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a session on the barsA Session on the BarsCortez’Now, my dear if you will just slip your clothes off, we’d like you kneeling upon those bars beside you…’The girl whimpered, just as they all did, as she peered through the glaringlights at the ominously simple piece of apparatus bolted to the bare concretefloor at her side. Just a pair of parallel wooden struts, just over shoulderwidth apart and each one fixed across two solid, knee high posts. The flatnarrow top of each bar, and the thick leather straps that dangled down fromthem, were dark and stained with moisture and hard use.’The clothes off now, my dear… or would you like my men to strip you?’ Thecolonel chuckled, ‘some women enjoy being forced, I believe…’ The warning, andthe memory of the leering, unwashed thugs who’d manhandled her earlier whenshe’d been arrested at the demonstration, was enough. Her head bent in shame,the slim, attractive young student began undoing the buttons of her cottondress. In the hot, sticky darkness of the cellar, her interrogators watched avidly,enjoying the view of smooth brown skin as she tried to hide her naked breasts byholding the dress against her body. ‘Remember, I want everything off… eventhose,’ the colonel’s voice carried softly from beyond the lights. The girldropped the dress reluctantly, her trembling fingers grasping the narrowwaistband of her brief white panties as she slowly started to remove even thatinadequate covering. She peeled the little triangle of material away from hermound then reached between her legs, tugging the narrow cord free from the cleftof her buttocks.Her interrogators watched as the naked girl instinctively curled her body round,using her arms in a desperate attempt to shield her cunt and nipples from theirgaze. The colonel smiled to himself. In a few minutes, once she was strappedinto position, it would be exactly those places that they would work on first.’That’s better, my dear. Now, Lieutenant Perez will help you onto the bars…’Anna Perez, Colonel Marcos’ most trusted assistant, was a slim, attractive womanin her mid twenties. As usual for their shared torture sessions, she was dressedin a short, white doctor’s coat, her bare legs hinting that beneath the crisp,white cotton she was naked. High cheekbones and short cut black hair gave herface a severe appearance but, like the colonel, her dark eyes were alight withthe excitement and cruel anticipation of what they were about to do to thepretty young student before her. She pushed the girl quite gently, her softshoes making no sound on the bare concrete floor, until the quivering youngstudents was standing where she wanted between the wooden bars. ‘Hold the frontof the bars with your hands then get your knees up.’Shivering violently, but too scared to make any further protests, the girlscrambled awkwardly onto the narrow bars, wincing as she was forced to kneelalong the rough wood, straddling her legs wide apart. ‘No, no, knees forward…right forward, now kneel up…’ Trembling and terrified, but obedient to thewoman’s quiet commands, the young student edged forward, inch by inch, until shewas poised at the front of each narrow beam, leg muscles quivering as she foughtto keep her balance.Once satisfied with the girl’s position, the lieutenant worked with the speed oflong practice, ankle straps first, then the wide, thick straps over the top ofeach calf to hold the knees hard against the wooden rail. With the girl’s legssecure, Anna Perez took her time tightening the oiled leather straps in turn,moving round the short bars to pull each strong brass buckle tighter andtighter. The girl moaned and whimpered as her shins were clamped down againstthe wood and her flesh bulged out from each side of the leather straps.Anna Perez scratched her nails across the pink soles of the girl’s feet nowjutting out into thin air over the end of the bars. She smiled as the girlsquirmed, trying to curl those tender little feet away from her touch. Thestraps held her fixed against the bars, all she could do was twist her anklesand flex her toes…a little. She stroked the delicate flesh of the girl’sinstep again, listening for that shuddering gasp as she tried to control herreaction to that tickling torment. Perhaps it would be fun to play with her feeta little more later on in the session.Anna left the exposed soles along and took the girl’s arms, pulling thembackwards. ‘Hands together…’ The nylon tie made a sharp ‘zzziip’ as she yankedit tight around the girl’s slim wrists. Finally, she reached up for the ropedangling from one of the hooks bolted to the beam above the bars. She pulled itthrough the girl’s cinched wrists and snapped the metal clip back on itself tocomplete the loop. In the darkness, two of the guards hauled the rope taut,dragging the girl’s arms up and away from her back, forcing her body to bowforwards.’Naaaah! Please…no, please…’The girl’s sudden cries and protests were ignored. A near silence fell in theunderground chamber as the rope was secured. The only sounds coming from thebowed figure of the girl alone in the pool of light, a figure that shivered andtrembled, chest moving rapidly as she panted with fear and strain beneath thehot glare of the lamps, her thighs strapped wide, the taut cones of her breastsswinging gently… ready for the colonel to begin.The stillness was broken by a rattle of equipment and the girl twisted her head,staring frantically to her left to see what was happening. Her eyes opened wideand a soft, muffled scream came from her throat as she saw the polished woodenbox with its side handle and brass terminals, the coiled wires and the plastictray of clips, probes and needles on the battered top of the trolley.’No, not that, no, I haven’t done anything, no, no, please no….’ The babblingpleas and frantic shaking of her head made absolutely no difference at all. Annajust smiled and moved the trolley into position so the babbling girl had thebest view of the magneto that was the colonel’s favourite toy. Having listenedto, and ignored, all those student stories of the regime’s treatment ofprisoners for years, Linda Cho was about to discover the agony of torture forherself.The colonel walked into the pool of light as Anna Perez reached under her torsoto fondle the girl’s dangling breasts and nipples. ‘Now Miss Cho, Linda… youare going to discover some of the truly agonising things we do to naughty littlestudents…’ He paused, watching his assistant’s expert hands stroking thehelpless hanging curves. ‘I think we’ll start with those delightfully availablebreasts that I see Lieutenant Perez is preparing for me so carefully.’ He pickedup two shiny brass alligator clips, the thin red wires from each one snakingback to the connections on the magneto, and opened the jaws so the girl couldsee the wickedly serrated teeth.Anna grinned with excitement she watched the colonel gently opening and closingthe viciously toothed electrodes in front of the girl’s horrified gaze. Shepicked up a blue and white tube, squeezed some clear gel onto her fingers andreached under the young, eighteen year old student’s arched body, using just afeather light touch of her fingertips to coat the dark brown aureoles and long,stiffening nipples with the glistening gel…Watching his young victim biting her lip in growing, unwanted arousal, thecolonel wondered if she realised that the gel being worked so skilfully acrossher teats was specially prepared to improve electrical contact in the skin. Hegrinned to himself, thinking with a familiar, delicious thrill ataşehir escort of what he wasgoing to do to this girl in a few moments time.He watched with growing pleasure as the girl’s body gradually reacted to theteasing stimulation of those slippery, expert fingers working her nipples intothick, gleaming stubs. Then, after three or four more minutes Anna Perez lookedup at Colonel Marcos across the moist copper sheen of the girl’s back, her handsstill cupping the dangling cones with the forefinger and thumb of each handstretching the hard, erect tips out to show that the girl’s nipples were readyfor the clips to be applied.Linda Cho had bent her head down, transfixed in horror as the man and the womanso calmly and deliberately prepared her body for torture. Her breathing becamefaster and faster, a hard rhythmic panting on the edge of panic as woman heldthe firm, warm weight of her left breast cradled delicately in her palm, holdingit still to assist the colonel in positioning the shiny, brass jaws right alongthe rigid peak. She felt the woman’s hot, excited breath in her ear as thecolonel’s fingers relaxed and the brass teeth closed… ‘Aaaah, oh God nooo! It hurts, it hurts, take it off!’Linda squirmed madly as the metal teeth bit deep into the nerve-rich tip. Hertorturers just laughed, letting her jerk and flail about enjoying the sight ofher breasts slapping and bouncing, the brass clip dancing wildly with each freshconvulsion. In the background Linda could hear crude comments and coarselaughter from the guards and they too enjoyed the show. After all, there was noreal hurry, and besides, everyone knew that it was going to happen all overagain when the colonel clamped the brass teeth onto her other tit…With both clips in place, the colonel stroked Linda Cho’s hair, enjoying hisvictim’s growing terror before he stepped back to the little table…andprepared to spin the handle of the magneto. ‘Shhh, Linda, we’re ready for younow… so, watch my hand carefully. Can you feel it? As I turn this handle, so,now… you feel the pain? Oh yes, yes I see you do…’ The colonel wound thehandle for a few moments, sending the first surge of current through the thin,red wires and into to the girl’s nipples. The little machine wined softly and,for a split second, it seemed as though nothing happened. Then, almost in slowmotion, the girl reared back against her bonds, muscles and sinews locked rigidas the electric shock ripped through her body.’ARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!’The demented scream tailed away and Linda Cho flopped back against the strapsand the supporting rope, her breath coming in heaving gasps as she tried to ridethe pain of that first, awful shock.’Ready again…’ the colonel said as the pinioned girl slowly opened her eyesand stared at the grinning figure in front of her. He moved his hand and themocking smile widened, ‘watch the handle now…’ The whine of the magneto waslouder and more urgent this time. Once more the girl reared up, her mouthyelling her agony upwards to the vaulted ceiling, fingers and toes writhingmadly as the lancing fire of the current scorched across her nipples.’AAAAH, Nooooooo! AH! AAAH! ARRRRGGGGHHH!’For ten interminable minutes the colonel played the young girl like aninstrument of pain. The whining song of the magneto rose and fell as he spun thehandle, deliberately varying the speed and surge of current so that each timeLinda Cho bucked and twisted in a delirium of agony. Pinned to the bars thatheld her thighs apart she could only flex her hips and upper body in response tothe white agony of those repeated shocks.Her two torturers smiled at each other as they watched the wild dance of herbreasts, the way the clips and wires flailed madly as she jerked and jolted atthe devilish, fizzing touch of the electric current. But the little teeth heldfirm despite all her efforts; each clip gripping a now-swollen, purple nipple inan excruciating vice of steel.With the sadistic skill of long practice, the colonel stopped turning the handleas the girl’s cried took on the hoarse, ragged edge of exhaustion. Almostcasually, he removed the clips, watching the girl fighting to master the new,thudding agony of returning circulation. Linda Cho cried out again, a thindespairing wail this time, as Anna Perez fingered the tender, pressing the tautswollen flesh so that both of them could enjoy the sight of how she twitched andmoaned at the lightest touch.Lost in her worlds of pain, Linda didn’t think about the obscene straddle of herthighs; or how the delicate, intimate folds of her cunt where exposed for hertorturers attentions too. All she could think about was the agony of her breastsand the fresh stabbing pains each time the woman’s fingers touched her. Then thecolonel spoke again.’We’ll move on, I think… allow an hour or so for her tits to swell up a bitmore and she’ll scream at the touch of a feather,’ the colonel laughed. Thewoman smiled too; excited by the knowledge of where the agony was going to beapplied this time. She walked round behind the strutted girl, hands running overthe slick curves of her buttocks before probing the deep valley to finger thesoft, crinkled bud of the girl’s anus.She leaned over, whispering into Linda Cho’s ear, building up the fear andanticipation of the next stage of the dreadful torture. ‘A little bulb up hereand then…’ Her hand slid forwards, cupping the bulge of Linda Cho’s cunt andstroking the wet, sensitive flesh at the entrance of her vagina with one,knowledgeable finger. ‘…Then you will pray for us to go back to frying yourtits. I guarantee it!’Anna Perez loved any chance to use the bars, the position left a man’s cock andballs, or a women’s cunt, so wonderfully wide open for all the delicious thingsthat could be done to them. She remembered last week’s session with the youngman on these very bars. Only eighteen, but so well endowed…she recalleddreamily…sliding one hand between the buttons of her white coat to caress thenaked bulge of her cunt; a single finger slipping between the already slipperylips to stroke the little fleshy hood guarding her clitoris.Once the guards had forced him into position astride the bars and strapped himdown, she’d spent half an hour playing with his genitals. Masturbating himslowly while using the gel to provide an unbearable slippery sensation as shefondled and caressed the heavily veined shaft whilst her other hand rolled andfondled the soft weight of his testicles to bring him to the very brink beforestopping. The wonderful excitement of letting his near-climax subside and thenusing her fingertips to torment the glistening, engorged dome of his glans, onefinger teasing round the curving rim until he was again thrusting and jerking inthe desperate search for that final, exquisite touch. Finally she’d used thelong expert strokes that brought him to a sweating, jerking peak he’d beenunable to resist. He’d bucked and thrust against the straps, mindlessly fuckingher busy fingers until those last arching spasms sent thick jets of semen arcingout onto the floor as he came. Teasing him with coarse encouragement, making himgasp and twitch whilst milking and tormenting his slippery cock until pleasurebecame unbearable and he cried aloud in pain and frustration..Anna rubbed her thighs together, feeling the growing wetness against her busyfinger as she remembered waiting for him to recover then… the slow, skilfulpleasure of working the young man’s eight inch cock back to full hardnessfollowed by the wonderful excitement of wiring him up. First escort ataşehir the thin wetleather lace round the base of his cock, wrapped tight to hold him throbbing andrigid for the torture. Then, the big clip gripping his testicles, Oh God he’dsquealed at that! Playing with his cock again, rolling the skin right back whilethe colonel fastened the connections to the magneto and then putting on a rubberglove before using the thin copper probe. The colonel working the magneto as sheslid the carefully rounded copper rod up his urethra, working it in and outslowly and gently…each movement extracting squeals of agony that had made himsound like a woman in labour.Oh yes, Anna Perez loved using the bars…For her own amusement, whilst the colonel prepared the other electrodes, shepicked up a slim, black vibrator. Licking the curved plastic rod she placed therounded point in the dimpled folds of Linda’s anus. ‘Ready again Linda?’ Shepushed gently. The colonel saw the girl’s eyes widen as she felt the intruderslipping through the ring of muscle into her back passage. He chuckled, trustAnna to keep her amused… as usual, his assistant was whispering to her victim,savouring the gasps and panting breaths as Linda Cho gradually responded to thestimulation she was feeling.Her thumb found the little switch in the dildo’s handle, ‘Ready to come for usLinda?’ The buzzing was quiet and muffled as the vibrator came to life deepinside Linda Cho’s rectum. Anna moved the handle, turning it gently so that therounded point buzzed and fretted against the delicate tissues inside the girl’sbody.To the colonel, quietly enjoying the way Anna Perez was playing so intimatelywith their subject, the effect of the vibrator was much more obvious anddramatic. Linda Cho’s head lifted and her whole body surged forwards, her mouthopening, fishlike, in a gasp of amazement and shock as she felt the sensationsbeing generated deep inside her by the thin, vibrating rod. About thirty secondslater she began to cry and plead once more as she realised the rod was going toforce her to a climax despite her pain and exhaustion.’Oh not that, t-t-turn it off, no nooo, oh, OH, Oh God, oh yes… I don’t wantt-t-to…oh god yes, yes, YES!’ Over the minutes the cries changed, Linda thrusting her hips to and fro, tryingto push the vibrator deeper and deeper into her body as she worked herself to aclimax in a flood of moisture and spasming muscles. As Linda’s orgasm sent herinto that familiar chanting, bucking rhythm, Anna locked her free arm round thegirl’s waist, trying to hold her madly bucking hips still enough so she could goon working the vibrator’s buzzing tip against the most sensitive parts of heranus and rectum. Ignoring the pleas and cries of outrage she kept the girlimpaled on the buzzing rod working it in and out until the screams of despairtold her that Linda Cho had reached her second climax forcing the girl to stayat the peak of pleasure, despite her desperate cries for the maddening tormentto stop.’Naaah, oh please, please! Aaah….aaa-aaaah…nah….naaah…oh, ohyes…yes…YESSS!’The words were blurred into a mindless gabble as Linda rode the anal vibratorlike a mad thing until she was left panting and shivering on the very edge ofcollapse. Almost on the brink of coming herself, Anna Perez pressed the buttonand the muffled, hornet-like buzzing stopped as she carefully slid the vibratorfree leaving Linda hanging on the ceiling rope, the sweat pouring from her bodyand dripping onto the concrete floor below. The colonel watched the girl’s slack, exhausted face for a moment and then heldup the object he’d been connecting up. ‘Now you’ve had your fun Linda… it’stime for us to tickle that pussy of yours.’ In the colonel’s hands, the polishedmetal electrode looked like another sex toy. A bulbous, egg-shaped top swelledfrom a thick shaft that ended in a black plastic collar about two inches wide.Below the collar, a black, rubber handgrip extended a further three inches. Aflex curled from the base of the handle… a flex that trailed back to anotherbrass connection on the side of the magneto.The girl’s breasts jiggled and swayed, her ribcage heaving frantically as shetried to catch her breath after her sexual ordeal. She bent her head to stare atthe device he was holding. The colonel grinned at her, squeezing some of theclear electrolytic gel onto the rounded top. He worked it carefully over thewhole surface, making sure she could see everything he was doing. ‘Your see, mydear, this is going where that little vibrator was a minute or so before…Oh,no, no… don’t worry that it’s too big, Linda, I assure you it will slide ineasily… and…’ He caressed the smooth rounded top, ‘once this bulb is well upinside I’m afraid you just won’t be able to push it out again.’ He laughed,flicking the black collar with his nails, ‘…and this is just to stop youswallowing the thing completely in all the excitement.’Bending down he held the electrode under her body until Anna could reach downand take it off him. Making sure the wire trailed free along the floor under thebars, Anna pressed the oiled probe in between the slick spread cheeks of Linda’sbottom until the polished head nuzzled against the ring of her anus. ColonelMarcos nodded for her to begin, reaching up to hold the girl’s chin in one hand,gazing intently at her face to savour the expressions as the probe was insertedslowly into her rectum. ‘No, not up there, you can’t it won’t g-g-g-go…UH! The colonel watched thedark brown eyes widen as the bulb started to stretch the tender ring of muscle.’OOOOH! Oh G-God, N-n-n-nooo t-t-t-t-toooo m-m-much, pleeeassse!Both her torturers grinned at hear the sudden frantic panting as Linda tried todeal with the dreadful stretching pain of the bulb’s entry. Linda’s facecontorted in a sudden spasm and she rocked violently against her straps as thebulb of the electrode popped abruptly through the tight ring of muscle, onceinside she could feel the fullness of it sliding slowly up into her rectum.’AH! OH G-GOD! No…no…naah…naaaagh….Aaaaarrrgggh!!’Anna Perez twisted the handle gently from side to side; making sure the girl wasfully impaled by the device, with the plastic collar pressing hard into thefleshy rosette of her anus. ‘So, now we’re ready for the front, Linda. Let’s just spread those lips alittle, shall we…’ As the colonel spoke, Anna pressed herself against Linda’sback, her arms reaching round and over the achingly spread thighs. Her fingersstroked the shaved delta of the girl’s mound before they moved down and inwards,tips just parting the plump leaves of her labia, toying with her secret flesh sothat the eighteen year old student shivered and trembled, still in pain from thebreast torture and the stimulation of her recent orgasms.The lieutenant’s fingers slipped deeper, the fingertips of each hand fondlingone of the fleshy petals until she could peel the young girl’s labia apart.Spread wide open it was easy for the colonel to use one finger to touch thefleshy hood at the top of the crimson gash, rolling it from side to side untilLinda Cho’s clitoris stood proudly erect and she was once more whimpering andbabbling with a mixture of arousal and fear, ready for their next agonisingattentions. He picked one of the alligator clips he’d used on her nipples. He smiled at heragain as she understood what he was about to do. Gabbling in terror, she forcedher head down, peering at her own cunt as the little jaws of the crocodile cliptouched the tender skin on either side of ataşehir escort bayan her clit. ‘Ready, Linda…,’ thecolonel said softly, letting the muscles of his fingers relax. The jaws closedover the little nub and Linda screamed again as she felt the stabbing pain ofthe brass teeth biting into her clitoris.Colonel Marcos chuckled as he stroked the girl’s pain-wracked face, gentlycaressing her cheek and moving the wet strands of hair pasted to her skin.’Shhhh, no not yet, Linda, not yet…save your strength.’ He lifted her chin soshe could look across at the polished wooden box of the magneto, ‘remember thehandle!’ He smiled sadistically, ‘let me turn it a few times…then you canscream for us properly…’The lieutenant let go of the girl’s labia, allowing them to fold back around thebrass clip, and walked round to join the colonel. The two of them took anenjoyable few moments to stroke and fondle the girl’s face and breasts,murmuring quietly to her and explaining in graphic detail what was going tohappen.Finally they both left her alone and Colonel Marcos moved over to the littletable ‘So, Linda, time for you to discover what it feels like for yourself…’Linda Cho screamed and babbled uselessly as she saw him reach across to graspthe worn handle on the side of the box…Anna Perez edged her hand back between the buttons of her white coat, herfingers stroking the slippery wetness that had soaked her genitals since shehelped with the girl’s initial torture. She slid the fingers of her right handup into the slit of her cunt as the erotic sight of the girl strapped helplesslyon the bars whipped at her senses. Linda Cho’s beautiful tawny skin was shinywith sweat; her bedraggled black hanging down, almost obscuring her tear-stainedface. With her arms at full stretch up behind her, the cones of her breastsstill dangled free of her body, each one shivering and jiggling slightly as shetried to control her racing breathing.But what was bringing the woman to the very brink of her own orgasm, andcreating the abject terror in Linda Cho’s mind as she stared down the length ofher straddled figure, was the sight of the two electrical connections attachedto the most sensitive points of the pretty young student’s body. The red wirejutting from the slit between the full lips of the girl’s cunt with only thevery end of the brass clip showing where the toothed jaws held her clitoris in acruel vice; and the black flex protruding from the probe buried in her anus,both snaking away between her straddled thighs to the magneto’s brassconnectors. The movements of Anna’s fingers became more urgent as she saw thecolonel touch the handle.Silence fell as everyone paused, even Linda’s frantic gabbling please werestilled as the colonel’s hand moved in a slow, deliberate circle. Just one,single, shuddering gasp broke the stillness…then the colonel’s hand movedagain, circling faster and faster and the rising whine of the magneto filled theroom.As though defying gravity Linda Cho rose against the straps that held her, hipsthrusting forwards, her body arching impossibly backwards and her teeth bared ina grimace of agony, as she was galvanised by the current surging into her cuntand the delicate tissues of her rectum. Wild, inhuman sounds bubbled in herthroat, her eyes stared up at the ceiling… and a single piercing scream oftotal agony echoed round the hot, sticky dimness of the undergroundinterrogation chamber. ‘AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!’The colonel kept the handle turning for over half a minute, varying the speed sothe girl’s maniacal screams rose and fell as the current surged through hergenitals. When he finally let the diabolical machine whine to a halt the screamsturned into frantic, choking sobs as the girl fell forward, barely conscious andonly supported by the wrist rope.Colonel Marcos waited for a few tormenting moments. ‘Ready again, Linda?’ Themachine whined and the girl surged upwards once more as the fire blazed throughher clitoris and the current burned and seared the delicate inner membranes ofher rectum.’NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo! AAAAArrrrrrggggggghhhhh!’Another scream of outrage and agony ripped through the cellar. For Anna Perezthe sight of the current once again jerking the girl up into screaming, musclewrenching spasms was just too much. Her racing fingers brought her to her ownswift, hard climax, her cries of release lost in the sounds of Linda’s torture.As Anna closed her eye’s and licked the slippery juices from her finger tipsColonel Marcos stepped up to the broken figure on the bars and once again liftedher head.’Now, my dear, shall we go on or will you give me the names of your friends?’His hands caressed her cheeks, wiping the tears of agony away as he spoke sogently and quietly to the shivering girl. ‘Yes, yes…it hurts so much, Iknow… but the machine, the little clips, they don’t know…don’t care how muchthey burn and sting… they don’t get tired like you…the pain just goes on andon and on.’He bent closer, listening to the whispered, pleading babble. ‘Yes I knowLinda… you want it to stop so badly, we understand that too…so why not tellme what I want… the names, all the names.’ He waited, watching the slowbeginnings of defeat in the brown eyes before him. ‘Perhaps, just to help youdecide we’ll let the machine give you a little reminder… while Anna moves thattoy inside your bottom…”Oh God, Oh God…no, no you can’t! Not more! You’ll kill me no, no, NO! I’llt….’The colonel knew she had broken… but he enjoyed his work. The confession wouldcome…it always did, but he was enjoying the girl’s increasingly desperateefforts to make him stop. He knew her pleading eyes were fixed on his hands ashe moved back to the table and gripped the handle one more. His hand circledslowly and the magneto began its moaning song of pain once more. This time AnnaPerez crouched behind the straddled figure, one hand braced on the woodenupright while the other held the insulated hand grip jutting from between thegirl’s bottom cheeks to twist and slide the bulbous anal electrode slowly inand out; letting the fizzing, torturing shocks play up and down the sensitiveinner walls of the girl’s rectum.Between them the two torturers kept Lind Cho bucking and screaming for a fullfive minutes before they finally let her collapse against her bonds once more.Colonel Marcos parted her labia and delicately freed the clip from her nowswollen and scorched clitoris. Linda squealed and jerked as the teeth came freefrom the taut, sore nub now standing out so prominently.Then, it was Anna’s turn to make her squeal again, making the most of removingthe bulbous probe very slowly so that Linda’s cries gave way to groans of adifferent, deeper agony as the wide head was slowly pulled out, stretching thetender, abused membranes of her anus. Linda gave a final, shuddering gasp ofrelief as she felt the polished dome head slip free.’Now Linda…what about those names?’ the colonel purred softly, ‘or would youlike Anna to put the clips back on your nipples now they’ve had a chance toswell up properly…’Linda Cho looked at the brass alligator clips swinging from their red wires inAnna Perez’s hand, and then stared down at the taut, horribly swollen stubs ofher nipples…each one still a throbbing and burning agony. Her tears splashedonto the rough concrete floor.She would tell them everything, everything they wanted… but she also knew itdidn’t matter what she told them… very soon the woman would attached thoseelectrodes to her nipples and clitoris… and the man would smile at her as heturned the handle on that horrible wooden box…and she would scream as theagony of her torture began all over again.Linda Cho was crying because she knew there was nothing at all she could do tostop it happening…absolutely nothing at all…

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