After the Grade… Ch. 01

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The first yea of grad school was over, and I’d survived my classes, my new more boring life, and my first year as a TA. At 5’1, 98lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, and a petite lithe body I was a fairly popular math TA already, I just wasn’t sure anyone was learning from me. I’d turned in my grades and as I walked to my apartment in my sundress I thought about the long boring summer of studying for my first quals I had ahead.

I’d decided on a long route home as the May weather was perfect and I wanted to get a decent walk in. Doing so took me down the Frat row. My mind went back to how last year as an undergrad I’d have found my way into the parties, now as a grad student, it was a different world entirely. The semester had been over for a few days, so the houses were all but empty.

Well, they almost all were. There on the front yard laying on a beat up couch was Brad. He’d been a flirt and a bit of trouble for me in my trig class. I suspected he’d love to explore all the possible angles he could fold my body in to. Brad was cute and hot, and if he hadn’t been a student, I’d have probably let him do stupid stupid things to my body.

Brad had struggled, but had pulled off his coveted “B”, so I thought I’d stop by and congratulate him. I don’t think he saw me until I was right on top of him because his muscled body jumped when I said “Congrats!”.

“Oh his Ms. Taylor, sorry, I was sleeping. Congrats on what again” he said with some confusion.

“Oh getting your B silly. Now put on a shirt and go home” I said as I plopped down on the couch.

He eyed my legs in my short sundress and I kinda heated up thinking about his eyes on me. “I’m staying around. We usually have someone stay and make sure we don’t burn down the place. I drew the short straw. Want to come in. Have a drink to celebrate my B and your C’s?”

It was a pretty kid way to try to flirt. I decided, against my better thoughts, to play along rather than get upset.

“B’s actually, and sure. I’m just sad you ended up with a short straw.” I got up with an impish grin and walked towards the door with him.

“Actually, I got the long and thick straw. Stick around and you might get it too” he said with a very hungry grin. I just laughed, because the flirting was practically third grade crude humor level. But he wasn’t my student and it felt good to joke at something like a pre high school level.

I was surprised as hell at the inside of the Frat house. It was empty and clean. Sure there were some sparse furniture, but the usual debris you associate with a frat, like clothes, beer bottles, etc, wasn’t there.

“You really aren’t kidding about everybody being gone are you?” I said florya escort stopping in front of him.

“No, we’ve got the whole place to ourselves” he said, moving in behind me and planting a kiss on my neck.

I had to admit I liked how his chest felt against the exposed skin on my back. How his hands felt on my hips. I definitely liked how his lips felt on my neck.

“You know you can’t improve your grade anymore, right?”

“Too bad, I was hoping to get an O.”

Ouch that was a terrible line. I started to giggle but as I did that he kept kissing my neck and I felt his hands brush the spaghetti straps of my dress off my shoulders. My mind was whirling. It had been a while. He was really cute.

“I’m not sure we should…” I said as I heard first my zipper, then his.

“Should what?” He said as my dress pooled at my feet. He kept kissing my neck as I struggled with my reply. What exactly shouldn’t we do?

My panties soon joined to pool of clothes at my feet and I finally found the words to say. “Fuck you. I shouldn’t fuck you. Student.”

“Not anymore. Besides, maybe I’ll be the one that fucks you” he said with a voice that told me he had delightfully wonderful plans for my body.

My back arched as his hands found my wrists. “What do you mean by that Brad?” His lips on my neck were distracting me. From what I couldn’t say. He slowly guided my hands behind my back as I kinda stood there. Naked in the Frat house.

“Come upstairs now” was all he said as he spun me, holding my two wrists with one hand as he kissed my lips. Our lips split and our tongues wrestled. When the kiss broke he’d already walked me to the stairs. Far from my purse and clothes.

“Ok” was all I said. Brad was taking control. All semester I’d had all the power, but now as we stumbled up the stairs it was clear he was the one in the driver seat. I was definitely going to to get fucked. We got upstairs and Brad let me into a nearly empty room. Just a bed, no sheets, just a head board and base board. He was hungrily kissing me so when I ended up on the bed I was a bit shocked, letting out an “Oomph” as I hit the bed.

Brad grabbed a pillow case that had been left around and advanced on me, climbing on top of me and kissing me. He easily caught my wrists and started to kiss my neck. I rallied for a second enough to ask “What’s the pillow case for?”

He hungrily groaned “Told you I was going to fuck you” and tied my wrists together to the top of the headrest. I moaned at his power. He was so damn strong there was no way I’d have been able to stop him. And looming over me naked I knew he was going to take what he’d always göztepe escort wanted now.

“You, you’ve wanted to fuck me like this since class haven’t you Brad?” I asked him.

Brad started to kiss down my body. To my nipples. To my tight stomach. He jumped to planting kisses along my thighs and I moaned. When his fingers found me I was already wet. When his mouth found me I was half way to gone. It didn’t take long for his digit in me and lips locked on my clit for me to feel the point of no return cum and I just gave in and came for him, writhing and thrashing helplessly on the bed.

As I came down Brad started to kiss back up my body. That’s when it hit me. My purse, our clothes, were all downstairs and the room was pretty much empty except for the bed, the pillowcase holding my wrists helpless, and the sounds of our fucking.

“Brad. I need a condom. I’m not on the…” He silenced me with a kiss. Then another kiss. He guided my legs up over his shoulder as he reared up and lined up his head against my opening. I moaned at the feel of it. It was definitely not the short stick.

“Brad. Please. Serious. You’ll…” I dissolved into moans though as a wet sound filled the room and he started to fill me. His hands on my hips held me in place as he slowly sawed into me, giving me more of him each time he thrust forward.

My legs kicked uselessly. I knew what was happening now. I wasn’t just helpless. I’d become an object. His sexual toy. He wasn’t going to stop fucking me until he’d cum inside me and there was nothing I could do to get him to think about the consequences of what he was about to do to my body. Truth be told I was having a hard time thinking myself. I didn’t have any idea he’d be so big and the feel of him filling me was making it impossible to form rational thought.

He finally bottomed out in me, flush against my cervix, and my back arched. My legs kicked uselessly over his shoulder. He had me at the right angle to really start to fuck me. Sawing against me. Brad had this look in his eyes of pure hunger as he started to really move against me.

It was happening. I’m scared to admit that the knowledge he was going to do something primal was triggering the primal part of me too. Our bodies were built to want this, and as he keep moving his big cum filled cock inside my womb I just felt myself start to lose it. I could feel my blood boiling. My muscles constrict. I was happening.

I had to rally and try. “Brad please. Please I just..I’m going to I’ll you’ll please I can’t I just…” But it was useless. He was gone to that primal cave man place. The frat was completely empty. Just him, his big halkalı escort cock inside me, and my rapidly failing attempt to fight a monster orgasm that just…I just….

When it happened it shocked the hell out of me. One minute were fucking the next I was delirious out of my mind in orgasm. He came too, of course, deep inside me as we just both gave in to something we’d both wanted for too long.

Brand ended up spooning me from behind as we both recovered. I just shook for a minute and he asked me what was wrong.

“I just let a student fuck my brains out. Bareback.”

“So there isn’t any reason to not do it again now is there. Not like you’ll get more knocked up” he said as he started to kiss my neck and touch my breasts.

“Not fair, still helpless” I said as i started to writhe back against his quickly stiffening member.

“I’ve wanted to tie you up and fuck you silly since day 1.” he groaned. His fingers starting to move over my clit and nipples.

“I’ve…I’ve heard about you frat boys. You…get stupid girls all tied up and….”

“And share? Every guy in this frat would love to fuck your brains out Ms. Taylor. If the frat wasn’t empty you know what would happen to you now?”

I moaned as he touched me all over. My legs opened and I felt him try to start to line up behind me.

“You’d all…fuck me…senseless. I’d end up…”

I didn’t get to go farther as he finally lined up behind me and slipped between my folds, deep inside me. His hand on my hip set the pace of his fucking me as he spooned me, while the hand on my breast teased my nipple”

“We’d fuck you. Take turns. Then tie you up with the vibe so you kept cumming while we figured out what to do with you next. *grunt* You should see the sex toys we have for stuck up TA’s to make them scream and beg.”

He kept moving against me. Deeper. The hand on my hip went to my clit. I impishly said “Going…going to show me?” as my toes curled.

“Oh god yes. I have you now Ms. Taylor. I’m going to…uggh”

Brad was losing the ability to talk now and I felt my own orgasm, my third coming fast. I wanted to tease him and egg him on but I was gone too. I just…just…came.

I was sleepy and decided to just give in to sleep. Three orgasms are a bit much for a gal back to back. I heard Brad get up and mumble something but didn’t care.


I woke up later to a strange buzzing sensation. I was still tied to the headboard and it felt like my feet were tied to the baseboard because I couldn’t move them. There was a note right next to my head I could barely read:

“Ms. Taylor

Went to get supplies. Took your clothes so you don’t leave. Tied you up with a toy. Have fun.


I looked down to see a power cord between my legs and…something….vibrating against my clit and inside me.

“Brad bastard” was all I could say as the toy jumped to a higher setting. It was clear I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while….

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