Adam and Andrea, Ten Years Later

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Kevin Jackson was lying on his bedroom floor, reaching for a bag under the king size bed. He reached further with his arm, but it wasn’t long enough. He found a broom in the laundry room and went back. This time he managed to pull out the bag and opened it. Inside were several smaller plastic bags with photographs. They were taken before the digital era and some were so old they had yellowed. He found the ones he was looking for and put the rest back into the bag and pushed into its corner.

The pictures were taken some twenty five years earlier. In them, himself and his one year younger sister were playing on a beach. There was no note on the back, but he knew it was Palm Beach. He and his family had been on a one week vacation and they had loved it. Growing up in Montana he and his sister weren’t exactly spoiled with sunshine and beaches. There was a lake a few miles from where they lived and in the summer they would bicycle there with their friends. It was at that lake he had first seen a pair of boobs. Some of the older girls had been brave and taken off their bikini tops while they lay on the warm cliffs. Kevin and his best friend Danny had sneaked up on them and had had a good look before his sister yelled at them. The older girls had sat up and seen the two boys. That evening Kevin told his sister never to do it again. She didn’t understand why.

“Don’t worry about it, you will understand when you are older,” he had said.

“C’mon, what’s so exciting with boobs?”

Kevin sighed and shook his head. Amber had just turned and her body had changed over the last year. Even though she was good in school and quit bright she was a bit behind on her social skills. She was one of the prettiest girls in school, but since she acted awkward and sometimes still played with toys the boys left her alone.

“Leave it alone Amber, one day you will understand.”

“I think I know. You and Danny like to watch because you get hard ons.”

He almost laughed. “What do you know about such things?”

“I hear the other girls talking.”

Kevin gave up and was leaving her bedroom when he heard her call out. “You can look at mine.”

He turned to say something and she was standing there, less than a yard from him. She had pulled up her t shirt and bra. Her boobs looked firm with small pinkish nipples. He quickly looked away. “C’mon, stop doing that.”

“You can look,” she said.

Instead, he just walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He heard her giggles as he walked down to the corridor to his own room.

That night, in the darkness and with the full moon shining in through the window Kevin jerked off several times until he was empty. In his mind’s eye, Amber was standing next to him, letting him fondle her boobs.

“Kevin! Where are you?” His wife’s voice cut through his memories and he got off the bed where he had been sitting. He had a semi erection from his thoughts, but by the time he had reached the door it was gone. He walked down the stairs and found Andrea just inside the entrance door with several bags with groceries.

“Hi honey. I’m sorry, I was looking for something upstairs and didn’t hear you.”

She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “There are a few more bags in the car. Bring them in while I take these into the kitchen.”

Outside a silent rain was falling and Kevin hurried across the lawn to where Andrea’s Audi was parked. He picked the bags out of the trunk and closed it. On his way back, he almost slipped and fell, but in the last second he regained his balance and went back inside. He found Andrea with the fridge open stocking it with cheeses, hams, and other cold cuts. “Are you sure you have enough?” he said.

She didn’t turn around, but spoke into the fridge. “If not, I have a loving husband who will go out and buy more.”

Kevin looked at her round ass and sighed. At thirty-three Andrea was a beautiful woman. Her big boobs were still firm thanks to exercise and not having any kids. Her legs were strong and her skin was smooth as a peach. Kevin was ten years older and was happy with the way he looked. Apart from going to the gym three times a week he ran and played tennis when the weather allowed it. Overall, they were in pretty good shape for a couple working more than a hundred hours a week.

“When is he coming?” asked Kevin when Andrea backed away from the fridge.

She looked at her Rolex. “In about two hours. He said he would take a taxi.”

Kevin peered out the window at the rain that was no hammering down. “I hope the flight is on time. How long has it been since you saw him?

Andrea moved on to unpacking. The vegetables and fruit she put on the sink to be washed. “Let’s see, it would have been at my dad’s funeral. Some eight years ago. Just before he moved to Europe.”

“Wow, that’s a long time. Were you close when you were young?”

Andrea turned away from her husband and smiled, remembering those last months she had still lived at home before moving sivas escort to Boston. She and Adam had fucked, sucked and licked as much as time and opportunity had permitted. At the time she was dating a guy named Jake, but the more she and Adam did it, the less she needed Jake to comply with her ever growing sexual needs.

“Sure, we were close, like any other siblings,” she regretted her words before she had finished the sentence. “I’m sorry Kevin; I didn’t mean to say that.”

“It’s OK. It’s not your fault it happened.”

His mind raced back again, to another time and another life. His parents weren’t rich, but they managed to give their two children the best they could. His father was a maintenance man for the electric company and his mother a teacher in the local school.

After the incident in Ambers room things went from bad to worse. One night a few months later he woke up and when he looked down, Amber had her mouth around his cock. He tried to push her away, but she took his shaft between her teeth and bit down.

“What’s wrong Kevin,” she said between closed teeth. “Don’t you like it?”

“You are my sister. What you are doing is wrong.”

“Please, I just want to swallow your cum. I want to know what it tastes like. Please do me the favor.”

He used all his force to push her away, and in the end she left. But before she closed the door, she told him. “One day, I will make you beg for my ass.”

She would begin to dress like a slut, wearing short skirts and tight shorts. By the time she was graduating from High School she was known as the local slut. No decent guy would date her, but they sure would take her to the local drive in where they would fondle her boobs and she would give them a blowjob. The school called their parents and there were long meetings about what to do with her. The principle suggested a psychiatrist and one was found in a neighboring town. In the beginning everything went well, and Kevin’s parents would get positive feedback from the psychiatrist. Amber was not ill, just very lost in her identity. She wanted to fit in, and wanted to be liked by her peers, but since she was so naïve and innocent she didn’t understand why people looked down on her.

When Kevin was twenty-four and Amber twenty-three he signed up for the Army. After boot camp and some special training, he was sent overseas to do logistics. After a month he received a letter from his mother that told him Amber had been caught having sex with a couple of his dad’s hunting buddies. The whole thing became a local gossip. His parents had words with Amber but since she was old enough, she decided to leave the small community. Six months later, Kevin received a letter from her where she told him she had moved to Seattle. Another six months passed and he got another letter saying she was in Las Vegas. Kevin was due some leave and routed his trip back to the states through Vegas. He found Amber dancing half naked in a strip club off the Strip and when she finished he sat down with her.

“What are you doing?”

“Making a living, what about it?”

“C’mon Amber, this isn’t you. You could get into a University, you have good grades.”

She sighed and took a sip from her drink. “I like showing myself off, I like men watching me. Do you remember that time I showed you my tits?”

Kevin felt uncomfortable. “Yeah.”

“Well, that was one of the most exciting moments in my life. I wanted you to touch me.”

“C’mon, we were just kids back then. Now you have to take responsibility over your life. Our parents worry about you.”

She stood up and leaned towards him, showing off more that enough of cleavage. “Look, bro’ I wanted you then, and you turned me down. So fuck off, and leave me alone.”

She walked away from him and that was the last time he had seen her. After that it was a few letters and when e-mail came around, she would send him a quick note that she was OK. The last one came a year ago and she told him she had met a Texas millionaire who wanted her to work for him as a stewardess on his private jet. She was very excited about the new job.

Kevin watched Andrea clean the fruits and veggies. Her ass moved under her skirt and he knew she was wearing stay ups and a thong. He had watched her dress earlier that morning. The memories of his sister had turned him on and his erection was back again. He stepped forward and in one swift move pulled up her skirt and spread her legs with his knee.

“What are you doing, honey,” she purred.

“I want you, now, before Adam arrives.”

Andrea loved the spontaneous sex. Kevin was a good lover, but he had some shortfalls. His cock was not as big as Adam’s or any other lover she had had. He had the stamina and could easily give her two or three orgasms, but she wanted to be filled out, to feel the pain of being stretched out. She felt how his cock head, sniffed around her pussy and she widened her stance a little.

Kevin sighed as he drove into her as deep as sivas escort he could. She had an amazing hot and wet pussy. That was what he loved about their sex life. She was always ready to take him. Sometimes he felt she wanted more, but he could never figure out what it was she wanted. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard in short thrusts. He had dreamt about fucking her in the ass, but he had never tried. As his cock slid in and out of her wet pussy she began to moan louder. He grabbed her tits from under her blouse and their weight and hard nipples turned him on even more. He knew she loved to feel his hot cum on her skin.

Andrea heard from his breathing he was close. “C’mon, give it to me over my ass,” she moaned.

Pulling out, he quickly jerked off and squirted three thick gobs of cum over her ass cheeks.

“Mm, that feels so good, honey,” she purred.

Her hands spread the liquid over her skin and then she brought a finger to her mouth. “It tastes good too.”

Kevin let his cock hung out and walked out of the kitchen to the guest bathroom where he cleaned himself.

Andrea kept on sucking on her fingers until he came back. “That was nice, baby. Let me finish here. Why don’t you set the table?”

Kevin checked his watch. “But, it’s almost two hours left before he arrives.”

She let a cum smelling finger run down over his nose and onto his lip. “I know, but I want you to fuck me again, before he comes.”

She watched how his eyes lit up. She needed her pussy filled before Adam arrived. She was very nervous about seeing her brother again, and had no idea how she would react. The memories of their sexual encounters were still clear in her mind and she wanted her pussy happy before she set eyes on him.

Adam walked through the customs area and into the arrival hall. The flight was twenty minutes early thanks to strong head winds. He put down his suitcase and stretched his arms above his head. The eight hour flight from Berlin to New York had taken its toll. He picked up his bag and walked out through the main doors. The rain was pouring down. There was a long line to the cabs so he went back inside and looked around for a car rental agency.

When he got into his rented Chevy he wiped the rain from his face and started the engine. He typed in his sister’s address in the Sat Nav and drove out of the garage. The radio was playing and he enjoyed the drive out of the city and through the suburbs. There was a knot in his stomach, and butterflies flew around it. He hadn’t seen Andrea in a long time. It seamed like an eternity had passed since that first time in his bedroom. She had offered to fuck him with a strap on just to rid him of some gay fantasy he was having at the time. It had worked, and he had loved the feeling of her thrusting into him. Then when he was done, the shame had swept over him and he had felt like crap. It wasn’t the fact that he had enjoyed being fucked in the ass; it was that he had done it with his sister. Andrea on the other hand seemed fine with it. She had even got her boyfriend at the time to let Adam suck his cock. When it was all done and over with, both Adam and Andrea had learned something. She loved his cock and couldn’t get enough of it, and he was not gay. Since that one day, he had never been with another man again, hadn’t even thought about it actually. When she left for Boston he had been sad, not only for her not being there to help him with his school work, but most of all he would miss her soft hot pussy and boobs. During the first months, he would visit her on the weekends, but as time went by and her career took off they saw less of each other. Adam graduated and got a job with a big bank in New York City. After a few years he had climbed the corporate ladder and they shipped him off to Europe.

A couple of hours later he drove into Rockaway Township, and the rain was still pouring down. The visibility was horrible, but thanks to the Sat Nav he found the right turnoff. He drove along a country road and suddenly on the right side a brick mansion appeared. He turned and drove up to it. There was a white Audi parked outside and in an open three car garage he saw two Italian sports cars and an antique English roadster. The mansion was only one floor, but long. Andrea had done well, he thought. Kevin Jackson had come from nothing, but he had made a lot by himself. Not that Adam was poor. He had a few condos and apartments in places like Marbella, Zell am Zee and London, but Kevin was a few rungs higher up on the wealth ladder. He parked the rental and after taking out his suitcase he ran up to the porch and rang the bell.

Andrea heard the doorbell from where she was sitting in the living room. A warm fire was burning in the chimney and their cat was curled up in her lap. Kevin was in the game room practicing his billiard game.

“He is here,” she called and stood.

As she walked down the hallway to the entrance door, she stopped at the big mirror and looked at herself. She was sivas escort bayan wearing a business suit in dark blue and a peach colored blouse. Her hair was set high on her head and she had just enough makeup on. She smiled at her image and opened the door.

“Hi Andrea.”

She looked at her brother. His hair had gone a little gray around the ears and he had crow’s feet in the corners of his eyes. Other than that he looked great, she thought. A nice tan and his eyes sparkled like she remembered them.

“Adam!” she threw herself into his arms and they hugged hard until she heard Kevin’s footsteps behind them. She pulled away and wiped a tear from her eye. “Kevin, this is my brother Adam.”

Adam moved in and the men shook hands. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t come to the wedding, but I was too bogged down with work,” said Adam as Kevin closed the door behind him.

“Don’t worry. We got the flowers and the card. It’s nice to finally meet you. Andrea has told me so much about you.”

Adam gave her sister a curious look. She winked at him, and then said. “C’mon in, have a seat by the fire. What would you like to drink?”

Adam took off his coat and hung it on a hook. “A whiskey would be nice.”

When they were seated in the living room with their drinks they talked about the last eight years. Over dinner the conversation moved into business and since the three of them worked in financial institutions they had a lot in common. The wine flowed and by ten they were happily drunk. When Kevin went to the bathroom Andrea leaned over and put a hand on Adam’s knee. “So, what happens now?”

The touch made Adam’s cock come alive. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She took his head in her hands and held him hard as their tongues danced around. She found his cock through his pants, but it was too late, they heard Kevin flush and pulled away from each other.

Adam licked his lips, it was amazing, he thought. So much time had past, but his feelings for his sister had not changed. He had fucked several women over the years, but just a simple touch from Andrea and he was rock hard.

Adam was a good kisser, she thought, and his cock had felt good the short time she had been able to touch it. She wanted more and was already planning how to get it when they heard the doorbell ring.

Kevin looked at his watch. “Who could it be at this time?”

“I have no idea,” said Andrea.

Adam looked out the window and saw that the rain was still pouring down. “It has to be someone brave to come out in this weather. Maybe it’s one of your neighbors and they need help?”

Kevin shook his head. “The closest neighbor is three miles away.” He got up and walked across the stone floor to a cabinet. He opened a drawer and took out a large pistol. Keeping it in his right hand, he continued to the entrance door. “Who is it?”

“It’s me Kevin, open up, please.”

By then Andrea and Adam were right behind him. “Who is it?” said Andrea.

Kevin looked through the security hole. It was too dark, so he turned on the video surveillance screen by the door. Once it had adjusted to the light outside they could see two people standing on the porch. They looked like women, but it was hard to tell in the gloom.

“Kevin, it’s me Amber, open up.”

Andrea turned to her husband. “Open up for god’s sake, it’s your sister.”

Adam who didn’t know Kevin even had a sister stepped back making more space in the hallway. When the door opened the two figures entered each carrying a backpack in their hands. Kevin closed the door behind them.

In the light Andrea could see the resemblance in the taller woman’s face. It was obvious she was Kevin’s sister. The other much younger woman had something about her that Andrea recognized, maybe it was the smile.

“I’m sorry to barge in like this, but I had no where else to go,” said Amber.

“No problem, take your jackets off. Andrea found them something to wear they are soaked.”

She disappeared and a minute or so, and when came back with two pair of sweat pants and t shirts and sweaters. “You can use the bathroom to change. We will wait in the living room.”

Kevin returned the weapon to the drawer and closed it. When they were seated in front of the fire Adam said. “Did you know she was coming?”

Kevin shook his head. “I haven’t spoken to her in years.”

Andrea drank some of her wine and when she put it down again, she said. “Who’s the other woman?”

“I have no idea, but I’m sure we will find out.”

When the two women came in and sat down, Amber next to Adam on the couch, and the other woman on the carpet close to the fire, Kevin said. “So, who is your friend, Amber?”

“She isn’t my friend. She is my daughter and your nice. Say hello to uncle Kevin, Nicole.”

“Hi uncle Kevin.”

Kevin was so surprised he wasn’t sure what to say. The young woman looked to be in her early twenties, and since Amber was in her early forties, she must have been very young when she had her. “Hi Nicole, nice to meet you. This is my wife Andrea and her brother Adam. He is here for the weekend.”

Andrea got up and found two glasses which she filled to the brim with wine. She was very curious about what was going on. Kevin had never mentioned a nice.

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