A Perfect Piercing

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I was standing over my station fumbling with sterilized needles and packaged studs getting ready for my next customer when my head filled with unholy images of Becky again.

Why had Dad sent me that picture of her? She was my half sister for God’s sake! And what was he doing with a photo of her naked? Did he take it?

Becky is twenty-seven now and a real looker, 5’4″, 120 lbs with beautiful long brown hair and honey brown eyes.

I slipped my hand inside the pocket of my shirt to have another illicit look. Yeah, her bush was just as full and dark as the hair on her head! And boy did she look limber the way her legs were spread open. She was obviously masturbating for the camera. Sleek fingers were buried between her puffy slit. She had the meatiest pussy lips I had ever seen! The picture was so clear you could even see her tight little pucker coated in her dribbling juices.

I wondered how long she’d been playing with herself before the photo was taken she looked so fucking wet. God, it made me so hot I felt my cock twitching inside my tightening jeans. I was envisioning myself piercing her swollen clit hood and shoving a bar through it.

“Hey, Rob. Your next customer is here. Can I send him back?” Jackie called out snapping Rob from his thoughts as he jerked his hand away from the growing bulge in his crotch.

Stuttering he answered. “Yeah, just gimme a minute.”

Tucking the hot picture back inside his pocket he reached for the notebook displaying photos of other piercings he had performed. He needed something to take his mind off Becky and get rid of his erection. Looking at a pierced cock head instantly chilled him down!

Rob wasn’t homophobic but he didn’t have an interest in any cock but his own and he wanted it to stay that way!

“Hey Bro!” Tyrone groaned raising his hand into the air for a high five as he sauntered into Rob’s cubical.

“Hey Man!” Rob turned around, responding in the same manner. “What’re ya wantin pierced now?”

Tyrone was a handsome, muscular, bald-headed, 6’6″ black guy about Rob’s age. He was a respected body guard at a popular Thirties Club hang-out in Miami and was also recognized for his many facial and body piercings.

Tyrone knew his hardware made him look more of a badass than he already was and he loved it! No body ever fucked with him so his job was a piece of cake and he loved that too!

“My chick wants my dick pierced for my birthday!” He answered with a grimace, grabbing at the bulge in his crotch.

Rob felt his face flushing, recalling the photo in that catalog he looked at a minute ago to get rid of his own hard on!

“It’s my thirtieth this weekend and it’s something Latisha wanted me to get. It’s not like anybody’s gunna see it but her lucky mouth and puss and ass!” He added with a roar. “You okay with that buddy?”

Seeing Rob flushing he added. “Hey you’re not a homo are ya?” He asked with a grin.

“Fuck you.” Rob answered jokingly, handing Tyrone the photo of Becky before confessing his earlier actions.

“Hey man. She’s a hottie for a white girl! Nice pussy. Don’t ya just love meaty lips?” Tyrone barked wagging his tongue.

“Nice tongue bar! Someone knows their craft!” Rob complimented himself trying to change the subject as he snatched the picture of his sister from Tyrone’s finger tips.

Rob and Tyrone flipped through the genital catalog for options as Rob’s mind wandered back to Becky and that sweet pussy. He heard Tyrone’s voice but his words were muffled as images of licking his sister’s puss filled his thoughts. He could almost taste her sweet juices; smell a musky scent.

Tyrone’s over-sized cock pulsating in Rob’s hand kept his own erection in check as he fantasized about Becky’s big pussy lips while preparing Tyrone’s massive cock head for piercing.

Damn, Tyrone had the biggest dick Rob had ever seen. He thought his istanbul escort 9.5 inch long and 3.5 inch thick tool was more than the average woman could handle. Poor Latisha! Shit, Tyrone was a good twelve inches limp! Wonder what he was erect?

Shamefully Rob imagined this cock fifteen inches erect and stabbing him in the ass! He began to tremble at the thought!

“Hey Buddy, steady there! No shaking with my cock in yer hand!” Tyrone croaked nervously as his dick got even limper!

Rob gave his head a quick snap hoping to clear the painful thought.

“No problem Tyrone. Just hold real still.” Rob warned positioning the needle under the cap of his head.

Tyrone didn’t feel a thing. The anesthetic worked great.

“There what do ya think?” Rob asked stretching out Tyrone’s shaft for him to see the shiny bar spliced through his bulbous cock head.

“Yeah the silver looks hot,” Tyrone smiled grasping the base of his shaft, squeezing as the skin rippled up to the ridge pushing the bar forward onto the head. “Latisha’s gunna love this.” He winked.

“Well, Happy Birthday Tyrone. This piercings on me!” Rob announced with a smile.

“You’re shittin me?” Tyrone moaned.

“Nope. Happy Birthday.” Rob added again as he gathered after-care instructions for Tyrone to take with.

“Thanks a lot Buddy.” Tyrone grinned, standing, tucking his wears inside his pants. “Why don’t ya bring a date and come to the Club Sunday night at 9. There’s going to be a surprise party for me!”

“Surprise?” Rob mocked.

“Hey. I know everything that goes on there. It’s my job!” He laughed. “Bring that hottie in the picture!”

“Thanks Tyrone. Maybe I will.” Rob paused. “Make sure you read those instructions and NO SEX for 10 days!” Rob advised. “That includes Oral!”

“Holy Fuck! Did Latisha know about this?” Tyrone frowned. “I’m turning fucking thirty and ain’t getting any booty on my birthday? That ho’s gunna pay for this!”

Rob felt bad for Tyrone as he led him to the front desk. Tyrone had had over sixteen piercings already, including his nipples so he knew the drill, the “off limits” time after each but this was his first genital piercing. No doubt it would be his last!

The week went by quickly.

Coming home late after a few drinks with buddies after work Friday night Rob was shocked to find someone crouched in the corner on his doorstep! There were not that many homeless in his neighborhood so he was suspicious. Holding his keys poised in his hand he approached cautiously.

“Hey. You okay?” He asked with a raised voice as he grew near. The porch light set to come on at dusk cast a soft glow illuminating the rustling form.

The body slowly turned as long slender legs stretched out extending down over the second step.

Even having only seen photographs of his sister, Rob recognized Becky immediately. Even with fading bruises her face was beautiful! How he wished they had grown up together instead of a thousand miles apart.

Tears filled her golden almond shaped eyes as she slowly took to her feet.

“You’re my big brother, Robert.” She whispered extending her hand.

Rob stepped forward wrapping his arms around his little sister.

“Ahhh sis!” He sighed taking her into his arms.

Unlocking his door he guided her inside.

They spent the night cuddled together on the living room sofa she nestled in his arms as they caught up on the past.

By morning Robert was brought to the realization of what a closed minded, judgmental, violent man their father really was.

Becky was asked to come home for the weekend to oversee her younger brother and sister while their parents went on a three day Cruise to the Bahamas for their anniversary. Becky explained that she had plans with a girlfriend but honored her parents request instead. avcılar escort As a compromise the girlfriend was invited over.

When the parents returned home late Monday night her father found her cuddled in bed with Jasmine. He wasn’t enraged until he noticed the KY jelly and kinky paraphernalia on the nightstand! In an uncontrollable rage he jerked back the blankets exposing their intertwined nude bodies. Screaming, calling Becky a fucking lesbian and pervert he grabbed her arm dragging her out of bed while beating her with his other closed hand.

Becky was silent as her father continued shouting obscenities while slapping and hitting her.

Jasmine was frozen in fear huddled beneath the sheet up against the head board when Becky’s mother came bursting into the room.

“What are you doing?” She screamed coming to Becky’s defense.

Reverend Scorcee released his daughter with a look of shock on his otherwise blank face. How could he have lost control like this? He preached control and forgiveness every Sunday at the Methodist Church…

Becky’s mother draped a blanket over Becky’s shoulders as her father slithered out of the room.

“Come on Jasmine.” Becky shuttered. “Let’s get out of here.”

“I don’t know what to say Honey.” Her mother offered just standing there. “You know how old fashioned your father is.”

Shamelessly Becky gathered her “toys” before slipping into her clothes. Jasmine was already dressed and ready to go.

“It’s okay mom. It’s not your fault daddy is the way he is.” She mumbled scooping up her things.

“I’ll call you. Hope you and dad had a nice cruise. The kids were good.” Becky said pushing into the hallway past her mother.

Jasmine was right behind her.

Looking back as Becky pulled the front door closed she saw her father standing in the shadows with a devious grin on his face. A chill raced through her as the door squeaked shut.

Becky woke the next morning in her big brother’s arms. She cuddled there feeling so safe, so protected and so loved. She knew in her heart this handsome young man was her blood brother but she was feeling more than sisterly towards him…

The telephone rang startling them both. Robert shot right up letting out a loud groan as the circulation rushed back into the arm which embraced Becky all night. Staggering he made his way to the blaring phone.

“Hey Buddy.” It was Tyrone whispering. “There’s been a change of plans. The party’s tonight! Same place same time. See ya there.” He added before the line went dead.

Robert slid back down onto the sofa beside Becky. He still felt exhausted. They had only slept about three hours.

“Sis, wanna go lie down on my bed for a little longer?” He slurred.

“Yeah, if that’s okay.” She whispered.

“Sure.” He answered with a yawn.

Standing up; taking his little sister by the arm pulling her to her feet he led her into his room. The heavy drapes were drawn closed and the darkness was inviting.

They plopped down onto the bed drifting back to sleep.

Robert heard running water. He looked on the bed beside him. It was vacant. Had he dreamt finding his sister was on his doorstep last night? Rolling off the side of the bed he peeled off yesterday’s clothes as he wandered into the bathroom. Half asleep he pulled back the shower curtain stepping inside an already running shower. There stood Becky at the back of the shower leaning against the tile wall as a cascading stream pulsated against her beautiful full tits. Her eyes were closed. Her hands were cupping and mulling her round, pink globes. Fingers and thumbs were rolling her erect nipples back and forth as if they were treasured joints soon to be savored.

Becky was so engrossed in pleasuring herself she hadn’t even noticed she was not alone in the shower stall.

Robert’s eyes suddenly opened şirinevler escort wide as Becky’s right hand slid down her rack burrowing through her soppy pubic hair before piercing between those beautiful meaty lips. The same lips he saw in that photograph! He couldn’t help himself or maybe that’s all he could do. Silently he dropped to his knees inching over to his little sister’s groin.

Her fingers were pumping and fluttering furiously in and out of her rocking pussy. She had a rhythm like no one Robert had ever watched before and Robert was quite the voyeur!

Her pants were growing in volume and her hips were now thrashing. Robert knew he had to act soon or miss the boat!

Stretching forward he sealed his mouth over her mound. As she withdrew her fingers Robert’s warm mouth filled the void. Becky was undulating as she grabbed her big brother by the back of the head guiding his mouth and lips and tongue to the spots that drove her wild! She fucked his face with abandon drawing his head tightly against her quivering puss.

“Oh yeah Baby. Fuck me with that stiff tongue of yours!” She screamed out as his finger invaded her ass.

He was pumping in and out of her orifices until he felt her clit quivering with release.

She was moaning and arching panting and groaning as she rode her orgasmic wave to its shore.

“Oh my god Robert. That was awesome and I thought Jasmine gave the best head,” She blurted out.

Robert was coming up for air. Becky’s glistening juices were covering his smiling face.

“Baby you taste so good.” He winked kissing her on the lips, pushing his tongue inside her mouth for her to suck on.

Her hands were in his groin cupping his growing girth.

“Damn Bro. What a big dick you’ve got!” She mumbled. “You do much anal?”

“Only if they beg.” He teased.

Becky dropped to her knees; put her hands together in a praying fashion and gave a devilish nod.

“Please Robby. Oh please. Give it to me in the ass…” She begged.

Without hesitation Robert spun her around and bent her over onto all fours.

“Put your shoulders to the floor and pooch that beautiful ass up to me!” He ordered. “Grab those round globes and spread your cheeks wide. I wanna see that hole opening for me.” He teased.

Her pussy was dripping she was so aroused again. As her hands spread her cheeks apart her hole dilated all right. She and Jasmine must partake in anal play with regularity he thought as he positioned the head of his huge cock to her back entrance.

Becky was arching and rolling her hips.

“Hold still Baby. It’s my turn.” He ordered slapping her ass with his cock before teasing her hole with the tip. He pushed the bulbous head in until it popped, then he pulled it out… again and again and again… It excited the hell out of him watching her conditioned hole open and close around the end of his dick.

Becky was arching and moaning, the little slut. She wanted all of her brother’s cock inside her sweet ass.

“You want it all don’t ya sissy?” He teased.

Becky was panting, begging for more pushing off the floor with her hands and knees trying to force his rod deeper inside her upturned ass.

Robert teased her relentlessly until he knew she was ready to explode in another shattering orgasm.

“Take me sissy!” He yelled piercing deeply inside her clenching asshole.

Slamming in and almost out of her with a steady rhythm he thrusted his nine plus inches all the way inside her bowels holding it there as her orgasm exploded around him. Feeling her muscles tighten and quiver around his shaft sent him over the edge.

Becky was panting and moaning as her brother filled her ass with his seed. When spent he slowly pulled his cock from her tight hole. It made a popping sound as her ass clamped shut. Becky slumped onto the floor of the shower with her beautiful round ass peering up at him.

What a beautiful sight she was just lying there as the water cascaded down on her.


Robert rolled over looking dazily at his screaming alarm clock. It was 6:30 Saturday morning. What a dream he thought as he hit the off switch before rolling over falling back to sleep…

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