A Walk after a Busted Date part 2 OR My First Day

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A Walk after a Busted Date part 2 OR My First DayA Walk after a Busted Date part 2 OR My First Day as a Hooker part 2Toot-toot!Crap that scared me! I wasn’t expecting anyone to try to pick me up again. I thought it would have been a fluke. A one-off earlier with the k** and the handjob. Really? Again? I can’t say that I’m not flattered. I was, really. Gathering my nerves before turning to see who my next suitor was, I slowly turned without my legs shaking so much this time. Whomever was in the car, they would see me as fairly confident hooker walking the street.Leaning on the passenger door of the Lincoln gave me a view of a middle aged man with a pleasant smile and good looks. Kinda like Harrison Ford’s brother during his younger years. Made me look for a whip and a pistol for a moment there. He snapped me out of my revelrie with a smooth radio like voice, “Hello Dear. I have a proposition for you.” I’m nodding. “Come with me for a little while and I will make sure you get cab fare back here after, uhh, we, um, chat a little bit.”Ok. If he was a cop, would he make such a vague offer? I’m thinkin’ no. Not really. We would just be chatting. Nothing a judge would say for that.I stand up and before I know it, I’m sitting in yet another passenger seat. I must have surprised him, who I will call Ford for my own sake for now, because he just sat there for a moment looking at me and said, “Well. Come in. Have a seat.” I just turned and smiled.Softly saying to him, “You know I’m a little special, right?” Thinking that I’m not a GG.”Absolutely. I was hoping to find someone like you. I was at this club a little earlier and didn’t find anyone to come with me. And there you were strolling back in the directione I just left. My lucky day.””Yes it is. For both of us. My feet would be killing me if I had to walk that far. I glad you picked me up too.””Right. We are going to have fun,” he said with a little more emphasis on we. It sounded like he was going to make sure that it just wasn’t him who got all the pleasure. He’s going to make sure I’m satisfied too. Cool. He must be the type of guy who gets a thrill knowing that he could make his partner get off just like himself. I think I’m going to like this guy. After a short drive the the Clock Tower Inn and a little chit chat along the way, I found out he was from Madison, wI just up the proverbial street. A small divisional convention was going on for some of the management and he decided to stay here instead of doing a two hour round trip.While walking to the room, he put his hand around my waist and would occationally lower his hand to sweep my ass and give it a little squeeze. He was making me feel really comfortable and excited at the same time.As We entered the Suite, a cool blast of airconditioning carried with it the smell of aftershave, chinese, and that hotel odor that seems to be the same worlwide. What’s up with that? The second item made my heart stop. There were voices. More than one too. I looked at “Ford” and he must have read my shocked and confused face after hearing a man call out, “Did you get the Whore, Bill?” And the man who said it stepped out of the bathroom and paused, harshly. He looked at me like the man did earlier and I was about to bolt. Bill steadied canlı bahis me and gave me a wink and outhed, “Wait here.”I could hear Bill and the other man discussing the situation. Some of the parts were “Bucket list…feels the..guy..so what..who’s gonna..so..but I..” and not too much else. The door was open and if it wasn’t for the shower running, i could hear better. Aah. That’s better. The shower’s shut off. “So it’s settled. One round then let’s see. Deal?” “Deal.”Wait. Who shut the shower off?Bill came out followed by mr Gruff. “Ok Leslie. Here’s the deal. I promised my friend a little sex if his quota was made for this quarter and he earned it. I found you and I have been with a “Special” girl like you and I have found out that, well, you know how to please a man differently than what is expected. Jimmy hasn’t had the experience yet so you get to prove me right, ok?”How could I say no to that. It was a challenge of sorts and one I was up for taking. I just looked into Jimmy’s eyes for a moment then quickly averted them down as not to make it look like I was challenging him in any sort of way. Maybe if I act more submissive he would like the control and dominance he is feeling and not feel so odd that I would soon be the instrument of his pleasure.”Leslie, Go have a seat on the edge of the bed, please. Jimmy Will be along shortly.”I entered the room and quickly made it to a mirror to freshen up my looks. “Not bad for your first day of whoring, Leslie,” I said to the reflection in the mirror after giving it a wink.The moment I sat on the bed, the lights went out and the silouette of Jimmy was in the door. He approached me and my eyes adjusted to the dark just in enough time to see him standing right in front of me, hands on hips, legs spread, and staring down at me.”Well Whore. Show me what you can do.”It was all I needed to go into action. I pulled his belt completely out of the loops a little slower than necessary. Gonna make him wait a few moments more for it. I stroked his thighs and reached around to grab his manly ass and pull him to my face. This’ll show him. I’m just going to nibble his cock through his pants and make him build up his anticipation again. HA! Oh my! Oops. I crotch is all wet from my mouth.”Aww c’mon’ he groaned.Yeah, ok. I loosened his button, undid the zipper and heard it like the announcing of the coming prince. And there it was. He was going without any drawers and it nearly whapped me in the eye when it fell out. It was kinda long but skinny at the same time. The pants were in the corner in about two seconds with a quick sling of his foot. He problably does that at home and his wife or GF no doubt bitches about it too.A nice drop of precum was forming on the tip of his cock waiting for me to lick it off. So do I go at it slowly or give him a little jolt right off? I open my mouth and enclose the head in my red lips and hold tightly while I tounge fuck his pee hole. Yes! I got him to shiver and give a good moan right off the bat! Yay! I keep stabbing at his hole savoring the sounds he is making and that initial sweet juice. One more step. I reach around with one hand to his ass, grasp his balls with the other and quickly as I can, since he has a skinny cock, push, pull, and shove his bahis siteleri cock as far in as it could go smashing my nose against his pubes. My tounge sticks out to lick his clean balls that are being massaged by my hand.”Oh you fuckin’ bitch! What the fuck! Damn! Unngh!” said on quivering knees and in an unsteady voice.”What’s up Jimmy?” said Bill peering into the darkened room.”You were right, fucker. I have not had what the fuck is done to me before. Ungh. I like!” said just before I pulled away to get some air. He may have been skinny but my air supply was still cut off.I stood up and rotated him around to the bed. Made him sit down and scoot up so he was laying completely on the bed. Off came the socks and the rest of his clothes. It didn’t seem like he had any more doubts about my abilities.I can say one thing for him. He tasted great and was not a quick cummer. It must have been too long to wait for him to cum and Bill was getting impatient for I felt a hand pawing at my ass and stroking across my bud. There was a little surprise at this but not entirely unexpected. The crinkle of a condom was heard, some lube was rubbed around my hole, then and my waist was grasped with two hands.Any second now. It’s coming. Ahh, there it is.The cool tip of his cock resting against me. The pressure is slowly building and not letting up. Bill was right. He was going to make this nice for the both of us. The pressure continued to build and then, POP! The head went in and was held there again while I became accustomed to it. Slowly pushed until I could feel his pubes tickling my fanny. That was a good time to let out a soft wimpering womans moan like i feel right then. Women get fucked and I was getting fucked in two ways at the same time.Maybe it was time or maybe it was the sight of someone fucking me but Jimmy was starting to breath shallow and everything was going stiff. i took a deep breath and pushed myself down onto him again and the motion of Bill fucking me was all it took. Jimmy was being made a happy man. Alot of his cum went straight down my gullet but enough leaked around into my mouth to know that Jimmy has a sweet tooth. His cum was sweet! Yummy! I held him in my throat as long as I could before I pulled out for air. I made sure to clean him up the best I could.It took a few moment for Jimmy to gather his senses and scoot away silently from the bed only to be replaced by BILL? Bill? WTF? Who’s that behind me fucking me in such a delicious way?I turned around and he just said, “Hi.” Waved and proceeded to pound me for all it’s worth. “Nice and tight. I like you.””Uh, thanks,” in a wavering squeaky voice.By this time Bill was on his knees in front of me and said, “I’ll have what he had, pointing to Jimmy.Just as I started on Bill, Mr Behind pulled me in real tight and let me feel his pulsating cock release his load into the condom. He must have like me too showing it in such a manly manner for he gave me a hard slap on the ass and said, “Good Girl!” which made me feel good inside re-energizing the butterflies from before.Bill pulled away and he said, “On your back Honey pot.”So I did and he scootched me up to the edge of the bed where my head was just hanging over the edge.”Open please.” (Like he really had güvenilir bahis to say please) There was this immediate and unexpected gush of cum going into my mouth giving me a little choke and a cough. I could see the bubble form over my mouthin the pale light. Mr Behind dumped the contents of his condom into my cum hole and it was still warm too! Not as hot when fresh from the tap but warm enough. What a mouthful it was. It was sweet too. Note to self, Ask what these guys had for dinner. I didn’t have time to think about it too much. Bill was shoving his cock into my throat and was just at the right angle to throat fuck me.He was a little bigger than Jimmey and about as long. I was practiced already so he was able to get it in balls deep in a few tries.He pulled my legs up to his shoulder I think to get something better to hold onto and Jimmy or Mr Behind was playing with my bud again. A little lube rubbed in and there was that familiar sound and feeling again. Wow, He recovered quick. Which he it was. Didn’t really matter. The pressure continued while I focused on Bill fucking my throat. He ws good. The right angle was kept and the motion steady. Hmmmm!Something wasn’t right. The pressure on my hole was greater than ever before and it felt like, I dunno, wasn’t mr behind or skinny Jimmy. Pop! A big Pop! I managed to let out a gutteral groan during the moment Bill was out of my throat (but not out of my mouth.) I couldn’t see a thing since Bill’s balls were slapping me in the forehead and I knew it had to be another person. His cock was definately bigger than either of the ones from before.I hear Bill say,”Leslie? Meet David. David? Leslie.” “We let him go last since he has the biggest cock and that way each one of us would have the pleasure of stretching you out just a little more. Nice, huh?”I just felt my eyes watering up from a combination of joy, pleasure, and a reduced gag reflex and the exuberance of it all.Later…The cab just let me out by the club about 1:30 am with a sore jaw, a sore ass, sore nees, and Bill’s number to call him when I get back to Madison. Oh yeah, and a few extra bills in my purse. I don’t really care how much it was because anything would be enought to validate me as a whore like i was tonight.Aw crap. The cab let me out right at the club now I have to walk to the the van down the street. I’m feelin’ good and the night air relaxes me enough to put a sway in my step.”Excuse me? Miss?” came the voice. “You’re looking very inviting tonight”It came from behind me and as I turned quickly, completely startled by the suddeness, saw a pairof men hands up saying, “Whoa!” at the same time.”Oh. I’m sorry. Shit. I am usually aware of what going on around me. I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” I should have been aware. The traffic was a little heavier at this time because the crowds were letting out of the bars downtown. These must be some of the guys who struck out and are looking for one last chance for anything and i was it.”Inviting, huh?” I said in a sexy voice. “Inviting for what?””Funny you should ask. We were hoping to be going home with someone tonight and, well” hesitantly.I chirped in and said, “Ya struck out and here I am. your last resort?””Well yeah. You know. It’s just one of those nights. We never go home alone, usually.” said with all of the bravado the other guy could muster.I stood there for a moment thinking back to all the activity so far today and I blurt out to say, “What did you have in mind?”

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