Acting 101 Ch. 04: Thrill Rides

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This is the fourth chapter in a series of so far indeterminate length. The story is fun on its own, but to understand what is happening beneath the surface, I really recommend starting with Chapter One.

As with all my stories, should you be looking for ‘Realism’, just move on. I aim for ‘Ridiculously Plausible’.

And thanks for all the views, favorites, follows and the high ratings so far. I appreciate your keeping up with the tale, and I’d love your comments too!


It was our last week to rehearse our scene for Acting 101, so Steff and I planned to rehearse both Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The two of us had tacitly decided that these last rehearsals were too important and would be all business, no hanky-panky. We had a date Friday night for that, anyway. We had gone over the last few weeks from initially despairing that we could never pull off the challengingly sexy scene we had chosen, to certainty that we could nail it. All we had to do was put in the work.

Meredith was absent, still at work during our rehearsal on Tuesday. But Thursday, mid-way through our second run through, we heard the garage door open and the throaty roar of Steff’s (ex)step-mother’s powerful Mercedes echoed as it entered. Like the pros we were certainly not, Steff and I powered through the distraction and kept going. Aware that we were rehearsing that evening, Meredith let herself in and slipped directly off to her study with soundless steps… not an easy feat in the three-inch spiked heels she habitually wore to work. She must have been listening, because as soon as we finished our next-to-last run-through, she re-emerged and headed to the bar to make her usual after-work cocktail.

“Drink?” she called casually over her shoulder to us.

“Not for me, thanks,” replied Steff friendlily. “I think we are on a roll here, so maybe later. Scott?”

“Yes, Scott,” asked Meredith. “A Stinger, perhaps?”

I coughed and swallowed simultaneously at that, and had to gasp for air. “Ah, no. Thank you very much Meredith,” I said when I was able. “I have a useless term paper due for a useless class, and I want to get it finished yet tonight.”

Steff looked at me and then at Meredith’s teasing grin and realized she was missing something. Her expression betrayed that she fully intended to get the Stinger backstory out of one of us. I realized with good-natured despair that Meredith would probably actually tell her.

Meredith carried her Martini over to the couch and plopped herself down, kicking off her heels as she did so. “Do you two mind if I watch your rehearsal?” she asked, having clearly already invited herself to do so. We both shrugged. An audience could be helpful when rehearsing, and while this one was only one woman, it contained multitudes.

Performing a sexy scene with a girl you are involved with is easier some ways, and harder in others. Performing said sexy scene in front of said girl’s step-mother, who you are also dating, is… fraught.

Still, we did great, from opening awkward distance, through the fight, the despair, the reconciliation, to the final kiss not in the stage directions with which we had decided to end the scene.

Meredith clapped delightedly as we finished, and we both actually bowed a little. “Wow, you two!” she exclaimed. “You have come miles from where you were struggling before. You will bring down the house.” She paused, then went on in a suddenly severe tone. “But Scott, really?”

“I beg your pardon?” I asked, non-plussed at what she was suddenly complaining about.

“I have ample evidence and testimony on the record that proves you can kiss better than that.”

Having these two beauties in my life at the same time was too good, even for a dream come true. But in life, not matter how implausibly good things are, there are always challenges, from uncomfortable to terrifying… to just being laughed at.

When I pulled up at the house late Friday afternoon to pick up Steff, there was a huge white Escalade that I didn’t recognize in the driveway. I parked behind it and rang the bell. Rather than Steff, it was Meredith who answered the door. See what I mean about challenges? She was dressed beautifully, of course, but very casually for a work day. “You are early,” she declared, stepping back from the door to usher me in. “Steff isn’t quite ready yet.” She turned and waved at the two women I had not met standing by the dining table in the great room. They were stuffing gift bags. In a vacuum, either one of them would have been pretty hot. In a house with Meredith and Steff, they were the plain ones. “Scott, this is Brenda and Hanna, my ‘posse’,” she said by way of introduction. “Girls, this is Scott Talbott… of the Winston-Salem Talbotts,” she added in a voice dripping with irony. “Scott is Stephanie’s date tonight.”

I quickly picked up that these two women did not currently need to know that I was also Meredith’s date the next night, and simply nodded escort brightly to the two women.

“Stephanie!” Meredith called out casually, walking back to the table and her friends. I hoped Brenda and Hanna missed the hungry way my eyes followed her backside as she walked away from me. “Scott’s here!”

I wandered over to the table curiously. “We are stuffing gift bags for our friend Tianna’s divorce party,” explained Meredith blandly. My eyes shot up at that little piece of intelligence.

“Young man, we ladies like to celebrate when the misguided among us finally lose that extra one hundred eighty pounds of unsightly fat,” laughed one of Meredith’s friends–Hanna, I think.

“Don’t go all Elder on Scott, Hanna,” chuckled Meredith. “He’s more grown-up than he looks.”

“Oh ho! Is that true, Stephanie?” asked Hanna, so sweetly that butter would not have melted her mouth. Steff had indeed just entered the room behind me.

“All I know is that he is two years older than me, Hanna,” replied Steff, her dazzling blue eyes brimming with innocence, and she stepped over next to me and snaked her arm through mine companionably.

The ladies finished stuffing the gift bags with whatever suspicious items were going in them, and Brenda grabbed the box holding the filled bags. “Woo! Let’s go party!” sang Hanna, and they trooped out the front door toward that Escalade. Meredith paused in the doorway, and called toward Hannah, “Are you going to get drunk Hannah? It’ll cost a mint to Uber home from the hotel.”

“You already know I’m going to get drunk, Meredith! Just as much as you. It’s a big suite. Don’t try to back out now. We all decided already that we are going to crash there until morning’s painful light,” came back loudly from Hannah.

“Damn,” called Meredith irritably. “Let me at least get a toothbrush!” My eyes rose at that mention. She turned back from the door and headed towards her bedroom. Her face, contrary to the cross tone in her voice, wore a smile. She dashed back in moments with a small toiletries kit that must have already been packed. She looked at Steff and smiled again. “Looks like you have the house to yourself again tonight, Stephanie,” she drawled idly. As she passed me, she stopped, turned, and laid a humongous kiss on me!

‘What the fuck?’ my mind thought. ‘Hell yeah!’ my body responded.

After an inordinately long time, she broke free from our kiss and waved again at Steff. “Have fun, you two!” With that, she sailed out the front door, calling loudly, “Let’s go drink to Tianna’s freedom, girls!”

I stood there, bemused, savoring the taste on my lips, and delaying for a second or two before turning to look at Steff in the wake of that little display. When I did, she stood there with her hands akimbo and that ‘watch it’ expression on her face. I rolled my eyes helplessly. Then she laughed. “You really need to say thank you to Meredith for that.”

“I do?” I asked. Personally, I though that she’d just gotten me unnecessarily in trouble.

“Yes, you do,” said Steff, stepping over to me. “She just served notice that she is still feeling competitive with me, no matter what happened last weekend. The good news for you is…” she said, before pulling me to her and laying a deep kiss of her own on my lips. Her full lips pressed my own apart and her tongue ran itself over the surface of my teeth, allowing me to run my own tongue underneath hers. I’d not have thought before then that a kiss could be described as athletic, but this one was. She broke the kiss and went on as if it hadn’t happened, “… is that if she is still competing, then so the fuck am I!”

With that, she dropped to her knees right there in the living room and tugged open my fly. I hadn’t even heard the SUV pull out of the driveway yet! I just stared down enthusiastically as Steff drew out my cock and proceeded to lavish it with licks and kisses. “Thank God for competition,” I murmured.

“You still… haven’t told me… what you had planned… for our date this evening,” asked Steff between slurps, looking up at me with the assumption that those plans were now dead.

I agreed with her. “I was going to take you to Six Flags,” I confessed. “But this is much better!”

“Six Flags?!” yelped Steff, almost yanking my dick from between her lips. She sprang up. “Put that away, and let’s get going while we still have plenty of evening left!”

“What?” I almost wailed.

Steff laughed and went to gab her purse. “Come on! Meredith is going to be sleeping on a hotel room floor in a puddle of her own spit tonight. I love roller coasters, and we have all night once the park closes for me to show you the results of all my internet research on better blowjobs.”

And with that, my original plans were back on… whether that was what I wanted or not.

I sprang for Flash Passes for us because we only had a few hours in the park, lines suck, and because, well, Steff. It turned into a hell of an evening of fun. The escort bayan two of us just enjoyed each other’s company, laughed, told jokes, and generally acted like a couple of buds. It felt great. It wasn’t particularly romantic, to be sure, but there was plenty of grab-ass here and there, and a lot of the jokes were dirty, too.

Our first ride was the big wooden rollercoaster that has been the queen of the park longer than I’ve been alive. I love that beast. I found a spiffy new angle to it that evening too. The cars just have a lap bar and nothing to keep you from sliding around in the seat. As we crawled up the first, giant, scary hill, Stef turned to me and said, “Let’s kiss through the whole ride!” We locked lips as the car rose. It was easy with the design, but would have been impossible with most modern rides. The two dudes in the seat right behind us whooped their approval at our lip lock. The more brazen of the two began making suggestions that I fully intended to take, just not while were still at the park. As one, Stef and I, without coordination between us, each raised a fist back toward the two, middle fingers extended.

The kiss wasn’t deep or passionate. It was just fun and added an extra zing to the frisson of delicious fear that comes from the anticipation of that first big drop. And it ended less than a second after the acceleration down that ridiculously steep slope began. It is hard to kiss through screams.

Steff is a screamer in bed, and very definitely a screamer on thrill rides, too…. After the ride was over, I realized that it was a little weird how close those two kinds of screams sounded to each other. During the ride, I didn’t make the connection because I was too busy shrieking myself… in a manly sort of way, of course.

As the cars swung around the final, flat bend and coasted to a jarring halt back at the start, Steff and I laughed hysterically. She kissed me again, very briefly, and sighed, “It was a noble effort.”

“Damned straight,” I replied, then went on, “but it’s probably a good thing we stopped right away. I always forget how much that ride throws you around. We’d have probably knocked each other’s teeth out if we’d tried to keep it up.”

We paused for a sugary snack, but agreed that we would pass on any beer that night because neither of us wanted any gastric incidents from altho spinning and dropping in our immediate future. Candy in hand, we found ourselves running through the park to our next selected ride, a big metal monster with loops and stuff.

This one was the opposite of my wooden favorite in that it wedges you in tighter and more immobile than a NASCAR driver in his vehicle. About all I could do to horse around with Steff on that one was to rest my hand on her knee. Now, Steff has the most athletic, lean, and shapely legs I know, so she has hellaciously awesome knees. But it was still just a knee. Nevertheless, I kept my hand on her leg through about half the ride before the big loop made me clutch at the chrome hand grips instead. I didn’t want to dig my fingers into her too hard!

After a few softer rides to get our breath back, we went for another big coaster.

This one had big, deep cars, and while you were clamped down hard by a big bar over your shoulders, the rest of you was much more free to move. As the ride slid away from the station and began to climb, I slid my hand over and onto Steff’s thigh. She just looked at me and smiled as I then dropped my fingers between her legs and sent them moving up to her crotch in time with our rise up the hill. I found that I could just angle my arm so that my fingers could rub firmly over her warm pussy through the soft, thin fabric of her black yoga pants. Steff wore yoga pants a lot at school, and there, as here at the park, that decision was met with general approval from most males with eyes. She also sported a bright blue polo shirt with our college’s logo on one breast. And speaking of breasts, while they were the one part of her I had yet to cop a feel of that evening, from they way I’d seen them move under the loose, bulky shirt, this was the first time I’d seen Steff go braless.

My fingers were rubbing fairly aggressively between her legs when we hit the top of the big hill and we were both quickly screaming again as the car shot down, curving tightly to the right as it accelerated. I couldn’t pay much attention to teasing Steff through all the ride’s awesome twists, turns, and falls, but I did manage to keep my fingers firmly in place the whole ride. During the last third, the noises Steff made on thrill rides became downright eerily the same as she made in bed. I don’t think she came during that ride, but I knew for sure that her sex and her thrill ride pleasure centers were wired very closely together.

We rode and rode until the park closed, then grabbed a quick pizza nearby. Once we had both narrowly avoided burning the tops of our mouths on hot pizza, we hopped back in my car. I turned bayan escort onto the state highway that was the alternate route back toward our destination that didn’t take the interstates.

“Taking 285 is faster,” Steff observed.

“Impatient?” I grinned. She just shrugged. “This route is shorter, and I’m a little low on battery,” I went on, as we shot off into the night.

In minutes, we were traipsing through rural country in the unseasonably warm late Fall night. This was supposedly the start of a long warm spell that would have us all back in shorts for a week or two. We talked amiably about the park and the rides, which were our favorites, and why as the miles started to clip by. These were rural roads and pretty deserted, but we ran into a stop light in the middle of nowhere that was red for no fucking reason, as we were the only car at the intersection in any direction. I sat there and stewed at the wait. With no one around, it would have been perfectly safe to run it, but One: I am a law-abiding citizen, and Two: There was a building to the left just perfect to hide a cop car behind. So I just stewed.

“Aw, poor baby,” cooed Steff at my agitation. She unclicked her seat belt and leaned over to kiss my cheek. I turned my head to match my lips to hers, but she pulled back and pushed my chin forward with her fight hand. “Keep your eye on the light,” she admonished and resumed kissing my cheek. Then her right hand dropped from my chin and found its way unerringly to my lap. The light finally changed and I accelerated more smoothly than usual, not wanting to derail her in any way whatsoever.

By the time I had reached speed once more, Steff had my fly all the way open and was toying with my rapidly hardening cock. “You kinky bastard!” she exclaimed. “You went commando tonight.”

“Are you wearing any underwear yourself under those yoga pants?” I challenged.

Steff just told me I’d have to find that out for myself. Between the way her juicy tits moved under her shirt and what my fingers had felt between her legs on the roller coaster, I already had my answer….

She contented herself with sitting back and just stroking my shaft for about a mile. I murmured my appreciation, then added, “If you were worried that I might not have been in the mood yet when we got back to your place, you needn’t worry now!”

“Who says I want to wait until we get home?” she replied and twisted once more over the arm rest, beginning this time to lavish a series of incredible licks all over the suddenly throbbing purple head of my cock. She gave me that incredible ice cream cone treatment for bit, then started idly slipping her lips around my dick and sliding it in and out of her mouth. Her motions were slow and languid, as if she just wanted to savor me. I quickly realized that it wasn’t her intent to get me off, just play with me. I considered that a good thing, because a Steff-delivered orgasm would not have been safe while driving!

Periodically, when we passed though traffic or especially through small towns, she would sit back up in her seat as if nothing was going on, but every time we returned to the darkness, she was right back to gobbling my knob. There is no better way to spend a long drive, folks.

In fact, the long drive now seemed too short, and I found myself pulling into the front drive of Steff and Meredith’s house with Steff’s lips still firmly wrapped around my glans. I pressed Park, and moved to unbuckle the seat belt that I still wore. But Steff pushed me back down into the seat and completely changed the character of her oral intentions. If she had been idle and soft before, suddenly she was going to town on my cock! Her head bobbed up and down as she slid me ever deeper into her mouth over and over again, slurping and sucking loudly now. I collapsed back in the seat and just moaned, “God! Best way to bookend a trip to Six Flags ever!”

Steff choked a bit at that and pulled off me just long enough to demand that I not make her laugh, before returning to her efforts to make me come.

I felt I shouldn’t disappoint her. I squirmed in my seat, giving in to the urge inside me. Her hand jacked the base of my cock harder and harder and I felt it all coming to a head… so to speak. “Here it comes,” I groaned, and Steff locked her lips in a circle around the base of my glans, jacking me in harder, faster, longer strokes. I was on the edge, and then she lashed out at my tip with her tongue once more.

That stimulus knocked me right over the edge. I kept my hands locked on the steering wheel, lest I do something obnoxious like jam Steff’s head down on my cock, but I still felt my hips lift involuntarily, sliding more of me inside her mouth as I felt myself fountain cum against the back of her throat. My cock and balls throbbed as I emptied them, and I collapsed happily back in the seat. I at last let my hand off the wheel and I ran my fingers through the back of her stylish bob while she swallowed, sucked, and licked me clean.

“That was amazing,” I gasped.

Steff rose back up into her seat and leered, “You did seem to enjoy it.”

“I owe you big time,” I smiled, staring into her gorgeous blue eyes.

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