Acceptance Ch. 08

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Andy got on all fours and awaited further instruction from Al. Al walked to the door of the old barn and picked up the duffel bag. He brought the bag to Andy’s feet and laid it on the floor. Al unzipped the bag. Andy looked back to see what Al was doing.

“Did I tell you to move your head?” Al asked.

“No sir.” Andy replied. By now, Andy had become adept at using the proper responses whenever Al asked him something.

Andy looked ahead and tried to guess based on the sounds what Al was doing and what he concealed in the duffel bag. Fear of the unknown rushed over Andy, followed immediately by an unexplainable excitement about what might happen next. As the thoughts associated with each took their turns manipulating Andy’s mind, his cock became flaccid. Al noticed out of the corner of his eye that Andy was beginning to soften, and took a moment to watch as Andy’s cock began its descent. Al noticed that pre-cum continues to leak from the head of Andy’s cock even though he was now completely flaccid.

Al removed several anal toys from his duffel bag and lined them up in the order he intended to use them. He took out some lubrication and methodically applied it to each of the toys. Al anticipated that he would have to start out fairly easy since Andy had not ever been fucked in the ass. He remembered, however, that Andy was highly turned on by the fingering he had received earlier while leaned across the hood of the car.

Determined the toys were sufficiently prepared, Al applied some lubricant to his fingers. He walked up to Andy’s head, bent down, and said “OK. If you are going to be my gay lover, I will own your ass which means that you will accept anything I wish to do ankara escort without objection. Is that what you want?”

Andy nodded yes. The finger fucking Al gave him earlier took hold of the other thoughts running through his head. And though he knew he wanted to explore his bisexuality, he also knew that he would be completely happy exploring it with no other man that Al.

“I asked you a damn question.” Al said.

Andy’s eyes got wide. He looked up and said “Yes sir, my ass if yours.”

Al took two steps and knelt near Andy’s ass. He noticed that Andy’s cock was leaking pre-cum even faster. He also noticed that Andy’s cock was beginning to get stiff again. Al placed a hand on Andy’s ass and worked his fingers towards Andy’s asshole. As he did this, Al watched Andy’s cock get stiffer and stiffer. Al was concerned at one point that Andy’s cock looked like it might rupture.

As Al circled Andy’s asshole with his finger, he noticed that Andy’s breathing once again became calm. He also noticed that Andy’s ass seemed to raise slightly. Al could tell that Andy very much wanted to experience the pleasure of another man’s cock in his ass. This made Al’s cock stiffen in his pants to the point that Al had to adjust himself to make himself more comfortable.

Al inserted one finger into Andy’s asshole and began to gently fuck Andy. It was quite evident that Andy enjoyed this. Al began massaging the rim of Andy’s ass hole with a second finger. Slowly, he inserted the second finger into Andy. Andy gave some resistance as the second finger worked its way inside. Al used both fingers to continue to prepare Andy’s ass for Al’s cock.

After a few escort ankara minutes, Al began rubbing Andy’s rim with a third finger. When he started to insert his third finger into Andy’s ass, Andy moved forward and clinched his ass cheeks. Al slapped Andy’s ass hard and said “This is my ass now, stop fighting me or you are gonna have trouble.”

Andy could not stop trying to prevent Al from inserting his third finger. He reached back with one hand and tried to get Al to stop. Al grabbed Andy’s arm and pinned it behind Andy’s back. Al leaned up to Andy’s ear and said firmly “Your ass belongs to me now. If I have to use force to do what I want with it, I will.”

The threat of force nearly made Andy orgasm. “It is a little much, can you go a little slower?” Andy asked.

“Slower?” Al responded. He added “I promise you that when you decide you want to fuck my ass, you will be desperate to shove your cock right in and start going at it. I am trying to teach you right now how to properly appreciate an ass.”

“I’m just not sure how much I can take right now.” Andy said.

“Oh. You are gonna take all I want to give you right now.” Al replied. “After all, you gave your ass to me. I will do as I please. If you try to stop me again, I will be much more vigilant in taking and taming your ass.” he continued.

With that, Al forced his third finger into Andy’s asshole and began roughly fucking Andy while using his grip on Andy’s arm to steady and control Andy. Every time Andy tried to shy away from the finger fucking, Al put more pressure on Andy’s arm. The pain associated with the awkward pinning of his arm made Andy forget about the finger fucking ankara escort bayan he was receiving.

After a few minutes, Al shoved his hand towards Andy’s head and, with all three fingers firmly in Andy’s ass, leaned forward and said “I am going to let your arm go. You will put your hand on the floor. You will then be still while I finish preparing your ass. Do you understand?”

Andy said “yes sir.”

Al let go and Andy complied. Al finger fucked Andy’s ass for several more minutes until he was satisfied that Andy would be more compliant. Al removed his fingers and gently inserted a small anal plug into Andy’s ass. The plug slipped right in and Andy did not resist.

When he finished finger fucking Andy, Al walked around to the front and told Andy to kneel. “Take my clothes completely off.” Andy complied. While undressing Al, Andy took a moment to memorize every inch of Al’s gorgeous body. The lack of chest hair turned Andy on. Al’s firm ass and muscular arms and legs conveyed his commitment to working out at the gym regularly. The six pack abs beckoned Andy’s attention as he admired their Adonis like resemblance.

Pre-cum on Al’s cock head once again made Andy instinctively lick Al’s cock. Andy ached to give Al another blow job and to experience his warm salty cum on his tongue again.

“Get back on all fours.” Al commanded.

Andy complied quickly. Al walked behind Andy and knelt with his legs between Andy’s legs. Al removed the anal plug and picked up a slightly larger dildo. Without warning, Al inserted the dildo into Andy’s ass and began fucking him with it. Andy once again began protesting.

Al quickly spread Andy’s legs wide with his own and leaned over Andy’s back. Al jammed his thighs behind Andy’s, grabbed Andy’s hair and pulled his head back, and fucked him vigorously with the dildo. After a few minutes, Al removed the dildo and placed an even larger one at the opening of Andy’s asshole.

“You will thank me for this one day.” Al said.

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