A Stablehand is Always Good Help

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Riding Apples, my horse, all afternoon was making me tired. I decide to take Apples to the stable so I could take a shower before dinner. I walked him to his pen and opened the large wooden gate. I took a bag of his favorite oats out and placed it over his head for him to eat. I took off the saddle and reached for his brush. I began brushing Apples’ main. His thick brown hair had become very tangled from the days events. I became so engrossed in what I was doing that I did not even notice the gate door open. I turned to brush the horse’s other side. I looked up and saw the figure of a man. I was so startled that I almost fell over onto Apples. My face began to turn red when I realized that the figure belonged to our stable hand, Frank.

“I am sorry, Miss Kelsey; I did not mean to frighten you. I just thought I might help you with your horse.”

“No that’s okay, Frank, it is my fault really. I should have noticed you standing there.” Frank was a very handsome man. I was somewhat glad that he decided to come into Apples’ pen. I had always had a secret attraction to him. I would never admit it though. My father would kill me if he knew I was fantasizing about “the help”.

“Let me help you, Miss Kelsey.” Frank grabbed a second brush from the bag and started on the opposite side.

“Please, Frank, you have known me for years. You can call me Kelsey. You are only a few years older than I am.”

“That is very nice of you ma’am, but I must be a polite, respectful gentleman. It would not be right for me to call my employer by only her first name.” I almost let out a deep sigh from his response. Not only was he gorgeous, but he was such a gentle person.

I finished my side atalar escort of Apples’ coat, so I walked over to put away the brush. I bent down, placed it inside the bag, and zipped it . When I stood up and turned around, I almost ran into Frank. He had been standing behind me, waiting to put his brush away. I was within inches of his lips. His eyes were warm and inviting. I stood there staring into them, as if I was trapped in his gaze. He leaned into me and kissed my soft lips. I was pleasantly surprised by his boldness.

Frank pulled away. “I am very sorry ma’am. I do not know what came over me. You…are a…a…I am…uh…very uh” His face was hot and red from embarrassment. Before he could stutter out another word, I took his face in my hands and passionately kissed him. After a moment of confusion, Frank returned my kisses. His lips parted and his strong arms held me close to his muscular body. Suddenly, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He took me to an empty stable pen and laid me in the hay.

“Kelsey, I have thought of this since the day I saw your beautiful face.”

I positioned my head to give him better access as he kissed my neck. “Remember, Frank, I am Miss Kelsey to you.” I enjoyed the feeling of him taking control of me, but I also like the sense of authority in the title he had always called me.

“Alright, Miss Kelsey, as you request.” He pulled my shirt over my head and continued nibbling on my neck. He trailed his tongue down to my chest. He playfully bit my hard nipple through my bra. He licked and sucked my breast until the fabric had become transparent from his saliva. He reached ataşehir escort around my back, unhooked my bra, and freed my round breasts from their restraint. He finally touched my bare nipple with his soft lips. I arched my back and moaned for him. He opened his lips and took my breast into his mouth. As his tongue flicked against my nipple, I tried to remove his shirt from his body.

I wanted desperately to fell his naked skin against my own. I managed to unbutton every button, while trying not to moan too loudly from his suckling of my breasts. He tore himself away from me just long enough to finish taking off his shirt. I ran my nails up and down his firm back. Frank had turned his attention to my riding pants. He leaned into my ear and whispered, “Miss Kelsey, I want these pants off of your tight ass.”

I reached down and fumbled with the buttons, as Frank pulled my riding boots from my feet. He looked into my eyes as I undid the last button, and in one motion, he took my pants and panties down my legs and threw them beside my boots. Frank leaned back on his knees and placed his hands on his legs. “My God, Miss Kelsey, you are one beautiful woman.”

I propped my self up on my elbow. “And right now all I want is you inside of me.” I tugged at his belt and unlatched it. I could feel his hard dick pressing against his jeans as I undid the top button and unzipped his zipper. Frank leaned back on his elbows to allow me to pull his pants from his body. His large phallus tried to stand on end, but his boxer shorts confined him.

I pushed Frank to his back and removed the last stitch of clothing he had left on his tan lean avcılar escort body. I straddled his stomach, held onto his wrists, and pinned them against the floor as I began to suck on his ear. He pushed against me, clearly wanting to touch me. I would not let go of wrists. I pushed back against him, and he let me win even though he is a lot stronger than I am. I laid down on top of him. I pressed my nipples against his chest and gently sucked and licked his neck.

Then I sat up and positioned myself over his erect dick. I was hot and throbbing for him. I let go of his wrists and took him with both hands. I slowly guided him into my wet folds and gasped for air as his size and girth filled my feminine walls. I once again took his wrists, placed his hands on my hips, and held them there. I slowly began moving back and forth. As my movements became quicker, I let go of Frank’s wrists. His hands continued to stay on my hips, pressing my body into his. I held onto the sides of his waist as I felt myself almost fall over the edge of pleasure.

My moans became screams, and I rode up and down Frank’s shaft quicker and quicker. My opening began to contract and throb as I went through my first orgasm. My movements became slower and I almost fell over on top of Frank as I became weaker. Frank pulled me to his chest, I could hear his heart almost beat out him, and he held onto me tight and rolled over. Now he was positioned on top and in control.

Frank did not miss a beat. He thrust himself in and out of me at almost the same speed I had. I felt my body tremble and shake as my second orgasm ripped through me. Frank’s grunts grew louder as he came inside me. His thrusts slowed as he became more sensitive. He pulled himself from me and collapsed beside me.

I turned to him and kissed him on the cheek. We laid there for a few moments while we caught our breath. “Miss Kelsey, I hope that you don’t treat all the stable hands this well.”

I laughed. “Now, Frank, you know you are and always well be my favorite.”

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