A Tale of two kitties

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A Tale of two kittiesMy wife and I are very aware that she finds women attractive, she has been open about this since we first got together, but she has never done anything about it. She is also a little bit of the jealous type and didn’t want me to ever do anything with another girl, or even see one naked playing with her…at first. Her resolve on that had waned a bit over time. She remains firm that she doesn’t want my cock inside of any woman other than her. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that girl on girl would never happen in my marriage, at least not with me there. She has been growing increasingly curious lately though. Watching more and more FMF threesomes, and just straight lesbian sex videos. She even bought a video recently that features nothing but girl on girl, and FMF threesomes with squirting. When we met she was anit all porn, so this was a big step. We watched the video and fucked all night that night. We even put it on a few days later when we invited our regular male friend over for a romp in the sheets.Well, I could tell that we were moving in that direction, but I still didn’t see it happening in the near future or anything. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. So this last weekend we had a coworker of mine over for some drinks, and we were going to watch a movie. She is very pretty, but I just hadn’t ever thought about her in “that” way. I mean, frankly, why would I? My wife leaves very little to be desired. Even so, I never thought the night would go the way that it did. Kelly had always seemed, almost homophobic to me. Even when I mentioned my wife and I playing with other people to her, she seemed curious, but said it was something that canlı bahis she personally could never bring herself to do. Anyway…This wasn’t the first time we had had Kelly over, or gone out with her with great plans, and as usual, we ended up doing more drinking than anything else, and somehow the movie never got started. We laughed, drank, dared each other to do shots, the whole nine. Both girls hate whiskey, so of course I had to make them both do that, which I got a hilarious Facebook video out of.However, everyone is different I suppose. When I drink, I become docile, and even a bit sleepy. Well, for both my wife and Kelly, booze just amps them up, and severely lowers inhibition and judgement. Before too long, I thought I might turn in soon. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and I knew Kelly was staying over that night anyway, so it wasn’t like I had to stay up to entertain. The girls were laughing and talking about Kelly’s ex, so I went upstairs, rinsed off in the shower, and lay in bed. I played games on my phone, and must have gotten a bit lost in it, because the girls were just sure I had gone to sleep. I suppose I did drift off a little because I came too at one point to the familiar sounds of my wife in the throws of passion…but I wasn’t there, and she wouldn’t invite a man over without me there…so I crept downstairs.Now, we have a three story home where the 2nd story looks down over the first. I got to the 2nd story and had to let my eyes adjust. At some point they had turned the lights off downstairs, but had turned the TV on. So in the glowing blue light it took a second for me to realize what I was looking at….My wife on her back on our bahis siteleri couch, and Kelly’s face and fingers buried deep into her pussy. They didn’t seem to notice that I had come down, and was watching them. I suppose I could have just stayed there and watch what unfolded, but I wanted a better view of the action. So I went downstairs. My wife saw me, and we just sort of looked at each other. The she motioned for me to sit down in a chair near the couch so I could watch. I knew my wife didn’t want me touching another girl, and I was surprised she was even letting me watch another girl, so I just sat and watched. I’m not sure if Kelly was so drunk that she didn’t know I was there, or she didn’t care. I have a feeling she just didn’t care, because she was way too coordinated to be black that drunk. She and my wife took turns licking and and kissing eachother, their hands were every where including inside of each other. They even scissored, yes, it’s a real thing and it’s beautiful. They went at it for what seemed like an hour or more. Kelly never made eye contact with me, and my wife hardly did either. It was like the wanted to pretend I wasn’t there, and it was just the two of them, and perhaps they did. At one point I pulled my cock out, and jerked off watching them. They either didn’t notice or didn’t care. I was still sleepy, so while they were still going at it, I went upstairs to go back to bed. I could still hear them but tried to drift off to sleep anyway. I was in and out of sleep, and at one point realized I couldn’t hear them anymore. So I crept back downstairs to see them passed out naked, limbs intertwined with each other sleeping peacefully. güvenilir bahis Damn it was hot, but I needed sleep. It was nearly 2am. I went back upstairs. My wife must have heard me this time because she came up just a few minutes after me. She crawled into bed, and I stirred a little, I guess to let her know I was awake. She rolled over next to me, put her fingers under my nose and said, “this is what she smells like.” The smell of unfamiliar pussy is always wonderful, and I got instantly hard. I rolled over to face her, and she said, “And this is what she tastes like.” And she kissed me deep and passionately. The taste of Kelly’s pussy was strong in her mouth, and all over her face. She was still naked, so of course while we were kissing I got on top of her, and slid inside of her. She was still wet with her own cum, and Kelly’s various juices. She was a little loose too, so it made me wonder if Kelly had opened her up for me. After filling her full of cum, we rolled over and went to sleep. In the morning she woke me up to fuck her again while she told me all of the details, and about how much fun she had. After which she realized how hung over, or maybe still drunk she was, so we walked down to get starbucks, and pick one up for Kelly who was still passed out downstairs naked. When we got back, Kelly had dressed, and was acting sheepish. She was clearly hungover too. I told her to relax and I would make the girls breakfast, and get them rehydrated. Once Kelly realized it was all ok, she relaxed, and stayed for most of the morning before heading out around noon. None of us mentioned what had happened the night before though. All is back to normal now with my wife, and Kelly who chat on IM though out the day, and Kelly and I who also chat often. None of us have mentioned what happened that night, but we are all eager to get together again. Fingers crossed that there will be a part II.

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