A Strange Saturday…

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A Strange Saturday…At the Burger Joint, we served breakfast also, it was on a Saturday morning that I was to report for work at the ten o’clock hour. Once I arrived I noticed the regular elderly men finishing up there breakfast, most of them had been entertained by me one time or another, either privately or in groups.As I approached the counter, Joy the manager, told me ‘…sorry David, I scheduled to many people for today, I’ll have to ask you to leave and report next Saturday. Crest felled I turned to leave and as I passed by Mr. Reginald he called out to me ‘..Hey David, I heard you can’t work today, bet you needed that money too…’ I looked over at him and smiled and said ‘…I’ll be alright…’ and turned to leave.Mr. Reginald stood and said ‘…I need some help cleaning up my back yard, code officers wrote me a ticket and I have to have it cleaned by Tuesday. Why don’t you come and help me and I’ll pay you a far salary for the day…’ Knowing that Mr. Reginald had once taken me to bed and was very generous I did not want to offend, so I said ‘…yeah, I guess I can help you out today…’Mr Reginald smiled and told the others ‘..see y’all later got work to do…’ some laughed and others jived ‘…yeah bet you do…’ I got into Mr. Reginald’s truck and off we went, once we reached his home he pulled into the drive way and said ‘…come on in we’ll get started after I make some calls…’Apprehensive I followed him into the house, once in side Mr. Reginald said ‘…have a seat, turn the television on if you want I’ll be right back…’ I sat on the sofa and turned on some cartoons and started to watch. About twenty minutes later Mr. Reginald came back and sat down on the sofa, we watched the show till it was over and I asked timidly ‘…are you ready to get started now…’Mr. Reginald looked at me and asked ‘…you ready to make some money now…? I looked at him and replied ‘…well you said you have some work for me to do…’ Mr. Reginald cut me off saying ‘…you know I pay good so I don’t want you to start acting up when I ask you to certain things for me…’I asked him ‘…just what do you want me to do…’ Mr. Reginald smiled and reached down by the sofa kaçak iddaa and picked up a bag and tossed it to me saying ‘…go in the bath and put those things on and come back…’ I looked in the bag and saw a wig stockings high heels and bra, startled I looked at him as he said ‘…now go do what I asked and be quick about it…’Disappointed I stood and thought about running for the door, but decided that I was in too far now to want to act like anything else. I went into the toilet and stripped and dressed into the clothes that were provided. Being a young teenager, my facial hair had yet to come and my slender body was just the right size for the clothes provided.I came back into the living room and Mr. Reginald broke into a very happy smile and stood up quickly and took me in his arms and started to kiss my neck and shoulders. The out fit was just a mini skirt stockings, Bra and a shirt that had no buttons. The shirt I had to tie after I put it on to close it up some what.Mr. Reginald stopped ans stepped back saying ‘…yes, you’re a pretty little thing, come on let me show you your room…’ Mr. Reginald took my wrist and pulled me to the back of the house as I stammered ‘…my room…what do I need with a room…? ‘…Now, now, Desiree, no mindless questions just do as I ask and we both will be very happy…Stumbling alone in the high heels I managed to keep up just enough so I was not pulled alone. Once in the room Mr. Reginald said to me ‘… stick out your wrist and clasp your hands together. Confused, I slowly did as he asked, Mr .Reginald bent over and kissed my hands licking and sucking my fingers.Mr. Reginald ask me ‘…do you see that hook, there in the ceiling…’ I looked up at the huge hook and wondered what it was for. It was then that Mr. Reginald produced a small rope and with the speed of rodeo cowboy, he had d****d a towel over my hands and tied them with a short rope. Before I could protest the door bell rang and Mr. Reginald tossed an end over the hook and pulled my arms up over my head till I was barely standing on my toes.’…What the hell are you doing I demanded as Mr. Reginald quickly took hold of my head and forced a ball gag into my mouth bahis siteleri and secured it behind my head. The door bell ranged again and Mr. Reginald said ‘…that’s my buddy, he wants to come and play with us today…’I struggled to free my self only to be admonished by Mr. Reginald ‘…don’t do that you’ll only hurt your self. No ones gonna hurt you we just want you to fulfill our fantasy. Be right back…’ Mr. Reginald left the room and I looked around trying to figure out how to free my self.It was some forty minutes later that Mr. Reginald came back with his buddy. As they entered his buddy stopped and looked at me and back to Mr. Reginald saying ‘…you sly dog, you do have some boy pussy tied up for us…’ Mr. Reginald said Desiree this is my buddy, you don’t need to know his name, when the time comes your just call him mister and be happy.The two of them started to undress and when they were naked came over to me and begin to pinch and feel my body as I hung there. They would raise my skirt and probe my anus, they pushed up the bra and twisted my nipples till they were tender to touch. Once I started to whence when they touched them they would kiss and suck them till I was in tears.Mr. Reginald went around behind me as his buddy kissed harshly on my nipples, once behind me Mr. Reginald knelt down and parted my buttocks and begin to lick my anus as if it was candy. I tried to twist away only to have him grip my hips and hold me still.His buddy kissed down my chest to my stomach and lifted my skirt and took hold of my penis and begin to suck aggressively. Then they pushed my legs apart and lifted me till they both were licking and sucking my testicles and kissing each other while holding one of my testicles in their mouth.This went on for what seemed like hours till they let my feet back down. Mr.Reginald and his buddy took a tube of lubricant and begin to apply generous amounts of the substance to each others rigid penis and once this was done they did the same to my anus. Probing my orifice with their fingers, pulling open my anus and wiggling their fingers deep in my bung.Then I heard Mr Reginald say ‘…you’re my guest you go first…’ His buddy answered güvenilir bahis ‘…are you sure you want me to go first…’ They both laughed as Mr. Reginald came around front and knelt before me gripping my hips.Mr. Reginald sucked my flaccid penis into his lips and slid his hands around to grip my buttocks and pulled them wide. His buddy guided his rigid penis to my anus and as I felt his penile head probe my anus I tried to get away. With little effort he hunch forth and his head popped into my anus.Once his penis was securely deep in my anus Mr. Reginald slid his hands back and took hold of his buddy’s hips, his buddy reached around and caressed Mr. Reginald’s head as he sucked my penis. One bounced me into the mouth of Mr. Reginald as Mr. Reginald held me firm. Then they changed places and Mr. Reginald’s buddy reached under me and took hold of Mr. Reginald’s penis and pulled it between my legs and sucked at Mr. Reginald’s penis for a while.Mr’ Reginald pulled back and lifted me up off the hook, as he lowered me down his penis entered my anus and I was skewered on to his hard man hood as his buddy lift my legs and licked me from my anus to the tip of my penis sucking greedily at my penile head.Mr. Reginald laid me on the bed and the both of them took turns mounting me as I laid on my stomach. My arms ached so much I could not care about what was happening to my bung hole. They both came in me more times than I could count.When they stopped for beer I dozed off, when I woke no one was there but Mr. Reginald. I was so exhausted that he had undressed me and had my legs over his shoulders as he entered me and rode me till he came again. when this was done he laid beside me and whispered in my ear ‘…hope you enjoyed that, we sure did. Get dressed I have a little something for you I think you’ll like…I stumbled to the bath and showered, dressed and came into the living room. Mr’ Reginald was sitting in his recliner stroking his penis. He said to me ‘..come hear and suck me off one more time, then you can take that bag and go…’ The bag was by his feet, I knelt between his knees and sucked him till he came and he patted my head and said ‘…you earned every penny…’As I wiped my mouth and left his house I looked in the bag, there was the outfit he had me wear and about five hundred dollars and a note saying ‘…next time wear this when you come over and we’ll have some more fun…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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