Adventures with Leslie Ch. 04

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Chapter 04 — Awards Escort

The week passed by with not much happening. Monday evening’s card game was still ringing in my head, both the absolute beating I took in the game and how quickly I came being inside Penny in front of everyone else. My groin still twitched every time I thought about it.

I wondered when my next assignment would come as I sat at home Thursday night. I had a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other when the phone rang. Am I ever gonna get to watch a ballgame in peace?

“Hello” I answered the phone, my mouth still half full of a bite of pizza.

“I need you,” Leslie said urgently on the other end of the line.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, hearing the stress in her voice.

“Tonight is Mindy’s senior awards dinner,” she informed me. “Brad was supposed to take her but he stood her up. She is home, crying. I would take her myself but I am tied up here with this case I am working on. I depended on that fucking kid and he blew her off for concert. I am pissed.”

“Calm down,” I urged her. “This is a totally fixable situation.”

“You are right,” she agreed. “Get dressed and go pick Mindy up. I will call and tell her to be ready.”

Before I could even say a word, you guessed it, she hung up. Me taking Mindy was not quite what I had in mind, but it was too late now. I had my marching orders so I dressed quickly in a golf shirt and some khaki pants. I hurriedly made my way to Leslie’s house to pick up Mindy, though I did stop to get her flowers on the way there. I hated to hear that she was crying on a night that should be very important to her. Poor kid. Brad was officially a douchebag, ballplayer or not.

I parked out in front of Leslie’s house and made my way to the door. I rang the bell and waited only a short moment before Mindy answered the door.

“I am here to rescue your evening,” I said to her.

“Thank you,” she replied softly.

“These are for you,” I stated, handing her the flowers.

She smiled at me ever so slightly, still hurt by the early events of her day. The tear stains were still clear on her cheeks and body language was very down.

“I am almost ready, come in,” she invited.

I followed her in and waited in the front hall.

“I will be right down and we can go,” she informed me as she headed up the stairs.

I waited in the front hall for several minutes as Mindy put the finishing touches on herself for the evening. I looked at some of the pictures on the walls in Leslie’s front hall area and took notice of one of Leslie with two other girls that looked a lot like her. I wondered who they were.

My attention turned from the pictures to Mindy as I heard her coming down the stairs. I was shocked to see that she had completely changed her outfit. She now had on a blue tube dress that clung to her body tightly with a thick black belt around her tiny waist. The bottom of the dress was only to her mid thigh and she had on black knee high boots to compliment it. Her cheeks were no longer tear stained, as she had on a provocative layer of make-up. I was taken back by her.

“What do you think,” she asked, spinning in front of me to show me all angles.

“You look very nice,” I admitted. “But is that outfit appropriate for a school function?”

“I’m a senior, they can’t do anything about it,” she flaunted. “Plus, if that fucker is gonna stand me up, then he is gonna feel the pain of what he missed.”

She locked her arm in mine and we headed out the door. I breathed deep and composed myself as I opened the car door and helped Mindy in, closing the door behind her. I drove safely and calmly, in order to ensure the safety of my passenger.

We arrived at the high school after a short drive. Mindy waited until I opened the door for her and helped her from the car. She was careful and deliberate to ensure she was noticed by as many people as possible, keeping her arm locked with mine the entire time.

We made our way to the auditorium, amongst parents, faculty and students. There was assigned seating at the tables in the auditorium. We were seated to right side, somewhere in the middle. Our timing could not have been better because as we took our seats the festivities began.

Mr. Peters, the school principle, was on the stage introducing certain faculty members and starting the events for the evening. Mindy informed me that we were seated with one of her close friends, Dora, and her parents as well as two teachers from the history department. I tried to keep up.

Surprisingly, anadolu yakası escort Mindy’s name was called for the second award of the evening. There was a lot of mixed reaction from the people in attendance when Mindy made her way through the crowd to the stage to accept her award. I guessed the reaction was in response to her attire for the evening, but the buzz was even louder when she sat back down next to me. Mindy continued to rack up awards, collecting 4 prior to Mr. Peters calling for a 15 minute intermission.

“Can you get me a drink,” Mindy asked me as the intermission began.

“Certainly,” I complied.

I rose from my seat and was headed for the makeshift bar that was setup to get something for Mindy, when a short, balding man with glasses stepped directly in front of me.

“May I have a word with you,” the man said, pointing his finger in my face.

“Mr. Peters,” I said, finally recognizing him up close. “What’s on your mind?”

“I don’t think that it is appropriate for a man of your age to be with a young lady of Mindy’s age,” he chastised me.

“Well sir, I can assure you –“I began but he cut me off promptly.

“No, I can assure you,” he interrupted, “that her aunt will want to know about this.”

“You’re right,” I agreed sarcastically. “She’s still at the office, why don’t you give her a call.”

“That’s exactly what I am going to do,” he threatened.

I walked past him, now completely pissed off. I headed out the door of the auditorium and found the men’s room. After a minute or two to compose myself I headed back in and proceeded to get Mindy and myself each a bottle of water. As I headed back to the table, Peters cut me off again.

“I owe you an apology sir,” he said, extending his hand.

“So you talked to Leslie,” I presumed.

“Yes, and she certainly set the record straight,” he admitted.

“Congratulations on your new baby,” I offered, finally shaking his hand.

I headed back to my seat next to Mindy, handing her the water I had fetched for her.

“What did Peters say to you,” she asked.

“He told me that I am too old for you,” I revealed.

“He would,” she replied glibly.

By the time the night was over, Mindy had collected 4 more awards, for a whopping total of 8. I was thoroughly impressed. She mingled with her classmates for a small while as I tried to stay out the way. Finally she was ready to go home.

“Let’s go,” she said, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the auditorium.

She pulled me out of the school and all the way to the car. She was a demanding young woman. I opened the door and helped her into the car with her handful of awards. We pulled out of the school and headed back to Leslie’s house. The ride home was interesting.

“Thank you for taking me tonight,” Mindy offered.

“You are quite welcome,” I replied. “It was actually my pleasure. Congratulations on all your awards. You should be very proud.”

“I am,” she admitted. “School comes easy to me.”

“Then why were you in a hurry to get out of there,” I asked.

“I was on a mission,” she responded.

“What was that,” I inquired.

“I wanted to hurt Brad,” she confessed. “So I told everyone I was leaving to go home and fuck you. I am sure one of his friends is on the phone with him right now.”

“Wow, that is vengeful,” I judged.

“If only it were true,” she teased.

“Not possible,” I insisted.

“Why not,” she asked. “Just because Leslie said so?”

“Actually, yes,” I admitted. “That is exactly why. This is Leslie’s game, she calls the shots.”

Before she could respond, her cell phone rang. She answered it and I listened intently to her half of the conversation. She kept her words to a minimum, I assumed because she knew I was listening. She ended the call and we sat in silence for a moment as we neared our destination.

“That was Aunt Leslie,” she informed me. “She says you should park in front of the house and proceed directly up to her room when we arrive.”

“And what will you be doing,” I inquired in a rather parental manner.

“I am taking her car and going out to party,” she replied casually.

“Ok then,” I conceded.

We drove the rest of the way in silence. I pulled up in front of the house as I was instructed and parked. Mindy opened the door and stepped out the car quickly. She was waiting by Leslie’s car as I made my way to the front door.

“Thank you for taking me tonight,” she called ataşehir escort to me.

“You are very welcome,” I reacted. “Have fun tonight.”

She smiled at me and got in the car. She pulled out of the driveway and sped off to her evening fun. I, on the other hand, headed inside to see what awaited me. I climbed the stairs and made my way to Leslie’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, but I knocked on it lightly to be polite.

“Come in and sit down,” Leslie’s voice called from inside the room.

I did as I was told and entered the room. There was a chair in the middle of the room, a few feet from the bed. I sat in the chair and noticed that the door to the adjoining master bathroom was closed. I waited patiently for further instructions.

“There’s a blindfold on the bed, put it on,” her voice called from the bathroom.

I looked over at the bed and saw the blindfold. I reached for it and put it on. I sat there, now in the dark and waited. I heard the bathroom door open and Leslie’s voice was now crystal clear.

“Can you see me,” she asked.

“Not at all,” I answered honestly.

“If you’re lying or I catch you trying to peak, that will be breaking the rules,” she explained. “You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

I shook my head no and waited. I heard a clacking sound which was most likely her shoes against the wood floor. The sound got closer and then seemed to pass me. I calmed myself and listened. I then felt her breath on my neck.

“You did a wonderful thing tonight,” she whispered in my ear. “You are going to be rewarded for it. Mindy means everything to me. My two sisters are idiots but my niece is my greatest treasure. Your outstanding performance with her so far makes you a valuable commodity.”

I smiled but did not speak. I felt her hands on my chest and I lifted my arms as she removed my shirt.

“Emma told me about how she started the game,” she revealed. “She said she made you choose and then played the role of your bride for the day.”

The memories of that day in Emma’s kitchen came rushing back. I was on a chair that day also. This was similar but Leslie had her own sense of adventure, which explained the blindfold.

“I’m not gonna play your bride,” she declared. “We will leave that role to Emma. My role is going to be playing your mistress.”

I heard her move around me. She must have knelt down because she began removing my shoes and socks. I sat there silent.

“Do you know the difference between a wife and mistress,” she inquired.

“Why don’t you explain it to me,” I requested.

“A wife cares about pleasing a marriage, while a mistress only cares about pleasing her man,” she announced. “I am gonna please you tonight.”

I liked the sound of that. I then felt her hands undo my belt and zipper on my pants. I lifted my ass off the chair so she could remove them. She was sure to take my boxers with them as she pulled them down. I sat back in the chair completely naked and hard as a rock.

“Emma told me how to please you,” she explained. “And I am going to do my best since you passed the test tonight.”

“The test,” I repeated, questioning her statement.

“Mindy would have let you fuck her,” she clarified. “She wants you, but you knew she was off limits. That was a smart play. It took discipline.”

I sighed and then I felt something warm and wet run across the length of my shaft. I wondered if it was her tongue. I could feel my cock start to leak precum, followed by feeling the tip of her tongue lick the first drops off my cockhead.

She started to stroke my cock slowly as I sat there.

“I know what would please you,” she repeated. “And I’m going to give it to you.”

I wondered what she meant exactly, but I was in no position to ask. I then felt her lips on my cock again and she began sucking me while I sat there. I wanted to look as I felt my rod enter and exit her mouth. I was enjoying this very much. Her hand was wrapped around the base of my shaft as she inserted my pole in and out of her mouth.

“Are you ready,” she solicited as she continued to stroke my stiff shaft.

“Yes,” I whimpered, dying to climax but nowhere near completion.

“Take off the blindfold,” Leslie ordered me.

I removed it and saw her standing before me. Leslie looked amazing. She was wearing a black satin corset that ending just above her belly button and had garters connected to her black fishnet stockings. She was not wearing any panties so her gorgeous bald bağdat caddesi escort pussy was completely visible. On her feet she wore black spiked sandals with an open toe that sported at least a 4½ inch heel.

Leslie slowly strolled over to me and I reached out for her. I placed both hands on her hips and pulled her down onto me. She threw her legs around me in the chair and locked them behind me. I guided my cock to her hole and inserted myself. It felt fantastic. I held her hips and used them to rock her up and down on my pole. I loved this.

Leslie looked deep into my eyes as I bounced her up and down on my dick. Every time I reentered her I wanted to cum, but I was not there yet. She smiled at me as we fucked faster, really going at it. She then stopped me and put her feet back on the floor. She stepped off me and my cock slipped out of her pussy.

“I told you I was going to please you,” she repeated.

“I thought you were doing a great job,” I stated.

“I know how to do better,” she proclaimed.

She pulled me up out of the chair and then knelt on it with her hands on the back of it for leverage.

“Fuck me,” she commanded.

I positioned myself behind her and penetrated her once again. It felt like heaven. I grabbed her hips and began rocking into and of her box. I remembered the night in the limo and began to increase my pace. I dug my fingers into her waist and pulled her onto me over and over. I was enjoying every second of this feeling.

“Oh baby, fuck me harder,” she screamed. “FUCK ME!”

I started to impale her as hard as I physically could. Each time my cock slammed into her juicy cunt I felt my balls bang into her clit. She moaned and bucked as I pumped aggressively into her. Her box flooded with more juices as she climaxed. I did everything I could think of to hold out, but my orgasm was nearing.

“Are you gonna cum,” she gasped, still breathing heavy.

“Yes, baby,” I confirmed.

She quickly forced me backward, causing my cock again to exit her pussy. She turned herself around into a normal sitting position on the chair and she lifted her legs.

“Cum on my shoes,” she directed as she presented her feet to me.

I grabbed my cement pole and stroked it at a fierce pace. It only took a few seconds to reach climax as I spewed multiple jets of white goo onto her sexy shoes. I stood there launching stream after stream of jizz until I felt weak in the knees. When I was done I staggered backwards and lowered myself into a sitting position on the floor.

“I told you I knew how to please you,” she repeated again.

“I believed you,” I admitted.

“There’s more to come,” she indicated.

“I can hardly wait,” I laughed.

She stood off the chair and walked over to where I was sitting on the floor. She pushed me back so I was lying and stepped over me. She lowered herself onto me and guided my cock back inside her. I closed my eyes for a moment to savor that feeling.

Leslie quickly started to raise and lower herself on my pole. I was growing harder inside her as she worked my tool. She continued to increase her pace and started to moan. I looked at her and she smiled at me before running her hands through her gorgeous black hair.

I was swelling again inside her as she was riding my rod. I tried to hold out longer but it was not possible. I spilled a second batch of white liquid inside her as she skewered herself onto me repeatedly. I shot several quick darts of cum inside her while she moaned louder and worked faster. She then crashed on top of me and her eyes rolled for a second as she climaxed again.

She laid on top of me on the floor, as we both breathed heavy. I did not know what to say.

“That was intense,” she acknowledged.

“Yes it was,” I concurred.

“You need to go,” she asserted.

“I know,” I admitted

I gathered my cloths and dressed as Leslie disappeared back into the bathroom. I was ready to leave quickly but I wanted to ensure she knew I was going.

“Goodnight,” I called to her through the door.

“It certainly was,” she teased. “I will call you tomorrow.”

I said nothing, but turned and exited her room. I headed down the stairs and out the door towards my car. Mindy was apparently returning from her night out and we passed each other on the walkway.

“Was she good tonight,” Mindy inquired.

“I am not sure what the right answer to that is,” I confessed.

“You should have fucked me tonight,” Mindy stated sternly.

“That’s not a conversation we can have,” I dismissed.

“I know,” she growled. “Don’t worry; I will get you sooner or later.”

“Goodnight,” I said as I turned around and headed for my car.

As I pulled away I noticed Mindy had not moved from the spot where she was talking to me. She simple gave me the finger as I drove off.

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