Accidents Happen Ch. 05

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CH 05 The 1st Time JR & Bee make Love

JR put on his coat and said,

“I’m going outside to see if I can get the generator working. If I do, we’ll have water and the sinks and toilet will work. Maybe the radio too.”

JR went outside to the shed. Three feet of snow covered the ground. The good news was it had stopped snowing and the sun was out. However, it wouldn’t be warm enough to melt any. JR got to the generator, checked the oil and filled the tank with gasoline and started it. When he returned to the cabin. A gleeful Bee greeted him at the door with a hug and a kiss.

“My hero! I so need to flush the toilet.”

JR enjoyed her affection. He brought more wood in and built up the fire. The cabin was designed to be heated by the missing pot belly stove. The fireplace was for show and cooking. Even with a roaring fire the room temperature was only 60 F.

“Bee, are you okay? I’d like to check on the generator and get more wood. Why don’t you see what you can get on the radio? I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

She emerged from the bathroom rubbing her face with a paper towel.

“Sure, I’ll be okay. It’ll take me that long to get all this make-up off my face. What was I thinking?”

JR exited the cabin. He hadn’t told Bee, but with the amount of snow that had fallen, he suspected they may be on their own for a couple of days. No one knew where they were and the lightly used country road was sure to be one of the last streets plowed. There wasn’t enough food in the cabin to make their stay pleasant.

He worked his way back to their cars and the dead deer. She was there as he expected. Even predators and scavengers were snowed in. He shouldered the frozen carcass and carried it to the lean-to by the cabin where game was dressed. He made short work of the deer. He strung up the butchered deer using the frigid weather conditions as his outdoor freezer and took a hind quarter for today’s usage

A cold JR re-entered the cabin carrying the venison.

“Hey Bee. I found some meat in the freezer. What do you want for lunch, steaks or deer chili?”

“Wow. That was a lucky find. Let’s have both.”

Bee looked like a different person. Without all the make-up and mascara, her face had a soft girl-next-door quality. She was pretty. Her big brown eyes had a spark that matched her friendly smile. Her bleached blonde hair fell with a gentle natural waviness. She wasn’t perfect, her lips where thin and her nose was crooked.

“Wow to you too. I like this new look,” JR said sincerely.

Finally, it was Bee’s turned to blush. She accepted his compliment gracefully with a quick curtsey. The radio played in the background.

JR kurtköy escort asked, “Have you heard a weather or news report?”

“Yes. Most places got 36-40″ of snow. The city is shut down. There are power outages.” “Well, we’re safe here. When they plow the road, they’ll find our cars and the note telling them where we are. We can ride this out.”

They spent the morning listening to the radio and playing cards. They had deer steaks for lunch. They had a good time playing Monopoly and Sorry in the afternoon. The two of them made dinner together, deer chili with cornbread and canned peaches for desert. Bee was surprised by how enjoyable the day was.

“Is this what normal people do? I had a great day,” Bee asked.

“This is pretty much how my family would spend a snowy winter day.”

It was if a shadow passed over Bee. She thought of her life and she became depressed.

JR noticed and sat beside her on the couch. He put his arm around her and said,

“My Grandparents always say that life isn’t fair. For them the worst trouble was each losing a brother in World War II. They tell me a person has to have hope in their heart to persevere. Their other favorite piece of advice is ‘everyday can be a new beginning’.”

“Bee you’ve had a hard life. Bad things have happened. Are you still able to dream? What would make you happy?”

Bee thought about what he said and then responded,

“I haven’t had hope since the rape. My mom has a crappy life and my life has been crappy too. These last 6 months I’ve been living like I don’t deserve anything good. I had a revolving set of crummy boyfriends and the sex wasn’t loving or even fun. I don’t like myself. You want to know how a poor girl like me got a new car?”

She looked hard at JR before continuing.

“I work part time at a Ford dealership. The sales manager is fat, fifty and bald. His wife is fat, fifty and a nagging machine. I caught him leering at me. I walked over to his desk and pretended to need his help. I leaned over so my top would open up and gave him a good view of my boobs. Wham! He looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. I did it a couple of times. He was practically panting for me. Then I hit him up for the Pinto saying when the other kids at school saw me driving it they would beg their parents to buy them one. I get the use of a new car and one or twice a week he gets to look down my blouse. Real classy, huh?”

JR didn’t judge her or comment on her behavior. Softly he asked, “What do you dream about, Bee?”

Bee hesitated before saying honestly, “I want to be proud of myself. I want a loving family.”

JR levent escort said softly, “I’ve heard you get two chances with family. It’s a roll of the dice on the one you’re born into. However, the second one is the one you make. What would make you proud of yourself?”

“I want to…be important and to help other…Like a nurse, maybe.”

“That’s a good choice. My mom’s a nurse.”

“What’s you dream, JR?”

“I’m going to follow in the footsteps of some great men. The last three generations of my family have joined the army, served their country and returned home to raise a family. My dad earned a purple heart while fighting in Korea. He met Mom while recuperating in a hospital and he went to college on the GI bill. They married when he graduated.”

JR paused and looked deep into Bee’s eyes and then said, “I’m going to college after my service. I hope I meet a nurse that will be my wife and wants a family.”

Bee returned his look. She experienced a warm feeling in her chest. She wondered, “Is this what hope feels like?” Then she said,

“I’m kinda tired and cold. Will you join me in the sleeping bag?”

“Sure, give me a second to toss a couple of logs on the fire so it will last through the night.”

Bee nodded. While JR built up the fire she removed her clothes, all of them. She stood nude waiting for him. JR was surprised when he turned and saw her. Since their clothing was dry, nudity wasn’t required tonight. JR took a moment to admire her awesome body in the flickering fire light. He too stripped naked. His dick had a heavy feeling as it began to swell.

They crawled into the sleeping bag.

“Please hold me like you did last night, JR. It made me feel safe.”

They spooned again facing the fire. Like last night his erection settled in her butt crack. He placed his arm over hers. Bee moved her arms from over her chest and guided his left hand so it encircled her right breast. She turned around and gave him a peck on the cheek, sighed contently and snuggled against him. Her large breast was warm, soft and wonderfully heavy in his hand.

A few minutes later, Bee rolled and faced him. She softly kissed his lips. He reciprocated. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and she ran her hand though his hair. His kissing became more passionate and his hard penis brushed against her creamy thighs. She brought his hands to her breasts. He kneaded and groped them and thumbed her hard nipples as they kissed.

Bee pulled his head down to her neck. As he nibbled and kissed her throat she moaned with pleasure. When her neck became too sensitive to enjoy his kisses, she mahmutbey escort rolled over on her back and pushed his head down to her breasts. His mouth found her hard nipples and he suckled. Her breasts were warm and soft. Her erect nipples elastic and delicious. As he sucked and licked her nipples, her sex began to flood with moisture.

JR got up on his knees, his hands and mouth roamed from breast to breast. Bee reached down and grasped his manhood. The crown was soft, the shaft warm, fat and hard. She liked the feel of it. He liked her feeling it. Pre-cum oozed out as she stroked him.

JR wanted to know all of her. He opened the sleeping bag so he could see her body and then he positioned his head above her sex. He explored her bush gently first with his fingers and then his tongue. He was intoxicated by her earthy scent and her acidic nectar. His tongue penetrated her slit, probed her opening and lapped the length and breadth of her thick pussy lips. Bee responded with moans, sighs and erratic breathing. Her heart pounded and her vagina overflowed with her slippery feminine fluid.

She guided his lips to her clitoris and rocked her hips into his face when he found it. His tongue flicked at her clit and his finger penetrated her vagina. A surge of need overwhelmed Bee. She held his head in place as he sucked on her most sensitive body part and humped his face as she came with a scream. Waves of pleasure rolled through her body. She clasped his head to her groin as her orgasm radiated through her body.

When she could breathe normally again she smiled and beckoned him up for a kiss. She tasted herself on his warm, wet lips.

“Put it in me,” she pleaded.

JR stared into her eyes as he guided his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. It was a hot, tight, velvety chamber. It was one hundred times better than when he was in her before. This time they were making love. He was tentative at first. The feeling was exquisite and he didn’t want to break this wonderful toy. She pulled his head to her, bit his ear and whispered, “Fuck me harder.”

His powerful lower body went to work; he drove into her hard and deep. She moved her hips forcefully to meet his thrusts. JR’s senses were soon overloaded. Her moans of pleasure took him over the edge. He drove in deep and came hard. His mind and body froze as he pumped his sperm into her. She flexed her interior muscles and milked all the cum out of him.

Bee gave him half a minute to enjoy his orgasm and then ordered him

“Lay on your back.”

She straddled him and shoved his hard, messy cock into her tunnel. She treated him to the sight of her magnificent breasts bouncing in all directions as she rode her farm boy to her second, even more glorious orgasm. She tossed her head back as she screamed,


Bee collapsed onto to his chest unable to move or speak for several minutes. The two lovers were completely spent and thoroughly satisfied. JR cuddled up behind Bee and the pair quickly drifted off to sleep.

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