passion unmatched. Making love could not be finer, their overwhelming desire moving, Jennifer began to bite Denise softly, her teeth clenching tenderly onto the sweet cuntal folds, tasting her juice dripping in her mouth.

The climax hit them suddenly, so soon! Fingernails gripped thighs and ass cheeks while mouths glued onto each other’s sex, the floodgates burst and they both rocked into one another, sliding and almost turning on their sides…sucking sisters. All that was heard in the room was their heated moans with very wet noises mingled; Breathing through their noses became difficult so shortly after they broke the intimate kiss and gasped fresh air from around open legs.

Denise’s tongue continued to lick at Jen until she shook and begged her to stop, “Ohh…Denise. I’m so…too sensitive, please baby…”

Denise stared at her lover, marveling at the perfect, oval bud still standing tall and shiny, “God Jen…I don’t know what’s in that stuff…but…” the two lovers slowly moved around until warm, wet mouths kissed.

“I love you…so much Denise…” Jen breathed deeply.

“I love you…too…baby…always…”

Jennifer could not wait until it was Denise’s turn to try the oil. We’ll rest for awhile and…maybe later tonight, she thought. What a find…it was theirs to share.

~To Be Continued~

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