A Woman Knows…

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As I sat quietly in the terminal waiting to board my plane, the sounds of people, the intercom, and the engines of the planes outside filled my ears. I was always nervous about plane trips. I mean I have taken several in my lifetime, and always managed to come out safe, but watching all the news on the TV about these horrible plane crashes, I couldn’t help but to be nervous. I decided to try to ease my mind by looking at a magazine, but I just kept thinking about it.

“Nervous?” I looked up from my magazine and saw a woman, probably in her late 20’s with long blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a short black dress and black heels.

“Oh,” I said with a laugh. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” She got up and sat in the empty seat beside me.

“My name is Eve, and yours?” She said extending her hand. “Uh, Tara” I said, shaking it.

“Well hello Tara, nice to meet you. What seat will you be sitting in?” She asked. I fumbled for my tickets and looked. “It looks like 32A.”

“Well, well well,” she said with a smile. “Looks like we’ll be neighbors.”

I heard the call over the intercom for our flight and grabbed up my bags. Eve was behind me and we boarded the plane and found our seats. Luckily I had the window seat. Eve sat beside me and we took conversation until the plane took off.

“So”, she said. “Married, kids, the whole nine yards?”

“I’m Married, no kids. You?”

Not married, but I have a girlfriend.” She said.

I guess the look of shock came across my face, because she let out a laugh and smiled.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” She said with a wink.

“Oh, I am sorry!” I said with a nervous laugh. “I meant no harm. I just figured you were…”

“Straight?” She asked.

“Um, yeah.”

“Well I was for a long time, until I found Susan. She has been my best friend since the 7th grade, and when I broke up with my boyfriend 2 years ago. she was there… comforting me. It just happened one night, and it was the best sexual experience I have ever had.”

“You know, only a woman knows how to please a woman like a woman wants to be pleased.” She said with a slight grin, and with that she excused herself to go to the restroom. I was sitting there in what seemed like a daze. I had seen movies with two women together, and had read stories about it, but never actually saw myself doing it. I was a happily married woman! I had all I needed at home waiting for me. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking of my husband and the night that was to come with him when I got home.

“So, how old are you?” Eve said as she sat back down beside me. “I hope I didn’t scare you with what I told a bit ago, it’s just the truth.” She said with a smile.

“I’m 27, and you didn’t scare me, it just came to me by suprise.”

“Well, the sex is great” She said.

I could already tell Eve was bursa escort bayan very open minded and not afraid to speak her mind. I had a long flight in front of me, and decided just to make the best of it. Even if it be listening to a woman tell me of her sexual experiences with her girlfriend. My husband would love hearing this, I thought. It would probably be the highlight of his day. So, I made myself comfortable, and that began the conversation about a woman and a woman.

“What can a woman do that a man can’t for you?” I asked with a questioning look on my face.

“Plenty!” She said. “A woman knows how to give great oral sex.” “As where you have to tell a man how to do it, a woman knows what to do.” She said with a smile.

Eve was a very attractive woman. Just the thought of her and another woman turned me on a bit, and I listened to her attentiavely as she told me about her and her lover. She went into great detail about their love-making. The way her girlfriend would give her oral sex in unusual places, fuck her with dildos, and sometimes even let a third woman join in. Maybe she saw the way I was imagining it, or maybe it was the look on my face, but she knew I was turned on from listening to her. I was turned on, I felt my panties getting wet under me.

“Close your eyes.” She said quietly.


“Just do it, I want to show you something. Just think; after this plane ride, you will never see me again.”

I don’t know why, but I did as she told me. I closed my eyes, and soon felt her hand touch my left leg. It startled me a little. She began to rub my inner thigh and I could feel myself getting aroused. Was I actually letting a woman touch me this way? She moved her hand closer to my skirt and then under it. I opened my eyes and looked around. The two people in the seats across the row were asleep. The people in front of us had their headphones on, I knew they couldn’t have known what was going on. She led her fingers to the outside and began rubbing the crotch of my panties. I arched my back and let out a smal moan.

“How does that feel?” She whispered in my ear.

I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move. I was frozen. The emotions that were running through my body had caught a lump in my throat and all I could do was nod my head.

“I knew you would like it. I could tell you wanted this.”

She slipped her index finger inside my panties and began rubbing my clit softly, slowly rubbing the inner lips of my pussy. She ran her finger up one side, and down the other, twirling it right in the middle, circling wide enough to hit my clit at the same time. She was skilled, no doubt. I scooted down and opened my legs as much as I could in that tight chair to give her more access to me.

“That’s a girl, just relax.”

She was kissing my cheek and licking the outer part of my ear. It felt so damn good! One part of me wanted görükle escort to stop because I was married and faithful to my husband, but the other part of me was under her control. I liked it and didn’t want her to stop. She continued caressing my clit while she slid a finger in my hole, twisting and turning it, hitting the walls of my pussy to make it feel just right. I was moaning softly and could feel my body tense against her small fingers. I was so hot and wet. She was doing wonders to me! I felt my orgasm coming…

“I’m gonna cum” I moaned quietly.

“yeah, that’s right, cum all over my fingers girl, I wanna feel that nice juice run out of you.”

That’s what it took… in a few more seconds, my body started to tremble and I was climaxing like mad all over her fingers. She kept fingering and rubbing my swollen clit until I reached the final stages of my climax. All I could do was sit there, eyes shut, and savor my first orgasm from another woman. I felt wonderful and guilty all at the same time.

A few minutes later, she leaned towards me and whispered, “Follow me into the restroom, I want to show you more.”

I got up after her and followed her to the restroom. Shutting the door behind us, she turned to me and kissed me passionatly on the lips. I returned the kiss and felt myself getting aroused again. I was already soaked from the orgasm she gave me a few minutes earlier. She slid both of her hands up my skirt and preceeded to pull my panties down. Her fingers immediatly slid into my wet pussy, and kissed me again. Her fingers came out of my pussy and she brought them to my lips. I parted them and licked my juices from her wet fingers. Tasting myself was different, but it felt erotic. I had alwaysd been used to my husbands cum, but this was much sweeter, smoother.. I loved what she was doing to me!

“Sit up here.” she said, pointing to the small sink. I did so and she told me to pull my knees up to my chest.

“Now, this is the part you will love.” She said as she slid down to her knees. Her tongue met my clit and began swirlling it around and around, causing me to shutter. I moaned loudly, not caring at this point if anyone heard me. This woman was my ultimate satisfaction at the time. She ran her tongue the whole length of my pussy lips, spreading them open, sucking my juices from my earlier orgasm. With the index finger of her other hand, she licked it, and began rubbing my asshole. Slowly, she slid it in. I could feel my ass tighten against her finger, but as she moved it around some, I relaxed. If there was a Heaven, I was there! This woman was wonderful! I thrust my hips and pussy against her face as she licked , sucked and fingered my pussy to yet another wonderful orgasm. I couldn’t believe the state of being I was in! I wanted to lick Eve… I wanted to fuck her with my fingers, and suck her pussy till she came everywhere. bursa escort bayan I wanted to lick her juices, as she had just done mine while she watched. I was so damn hot!! I pulled her up to me and kissed her hard. I searched for any remaining traces of my cum from her lips and tongue.

“Mmmmm”, she said. “You really like this huh?”

“Uh huh” I moaned. I was rubbing her breasts through her little black dress. I pulled it up and off of her. Her tits were beautiful! I brought her erect nipple to my lips and began kissing it, licking it, while I rubbed the other nipple between my index finger and thumb. She pulled me down from the sink and sat up on it.

“You want to taste me?” She asked, rubbing her mound with her fingers.

“Oh Yes!” I said immediatly dropping to the floor.

She pulled her legs up, resting her feet on the edge of the sink. Her pussy was neatly shaven, and very wet. I ran two fingers down the middle of her pussy lips, spreading them open, and began licking her. She tasted sweet. I dipped my tongue in and out of her wet hole, pushing my fingers in and out of her like she had done me, while sucking and nibbling her hard, swollen clit. She was leaned back on one hand, while the other was pinching and rubbing her tits. I was loving this; never would I actually imagine myself licking another woman, Giving another woman an orgasm. She was so pleasing to me… I had to return the favor. All of my guilt left me at this point. I didn’t care. I wanted her. I wanted the taste her juices in my mouth. I began to lick harder, finger fucking her faster.

“Oh yes!” She cried. “Your gonna make me cum! Take it! Take it all in your mouth! Lick me harder!”

She was pushing against my face hard with her pussy. I was licking madly at her, fingering her hole as she began calling out my name.

“Oh God Tara! I’m cumming!! Take it Tara… Tara… Tara…

“Tara? Tara!, It’s time to get off the plane!”

I opened my eyes and turned to see Eve sitting beside me. I was clenching the arms of the chairs and felt myself sweating like mad. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would burst out of my chest. I could not believe what just happened!

“Wow”, she said. “That must have been some pretty hot dream you were having, huh, girl?”

“What? Oh!” I said with a nervous laugh. I wiped my brow and took a deep breath.

“Well, I didn’t have the heart to wake you when I came back, knowing how nervous you were, so I let you sleep. Lets get outta here before they kick us off!”

I got up, my panties dripping from my so very erotic dream and I got my bags from the overhead compartment. As we walked out of the plane and said our good byes and good lucks, Eve looked at me and smiled.

“You remember what I told you Tara. Try it sometime, you just might like it.” With those words, she walked out of my life, never to see her again.

As I was walking down to the baggage claim to pick up my luggage, I couldn’t help but to think about my dream. It was so real, so vivid. Would I tell my husband about it? He just may like it and want me to try it. Then again, maybe I would too..

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