“A Soldier’s Boy”.

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Female Ejaculation

“A Soldier’s Boy”.A re-posting of a good old British classic.——————————————————–A Soldier’s Boy.by pete ([email protected])***A young boy’s first sexual experience encourages him to find his real sexuality. (Mb, 1st-gay-expr, oral, mast)***With acknowledgements to ‘RafSarge’Chapter 1I let out a stifled moan and took a man’s cock into my wet mouth, in one single graceful movement of pure lust, for the first time in my life. I didn’t even gag! I must have been born a natural cock-sucker, I thought wildly to myself, as my lips closed around the velvety softness of him. We had met just over an hour ago, in the back row of a darkened movie house, he was a soldier from the nearby Royal Artillery base and I was a boy out for his usual Saturday morning matinee at the cinema, just fooling around at the small sea-side town, where I lived.By chance, he had awakened my pubescent body, and now here I was in another world. In the cinema, I had cum all over us, almost the minute he had fondled my throbbing cock through my shorts, and had pulled it out clear of my boxer’s in the nick of time. He had quickly looked around, nobody was nearby, or looking, and he had bent down and taken my spewing cock-head in his mouth, and sucked and swallowed every drop of my gooey boy-cum down his throat, with obvious pleasure.Then he had taken out his own stiff cock… it was a neatly circumcised eight-incher, from his army pants, and he had folded my hand around it. I had very clumsily jacked him off to a very noisy orgasm, one that the movie soundtrack had very nicely covered, almost as if planned. After he had cum all over the place, he had cleaned himself up, and reached out for my cock once more, and was obviously pleased to find that it was hard again …… twelve year-old boys are horny! He was surprised at the size of my cock, it was at least four inches when it was hard like now, and the circumcised head gleamed softly in the dim light. The flesh of the shaft felt like velvet to him and he trembled. He had fondled me gently for a quiet minute or two, then he had hesitantly asked me if I would like to go with him to another place somewhere, so that we could have some more fun… I had agreed after only a few seconds hesitation. He promised to stop if he did anything I didn’t like. I had a pretty good idea of what he had in mind, I hadn’t missed his fingertips probing and trying to move up to my rear-end, as he had sucked at my cock…I was too aroused to object… I wanted him to feel me there! Pandora’s Box had been opened for me and with a vengeance. Now here I was, at this secret place of his under the end of Southend pier, finding out that his cock now had other needs, before finally filling my bottom for the first time. It had taken him all of thirty seconds to strip me of all my clothes and thirty more to kneel down in front of me, take my soft cock into his hot mouth and make me rock-hard again. Then he had stood up and undressed himself, and taken me by my shoulders and pushed me to my knees, and had slid his throbbing stiffness into my mouth.I just had time to see with some pleasure that he was completely without pubic hair, before his cock-head forced its way down my throat, and for one awful moment, I thought I was going to be sick but I fought off the sensation of nausea, slowly calming my heaving stomach. At the same time, I started breathing through my nose, and very quickly I soon regained my control… yup, I was a natural all right! I slid one hand around behind him, my boyish fingers pressing into his muscular buttock flesh, caressing the new sensation in my tactile fingers.My other hand cupped his big balls, caressing and squeezing at them, rolling and fondling them. My lips and throat worked on the cock they had captured, my tongue massaged the fat rim of his cock-head, as he forced it down my throat.I breathed noisily through my nose, every deep breath carrying his smell into my brain. I was in pure sexual ecstasy, d**gged now by the masculine odours that I was inhaling so deeply, intoxicated by the taste of him. My eyes absorbed the beauty of his smooth hairless crotch, he must shave it I thought… my head was spinning in erotic desire for unknown things.. He groaned aloud with pleasure, writhing in torment as my sensual mouth did unfathomable things to him. He put one of his hands behind my head, pulling me in closer, and his hips began a rhythmical movement. He was thrusting his throbbing cock deeper into the liquid warmth of my soft throat, fucking my face in obvious pleasure…I could sense that his climax was close… he was going to cum in my mouth and I braced myself for the flood of gooey semen, that I knew was coming. Then he groaned loudly, and grasped the back of my head, pulling me to him, and finally shot his load far down my throat, frantically screaming out his pleasure.I gagged continuously as I swallowed his thick streaming ejaculate, until his cock finally stopped pumping into me. By then however, I had relaxed, finding that I liked the taste of his gift to me and I gulped and swallowed it all to the last drop, as he slowly wound down.We stayed there like that for some time, my hands clutching his ass to me, while his cock throbbed gently in my mouth, his hands holding my head to him. He had softened a little but not too much, and now he started to grow hard again in the warm wetness of my mouth. Then: “Stand up,” he said lewdly, “now turn around, bend over and hold that rail, you want me to fuck you in that pretty bum of yours… right?” and he smiled at me as I dumbly nodded.I scrambled off my knees to my feet, gasping for air, my heart pounding. I swivelled around, bending over as I had been instructed. A hand which that I vaguely knew was my own, grasped my aching cock, pumping hard, up and down, up and down.”Stop that! You can do that later….” he said thickly.My hand flew away from my cock, clamping on tightly to the rail. I could feel his fingers now, probing the crack of my arse, seeking for the entrance to my boy-cunt. Suddenly, the probe found its target and at first, it played around the edges, the door to my boy-bum virginity still closed.I moaned softly, pushing against him, magical new sensations were flooding my brain, as he fingered me. The probing finger pushed firmly, and the barrier gave way, and with a grunt from the man, his finger finally moved into the moist darkness of my anus. I was suddenly glad that I had gone to the bathroom, and had a poop, as he had suggested, before we had left the cinema, otherwise there might have been a disaster right then… (He had obviously anticipated what was going to happen!)He immediately hit the nub of my prostate, and I groaned in NEW pure pleasure, now I wanted more, but a big hard eight-inch cock? I gulped… I still wanted him. Then the finger slowly withdrew, I looked around, and he had taken out a tube of KY gel. From his army jacket, and was smearing his fingers with it. Then I felt him insert a greasy finger into me and ream it around, and then he added yet another finger, reaming me out again. Now my sphincter started to relax, as he urged his hand into me… his fingers slowly opening me up gradually, taking his time. I could sense his almost screaming need to plunge his throbbing cock into me, ready or not! He could soon tell the obvious difference, as my BUM-hole opened up and accepted him. He withdrew his fingers and leaned over to my head.He said rather hoarsely: “You’re about as ready as you’re ever going to be … here it comes boy, hold on to that rail!”Then I felt the smooth head of his cock probing and straining, pushing at my bum-hole. He was relentless, his tip forcing its way into my opening, followed by the rim of his cock-head, and I started to groan in agony. He ignored my pleas for him to stop and he finally surged into me, bringing pain such as I had never known before… so much canlı bahis for his promise I thought vaguely.I had started crying, my body was now writhing in agony. His hands were clamped around my heaving hips, controlling me and preventing me from wriggling myself away. He paused; his penis was in my no longer virginal rectum, for almost half its length, I could feel his big swinging balls hitting against my soft buttocks. He desperately wanted to fuck me, to fuck me fast and hard, to fill my rectal boy-tunnel with his juice but he curbed his lust, knowing that I needed time to recover myself. He stopped pushing and panted: “Relax son, and lean back against me. Let your body feel me throbbing inside you, my cock needing you… let your young bum-hole relax around me, feel me… want me to fuck it!” he said gently, as he caressed my soft butt-cheeks. He was very caring, now that he was inside me and I almost forgave him his broken promise. I heard him as if he were far away, and very, very, slowly I straightened myself…. I had stopped crying. I leant back against the soldier’s firm broad chest, my buttocks almost touching his crotch. I closed my eyes, and took a couple of deep breaths, and deliberately relaxed my anal ring around the invader. I opened my eyes, which stung with the sweat dripping from my forehead. I couldn’t see properly, and everything seemed to be out of focus, swimming in a misty haze. So, this was what it was all about … what it felt like, being fucked… and in a very special place… I trembled all over… I loved it!Chapter 2My sphincter had started to adjust finally, and I gently squeezed his shaft with the ring of soft muscle. I gasped loudly at the pleasurable feeling it gave me. Then I put both my hands behind me, grasping his ass, and deliberately I pulled him deeper into me, in complete surrender.His big cock was throbbing, pulsating with desire. I felt it jerking against the walls of my anal tube, now I wanted him to fuck me out of my mind… it might hurt me even further – I didn’t care…. all I wanted was for him to fuck me silly! “Oh, do it to me now!” I groaned, and pressed myself further onto him, my anus was clenching around his throbbing shaft.”Bend over and spread your legs open,” he panted into my ear, adding passionately: “I’m all yours now son, take me… take all of me!”I obeyed, thrilling at his hot words and his firm hands grasped me on either side of my hips, as he slowly began to withdraw his throbbing shaft. Then slowly he pushed forward again. I winced a little, drawing in a sharp breath. He continued his back and forth movement, and he told me I could start jerking myself off now. My now slippery anus was getting more accustomed to his constant movement, and a feeling of pure sensual pleasure slowly spread through my entire body, as my tight sphincter adjusted to his sliding cock. My own cock responded gratefully to my hand, with its old familiar rhythm. He picked up speed, he could not contain his lust… his need for me any longer… this was going to be the best fuck he had ever had in his life! My virgin body gave itself to him completely. He was violently slamming home now, going as deep into me as he could, and then withdrawing almost all out. His tempo was increasing rapidly, and I was rocking back and forth, my body moving in time with, and yet meeting his thrusts… deep grunting sounds came from his throat. I was moaning out loud, and my lips were parted, my mouth open in a rictus of the purest carnal pleasure. My cock was like an iron bar; it had never been so big before! The veins were huge, the crown swollen and bathed in clear, sticky pre-cum. Harder and faster he fucked me … I could vaguely feel something wet running down the insides of my thighs, it was my anal juices lubricating the man’s thrusting, spearing monster.My prostate jumped sweetly every time his cock-head hit it and I felt a churning in my balls; it would not be long now before I would shoot my load. I tried to control myself; I desperately wanted to cum at the same time he did, then very suddenly and without any warning, the soldier let out a yell! He pounded and thrashed, and thrust harder, faster…. he was about to climax! I let my own control go, my hand pumping my prick like mad! We were completely out of our minds now… then he climaxed, and his hot thick cum erupted from his cock, crashing against the sensitive walls of my boy-pussy… I felt every spurt on my soft rectal flesh as his semen filledmy belly, the first time that my insides has tasted that malenectar.As he erupted again and again, over and over he moaned out my name, begging me to take him…. take him…. take all of him!I heard his heartfelt plea, and felt his ejaculation deep inside me, I thrust my pelvis forward, my bursting cock reaching outwards and upwards, as my own cum exploded from my body in a stream of white fire. I writhed and thrashed about on his jerking prick, as if I was a huge fish on the end of a line. I groaned and yelled… sobbing happily as my body sucked him into me. My forward thrust of my hips tightened my butt-cheeks on his shaft, I was nearly out of my mind with ecstatic sexual agony… my rectal muscles gripped him tightly. I wanted him to stuff his balls into me, and I reached under him and tried to do just that, but of course they wouldn’t go in! Then the soldier collapsed over me, completely spent. He was purged of all lust, all carnality. He was panting, hoarsely, as if he had just run a long, hard race. My own knees were buckling now; I braced myself against him, completely wiped out. Slowly, I recovered, and I could feel his wonderful stiff cock deflating inside me, then finally pull out from my body. I groaned softly…. it was all over, my rectum felt empty, my sphincter abandoned! I would never feel this way again… there is only one first time! My fucked boy-cunt was still trembling with pleasure, and I stood upright and turned to face my spent seducer. He was on his knees, chest heaving, he was completely done-in, his lovely cock was now hanging down limply in glorious defeat… it shone with his cum and my rectal juices.After a minute or so, he started wiping himself off with his under-shirt, and then he paused, and started cleaning me up first. He managed to get in a few licks and kisses on my softening cock as he did so. Then he turned me around and started to wipe off my ass. He felt me twitch in pleasure as his fingertips brushed my anus, and stopped wiping me. He pushed his fingers in my hole once more, and started reaming me out. I loved it, and he sensed it, and fingered my prostate as I shuddered in pleasure. As his fingers opened me up, some of his thick cum that had filled my rectum started to run out, and down the insides of my thighs. He moaned softly as he saw it, and scooped it up in his fingers and sucked them avidly, then leaned down and licked my thighs clean. Then finally, he took me in his arms, stroking me all over, and I thrilled at his touch as he hugged me tight. He panted: “Peter, that was fantastic… are you okay? I know I hurt you.. I promised not to, and I’m sorry… but Jesus, that was one hell of a fuck!””W.. was it really good for you?” I asked tremulously. He hugged me again: “Yeah, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m counting women too! Your ass is the nicest and best thing I’ve ever fucked, and you sure love being fucked… you’re one very sexy boy!” He smiled, adding, “You’re a horny little bugger, I think I’ll keep you, is that okay!” and I nodded happily, as I blushed hotly at his compliments.He looked at his watch: “Come on,” he said, “get dressed quick, I have a friend who has given me the keys to his apartment, he has already left, we’ve got some sucking to do,” he paused and added, “and some more fucking!” and smiled as I looked up at him happily.Then he stepped back a few paces, and slowly looked me over, really looked bahis siteleri me over. He asked me to turn around slowly, almost as if I was one of those fashion models, and embarrassed, I did so, as he looked at me with immense pleasure in his eyes.Finally he said: “Peter, you have a really great body, and your lovely ass is out of this world!” I blushed again, as he added, “To say nothing about that very nice cock of yours, and your sexy mouth!” I smiled up at him, and then we finally started getting dressed. I looked at my watch, it was just one-o-clock, we had at least three hours yet… I had to be back home by five, a lot could happen in three hours, and it sounded as if he had plans for us…. I trembled deliciously.I smiled to myself, look what had happened to me in just two!Chapter 3The apartment was on the third and top floor, over some kind of store and offices, and the soldier opened the door of the private entrance on the street and I followed him up several flights of stairs, to the top floor landing. There he pressed an unobtrusive button, and I heard the usual soft chimes, muffled inside, but nothing happened, so he put in the key and opened the door, called out his friend’s name but all was quiet. He led the way in, and closed and locked the door behind me. He led me into the living room and sat me down on the big couch, then left me, saying he’d be right back, and I looked around me. The place was bright and airy, the furnishings were very comfortable, and everything looked expensive. I could see a big kitchen off the dining area, it was quite the place, I thought. I started thinking about Dave, then I smiled to myself… that was the first time I had thought of him as ‘Dave’, it was about time I thought, after all we had done together, in just two short hours. My whole body glowed with sexual pleasure, my mind was satiated with erotic stimulus, a whole new world had opened up to me. I was twelve years old, I had just been fucked in my bottom for the first time in my life and loved it! My rear-end tingled as I thought about his fucking of me and my cock started to harden again.I heard him come out of the bathroom, and he called out to me up the hallway, to ‘make yourself comfortable’. I smiled, I knew what he meant, stood up, and stripped off my sweaty clothes. Standing there in that strangers home my cock sprang up happily, it really likes me being naked. I would have loved a shower, maybe later…. I saw a large wall mirror and got up and looked at my reflection. Yes, I did have a neat body I thought, then turned around, and checked out my bum, so recently fucked by my new friend and smiled to myself, he was right, it was rather nice. I looked at my boyish mouth… it didn’t look any different to any other mouth that I could see. Then my eyes dropped to my hairless belly and four inches of stiff cock… it did have a certain aura about it, I thought, smiling again.I gulped as I remembered his inspection of my naked body. I had been very embarrassed and although I liked his admiration, I was still rather uncomfortable with the whole thing. So why was I getting even harder now, as I thought about his appraisal of me… his hot eyes on my naked body… on my boy cock.Just then he returned, he was wearing a short terry-cloth bathrobe that barely covered his cock. He looked at me standing in front of the mirror, at my stiff cock, and chuckled. “Well it didn’t take you long to get into the spirit of things. Peter, welcome to my home!” he said, and waved his hand around. I smiled happily at him, as my cock waved at him, and hardened even still more. He grinned, and came over to me and stood next to me, as we both looked at ourselves in the mirror. He had a very nice body too, his legs looked strong and muscular. Then I realised what he had said, and looked up at him in confusion, as his hand enveloped my stiff cock, and slowly rubbed it up and down. I reached for him in turn and although his cock wasn’t hard, it was still the nicest I had ever seen… and had up my ass! He put his arm around me, and led me to the couch, sitting close to me, his hand still holding my hard cock, slowly wanking me off. I reached for him again and his cock started to slowly harden in my hand. He went on: “Yes Peter, this is my place… and since I’m not here half the time right now, I loan it out sometimes to friends.” He paused as he rubbed his thumb over my pee-hole and his finger-tips tickled the little nub of my circumcision, then went on: “Special friends that have younger friends, that look just like you, Peter… with great young asses and firm bodies, and nice cocks… almost as nice and big as yours!”He smiles and continued “…. and some even younger than yoiu, much younger”!He stopped as my cock jerked uncontrollably in his hand now, at his erotic words. He smiled and leaned over and kissed the head of it but only for an instant. He thenreluctantly sat up, and his hand started slowly jacking me off, and I listened to him now, as if from far away…He went on, lewdly now, as if he was trying to turn me on: “My friend who was here earlier today was with a boy just like you, and just like you, that boy was getting fucked in his tight young ass… fucked until he moaned for mercy… yet not really wanting to stop!”He paused and squeezed my cock tightly, then went on softly: “After they had recovered a little, they would have sucked each other off…. and then, because the boy was like you, young and horny and his cock still hard, he would have fucked my friend in his ass, until he moaned…. but not for mercy!”But by now I was hardly listening, as his hand flew purposefully up and down my throbbing shaft, he had gently taken my hand off his own cock, obviously he wanted me to cum by myself. He was fascinated by my cock. I laid back on the couch and gave myself up to him, as he keened deep in his throat, his face was close to my cock-head, as he waited for me to cum, watching it carefully as the pressure built up.The head was shining, the velvety shaft throbbing in his hand, and I concentrated on prolonging my pleasure, trying to make it last. His hand slowed down, it was almost as if he was reading my mind again, and then his hand stopped it’s motion altogether and he just squeezed my shaft, very, very, gently and stroked the smooth hairless skin at the base of my cock. My pre-cum oozed out of my pee-hole, his tongue dipped to meet it, then the tip pushed itself into the little hole. His fingertips gently spread it open further, until it was smiling at him, and he licked at it for a while. Then his tongue moved down to the little nub of my circumcision, and he licked and nibbled on it just as if it was a tiny clitoris on a young girl. My cock-head jumped, he could tell I was getting close, despite his care over me, and now he raised his head, and his hand flew in final deliverance, his hot eyes, fascinated now, watched my cock intently.I couldn’t delay my need to cum any longer and I screamed like I had never screamed before. My hips arched off the couch, as my cum was pressurized in some subterranean void, deep within my body, and then released like a volcanic eruption. My cock throbbed as if it was going to burst, but thankfully, the lava was persuaded to take the path to the outside world, and my cum spewed out of my clitoral pee-hole, like a geyser in a national park! I screamed again and again…. he was moaning aloud, in his own erotic pleasure at my final deliverance, as my whole body heaved in shuddering spasms of delight.My stream of white fire shot high in the air, the initial spurt ending up on the glass-topped coffee table, some six feet away. Dave watched it happily for an instant, and then he quickly bent over and took my spewing cock-head into his mouth. I filled his throat, as he gulped and swallowed every drop with the same pleasure he had shown in the cinema, he was moaning in delight as my gift to him filled güvenilir bahis his belly. He really liked my cum, and I grabbed his head in my trembling hands, pulling him to me, and my cock throbbed in his mouth until I had finished pumping into him, and even then, he didn’t let me go. His sensual lips sucked gently at the head, his tongue flickered over my pee-hole, digging out the last oozing drops of cum.My screaming had stopped, and now I just moaned softly in pleasure, as he worked me over with his mouth and tongue … he was very good, I thought happily to myself. I reached out and found his own stiff cock and grasped it firmly in one hand, as my other gently held his head on to me.I thought to myself, that it was maybe me, who should keep him!Chapter 4Dave suckled at my cock until it finally softened, and even then he was reluctant to lift his mouth off me. He finally did, and I held him as he wound down from his high, his hunger for my boy-cum satisfied for the present. His stiff cock was throbbing in my hand, and I knew that he had another need for me right now, he needed something nice and warm wrapped tightly around this wonderful cock of his! Again he read my thoughts, and snapped back to the present, sitting up, and taking me in his arms.He nuzzled my neck, and said hoarsely: “Jesus, Peter, your cum tastes so good, so thick and sweet, and so much of it too! I told you that you were a horny little bugger… you’re also a juicy one!” My hand tightened around him, and he was reminded of his own condition now, as he looked down at my hand around him, and I felt him tremble softly, and I pulled his head to mine.I put my mouth up to his ear and murmured tremulously: “Take me to the bedroom… I want you to fuck me again…” and I licked his ear, as he wriggled like a little puppy. He laughed, hugging me, then stood up and bent over, and effortlessly lifted me in his arms, and carried me into the bedroom, where he gently deposited me on his huge bed. I lay on my back, my head on a pillow, and looked up at him, as he seemed to tower over me. Then I reached out for his rock-hard cock, pulled him to me so that he was straddling my face and quickly took his magnificent cock deep in my mouth. He moaned as I sucked hard on him, but this was not what I wanted… my boy-pussy was almost screaming out in need for him…. I could feel that my anus was twitching hungrily for his cock… I pushed him off me, and turned over on to my stomach and like a bitch in heat, stuck up my ass, and offered myself to him. He looked down at me and groaned out aloud, then he leaned over me and covered my back and up-thrust bum with hot kisses, as I lay there trembling, almost out of my mind for him. I had no idea what to do, how to lead in any way… I just wanted him! His kisses turned to licks, as his mouth covered my ass-hole, and he eased his finger-tips into my crack, and opening me up, thrust his tongue deep into my tawny anus, reaming out my little volcano in obvious delight. He was moaning and sucking at me now, almost as if to turn me inside out… I trembled at his intensity.He finally raised his soft mouth off my ass, and I felt him reach over to a bedside table, and soon his fingers were lubing up my throbbing anus. It didn’t need much, it was still juicy from his previous attentions. I felt his fingers begin to probe me, and he started keening in his throat as my sphincter opened up easily, and soon he had his fingers deep inside me, and was gently but firmly reaming me out. My cock was pressed tight to the bed-covers and now it was hardening in pleasure, as his fingertips caressed and probed at my prostate. I had only just cum like gangbusters… he was right, I thought wildly. I really was a horny little bugger!I sensed that he was ready to fuck me and lifted my buttocks up to him spreading my legs, thinking that was what he wanted but he gently stopped me. He reached up and pulled a pillow down, and told me to lift up, then slid it under my hips and pressed me down gently.He murmured: “Now you’re just right… close your legs… there. I’m going to fuck you now Peter, you’re all mine again… take me boy… take me like you did before… let me love you!” then he straddled my thighs.I trembled, and nodded, and stuck my boyish bum up further in the air, as I felt him feed the tip of his throbbing cock into me. His cock-head followed and once again there was the initial agony of my sphincter being invaded, but it quickly passed this time. The ring of muscle stretched almost gladly, as if it were remembering it’s pleasure the last time, and allowed his thick shaft to slide very slowly into me, then it clenched tightly around him, and throbbed deliciously as it worked it’s magic on the invader.Dave was groaning in abject pleasure, as he felt my anusclose around him, and I was in heaven again, as now he fed his cock into me for it’s full length, his hairless crotch was rubbing sensually against my soft buttocks. My sphincter clenched tightly around him and I could feel my anal juices start to run once more.Then he gently lowered his body down on mine, covering me completely, and as our bodies met, he trembled, and stopped moving. Now he took his weight on his forearms, while still maintaining full contact with my soft young flesh, and we gently squeezed and rubbed against each other, in erotic pleasure.My rectum clenched delicately but very firmly around him, and we fucked slowly without a single movement of our bodies, except for only the sensual contractions of my sphincter, and the muscles of my rectum, around his throbbing, jerking cock. My buttocks and anus squeezed him tightly… lovingly.Then I felt him start to move inside me at last, in short little strokes, hardly a half an inch at a time but the concentration of tactile feeling on such short movements on our sliding flesh, was sensual in the extreme. He told me to cross my legs, that way I could squeeze him even tighter.He was an expert, in fucking young boys in their hot and horny rear-ends! I fleetingly wondered how many of us were around… in his stable… I would love to compare notes!But soon it was time for some rougher fucking… I wanted to be fucked silly again, I wanted him to **** me! Again he read my mind, as now he lifted his body off me and knelt behind me, raising me to my knees. He held me up by my hips as he started to pound into me now, his balls slapping noisily at my bum-cheeks. My own cock was rock hard again, and now I could reach it, and I grabbed it and started jacking myself for the millionth time, my mouth was drooling, I was a sexual maniac for his cock in my ass, for his thick hot cum to fill me again. I was moaning loudly now in pleasure, as I felt him sliding in and out of my clenching anus. It was that sensation of our hot living flesh, rubbing against each other’s, that turned me on so very much. We were both panting hard now, I was ready for him to blast into my loving ass-hole, as he increased his tempo, and started to really fuck me with passion. Then he took me by surprise. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and flipped himself over on to his back, taking me with him as he kept driving into me. Now he reached down and pushed my hand off my cock, and started jacking me off himself, and soon his driving hips and pumping hand were synchronized in their loving abuse of my body. I lay there spread-eagled on my back over him, my thighs and legs open wide, my arms outstretched, as my soft ass-cheeks rammed down on his crotch, in answer to his heaving thrusts.He shuddered, then screamed out: “Peter… FUCK… TAKE MEEEeee..!” then he blasted what seemed like a gallon of boiling cum into my hungry rectum, as he jacked me off to my own orgasm, and I screamed out in my turn, as my spasming cock spurted my jets of cum all over us.Jesus… we were very good together, I thought wildly for an instant, as we heaved and writhed all over his bed. His cock and hand were still pumping busily at my throbbing flesh, while his other hand lovingly rubbed my gooey cum all over my body, as we groaned our way through yet another glorious spectacular orgasm together.

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