A Special Evening for Him!!

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I watch you drive in from work and get out of your car, as I have so many times before. You are unsuspecting of what is behind the front door. I retreat into the darkness of our home, smiling to myself, waiting for the sound of the door to open. You notice before you come in, the house is dark, filled only with a soft glare. You open the door, to see the room filled with candles, providing the only light in the house. The windows are open so that the night air can fill the room. The shear window coverings lift softly with the breeze. You look around at all of the candles burning, their scent intoxicating. The flames, flicker softly with the breeze coming from the open windows.

The house is ever so quiet, with the exception of faint music coming from another part of the house but it is so quiet you cannot yet tell what it is. No sound of kids playing, no sounds from the television. I am watching you. From the look on your face, I can tell you are wondering where I am. You start to look for me and something catches your eye across the room.

There is a note, folded on the table next to the couch; a collage of candles surrounds it. You pick it up and open it. “Put your things down and go to the front bathroom, there is a towel there for you. Take a nice long hot shower.” I watch you slowly looking around, as if to see if I am there. You put your things down, take off your shoes and walk towards the shower. The music is getting a bit louder. You are still not able to make it out yet. I see you stop and listen, trying to hear. I can see a small smile on your face.

You open the door; the bathroom is filled with candles as well, all across the vanity there are candles. The same scent as in the front of the house now fills the bathroom. Your towel is there folded. You turn on the water to the shower and begin to undress. I hear you get into the shower and move from the spot where I have remained hidden from your sight. I walk to the door, which you left open, slowly and quietly I go in and pick up all of your clothes and take them away. I come back and lean on the door and watch you. The candles cast a shadow on you in the shower. I see the outline of your body, your hands and arms moving up and down, your fingers sliding slowly across your skin.

Closing my eyes… imagining myself walking slowly towards you. Taking my clothes off and letting them fall to the floor on my way there, going to the back of the shower and ever so gently and quietly I slide the shower curtain back, you do not even know I am there. Standing behind you, I see me moving up right up next to you, the water falling off of you onto me. I reach up with both of my hands and touch your shoulders softly. You are startled and go to turn around and I whisper in your ear… “Shhhhh, it is only me, don’t turn around”. I take and lather soap in my hands, then on your soaked skin. Rubbing you gently from your Shoulder’s, down each arm, to your hands, running my fingers in-between each of yours. Then back up your hands, your arms, and your shoulders. Running my hands down your back. My hands then go around your sides, and up to your chest.

My body is touching yours. Kissing your shoulder, across your back slowly to your other shoulder. My hands moving upward and I pull you to me holding you close from behind. Sliding my hands back down your chest again, I take the shower gel and squeeze it all over your chest and abdomen. I run both of my hands through it, making sure that every inch on skin is touched. Your skin is slick with lather. Your head leaned back on my shoulder, eyes closed. I can hear you breathe. One of my hands rubbing your chest and arms, the other slowly moving down over your abdomen, down over your hip to your upper thigh and back up. Making sure that you are lathered well. I run that same hand back up to your abdomen and up to your chest as the opposite hand runs down the other side first over your stomach to your hip and then down your leg and slowly back up again.

I begin licking and kissing your neck, nibbling at your ear lobe, with every movement of my hand. At the same time both hands slide down your chest to your abdomen, this time moving straight down, kissing the other side of your neck, nibbling at your ear, hearing each breath you take, my hands come to your hard cock. With well-lathered hands, I begin to stroke you, slowly, up and down. I hear you moan. With one hand, I gently rub your balls, rolling them around, while my other hand is slowly stroking you up and down. You slowly begin to turn towards me, bringing your right arm up and over me to pull me close to you. You are facing me now.

My pendik escort hand is still around your cock, pushing, pulling, and jacking you off so slow. You step back just a little bit, enough so that we can both look down and see my hand rubbing you. Looking back to my face you move towards me, our eyes locked to one another, gently kissing my face, my cheek, the edge of my mouth, the tip of my nose, my forehead. I close my eyes; the feel of your lips on my skin is ecstasy. You kiss both of my eyelids, soft and slow. I feel your hand on my lower back pulling me towards you, I am still slowly stroking your cock, and it is now touching my stomach. Your lips move to mine, and you kiss me, a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues slowly make love to one another.

I feel your other hand moving from my upper back, sliding down over my ass to my leg, lifting it upwards holding it to your side. I feel your body lower just a little, my hand still on your cock, but now it is touching my clit. I raise myself slightly and move you so that you are within one movement of entering me. My breath is quickening, your kisses getting deeper, stronger. I lower myself, feeling your hardness enter me ever so slowly. My arms both go up around your neck as you make the slowest movements in and out of me. It feels so good. So slow and deliberate, you make love to me while the water falls down my hair and back. A deep breath escapes me, I open my eyes, my hand is in my panties and I am rubbing my clit. Seeing your shadow in the shower still. I place a note on top of your towel and quietly leave the bathroom.

Slowly, I retreat back within the shadows so you do not see me. I hear the water stop in the shower. You get out…and see that your clothes are gone and another note placed upon your towel. You open it and read it. “Wrap the towel around you and go to the bedroom. There you will find something for you in the middle of the bed.” I watch you as you leave the bathroom and turn towards our room. The music you have heard is coming from there. It is soft and sexual. Opening the door, the room is lit by candlelight, only more so than the rest of the house.

The window is open enough so that the chiffon curtains move slightly with the breeze. The candles dance and sway with the music. On the stereo, you hear Enigma playing. There are candles all around the bed. I have placed candle pillars, each holding 5 candles, around the room. An assortment of candles placed on the dresser, their reflection dancing in the mirror. The scent in the room is hypnotic, strong yet sweet. The bed is a four-poster wrought iron bed with a canopy. The same shear chiffon is draped and looped all the way around the top, with sheets of the chiffon falling down on all sides, encasing it. I watch you as you walk towards the bed, hesitating, wanting to turn around, you sense I am near.

You continue to walk over to the bed, pulling aside a piece of the silky chiffon. There is a small box and a note attached to the top of it. You stand up, box in hand and pull the note off. Opening it, I can see your face. My note says “Inside you will find something for you. You will know what to do with it when you see it. After you do this, climb up into and lay face down in the middle of the bed, arms out to your sides. Unwrap the towel and lay it across you.” I watch you put the note on the bedside table and open the box; I see the smile on your face. You take out a black silk cloth, a blindfold. You drop the box to the floor. You are looking at the blindfold and I see you glance slowly around the room. I watch you as you move the silky curtains aside that hang around the bed and you crawl in, the chiffon falling back into place behind you. You are on your knees, I see you place the blind fold on, tying it loosely, then undoing the towel from around your waste, laying face down in the middle and draping the towel across your ass, placing your arms out to your sides.

I smile to myself.

I allow you to lie there, listening to the music, breathing in the fragrance that consumes the room, and feeling the light breeze from outside. While you lay there I quietly enter the room, I am carrying with me a large bottle of heated massage oil and a bowl of ice cubes. I am wearing a short black satin gown, black satin panties and a black shear cover-up. You know I am here, you can smell my perfume. I am at the foot of the bed. Placing the oil and bowl on the floor, I tie back the chiffon on each side so that I can move in and out. I pick up the oil and bowl and place them in the bed. I kneel at the foot of the bed, at your feet. suadiye escort Taking the bottle of oil, I squeeze it into my hands, rubbing them together; I start with your right foot. You feel my touch for the first time.

I gently begin with the arch of your foot, my hands wrapped around both sides, my thumbs massaging in circular motions all the way to your toes and back up again. Using my fingers to massage both the topside and bottom side of your foot at the same time. My thumbs working from your heal to the arch and then to the toes, rubbing in a straight line down and in small circles back up. I slowly move my way up to your ankle and calve muscle on your right leg. Getting the oil, I squeeze a line from the bend of your knee to your ankle. Using my hands in the same fashion, rubbing in small circles along the muscles then using my palms to knead it. Up to the back of your knee, down to your ankle. Making sure that the muscle is totally relaxed.

Moving farther up, I stand and lean farther in the bed, pouring oil from the bend of your knee up to the back of your thigh. I reach up and fold the towel up just enough to expose the rest of your leg. Coming back to your foot, I gently pull it to the side, spreading your legs. I move back up to your thigh and begin massaging it. Open handed, rubbing firmly, slowly inching my way upward. I am at the top of your thigh next to the bottom of the towel I pout more oil there, some running down between your legs, to the inside. Rubbing up and down on your leg from your upper thigh down to your ankle and back up again. I take my hand, gently rub down in-between your leg where the oil ran, my fingers ever so close to your balls.

I move my pinkie finger out just a bit, to lightly brush up against them as I bring my hand by. I see and feel your entire body tense and then relax. Climbing back to the foot of the bed, I take the oil, rub it into my hands and begin with your left foot, gently rubbing in small circular motions with my thumbs. Working my way up your calve muscle, making sure that it is totally relaxed then up to the back of your thigh. I lean back up into the bed and I pour the oil from the bend of your knee, up to the bottom of the towel, which is still folded up. I begin massaging, slowly, working my way to the top of your thigh. Pouring more oil, watching it run down between your legs. I rub you from the top of your thigh down to your ankle. Kneading the muscles all the way down, then back up again.

With my left hand, I slowly reach down between your legs to pull the oil up, gently allowing my pinkie finger to brush your balls again. Again I see and feel your body tense and relax. Taking the towel and putting it back to where it was, I take the bottle and the bowl and move it up toward me in the bed. I straddle you and sit on your ass. Folding the towel down so that I can get to your back, I start with the middle of your back and I pour a line straight down the center of it. Sliding my hands together, I start at the small of your back; using my palms I run them both up on each side of your spine. Making small circular motions as I go.

Pouring a hand full of oil, I rub them together, letting the overflow fall onto your back. I begin kneading your shoulders and the back of your neck. Slowly and firmly, making my way back down towards me. Not missing a single muscle, each, getting a total rub down. At your right shoulder, I take your arm and lay it straight out to the side and pour oil from your shoulder down to the top of your hand. Then take your left arm, moving it out to the side and pouring oil from your shoulder to the top of your hand. I rub each shoulder, same motions on each side, slowly and gently working my way down to your upper arms, down to your forearms then to the tops or your hands.

My body is spread out on top or you, each of my arms in the same position as yours. My fingers, covered in oil, slide between your fingers, you close your fingers around mine, holding me there, I am breathing softly into your ear. You feel my hot breath on your neck. I gently lick your ear, and whisper ever so quiet, “Relax and enjoy.” I pull my fingers gently free and begin rubbing you all the way back to your shoulders then, giving another back massage. Rubbing my thumbs down the middle of your back along each side of your spine. Pouring more oil, rubbing it in, leaving enough to leave sheen on your back.

I smile to myself, leaning over, and moving the silky curtain to the side, getting one of the small candles. I pull the bowl of ice close to me taking a piece in one hand and having a candle acıbadem escort in the other. The oil on your back will keep you from burning; I tilt the candle over just enough for one drop to fall to your back then immediately take the ice cube and rub it where the wax landed. I take the ice and start at the base of your skull and rub it down the middle of your back allowing it to follow your spine all the way down. Tilting the candle to the side again, I drop more wax, this time a few more drops, then rubbing a piece of ice across it as soon as it hits. I blow out the candle and set it to the side, and massage your back again, the wax just wipes right off with the oil.

I slide to the right, getting off of you and reach up and whisper in your ear to roll over. I hold the towel so that it stays on top and covers you. I step off the bed…. and slide my panties off. Pouring oil in my hands, I begin at your feet again. Massaging the right one-first up the front of your leg to your thigh. I move the towel over to the left, just enough to uncover your right hip area. I lean down kissing you so softly, licking and nibbling gently, closer to your cock. The towel still has it covered, but I can see that it is hard. Wanting me to touch it.

I kiss ever so closely, moving the towel with my cheek I can feel the heat coming from you. With the tip of my tongue only, I start from the base and lick you to the head, licking the precum from the head of your cock; you move your hips toward me, wanting me to take you in my mouth. I move back, placing the towel back where it was and I slide gently back to the foot of the bed. I begin to rubbing your left foot working my way up your leg, moving slowly, pouring more oil in my hands, rubbing all the tension out of your muscles, making my way farther up your thigh. I move the towel out of the way to expose your left hip, I kiss you there, small light kisses closer and closer to your cock, moving the towel over a little at a time. You are so hard; I take the tip of my tongue and run it from the base to the head. I want so badly to take you in my mouth, to love you with my tongue, my mouth, but I pull the towel back over. Your breathing has become faster; your hands clench the bedspread.

I move the oil up on the bed and I gather the towel so that it lay just on top of you. I move to straddle you so that I can rub your chest and as I lower myself down, I slide the towel from between us. I am sitting on your hardness. I have you pressed to your body. I am so wet that my lips slide around you, I feel you throbbing. I take the oil and pour it on to your abdomen and chest and begin to rub it in, my fingers glide over your chest and abdomen, the candles reflecting on your oily skin. I take my gown off, tossing it aside and pour oil down the front of my body. Rubbing it all over myself. I move back to you.

As my hands slide up from your abdomen to your chest, my clit rubs your hardness. Oh God it feels so good. Up and down my hands move on your body. I pour oil from your shoulders to your open palms of your hands, starting at your shoulders, both hands at the same time, making the same movements, I begin to rub you, my hands running down the length of your arms, my chest rubbing yours, my hands reaching yours. I slide my fingers over the palm of your hands and let my fingers intertwine with yours, my body lying atop of you, gently biting your earlobe and your neck. Gently sucking at your neck, leaving a trail of small marks from there down to your chest. Keeping my fingers wrapped around yours I begin to sit up, rubbing myself against your cock, getting even wetter.

Using both of my hands, I massage your left hand. Rubbing my thumbs into your palm of your hand up to your fingers. I give each finger a massage. Then I pull your hand to my mouth and I kiss each fingertip every so lightly. I go back to your ring finger, kissing the tip again, and gently suck your finger into my mouth, licking it all the way to you hand and back up again. Kissing the tip of it again, I lay your arm back on the bed. Running my hands down your right arm, I bring your hand up to my mouth and gently kiss each fingertip. Then going back to your ring finger, I again kiss the tip of it and suck it gently into my mouth swirling my tongue around then kissing the tip again. I lay your arm back down on the bed.

I lean forward; place my hands on each side of your head, rubbing myself on you again. Wanting you in me. I lean down and kiss the edges of your mouth, your cheeks the tip of your nose, across to your ear up to your temple across your forehead and then kiss your eyes that are covered with black satin. Reaching under your head, I loosen and take away the blindfold, and then you see me for the first time. We are both full of lust at this point. My hips making small circular motions, I want you now. I lean forward and finally, ever so slowly you slide into me…………..

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