Aaron’s New Stepsister

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Aaron Sanders was shocked when he heard that his father had remarried. His mother had died when he was young, and it had always just been him and his dad. When he was going to college at Pitt, his father told him during his senior year that he was dating a woman, but getting married only three months into their relationship was a huge shock. Heather was a woman who had been divorced a long time and he guessed they just fell into a mindset of hurrying up because they were both in their forties. Aaron just hoped that his dad had set up a great prenuptial agreement because he felt like this was rushed into and might not last very long – his father was one of the most successful attorneys in the Phoenix area, and he feared that this woman was a gold-digger who wanted his money. His father was the one who always told Aaron not to make rash decisions growing up, and now he’s seemingly made one himself.

What’s more, Heather was the mother of two kids that Aaron had gone to high school with and knew somewhat. Stephen was in his grade and he recognized him and had a few classes with him, but they were never friends or had hung out before. Kristy was two grades below them; Aaron only had a few conversations with her. She was on the cheerleading squad so he saw her during his football games, and his girlfriend at the time was the cheer captain and always said that she was a really nice and fun girl. Aaron remembered thinking that Kristy was extremely hot, he never acted on it or anything because he was always faithful to his girlfriend at the time, but it was still weird to think that this girl that he was previously attracted to was now his step-sister.

His father, Keith Sanders, had married in March (no ceremony, just a court house wedding and that’s it – he told Aaron not to bother to fly back home to Phoenix for it so it wouldn’t interrupt his studies during his last few months of school) and now it was June. Aaron was 23, had just graduated Pitt and was looking for a job. He had been the Panthers starting quarterback the two previous years and had garnered some NFL draft buzz, but this last year he suffered a season-ending injury three games into the season and had to sit out. He had always counted on making it to the NFL in some capacity (even as just a backup QB, at least) but his injury had made that impossible, and now he was forced to look for other job options. Because he wanted to focus on football, his major at Pitt was “Communications” – the easiest one possible, but now he would have to rely on it to get real non-football work and was in a bad situation.

Thus, Aaron was forced to fly back to Phoenix to live at the house he grew up at. He thought he was just going to live with his dad, but the marriage had changed that equation, and now it would be a packed house. Stephen had also recently graduated and was coming back from San Diego State, while Kristy was a currently a student at local Arizona State and commuted from home to save money.

Aaron was kind of pissed at the situation. He was sure that one of the kids had taken his room; they had a guest room as well but no other bedroom suitable so he wasn’t sure how the living situation would shake out. He supposed the workout room would have to be converted into a bedroom. He sure hoped one of those other two would be the ones to live in the guest bedroom and the other room – he wanted to stay in the bedroom he had grown up in, not only was he more comfortable with it, but it was much larger as well.

Sitting on the plane headed to Phoenix, Aaron ruminated about the possibilities, but at the same time he was somewhat excited to have siblings for the first time. He had grown up as an only child, so he never really had the experience of bonding with siblings at all – maybe it could be fun. It could be a lot of fun to have a brother to hang around and throw the football around and play video games with.

He had no idea how to interact with Kristy – what do sisters and brothers do together, exactly? The fact that he was previously attracted to her and probably will continue to be made things complicated as well. Well, at the very least, it would be nice to have something to look at around the house, even if he could never act on it. He decided that there was really no shame in being attracted to her – it’s not like they were a blood relation, they didn’t grow up together, and they even sort of knew each other beforehand. Aaron was less excited about having a mother figure for the first time – he certainly hoped Heather never tried to boss him around.

After the plane landed at Sky Harbor, Aaron got off the plane and saw his new family together for the first time.

“Hey son,” his father said as he came up and hugged him. “Welcome home!”

Heather came up to him next. Although he went to school with her kids, Aaron had never met her before, and when he saw her he immediately knew why his father wasted no time in locking her up. Heather was in her 40’s but could have easily passed for early 30’s, with long black sinop escort hair, a slim waist and relatively large breasts for her figure. She clearly had a little bit of plastic surgery done at some point but it had paid off, and she looked a lot like actress Courteney Cox.

“Hello Aaron! So nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much about you from your father, he showed me your football games and everything. I guess you’re my new stepson now!”

“Yeah, I guess so. Nice to meet you too,” Aaron chuckled nervously. This was a pleasant surprise – even if she acts like a total bitch and tries to control me, now I have two women to look at around the house, he thought.

Stephen came up to him next and they shook hands. “Hey man, nice to see you again after all these years.”

Aaron greeted him back and shook his hand but couldn’t help but feel a little awkward – they knew each other to some degree in high school and certainly had no animosity but they were never friends or talked to each other outside of class. Aaron was the star football player while Stephen was a rocker who had his own band – positions that gave both of them plenty of popularity and got them laid plenty, but not really circles that crossed often. Stephen was 23 now, the same age as Aaron.

Next up was Kristy. Aaron had to stop his jaw from dropping when he saw her. He thought that she was smoking hot in high school, but she had upped a level in the time since then and turning 21. She had long black hair, an absolutely adorable face with just the right amount of freckles, and a killer body that included a nice round ass and a slim waist and a toned stomach. Her breasts were small but perky in high school, but they had definitely grown in the last four years, in what appeared to be a natural fashion.

Aaron went in for a handshake. Kristy threw his hand away and went in for a hug. “Oh put that away, you’re my new big brother, that deserves a hug!” she said as she squeezed him and made a squealing noise. Aaron bucked his lower body away as he correctly assumed that his dick would get hard from having her tits pressed against his chest.

“Hey there – nice to see you too, new stepsister!” Aaron laughed. Aaron began to reevaluate his situation. He was excited at the possibility of seeing an attractive girl around his house initially, but he knew that he would never act on it because he would never put his father in that awkward position. But he didn’t expect it to be like this – the best case scenario was a major case of blue balls, and the worst case scenario was he might get caught staring at her and creating an awkward situation for everyone.

“Damnit, why couldn’t I just have met with her separately and not have our parents be married? I could have fucked the shit out of her without ramifications,” Aaron thought to himself.

The five of them chatted as they grabbed Aaron’s bags and drove home. As they were getting into the car, his father’s five-seat sedan required the three new siblings to be in the back squished together. Kristy chose to be seated in the middle between Aaron and Stephen. Aaron had to pull his shirt over his pants as he could hardly contain his erection at the fact that Kristy’s shapely ass was rubbing up against him in her tight jeans.

As they drove home, the new family chit-chatted. Aaron found out that Heather was a relatively successful pharmacist, which somewhat alleviated his concerns that she was a gold digger out for his dad’s money. He also found that although they’ve only recently started dating that they’ve actually known each other for over 20 years – they first met when Aaron and Stephen were attending the same pre-kindergarten classes.

Eventually he and Stephen got to talking. “Hey man, I got to say, I have followed your football career pretty closely,” Stephen stated, “and I was definitely rooting for you because it was cool to say to my friends that I knew that successful Pitt quarterback from high school. Although, I will admit, I was a little upset when you beat my SDSU Aztecs in the 2010 season opener,” he laughed. Aaron appreciated this but was a little sad as it reminded him of the potential he had before the injury ruined his career and potential future.

Finally, they arrived home. The five of them hung out for a few hours and talked and shared a bottle of wine. Aaron didn’t dare ask about sleeping arrangements – he was pretty sure that it would cause some sort of conflict. When it came time to go to bed, his father approached him when they were alone.

“Hey, Aaron, since we didn’t think you would be back here we gave your room to Kristy and Stephen is sleeping in the guest bedroom. We can figure out a different situation later, and we’ll probably convert the workout room into another bedroom soon, but you don’t mind sleeping on the couch for now, do you?”

Aaron was pissed but knew that something like this was coming. He felt like he had the rights to the room that he grew up in, but now Kristy has it? “That’s fine for now, but escort sinop we need to convert the workout room soon, and when that happens, either Kristy of Stephen will move there, and I get my old room back.” His father assured him that he would do what he could.

Aaron slept on the living room couch that night, and he was miserable. Aaron was 6 foot 4 inches tall, and easily was larger than the couch, and when he woke up his back felt miserable.

Aaron woke up sore at 9am, and saw Kristy going about the kitchen. “Hey, good morning, big brother!” she cried out. “How did you sleep?”

“Miserable. I’m much larger that this stupid couch, I feel like shit.”

“Oh, too bad,” Kristy replied. “No worries, we’ll have the workout room converted into your new bedroom in no time!” Aaron was sort of pissed off by this reply – why couldn’t he get his old bedroom back? Kristy was the smallest of the three of them, she should be the one to sleep on the couch. Or, if you accounted for the fact that Kristy was a lady and should be treated better, Stephen was much shorter than him and should be the one to sleep on the couch.

Aaron found it hard to be mad, however, as he watched Kristy go around the kitchen in her amazing body dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and panties while cooking waffles for everyone. He made sure the blanket he had covered his erection, and felt the need to commentate. “Hey, sorry if this is weird, but could you put on some shorts or pants or something?”

Kristy laughed at this response. “Why, big brother, are you aroused at your new sister walking around in her panties?”

Aaron hesitated and then said “Well, ummm, no, it’s just kind of indecent.”

Kristy laughed and said that she would go find some shorts, and ran upstairs to get some. When she came back, Aaron saw that she was wearing tight Daisy Duke jean shorts, which didn’t exactly help the situation.

Later on in the morning, Keith, Heather and Stephen woke up and started to eat breakfast. While they were in the middle of eating, Keith told the three kids that Heather and he had an announcement. After their marriage, they had not had a honeymoon yet, and in one day they were going to Hawaii for three weeks. Keith apologized for bailing on Aaron right after he had returned home from school, and apologized for not disclaiming it sooner but he wanted to keep it as a special surprise for his new wife and he booked the tickets before he knew exactly when Aaron would be coming home. Aaron claimed that he understood. Keith and Heather told the kids that this would give the three of them some time to bond as new siblings.

The three of them waved goodbye as their parents were taken away by a taxi to go to the airport.

Aaron, Stephen, and Kristy all stood in the doorway and looked at each other. Finally Kristy broke the silence. “So, where do you guys want to go?” she asked. “How about some new sibling bonding?”

“That’s cool with me,” Aaron replied. “How about we go out to the community pool, and then go out and experience the Phoenix nightlife afterwards?” Aaron had, against his better wishes, thrown in the part about the pool because he was dying to see Kristy in a bikini.

“Hey, that sounds great. You down, Kris?” Stephen asked.

“Yeah, definitely! I’ll go grab my bathing suit.” Kristy replied as she went up the stairs to fetch her things.

“Cool, if you two want to grab some beers and stuff I don’t really like drinking that much so I’ll be the designated driver,” Stephen said in response.

The three of them ended up going to the community pool, which luckily no one else was at. Aaron and Kristy started to drink some of the drinks they had brought while Stephen stayed sober.

Eventually, Kristy stated that they should start swimming, and took off her clothes to reveal a skimpy black bikini.

When Kristy stripped down to her swimming gear, Stephen was disgusted. “Ugh, Kristy, come on, can’t you find something a little bit more conservative?”

“Hey, this is comfortable!” Kristy replied. “What’s wrong? Is my big brother getting turned on? Eww, that’s gross, you pervert,” she said playfully as she grabbed Stephen’s lower abdomen.

Stephen was immediately grossed out and backed away. “Knock that off, come on now.”

Aaron definitely thought this interaction was bizarre and a little inappropriate, but having no siblings himself he didn’t really know how they interacted and decided to think of it as teasing, and thought nothing of it.

“Aren’t you guys going to join me?” she asked afterwards as she jumped in the pool.

Aaron was conflicted but decided to strip to his swim trunks and jump in the pool. As Aaron took off his shirt, Kristy commentated “Ooooh, hey look, big brother’s got a six-pack!”

Aaron was slightly embarrassed but also started to feel a bit aroused, so he jumped into the cold water as soon as possible to alleviate it.

Stephen said that he was going to continue to tan and sit this one out, so Aaron and sinop escort bayan Kristy were in the water together for a while. They began to playfully bicker and splash water on one another. Aaron was aroused as he watched his new step-sister splash around in her tiny black bikini, but regretfully knew nothing could come of it.

He couldn’t believe how often he was getting aroused around her; he was usually much more controlled about it when interacting with girls. “Shit man,” he thought to himself, “you see hot girls in skimpy clothing all the time. Hell, you’ve even been watched this same exact girl dance around in her cheerleading uniform before, and you’ve never walked around having to hide your boner all the time. What’s going on here?”

Eventually the three of them went home and showered, and Aaron resolved to show them the Phoenix nightlife. Since it took much quicker for him and Stephen to get ready, the two of them waited around for a while in the living room talking sports while Kristy was getting ready to go out.

When Kristy came back down, Aaron was stunned. She was wearing a tiny black dress that showed a decent amount of cleavage and barely covered her ass.

“So, uhhh…you guys ready to go?” Aaron nervously stuttered.

“Oh yeah, you know it,” Kristy replied. “I know that my new big brother, the stud quarterback, knows all the best spots in town to hit up, and I’m ready to take advantage of it!”

As Stephen drove them over, the three of them bonded and began to recall life experiences. Aaron began to feel a real kinship towards the two –they were both genuinely good people, and he was enjoying the experience of having a real brother and sister for the first time in his life.

When the three of them got to the club, Kristy began to get hit on constantly. A creepy older man started to hit on her, and she refused his advances. He began to get belligerent and yell at her for being a cocktease, but Aaron stepped in and asked, “Is there a problem, sir?”

The man looked at Aaron’s tall frame and started to back off. “Ugh, no sir! No problem at all.”

“So, you weren’t trying to hit on her, then?”

The older man sheepishly backed off and walked away as fast as he could. Kristy looked to Aaron, relieved. “Thanks for protecting me, big brother, that dude was creeping me out.” Kristy gave Aaron a kiss on the forehead. Aaron blushed and backed away.

Kristy then looked Aaron in the eyes. “You know, all these guys have been hitting on me, could you do me a favor and dance with me for a bit so they think that I’m taken? Taken by an over 6 foot tall athlete stud who could easily kick their ass?”

Aaron certainly was not going to refuse this request. He replied in the affirmative and Kristy held his hand and led him to the dance floor. For a little while, they danced with a distance apart from them, but after a couple songs, Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” played on the soundtrack. At this point, Kristy began to shake her ass in front of Aaron, and began to grind her backside into his crotch to the beat of the music.

“Whoa, careful now,” Aaron cautioned as she began to grind herself into him. “You are my step-sister, after all.”

“I don’t care,” Kristy said as she shook her ass up and down on his crotch. “I know I can trust you, and I’m tired of these assholes coming up to me. What are big brothers for, after all?”

Aaron thought to himself that he was pretty sure the answer to that question doesn’t involve grinding their cock into their sister’s ass on the dance floor.

After a few minutes of this, Stephen (thankfully not having seen Aaron and Kristy’s dance escapades) walked up to the two of them with a bleached blonde girl in hand.

“Hey, I’m going to go to this girl’s apartment for the night, you two have fun finding someone, I’ll call you in the morning. Aaron, do you have cab fare?” Stephen asked.

“Yeah I have plenty, no worries,” Aaron said, and he and Stephen bumped fists as Stephen started to walk away from his siblings with girl.

Kristy laughed and walked up to Stephen when the girl was out of earshot. “Oh, is my big bro going to get laid tonight? You going to fuck this girl’s pussy? Give her a taste of the Holmes family cum?”

Okay, Aaron thought, I’m pretty sure that was a bit over the line.

Stephen pushed her away and laughed nervously. “Calm down sis, you’re blowing up my spot. I need to get laid! I’ll see you guys sometime in the afternoon tomorrow.” The two hugged and Stephen walked away.

Suddenly, it was just Aaron and Kristy on the dance floor. They continued grinding for a little bit, when Aaron decided they had better grab a cab ride home.

On the cab ride home, the two of them discussed their lives and plans. Aaron told her that since his football dreams were over, he was hoping to make it as a sports analyst, and Kristy said that she was hoping to be a nurse once she graduated.

Aaron asked if she ever followed college football, and she replied that she only followed it when he was the quarterback of Pitt because she liked telling her friends that she knew the quarterback in high school. She then told Aaron that she had a major crush on him in high school but knew it would never come to fruition as he was dating her cheer captain Jessica.

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