A Submissive Male Competes for Live-In Houseboy Po

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A Submissive Male Competes for Live-In Houseboy PoAttention: I wrote this quick outline for a story, being directly inspired by this single photo: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/4748380-80907887.htmlI have related and extended ideas; and could author an illustrated novel or screenplay for an extended series. Would collaborate with like-minded photographers, video and illustrative artists, models, actors/actresses, etc. Here’s the story outline:This is the second-day continuation of your tenth session with Goddess Layla over the three short months that you’ve known her, but your very first session with her Master joining you two. You are one of over forty approved applicants for her advertised position of Live-In Houseboy, and you have survived the semi-final cut down to three finalists. You have already grown quite addicted to her. You’ve known since your first session with your Goddess that she has an alpha boyfriend, but had no clue until last night just how alpha her so-called “boyfriend” really is. She allowed you to stay overnight for the very first time last night. She also allowed you to share her bed with her; after you gave her a full body massage, and orally brought her to orgasm. Layla even allowed you to cuddle her with afterwards; but she did not allow you an orgasm, as she typically did during your previous sessions together.You were actually taken aback when your Goddess disclosed last night that she served and worshiped her Master quite similarly to the manner of which you serve and worship her. She has been so completely dominant to you all along, that you never even imagined her submitting to anyone. Now here you are 24 hours later, after videotaping Layla for the past hour; serving, worshiping, and submitting to every desire that her Master has rapaciously pursued. This top alpha-bull has incredible sexual energy and stamina, and fucked all three of Layla’s holes most thoroughly; holes that your cock has never felt. Though; your lips, tongue, and hands have all become quite familiar with her stunning body and face. Your Goddess has been most demanding of you over the past three months, but obviously pleased with your performance; or you wouldn’t even be here today!A key contributor to Master’s sexual stamina is that he has four more female slaves just as stunning as your Goddess. He spends one day a week with each of his five slaves. You have also just learned that if you make the final cut, Master will be joining your Goddess and you every tenth week hereafter. The other nine weeks, your Goddess will continue to serve her Master at his home.As Master kuşadası escort bayan withdrew his massive cock from Layla’s drenched and fully sated pussy, he informed you that his other four slaves also own submissive cuckolds; submissive cuckold husbands, to be specific. He then squeezed out most of the remaining cum from his cock into a straight line across her lower stomach. He stood up and positioned himself so that your Goddess could obediently and enthusiastically suck and lick his cock clean, while still laying comfortably on her back. As you watched a large mass of his cum begin to emerge from her puffy and gaping pussy, Master further informed you that just like his other four cuckolds; you will also be required to marry your Goddess if you manage to make the final cut, with the marriage occurring exactly thirty weeks from now.Master obviously has his system thought out and well oiled, since first becoming a slave owner five years earlier. You and Layla are just the newest k**s on his block. Your Goddess has been serving him for almost nine months now. It’s obvious that she is just as addicted to him, as you are to her. Seeing that she deliriously enjoyed at least a dozen orgasms within the past hour, and even squirted twice; you can easily understand her addiction. Why she is so willing to share him with four other women, however; is not quite as clear to you yet. You wonder what other information your Goddess may not have told you yet. Another drop of pre-cum forms larger on the slit of your throbbing cock. For the past hour, you’ve been obediently wiping them off with your fingertip, and eating them before they drip off onto the floor. After all, you agreed to become her devoted cum slut several weeks ago; and wish to avoid being punished for such infraction again. Ah yes, you well remember the time when you carelessly allowed a drop of your pre-cum to fall onto the floor; and how she paddled your ass so fucking hard afterwards, that you could barely even sit down for the next three days. It’s hard to forget something like that. Her harsh action clearly illustrated her seriousness about your performance in this area, so every drop of your cum has eventually wound up inside of your stomach ever since. You’re still not comfortable eating your cum immediately following your orgasms, but find it quite easy these days to eat your pre-cum before ejaculating. You have made it obvious to both of your Goddess and Master that you remain hooked on her, even in spite of your very recent discovery regarding the depth of his involvement and obvious escort kuşadası control over the situation. Your continued addiction to her is clear to you as well, and not difficult to understand. After all, even though you’ve enjoyed some great orgasms in your lifetime; none were as good as what your Goddess has orchestrated for you these past three months. For a man your age shooting your cum over nine feet away from you, while in a kneeling position on Layla’s hard floor, is indeed testament to the intensity of your orgasms induced by your Goddess; especially when considering that every one of your orgasms have occurred with the help of your own hand! Master has well taught her how to groom and train a submissive cuckold, and wouldn’t accept anything less.Master has already trained your Goddess to defeat her gag reflex, and take his massive manhood completely down her throat; which is truly a sight to behold. If you didn’t see it with your own two eyes, you would have had trouble believing it; since Master possesses eleven thick inches. The length and girth of your cock, though nothing to be terribly ashamed of; aren’t anywhere near his league, and only adds to the fever of your submission. You are the same height as him, but he outweighs you by at least thirty or forty pounds; all hard muscle. Even though you’re in decent shape; you’re already convinced by his demeanor and impressive physiology, that he could kick your ass in a fight within seconds. Your Goddess moans softly, as you gaze at her increasingly sloppy pussy and ass. You think about how you prepared her for Master tonight, which included a douche, three enemas, a bath, carefully shaving her armpits, legs and pussy, a full body body massage with organic coconut oil, a manicure and pedicure, some help applying make-up, and help with dressing; including the anklet she wears for Master. A nine hour process, in total. She had a good reason to keep you overnight! Master also requires each female slave to submit to an all-liquid diet for 24 hours prior to his arrival, to ensure an extra clean anal canal for his huge and unprotected cock to fuck deeply. Knowing that he fucks at least five stunning women per week, you marvel at the volume of Master’s cum; knowing full well that you can barely produce even half of his volume. The fact that Goddess allows you only two orgasms per week at best, and those orgasms have included the very best that you’ve ever experienced; only enhances your marveling of his cum volume. The good news is; Master has informed you that he is not bisexual, and that you kuşadası escort bayan had better not ever touch any part of his body. You are only required to address him as “Sir,” and not as “Master.” The bad news that Goddess told you earlier today as you were shaving her pussy, is that being her devoted cum slut will also require you to include Master’s cum. This is something you didn’t sign up for three months ago, and knew nothing about until that moment. She further stated that there will be no negotiations regarding this matter, whatsoever. On one hand, you really don’t want to do this. On the other hand, your cock is still throbbing and leaking; and you know that you’re in competition with two other finalists. You’ve been seeking an attractive dominant woman to serve and worship for most of your adult life, and you don’t want to lose her now. To complicate your decision even further, eating his cum doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll make the final cut. You could still lose her in the end, and suffer for the rest of your life with the secret that you willingly swallowed another man’s cum; which is a bitter pill indeed, for a lifelong heterosexual man to swallow. Master has just instructed you to get your face in there, and clean Layla’s pussy and ass before any of his cum reaches the bed. You look carefully, and realize that it may already be a few seconds too late to prevent a cum-laden bed; for his copious wet seed is dripping down her crack for as far as you can see. The bed underneath her crack is probably already wet, but you’re not absolutely sure.The moment of truth has arrived. You realize that you won’t survive the cut, if you refuse. Though everything now seems to be surreal and unfolding in super slow motion, you can feel and hear your heart beating. You set down the video camera as instructed, and gaze into Master’s piercing, unsympathetic eyes; as your Goddess continues cleaning his cock with her adoring lips and tongue.You feel locked in time and space. Layla suddenly breaks your hazed stupor with “Do it now, cum slut, and don’t miss a fucking drop! And do it like you truly love me!” She then resumes licking Master’s still fully erect cock.You know that you may never have another opportunity for a live-in relationship with a stunning dominant woman like Layla ever again. You feel more pre-cum slowly flowing through your cock. You look up at Master’s stern face and piercing eyes. “You’re being carefully judged and graded right now, so do as your Goddess instructed! Do her ass first, and work your way up!” Master firmly instructs you. You look at Layla’s cum-covered, swollen, gaping pussy and asshole; and inhale deeply. Your face is flushed with humiliation, and you feel a slight lightheaded buzz. You also feel a tingly surge through your erect cock, indicating that more pre-cum is on its way.You know what you must do…

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