A Sunday Morning Encounter

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It is a chilly Sunday morning. I am up early and ready to head out for a run. You are lounging in bed, still but plan on going downstairs to the home gym for a workout after I leave. I am all dressed and lean over you to give you a goodbye kiss. As I lean in, you grab my hand and put it under the blankets on your hard cock.

“Morning wood?” I ask.

“Just thinking about what I’m going to do to you when you get back,” you respond.

I don’t want to leave your hard cock – so many things I want to do with it/you – but now I have motivation to run fast and get back quickly … and something to keep my imagination busy while pounding the pavement. I run out the door.

When I return, you are indeed in the gym – working out in just shorts. That amazing chest and your abs glistening with sweat and ripped. You don’t see me. I take off my clothes in the hallway – everything except my thong panties and jogging bra. I stand in the doorway, watching you. My nipples are getting hard … my pussy is getting wet … as I watch you … your incredible sexiness. I walk into the room as you are on the incline bench doing flies. When you finish the set and put the weights down, I come around and swing a leg over you, sitting in your lap, facing you. I kiss you hard, biting your lip, twisting my tongue with yours. I can feel your cock stir and grow. You immediately reach up and undo my bra, tossing it aside while still kissing me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” you ask. “This is my space. I am in control in here.”

You stand up quickly, and I fall to the floor. You grab me by my wrists and lift me to my feet, leading me to the hack squat rack. You tie my wrists with workout bands to the bar which is on the top peg. You pull my panties off – I am now totally naked (and still a little sweaty from my run) – force my feet as wide apart as the rack and tie both ankles with bands to the rack as well. I am now completely at your mercy – tied spread eagle. You are smiling, clearly enjoying fındıkzade escort the situation … being in charge. You turn away from me and take something off the shelf, then return with a blindfold in your hands. You slip off your workout shorts, letting me see that beautiful hard cock of yours. I desperately want to touch you, but I cannot.

“You want this, baby? You want my cock? Enjoy this brief glimpse of it.” And then you slip the blindfold over my eyes.

The room is quiet for a moment. I can sense you nearby. Then your mouth on my nipple – kissing, licking, biting. I am starting to writhe with pleasure … the beginnings of an orgasm starting to build. Your arms are around my body while you play. Your hands drift down to my butt cheeks… grabbing, pinching and then smacking … hard. I am close to climax, but you stop and pull away.

I hear something going on but don’t know what is happening. Then I feel you slide the bench – which is now in the flat position – between my spread legs. Your mouth is on my pussy … you are laying on the bench between my legs, eating my pussy. You are licking and sucking my clit, with your tongue occasionally darting inside. Your fingers are exploring my butt. You continue to suck my clit while sliding your thumb into my pussy and a finger into my butt. I cry out as a massive climax makes me shiver and almost fall – it if wasn’t for the restraints.

You come up and kiss me … letting me lick your cum covered chin … while you loosen the restraints on my wrists, but not letting me free completely. You are back on the bench, laying down. You pull me downward, bending my knees. As I come down, you guide your hard cock inside me. With your hands on my hips, you pull me into a full squat so your cock is deep inside, then you lift me up – so far that your cock almost slips out – then pull me back to a full squat. I am fucking you while getting in a squat workout. It is florya escort so fucking hot.

I want to go faster … I want to cum again … I want you to cum … but you are controlling my movement and keep it slow and purposeful, going as deep as possible and withdrawing as far as possible so that you are getting maximum stimulation. You finally lift me high enough that your cock slips out and you slide off the bench to standing.

“You need to trust me,” you say. “Remember the code word is purple. But no matter what happens, just trust me … you will like this.”

You untie my ankles, removing the bands completely. You untie my wrists, but leave the bands attached and tie them so my wrists are tied together. You leave the blindfold in place. You lead me by my tied wrists away from the rack a few steps and tell me to get on my knees. You slide the step-up/jump box in front of me and pull me up so that I am bent over the box with my hips in the air. You then tie my wrists to something – I can’t see – so that I am stuck in that position. You leave me, again in silence in the room, wondering what will happen next. I am a little scared but more excited than anything.

Suddenly you are behind me, kicking my feet apart so that my legs are spread and you are standing between them. You begin “whipping” my butt cheeks and back with something – a belt, I think. It is gloriously painful and I am getting wetter by the moment. You are biting my butt cheeks … twisting my ponytail in your hand. You must be kneeling between my legs. You push your cock into my cunt and pull my head back by my ponytail with one hand and still using the belt on the side of my cheek with the other hand while you fuck me doggie style.

With my head pulled back, I suddenly feel a second set of hands of either side of my head and then a hard cock pressing against my lips, trying to push into my mouth. You are still fucking my pussy … WTF? I briefly fight göztepe escort – not accepting the strange cock.

With your lips next to my ear, you whisper, “Meet Pierre. You are safe. Let it happen … you want this … we want this.”

I part my lips, my teeth and take the cock in, sucking gently at first and then taking it farther into my mouth … throat … running my tongue over and around … pulling back to the tip, using my teeth slightly and then taking him to the back of my throat. I begin to relax and realize how much I have wanted this – to be fucked while sucking cock. It is an amazing feeling. I am cumming … and explode as give me one last hard crack of the belt on my hip and push hard and deep into me. You cry out as you climax as well, filling me with your cum and slumping over my back.

“Pierre” pulls out of my mouth and you slide out of me and stand up. Still on the box – wrists still tied, I am flipped over so that I am facing up with my shoulders and upper back on the box, knees bent, feet on the floor in a hip thrust position. I am still blindfolded. A hard cock is jammed into my wet, cum filled pussy. It feels different. I know it is not you. I know it is Pierre. He is fucking me hard and fast. Your hands are on my nipples, squeezing, rolling, flicking, pinching, slapping. Pierre is stimulating my clit with his fingers at the same time as he pounds away. I am moaning and begin meeting Pierre’s thrusts one for one. Your nipple work is driving me crazy. His fucking and clit stimulation is driving me crazy. I am cumming again. It is fucking incredible to have so much attention on pleasuring my body. I reach a screaming orgasm. Pierre moans and groans and pushes in deeper and holds me still while he shoots his load into me. He lingers a moment, leans forward, kisses my belly and then withdraws.

I am spent. You untie my wrists and remove the blindfold. We are alone in the gym … naked.

“Where’s Pierre?” I ask. “I want to see him – meet him.”

“That will happen another time, baby,” you say. “It is hotter this way. Trust me. Now you can wonder – everyone man you see, you will wonder – and the anticipation will make it hotter.”

And you are so right …

Time for a shower. Together? Please! What else will we do on this sexy Sunday now that we’ve had our workout?

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