A Step Apart: Teased

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Stephanie Modders laid on her bed with her cellphone in her hands hovering over her face, clicking away at her texts. Her pink, spaghetti strapped under shirt was half riding up her belly revealing the belly button piercing her mother nearly killed her for getting last year. Even though she was 18 when she got it, her mom didn’t like piercings that were anywhere but the ear and she didn’t like tattoos, period. Which is why Stephanie was taking this time while her mother was out running errands to wear as little clothes as possible and air out her recent tattoo she got on the small of her back. Every other waking and sleeping minute she spent at her mom’s house she would have to wear some over sized sweat shirt or a baggy t shirt that wouldn’t risk revealing her tattoo any time she bent over.

Matt didn’t mind in the least. He sat balancing on a large blue sit-up ball in the corner of the room and pretended to type on his phone. In reality though, his eyes couldn’t keep from creeping up and down his step-sister’s body. Her long tan legs that stuck out from the small black with pink trim, loose fitting shorts she wore.

Why even wear those? They cover no more than panties would.

Matt knew how wrong it was to be so attracted to his step sister. It’s not like he didn’t try not to be. His father had married Mrs. Modders 4 years ago and divorced 2 years ago so he could move on to his third wife and Matt’s 2nd step family. It was becoming a sick joke. The collection of step siblings and parents Matt was collecting. Ironically, he had no biological siblings and after his mother passed away from cancer as a child, that only left him and his douchebag father. Of course all of his step sisters and mothers were incredibly/unfairly attractive. It was one of the perks of having a absurdly rich and asshole-inclined father. Plenty of attractive women somehow fall in ‘love,’ with him magically.

It was fine. Matt has made his peace with it after his father divorced Stephanie’s Mom. It helped that all of his step families seemed to genuinely like Matt. He was a good looking boy. Polite, funny, and out going. He had just graduated high school and was set to attend college in the fall. But unlike the heartless business tycoon his father was, Matt planned to study medicine to become a doctor. He liked helping people. He liked making them feel better.

Matt picked up pieces of Stephanie’s clean and dirty clothes that littered the ground around him and threw them at her playfully one piece at a time. At half speed she batted the clothes away with one hand, her eyes still not leaving her phone. “Stop it, freak,” Stephanie whined.

“Pay attention to me,” Matt did his best to annoy her and he was succeeding. “What are you even doing? Writing your memoirs?”

“A friend of mine just hooked up with this guy in a hotel she works at,” Stephanie smiled biting her lower lip. “So naturally we’re all discussing the pros and cons of marriage at this point.”

“She make a vid of them hooking up?” Matt asked.

Stephanie glanced down over top her perky breasts at her step brother. She gave him a measured look as if deciding between a repulsed response or one of humor. She went with one somewhere in the middle. “Ugh. Freak. And no, I already asked.” She gave him a devious smile through her pink sparkling lip-glossed lips that made Matt’s cock pulse under his jeans.

“Damn, I could use some new vids- watched all the good ones on the internet,” Matt boldly joked. He felt heat rise to his cheeks. They had an odd relationship. Having met when they were both teenagers, they developed a friendship early on. Since they were both going through a phase of learning about their sexuality, naturally, their humor had tested sexual boundaries. They used to talk more like teenage friends would back when their parents had been married. Now, it had been almost a year since Matt had seen Stephanie. She had disappeared to college for her freshmen year and never visited her mom when he did. So hanging out today was especially awkward since they hadn’t seen each other in some time. Stephanie’s eyes flicked down to him and she silently shook her head as of to say You’re stupid.

He might have been reading too much into things but she did use this moment to adjust her position. She tucked her feet closer to her butt so her knees were in the air and slightly parted. The thin shorts- the only thing keeping him from her warm, tight lips, were tucked into her ass crack and flush to her pelvis. He could almost see an outline of everything.

Matt could feel the flushness in his cheeks. He took deep breaths in attempt to quell the flaring heat to his face that ultimately did nothing. He wasn’t thinking logically anymore. He wasn’t thinking at all. The blood flowed far from his brain to the growing shaft between his own legs. He knew he should not have pursued this flirtatious side of things but he couldn’t help it. Everything about her was intoxicating.

He remembered how they would play outside as younger teenagers. They’d get pendik escort into wrestling matches over everything. Every time it ended in a chorus of giggling. But once his asshole father divorced her mother a year ago that all stopped. Now Matt came to visit Stephanie’s mom once a month for a day or two over the weekend. Enough time so Stephanie’s mom could get extra child support money from Matt’s dad.

Matt didn’t have to visit. He was 18 now, but he liked doing these little visits just to be around Stephanie. He kept the visits up while Stephanie was in college so that it wouldn’t seem suspicious when she returned home over the summer and Matt started visiting, again. He especially liked times like these where her mother was out getting groceries or with her friends. It made his fantasies more powerful. Even though he knew nothing could ever happen between them, just the possibility of it was enough to make him get a hard on.

He threw a series of shirts from the floor at her. Each one getting closer to her face. Each one making her more and more perturbed. His final throw of a dirty pair of jeans that covered her face put her over the edge.

In one motion she tore the jeans from her face and smacked her phone down on the bed beside her. “That’s it!” She yelled as she lunged from the bed and dove for him. Matt tried to brace himself but the shock of it toppled him off the sit-up ball as she tackled him. The pair of her jeans in hand, she shoved it in Matt’s face with a smile and giggle on her lips.

“You like that? Huh? How you like it?” Stephanie yelled half mounting Matt. His hands scooped under Stephanie’s bare thighs and lifted her easily, rolling her to the side. At 18 years old he was quite athletic. First baseman on the Baseball team in the spring and running back on the high school football team in the fall. Matt had at least 50 pounds of muscle on her and he could see that she realized how much he had grown in the last year, instantly.

“How do I like it?” Matt asked as he had her on her back. His fingers spidered up and down her ribs tickling her to no end. “How do you like it, huh?”

Stephanie’s high pitched scream broke into a helpless giggle as she tried to squirm away from her stronger step brother. “Stop,” she tried to cry between laughs. “Oh my god, stop stop stop.”

Stephanie crawled back onto the bed she had leapt off of and tried kicking Matt off of her but Matt slipped around her flailing legs and threw his own leg over her thighs, mounting her. She slapped and pushed playfully at his hard chest but she couldn’t move him.

“Yeah, now you realize you fucked up,” Matt smiles down on her as she squirmed helplessly. For the briefest of moments Matt’s hands relented their attack on his step sister enough that she stopped wiggling beneath him. The moment lingered uncomfortably long while their eyes met.

“You need to stop getting between a girl and her phone,” Stephanie broke the silence.

It’s a dangerous thing to do, you know?” She picked up her cellphone from the bed and with Matt still mounted on her went back to texting. “Now if you don’t mind, I have some texts to catch up on.”

“Well, maybe I’ll just hang out here then if you won’t pay attention to me,” Matt said, jokingly rocking back and forth on top of her hips.

“Sure, I don’t care. Do what you want,” she said quickly.

If Matt had been thinking right he probably would have stopped his hands before they did it, but they moved before he could think. “Fine, how about this? I’ll just do this then,” Matt’s hand reached forward and gently but playfully poked at her left breast through her thin top.

But to Matt’s surprise, Stephanie’s only reaction was to shrug while her fingernails clicked away on her screen. “Sure go ahead.”

Matt continued to poke and rub playfully and nonchalantly for a minute. Trying to make it look more like he was being a goof than he was loving every moment of it. But then he somewhat accidentally, lightly pinched a patch of her shirt with the intention of lifting it from her chest, only to pinch her nipple and pull up on it. Stephanie let out a short quiet but high pitched sound. It was a sound that roamed the mysterious land between pleasure and pain. It startled Matt at first. He almost apologized, but then realized his lower half had a completely different reaction. He was worried she might feel or see his erection growing in his jeans. He considered dismounting his step sister, but then he also realized that she was still laying there. Her cellphone in both her hands floating a foot above her now pointed nipples and her eyes locked on the phone and not her step brother straddling her.

Matt slowly moved his right hand back down to his step sister’s breast but this time there was nothing playful about it. His palm and fingers wrapped around her and massages her breast slowly. His finger tips brushed against her bare skin as they push up her chest. His thumb circled her hard nipple through the thin fabric that restrained kağıthane escort it. He switched to her other breast only this time he brushed his fingers down inside the shirt and felt her bare breast in his palm. Her nipple grew so hard it felt like a small blade against his skin.

Stephanie didn’t move her eyes from her phone. Matt could feel her chest rise and fall as her breathing sped up. He leaned back and brought his hands onto both her breasts. He pulled them out from her shirt and made long rubs across her skin. Giving her chest a deep massage as he mashed her breasts together and into her chest. They felt glorious. Matt was beside himself. He couldn’t believe this was real life. He had never felt breasts so full and perfect as these. And they belonged to his step sister.

She was panting quietly now. Her mouth hung open and she pushed and pulled air through her lips silently, like Matt might not notice. Like her nipples weren’t getting harder by the moment and she wasn’t getting more and more aroused.

Matt scooted himself to the side of Stephanie. Enough that his hands could slide down her taunt belly and brush over her tiny pair of shorts she wore. His finger tips dipped over her sex enough that he could feel the groves of her lips. His middle finger found the center and wiggled a little deeper into the crevasse of his step sister’s pussy before he pushed down between her thighs. Matt dragged his fingers back up and pushed down again. He could hear Stephanie struggling to keep from moaning. Air whipped in and out of her mouth between her sporadic breath holding as she bit her lip.

While Stephanie’s eyes may have had the discipline to stay on her phone screen, her thighs seemed to have a mind on their own. They begged to open up to her step brother. He felt her open some to make room for his hand as it dipped deeper between her thighs, then when he took his free hand and pulled on her inner thigh it spread wide with ease.

This time when his hand pushed down and into her pussy lips he felt his middle finger disappear along with a part of her shorts inside her lips. It was too much for Stephanie. A surge of brief high pitched coos escaped her. Inside her, it was warm and tight, just like he had always imagined. Matt pushed the opening of short’s leg hole to the side. The fabric was loose and stretchy. It was easy to expose his step sister’s bald pussy lips. A string of her juices stuck to the crotch of her shorts as he did.

She’s not wearing any panties, Matt marveled.

He looked up at her as his finger tips kissed the lips of her pussy. Her mouth open as she panted her eyes on locked on her phone. She wasn’t typing so much anymore. Her mind must’ve been elsewhere. Matt kept waiting for her to stop him. To draw the line somewhere on this game that had already gone too far. And as he slipped his middle finger inside her tender, wet lips he wondered, how far I was going taking this.

He had to wiggle his middle finger back and forth to push it deeper inside her. The walls of her pussy were so tight they contracted on his finger. He didn’t have much experience fingering girls. Matt had two previous girlfriends he had sex with but he knew they went wild, sometimes at least, when he rubbed the roof of their pussies. He tried that with Stephanie, dragging his finger tip gently out against the top of her pussy again and again. Stephanie’s hips maneuvered in tiny circles. Lifting and lowering. She pressed her lips together but still light gentle moans hummed out of her.

Matt knew, like every boy who had ever watched porn, where her clitoris was located, just above her vagina. But to be honest, he wasn’t really sure what to do with it. His first girlfriend, Maxine, yelled at him when he tried to rub her’s roughly and smack it like he saw in the porn videos online.

Apparently, pornos aren’t accurate. Go figure.

After that embarrassing experience Matt tried his best to not linger with fore play and to rush to just sticking his dick inside his girlfriends. But now, Matt wasn’t sure if Stephanie would shut this all down if he rushed to that so he tried his best to take his time. After slowly pumping his finger in and out of her pussy for several seconds and seeing her juices start to pool on his finger and hand, he decided to go for it. Matt rested his thumb over her clitoris area and let it rock back and forth with each penetration. She didn’t react at first but as he slowly applied more pressure and let the meet of his thumb drag wide circles over her clit area he saw her arch her back at one point. Throwing her head back as she took in a deep breath and exhaled trying to focus. After a minute she looked back down at her phone.

Matt realized when she arched her breasts were still out of her shirt and they bounced as she moved. Her nipples were thick and hard. They pointed away from another to the corners of the ceiling as she laid there. Matt reached up with his free hand and groped her left breast maltepe escort then her right. The rock nipple raised between his fingers. Clamping it slightly between his knuckles.

Stephanie was moaning now. The combination he entered over her body must have been correct or at least close because she could no longer lie there and pretend nothing was happening. “Ohm- Mmmmm… gah…” She squealed. No words came out. Just syllables. The back of her left hand pressed against her mouth. Matt was pumping his step sister’s pussy faster now. More firmly. A steady hard finger pressed inside her with her whole step brother’s arm. Every sound she made only made it worse for her. He followed her cues like the game it was. The more she moaned the more he did what he was doing.

“Oh fu- fucmmm…” Stephanie bit the meat on the back of her hand to keep from crying out in her cute high pitched moans. Her eyes stayed on her cellphone clutched in her one hand but she didn’t text. Matt doubted the screen was even on anymore. Her whole body rocked up and down with his thrusts making her arm holding her cellphone bounce haplessly.

Matt’s thumb made firm circles that circles around the edges of her clit. They drew messier and wilder as juices from her pussy slicked the surface. His whole hand became wet as he pumped inside her. He felt the walls of her vagina squeezing his finger and his step sister’s hips angled down.

It was in that moment Matt saw Stephanie’s whole body was rigid and arched. Her stomach taunt against his forearm as he stretched to keep her nipple pinched. As if she just surfaced from a long dive under water, she gasped for air. Matt didn’t even notice she was holding her breath. He was so focused on the the pushing of his finger inside her tight hole and the faster and faster rubbing of his step sister’s clit.

“Ohmyga- hmm- fuck!” Stephanie managed to grunt out. Her left hand still covering her mouth. Her right clenched her phone to her chest. “Oh my god oh my…”

He finally felt his step sister’s pussy loosen for a moment before clenching on and off around his finger. Her juices slicked all his fingers and her pussy lips as her thighs trembled around his hand. Stephanie arched her back then rolled her head back as her thighs clapped together around his hand tucked between them. After a brief paralyzing moment her body started to relax.

I just made my step sister cum.

“Ohm- ahhm… mmmm…” Stephanie’s moans and breathing slowly came under control slowly as she panted. Her eyes opened and looked up at the ceiling. She rolled her eyes like she was trying and failing to control herself.

Matt had stopped torturing her clit with his thumb as that seemed all what he was doing. Every touch or brush nearby seemed to set her stomach and hips into a small convulsion. His index finger still traced the length of her pussy lips. Every few moments dipping inside and making her hold her breath or bite her lip. Stephanie, once she finally regained control of her faculties, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then. Raised her phone and started clicking on the screen. His finger was slowing on her pussy. It retreated backwards off of her. He thought about leaving. Maybe just walking out of the room without saying anything.

She clearly doesn’t want to talk about it or even acknowledge what happened. Small talk is out of the question, which was good since I don’t have any.

He didn’t want it to be weird the next time they saw each other, but at the same time he couldn’t see it being anything but weird.

Well, if things are already going to be weird… this might be my only chance. Fuck it.

Matt took his hand away from her sex just to undo his belt. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans finally giving relief to both his throbbing erection and his strained zipper on his pants. He thought she would stert protesting at the sound of his jingling belt. But on the contrary, when he stood, Matt heard nothing from her but thought he saw her from the corner of his eye look down from her phone to see his cock.

Matt froze for a moment. His stomach cringed. It was his biggest worry since starting down this surreal path. Her pushing him away, calling him a freak, and leaving to tell- god knows who what he’s done. But the moment passed and Stephanie went back to texting in her group chat. Matt tried to keep moving as if he knew what he was doing all along. As if this was all part of a plan. That he was in control even though he was making this up every step of the way.

Stephanie was already scooted down the bed with her long legs dangling off of the edge. Matt moved between her thighs. While his cock throbbed more confidently than ever, Matt was anything but. He was nervous. As long as he’d had this erection now, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

Whatever long was.

And besides he never had sex with someone who wasn’t an active participant. It’s not like he’s some creeper or rapist. And while Stephanie was definitely consenting to what was happening, she wasn’t exactly helping either. He moved in so her inner thighs were touching his outer thighs. Putting his hands on the outside of her hips he went to scoot her the remaining few inches down and was pleasantly surprised at the eagerness of her lifting her butt and wiggling her hips down past the edge of the bed.

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