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Just a little note: This story was meant to take place after the Long Weekend series.


* * * * *

Katie and I were at a local women only club. The interior was dark, with occasional subtle lighting. The music was pounding in my ears and the alcohol was flying through my veins. Katie and I were on the floor, grinding closely against one another. Seeing and feeling her move like that made me horny as hell. We started to make-out while still gyrating to the music. Her tongue explored my mouth, sliding along my teeth and battling with my own tongue. She would pull back occasionally to suck my lower lip into her mouth. She grabbed my ass, pulling me closer to her. I could feel her breasts crushed against mine, the sweat from our skin allowing us to slide easily against each other. Her hands roamed freely over my body, teasing me with her nails and light touches. God, her touch could set my body on fire. I could feel her riding my thigh, the front of her skirt inching up with every thrust. Suddenly I felt her bare pussy against my equally bare thigh. I gasped in response and momentarily broke our kiss.

She grinned mischievously at me and roughly pulled me back to her to resume our kiss. Damn! I couldn’t believe she went commando in that short skirt. If she bent down or moved the wrong (or maybe right) way, someone was going to get an eye-full. I had thought for a while that perhaps she was a bit of an exhibitionist and this had me thinking about it again. Then a wicked idea occurred to me. I laughed inwardly. She would like this.

Katie continued to grind against me for the duration of the song. After it ended I led her off the floor. I knew she was worked up now. I could see her nipples poking through her top and I could feel her juices cooling on my thigh. I led her over to a different area of the club. Along the wall were several “rooms”, four foot by four foot cut-outs in the wall. These cubes were partially concealed from the rest of the club by semi-shear curtains. They allowed you to see through if you were within a few feet; otherwise they blended in to the wall. This area was darker and a bit quieter, for more…intimate conversations.

I brought Katie inside and gently pinned her back against the wall opposite the curtain. I let my lips graze hers, making her chase me for firmer contact. She became impatient and used her hand to pull my mouth to hers. The kiss started out soft and gentle, but soon built to a breath-taking intensity. Katie’s mound began to move against my leg once again as she tried to satisfy her growing arousal. I teased her, occasionally pulling my leg away to deprive her of the contact she so desperately wanted. I let my hands roam freely over her body, caressing her cheeks, down her chest, lightly grazing her breasts and nipples. I continued down to her hips and around to her back, letting my nails scrape against her skin. My hands wandered up her back to her shoulders and then back down, feeling the goose bumps I had left in my wake. I let my hand come to rest on her hips. I slowed her movements on my leg. I let my lips make their way back to her ear, stopping to nip and lick along her neck. She gasped at my mouth’s activities and used her hands to steady herself on the wall. I traced my tongue around in her ear and pulled back slightly once I heard her breathing heavily.

“No panties tonight hmmm?” My warm breath moved across her ear.

“No panties and a short skirt? You know if you bent down or sat down someone bursa yabancı escort would see your bare pussy. You wouldn’t want that would you?” I let my hands move up to cup her breasts lightly. A light nip on her ear lobe.

“Or maybe you do. Does it make you wet to think of a complete stranger seeing your naked mound? What would they think of you? What kind of slut goes around inviting strangers to look at her sopping cunt? Were you hoping that it would turn them on? Maybe they would go home and masturbate thinking about you. Does it make you hot to think of someone plunging her fingers into her soaking cunt and teasing her hard clit while fantasizing about your exposed pussy?” I received no answer, but I did not expect one. My words were having the desire effect on her; I could feel her chest heaving beneath my hands. I started to massage her breasts, making sure to avoid her nipples.

“Or did you expect to get fucked right here? Were you hoping to ride your sensitive clit on my hard thigh to a thunderous climax right on the dance floor?” I flicked my fingers over her nipples. She gasped. I continued, “All those people around you…do you think they would notice? Would you be able to keep your cries and screams of pleasure to yourself, even as I grabbed your ass and forced you down harder on my leg?” I focused solely on her nipples, rolling them between my fingers and sometimes pinching them. She whimpered. “Or perhaps you would want them to hear?”

I paused to tease her ear again, tracing along its perimeter with my tongue. She shivered at the touch. I pulled her nipples away from her chest, her back arched in attempt to follow my hands. I let her hard buds slip through my fingers when they could be pulled no further.

“Oh God!” The first words I had heard from her in quite some time.

I let my hands slide down, past her hips to the bottom of her skirt. My hands moved up the insides of her thighs, gently nudging her legs apart. My hand cupped her mound. I allowed my fingers to trace along her lips, up and down, up and down. I slowly sunk one finger fully in her liquid center and started moving it steadily in and out.

“No, Caitlin please. Not here.” I grinned at her feeble protest. She made no attempts to stop me.

I pulled my wet finger out of her pussy and immediately replaced it with one from my other hand. I let my dripping finger com up and trace along her lips. She quickly licked them clean. I placed my finger on her lips, waiting for her to open and accept it. She hesitated for only a moment before opening. I slid my finger in, feeling her sucking it in and circling it with her tongue. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her mouth, matching the rhythm of my finger in her pussy. Her breathing became erratic as she continued to suck on my finger as if it were a miniature cock.

“No? Your body says yes. Your pussy is all hot and wet and ready for me. I can feel it gripping my finger. Can you feel it? Your lips are swollen and so responsive to my touch. I can feel your nipples, so hard, digging into my chest. I bet you would like me to take one in my warm mouth and soothe that aching feeling you have. Can you feel my hot mouth enveloping your throbbing nipple, lashing it with my tongue? Wouldn’t you like to feel my mouth sucking hard on your buds and grazing them with my teeth?” I removed my finger and shifted to circle her clit. “And your clit,” I pressed harder and felt her tense, “I can feel it throbbing bursa sınırsız escort under my fingers, poking out of its hood. Can you feel it throbbing and growing under my finger? Does it feel good?”

I pulled my finger from her mouth, hearing the oddly satisfying popping noise it made as it came out of her mouth. I paused and, hearing no response, I removed the pressure on her clit. She hunched her hips, looking for my fingers.

“Hmm? Does it?”

“Yesss.” She answered in a long, drawn-out hiss.

I returned to her clit. Putting a finger on either side of it, I began stroking it. Her clit was pinned between my two fingers, her hood being pulled up and down with each stroke.

“Oh…Caitlin not ahhhere. What if ssssomeone comesss?”

I chuckled, “Don’t worry. The only one that will be coming is you.”

She groaned and her head tilted back against the wall. I felt her legs shaking. She was getting close. I moved my fingers back to her slot. I teased her, moving my fingers along her slit, but not entering.

“You do want to cum don’t you?” I asked, still gliding along her entrance.

“Yes!” she answered explosively in one breath.

I sunk my fingers into her quickly. She moved her hips in rhythm with my thrusting.

“My, you’re soaked. I can hear your juices sloshing around in your cunt. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you this wet. Is it because I’m fucking you in public? Is it because any moment someone could walk by and see and know exactly what I’m doing to you?”

I felt her muscles contract at my last question, “Fuck! Yes.”

She was on the edge again. I removed my fingers and used both of my hands to pull her skirt all the way up. Her pussy was now completely exposed to the open air. Her ass was bare now too, resting against the cool wall. I could’ve sworn that I saw her juices begin to roll down her thighs at being open completely. I heard her make a strange noise in her throat that I found infinitely sexy.

“There. Now if anyone comes by they can see everything.” My body was still blocking most of the view, but there was no doubt that Katie felt exposed. I moved my fingers back and started fucking her again. “But isn’t that what you wanted? You wanted them to see your naked, wet cunt, didn’t you?” I took my other hand and began to stroke her large clit between my thumb and pointer finger.

“Yes!” I could feel her trembling. I knew she was close, but I wanted to keep her on the edge a while longer. I constantly changed my pace with my fingers, never letting her hips catch up with me. I stroked her clit lightly to let her calm down as she tried to meet my fingers to increase the pressure. I slowed the pace of my fingers in her cunt, making her hips move to keep the thrusting movement going. When she would finally settle, I would increase my efforts, driving her to the edge again.

“You want them to see what a slut you are? You already look like one. Your legs spread so wide and you humping my hand in the middle of a club. You want to let your juices gush all over your naked pussy and dribble down your thighs?” Tap, tap, tap on her clit.

Her legs were shaking, straining to keep herself up. Her breathing was heavy and irregular. I could see her sweating profusely. The smell of her arousal permeated the air.

“Please. Oh Caitlin please!”

“Tell me what you want.” I knew I was driving her to the edge of her sanity.

“I-arghh…want to c-cum!”

“You görükle escort mean want me to make you cum like the slut you are, your wet, juicy cunt cumming all over my hands?”

“YES! Please make me cum like the slut I am. Make my wet, juicy cunt cum on your hands!”

That was the admission I had been waiting for. I resumed the stroking on her clit.

I whispered, “I hope you don’t scream too loud babe. Wouldn’t want anyone to hear,” my grin evident in my voice.

I picked up the pace with my fingers and moved my mouth down to her nipple. I bit Katie’s nipple and felt her go stiff. She inhaled, and in the next instant her cream was pouring over my hand, her muscles gripping my fingers tightly. I heard her scream and thought, for a moment, that she might be heard over the thumping music. Her hips were now jerking wildly and I struggled to keep my fingers on her clit. I used my body to control her movements as much as I could. I wanted her orgasm to last as long as possible.

I moved my fingers in and out faster while pinching her clit.


She moaned and I felt her entire body tremble. The cum was literally leaking out of her as I continued to stroke her. I felt as though I could feel the waves of her pleasure washing over her body. Her climax must have lasted at least a minute. I slowed and then stilled my hands as I felt her calm. I looked up and saw her eyes were still closed. Her chest was rapidly rising and falling and her hands were clutching the wall. I smiled at her and moved my head down level with her pussy.

I tentatively licked along her slot and felt her jump.

“Caitlin! Not again please.” Her hands went to pull my head away, but she was too weak. My body was no longer blocking her from view and I knew she could now see out through the curtain. She could see all the people on the floor dancing, clueless as to what was going on a little distance away from them. I could only imagine Katie’s excitement at the site.

I pulled her lips apart with my thumbs and stuck my tongue deep in her hole. I started to tongue-fuck her in earnest. I knew she wouldn’t last long because she was sensitive from her last orgasm. I pulled my mouth up to her clit and began to lightly suck on it. I eased one finger in her pussy and, once it was good and wet, I worked it into her ass. Her hands gripped my head, pulling at my hair. I sucked her clit harder while whipping it with my tongue as I continued to pump in and out of her rosebud. She shrieked and her hips uncontrollably humped my face. My mouth struggled to keep up with the copious amount of fluids that were dripping out of her pussy. I could feel her shaking as she gasped for breath.

I withdrew my finger from her ass and rose to hold her. She leaned heavily on me, her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel the aftershocks running through her body as I rubbed her back to help calm her.

After about five or ten minutes she leaned back against the wall.

“You bitch. You nearly killed me,” but she smiled as she said it. I laughed and moved forward to kiss her briefly.

“Ready to go?” I asked, lightly touching her cheek as I looked into her eyes. She pulled her skirt down and started to walk forward.

“Ugh, I can’t move.”

I grinned at her and wrapped my arm around her waist to help support her, “Come on.”

She wobbled a bit as she tried to walk, “I’ve never come so hard in my life,” she paused, “How did you know?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know…little clues you dropped without knowing that I picked up on.”

We were silent for a while but when we reached the car I heard her speak, “You sure as hell better believe I’ll have your ass for that.”

I smiled. Oh, I knew. I knew and I was already looking forward to it.

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