A Single Passionate Night

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Holding you tightly to me, I kiss you deeply and passionately. A strong kiss, forceful, yet gentle as well. Our tongues tangle and dart back and forth between our mouths. Our bodies are both trembling and our collective pulse is beating so hard I think the neighbors must notice.

My hands work your shirt up and off. Your hands work at removing my pants. Your hand finds and rubs my aching, hard dick through my briefs, while my hands work to undo your bra, exposing to me your gorgeous breasts and beautifully hard nipples. My left hand finds your right breast and tweaks your delicious nipple, while my mouth drops down to your left breast and sucks gently on its hard little pink cherry topping. You lean backwards till you are now lying flat on the couch. You moan in obvious enjoyment of what my hands and mouth are doing.

My hands drop down to undo the buttons on your shorts. Once unfastened, my mouth begins to kiss it’s way downward, my hands meanwhile begin to work your shorts down, leaving you wearing only a sexy pair of pink satin panties. As I slide your shorts off, I sit up to look at you. Fuck you look good. Damn good. So incredibly sexy. My head drops and I begin to kiss my way up your thighs. I can tell you want my tongue on your hard, excited clit. I kiss and lick all around your thighs, getting closer each time. Your moans have turned to anxious whimpers. You want me to taste you badly. I can smell how wet you are. Your panties are soaked. I press my mouth up against your panty covered pussy and push my tongue into you as far as I can. You are going nuts. You want more. You need more.

My fingers hook the waistband of your panties and I begin to slide them off. As I toss them aside, you spread your legs wide for me. You hold your legs apart, offering me maximum access, and beg me to eat your pussy. You tell me you need to cum badly. That is all I need to hear. I bury my face in your sweet, delicious sex. I cannot get enough. You taste incredible. I stick my tongue in as deeply as I can to taste every drop. You are going crazy. It looks wonderful. I love to see you enjoying this. It makes me even harder. My cock is throbbing watching you squirm. My tongue begins a dance on your clit. Alternately flicking across and sucking hard on it is making you so wet. I slide a finger inside you. You are so hot. I concentrate on your clit bringing you agonizingly close to climax.

Just before you cum however, I back topkapı escort off, letting you regain yourself just enough until I once again virtually attack you sensitive nub. After a few more minutes of this, you are just about ready to explode. My tongue goes into overdrive, flicking and licking you until your back arches, your body tenses and trembles as I send you into a tremendously powerful orgasm. Your cries sound as stimulating as you look. Watching you cum is making my cock throb. It wants to be inside you badly. My tongue however wants more. It needs more. Before you know what’s happening, my tongue is again dancing on your throbbing sex button.

You are so wet, my finger slides easily inside you. I suck hard on your clit as I finger your tight, wet, sex. My eyes are glued to your face, which is clenched in obvious sexual bliss. You cry out over and over that it feels so damn good, in between unleashing such excited utterances as ‘fuck’, ‘damn’, and ‘oh god yes!’. Before you know it, another wave of pleasure runs through your body and you cum again. I do not stop there.

Though neither of us knows it, nearly an hour has passed since I got my first taste of your sweet pussy. Your body is nearing a most impressive climax. As I lick and suck on you, your body begins to tremble and shake. I can sense you are close and it’s gonna be a doozy. The sounds you are now making are now pure nonsense. Words have been replaced by sounds such as ‘ungh’, ‘giff’, and ‘aaahhyyng’. These sounds are even more stimulating than words. Damn I want to fuck you badly. I slide a second finger into you and get it all wet. I then withdraw it from your pussy and poke just the tip into your asshole. I suck your clit into my mouth and my fingers slide into your two openings.

Suddenly, you grab my hair and pull my face into you as though you want all of me inside you, you start to cry out over and over, ‘oh my god!, oh my god!’. Then your body clenches and squirms all at once and you cry out loudly as your burst into an unbelievable orgasm. You cum so hard it makes me shake and tremble.

As you lay there, eyes shut, trembling as you begin to slowly recover, I begin to stroke my cock for a moment. I want to feel my cock inside your pussy badly. I want to see my cock slide into you. I want to see your face as it penetrates deep into you. Your eyes open and you see me stroking my cock. You lick tuzla escort your lips and tell me you want to taste it. Sounding like a splendid idea to me, I stand up and position myself in front of you. Somehow, you manage to sit up. I stand in front of you stroking my rock hard dick. Your eyes are watching me deliciously. I love having you watching me touch myself. You tongue again licks your lips and your mouth drops open, inviting me inside you.

Your hand reaches up and takes hold of me. My hands drop to my side as you begin to stroke me now. My dick looks wonderfully sexy in your tiny hands. You smile at me as you jack my cock. It feels great. What you do next feels even better. Your mouth opens wide and you swallow the head of my cock. I gasp loudly as you engulf the tip of my dick. Slowly you begin to suck more and more of me into your very talented mouth. You suck hard and use your tongue impressively. The sight of my dick sliding into your mouth makes me harder. It looks so damn sexy. So damn hot. My hips begin to gyrate until I find myself fucking your mouth. You are taking all six inches easily. Damn this feels so good. Several minutes of this and I find myself on the edge of filling your mouth with hot, sticky cum. As much as I’d love that, I want badly to fuck you first.

I pull my cock away and you look up at me with an incredibly sexy, pouty look on your sweet, not so innocent face, wanting to know why I made you stop. I tell you I need to be deep inside you. Now. I reach down and take your hand. I lead you to the bedroom. You lay flat on the bed in the middle with your legs spread deliciously wide for me. You look so good. I savor the sight for a moment. Then I mount you, positioning the tip of my cock at the entrance to your sweet vagina. I sit up. I want to see me enter you. I push the head of my thick cock into you, the lips of you pussy spreading to allow me in. One long utterance escapes your lips as I penetrate you. “Yessssssssss” is all that I hear as I slide the first couple of inches into you. You are so wet that I glide easily into you.

Not being one to rush a good thing however, I begin at first to fuck you with just the first couple of inches of my cock. Slowly, in and out. Without picking up any pace, I begin to penetrate you deeper and deeper until my dick is buried to the shaft inside you. My eyes have been glued to the whole sight. It looks exquisite. ümraniye escort My dick fucking your tight pussy looks so sexy. Damn does it feel good too.

After a minute or two of slowly, deeply fucking you, I begin to fuck you a little faster and a little harder. After about five minutes, my cock is fucking you hard and fast. You look incredible as you hold your legs apart, your face clenched, and a mixture of both sounds and words escaping your lips. Fucking you is driving me wild. You look good, sound good and feel incredible. So soft and wet and hot.

My hips shift from side to side, attempting to piston my cock into every inch of your pussy. Every crevice. I want to fuck your pussy better than you could ever imagine anyone ever could. You are panting and moaning and crying out excited words as I pound you hard. After about fifteen minutes of this type of intense fucking, I decide that I want to take you from behind. I remove my dick from you and instruct you to roll over onto your hands and knees. You roll over but before you turn away from me, you grab my dick as suck it into your mouth again, licking it clean of your own sweet juice. The sight is soo erotic. I need to fuck you before I lose my load in your mouth.

You pull away, my cock ‘popping’ out of your mouth, and turn around with your legs spread apart. I position the head of my cock and push into you. You bury your head in the pillow to muffle your cries as I begin to fuck you hard from behind. You cry out how much you love being fucked hard and beg me to fuck you harder. I have no problem complying with your wish. Soon my pulsing dick is pistoning feverishly in and out of you. The sound and smell of sex are filling the room. Anyone watching would have been busy masturbating at the incredible sight. Soon I am unable to take much more. I am surprised I held off this long. I let you know I am going to cum. Your reply surprises, but excites me. You tell me to ‘give’ you my cum. You want it in your mouth. You want to taste me the way I tasted you. This is definitely enough to set me off. I pull my cock out and you quickly turn to face me, your eyes closed, your mouth wide open. I point my dick directly at your hot lips and stroke myself twice and then shoot a salty, hot load right into your waiting mouth. A lot of it hits its mark. More covers your beautiful lips and face. It looks so good I almost seem to cum again, one final burst hitting your cheek.

It is an incredibly mind blowing orgasm that leaves me withering weakly on the bed next to you. You lean over and kiss me. Well, if your willing to take my load, I’m willing to kiss you after. We kiss passionately for a while until we both fall blissfully asleep. Damn you are one incredibly sexy woman.

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