After Work Rewards

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Hi Scoobysnax666 here 25 from Australia.

This is my first submission so be kind, comments are encouraged.

Thanks for reading.


I pouted as I walked over to where you were lounging on the couch after a long day at work. You could just tell by the look on my face that I was craving attention. I got this way every once in a while, and you knew it was coming. I have these moods where I’m practically insatiable in bed and want to do nothing more than whore all of your attention and occasionally fuck like animals. As I looked down at you with the saddest brown eyes you sigh, though with a good natured smile, just knowing that I was going to get my way whether you were tired or not. Your eyes traveled down my body, curved in all the right places.

You smirk as you note that I am not exactly dressed to kill. Sometimes you found me in my PJs down-to-earth and sexy in its own way. Sometimes I would get down on my knees and suck you off right from work before you could grab a shower because I find a hard-working man sexy and deserving of some special attention. I am wearing a tshirt and a pair of satin boxer shorts. You insist the smiley faces printed all over them suit me.

“Come here, baby,” you mumble in that tired, grainy voice of yours, opening your arms up towards me. I smile and climb on top of you, straddling your waist and laying on top of you, curled up a bit so that my head rests on your chest. Your fingers comb through my soft hair and you place the lightest of kisses on the top of my head. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” you ask as if you don’t know.

I look up at you and put on my best pout again.

“I just want you to pay attention to me.”You chuckle at my priceless expression and kiss the tip of my nose. “I figured,” you say as your hand caresses my back and quickly finds its way to my round arse and you give it a playful squeeze. I squirm a little and giggle, but didn’t bother to swat your hand away. Instead I look down and let my hand snake over a slight bulge in your pants. You hiss only slightly and put your hand over mine. “Mmm… baby, not now. I’m really tired.”

I look up, my full, pink lips contorting into a pout again. I know you have to work long hours this week and it was really taking a toll on you, but I really need this, so I shake your hand away and continue to stroke you through your pants. “But don’t you want to fuck me?”

“Of course I do, baby,” you reassure me as I undo your pants and slowly inch down the zipper. “But… mmm…” You are silenced as I quickly find your cock and wrap my hand around it, giving it a few slow strokes. You love the attention to your cock, but you aren’t ready to give in yet, and I know it. It was time to play dirty.

“Don’t you want my hot little mouth on your cock, baby?” You groan uncomfortably as I slide down until my face was level with your cock. “Don’t you want me to suck your cock and play with your balls? You want to fuck my little throat and cum in my mouth, don’t you?” I inch your pants down over your hips as I speak, breathing on your semi-erect cock. You cant help but let out a moan, knowing that all you want is to fuck my mouth until my jaw was worn out. “Baby?” My soft lips barely grazing your cock in a teasing kiss and you jerk from the gentle but effective sexual torture.

You clench your jaw as your resolve quickly melted away and your hand moved to the back of my head to guide me closer to your cock.

“Go ahead, sweetie.”I give you a wicked smile before sliding down off of you and got on my knees on the carpet, licking my lips as I looked down at your delicious cock. You groan in anticipation as I kiss the head of your cock so lightly and innocently that you were ready to grab me by my hair and force your cock down my throat, but somehow you manage to hold back and your patience pays off. I open my mouth and suckle on the head of your cock like it was a lollipop, my tongue maltepe escort slipping on the underside and working it a bit, getting you harder by the second. I grin as I let the rest of your cock slowly ease into my hot, wet mouth, sucking harder.You feel the restrain of my throat’s natural gag reflex for a moment before you slip in and you are in heaven. You let out something like a cross between a groan and a moan of ecstasy, bucking your hips up so that my lips are wrapped around the base of your cock. I suck hard, moaning a bit to cause vibrations to filter up along your cock before I pull my head back, tossing my hair to one side before I slid back down so that you could watch every inch of your hard cock disappearing into my mouth.

Your moans are coming more frequently as I start to bob my head up and down your shaft, making sucking and smacking sounds as you thrust a little up to my mouth.

With your cock nice and hard, I pull away and let your cock pop out of my mouth. You almost growl in frustration as I smile impishly up at you. I look back at your cock and note the smallest bit of pre-cum at the tip. I am quick to lick it up greedily.

“Yum… does my baby want to cum in my mouth?”

“Yes,” you grumble, again fighting the urge to savagely fuck my face.

“Then stand up and fuck my mouth,” I say, crawling backwards. You do a double take, as if you might have misheard, but a moment later you didn’t waste any time. You are on your feet, hands behind my head, guiding me to your cock. I grin and open my mouth up for you and you enter my wet little mouth. You moan again as your cock slides into my throat and begins to slide in and out of my suckling mouth.

I close my eyes and sigh as you have your way with my mouth, though I am instantly brought to attention when your hand slips down into my top and finds a breast, roughly mashing it in your hand, your thumb flickering over my piercing. I whimper at first at the unusual attention while I was giving you oral pleasure, but I do pull away. In fact, I let out a low moan as you continue to drive in and out of my mouth.

My tongue starts to twirl around the very tip of your cock, working it and sucking harder and harder. I give the lightest, playful nibbles on your rock hard shaft, which send you over the edge. You are panting hard. “Aww, fuck, baby. Nngh. I’m gonna cum in your sweet little mouth. Ah…” You slam into my throat one last time and let out a deep moan as the first spurt of warm cum coats my throat. Your cock twitches as a few more streams of your salty cum drain out into my eager mouth and I swallowed it all up, working my mouth lazily down your shaft to clean it up of any stray cum before letting it pop back out of my mouth.

You work your fingers through my hair as I lick my lips and smile, looking up at you. “God, baby, you know just how to get me off.”I begin to stand and shrug it off.

“Practice makes perfect and I want to practice some more”

“I’m just sorry I didn’t have a bigger load for you to take,” you say apologetically.

I wrap my arms around your neck and grin. “Maybe next time?”

“Right,” you reply, nodding. “Now,” you start your hands sliding down to the back of my thighs, “time for me to take care of you.” You gather my body up in your arms effortlessly, laying me gently down on the couch. I giggle as you eagerly pull my shirt up over my head and pull down those silly smiley face boxers, tossing them aside. You climb on top of me and instantly devoured my breasts, making me sigh and smile. I rub your shoulders as your tongue slides over an already semi-pert nipple and nipped at it gently, which caused me to whine and pout down at you. You just smile your devilish grin and place kisses along the valley between my breasts until you reach the other nipple, suckling it as your fingertips played with the other. I close my eyes maslak escort as your gentle ministrations drew various sighs and soft moans from me. I only open my eyes when you start to kiss and nip your way down from my breasts and over my tummy.

“Hey,” I say with a giggle, “where do you think you’re going?”

You lick around my belly button and grin. “I’m going to lick your pussy, sweetie.” You kiss my mound teasingly, which causes me to take a sharp little intake of breath.

“You’re going to do what?”

You don’t bother to reply and simply slip a finger into the moist folds of my pussy, moving it around as if testing the waters. “Wow,” you say while I squirm a little from your teasing finger, “I forgot how wet you get so easily.” You bend down to lick my little clit, which causes me to hiss and grab at your hair. You smirk and decide to detract your attention from my clit for the time being and direct your tongue down along my vertical lips, licking up the wetness along my slit.

“Mm,” I manage between moans, “Baby, you don’t have to.”

“I want to,” you murmur before your tongue delves into my pussy, wriggling into my slick entrance. I hiss and whine again, but manage to keep my hips grounded as your tongue works into me like a little, wiggling cock, sliding in and out with a steady rhythm. I let out a long, low moan of ecstasy. There is nothing that can describe the sensation of your tongue swirling in my steaming slit that makes me squirm uncontrollably. You hold my hips firmly and raise your head, licking my pussy juice off of your lips. “God, I forgot how sweet you taste, too.

“My only reply was soft whimpering and an uncomfortable squirming. You can read the signs. I desperately need to cum. So, your attentions finally return to my sensitive clit and you suck hard on the little nub. I gasp and jump, convulsively pressing your face deeper into my pussy. You smile a little as you nibble on my clit, then take two fingers, sliding them into the moist folds of my pussy. I moan louder with each passing second, my head thrown back in pure ecstasy.

“Oh, baby,” I manage somehow, “Please don’t stop… ah… oh, make me cum. Please.”

You don’t need to be told. You love to watch me cum, my erotic squirming and sexy moans gets you hard all over again and suddenly my body seized up and began to shudder uncontrollably. “Mmm! Oh fuck, baby! I’m cumming! I’m cuummm-“

All at once, I begin to buck wildly as my pussy juices began to flow freely around your fingers and I could only mewl contently as you slide your fingers out of my pussy and begin to lick them clean. “Mmm… my baby’s so sweet. I could eat you up,” you tease with a grin before you grab my thighs and force them apart, your mouth barring down on my twitching, glistening pussy, slurping up my juices greedily, causing me to groan vaguely. The aftershocks of my intensive orgasm are prolonged from your desperate ministrations on my pussy before you pull away, your lips slick with my pussy juice. You crawl up my body, holding my face in your hands, and our lips meet in a passionate embrace. I could taste my own pussy and somehow it’s all too erotic for words.

You grin against my lips and start to place light kisses along my jaw line to my ear, suckling my ear lobe and nibbling on it before you make a sort of beeline of kisses down my neck, which makes me giggle. You could be so cute sometimes. I smile down at you and rub your shoulders as your kisses trail down to my breasts, your mouth clamping on my right breast, sucking hungrily. I take note of your deliberate grinding against my thigh, your cock growing harder.

I whine and pout. “Don’t tease me, baby.”

Your teeth brush against my nipple as you grin that cheeky little grin of yours. “Who’s teasing?” you ask innocently, rotating your hips against my thigh.

“What’s wrong, honey? Do mecidiyeköy escort you want something?”

You wanted me to say it. Alright, I’ll say it. “I want you to fuck me”

“Oh, do you?” You continue to torture me, your cock grinding closer and closer to my pussy. You want more.

“Mmhmm,” I start, a bit distracted. “I want to feel your big cock in my tight little pussy. I want you to fuck my pussy raw, make me scream when you fill up my steaming, little pussy with your cum.”

You nibble on my nipple and growl from my dirty talk. That’s all you need. You position your hard rod against my aching pussy and I eagerly push up on you, but you pull away, causing me to whimper desperately. You dip back down carefully, rubbing the head of your cock along my moist slit. I start to groan, though I try not to instinctively buck my hips, because I know you’d just retreat again, and my patience paid off. Just when I was about to lose it, you slip just the head of your cock into my waiting pussy, causing me to moan softly. You apply pressure steadily, letting me feel every inch of you stretch my tight pussy.

“Please,” I whimper.

“Shh, baby,” you murmur into my ear. “Good things come to those who wait for it.” But I can hear a wavering in your voice. You want it as bad as I do. You just want to drive me crazy first.

I begin to grind my teeth in anticipation, clawing at the couch cushions as you fill me to capacity, then withdraw and slide back in again, a bit faster this time. This is torture. I know you intend on dragging out my next orgasm, making me beg for it, so I played along. “Baby, I need you to fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

You smirk and pull back, almost completely out of me and this causes a look of horror to appear on my face for only a second before you ram into me with all of the force you can, your balls slapping against my perfect little ass. My back arches and I throw my head back, reveling in the sweet force of your thrust. “Better?”

Your only reply was a moan as I squirm beneath you. Again, you read my signs. I want more. I need more. You summoned up all of the energy that you have and start to drill away savagely at my sensitive little pussy. Your voice is so deep and guttural that it almost sounds demonic as you spoke into my ear. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you? You like me using your hot little pussy like this, don’t you? Do you like being my little slut? You’re such a good little cum slut.”

You know I love to be your little slut. I like how you keep me on my toes and just take me whenever you want me. I feel like your fuck slave, your little cum slut, and I like it. I moan, my hips instinctively bucking against your thrusts, making our fucking all the more intense. Then, somehow, with all of the control you still possess, you stop your wild assault on my throbbing pussy, half way out.

I look up at you, bewildered and frustrated. I don’t know why you have stopped. “Baby?” You grin and grab my hips, slamming into me so hard that I jerked back on the couch a few inches, and laughed. You are teasing me again.

“You’re horrible… horr- or- ah!” I couldn’t make an intelligible retort at this point, moaning and thrashing around beneath your powerful thrusts. I can hear you panting and feel you tensing. You’re building up another load for me. I feel your lips coming down on mine to muffle my desperate moans as you plough in and out of my body, wanting to make me cum more than anything, and you soon get your wish.

I pull away from your mouth to throw my head back, screaming and growling into my next, even more intense orgasm. My pussy clenches around your cock, eagerly milking you for your cum. You moan desperately as you struggle to work through the vice grip of my pulsing, slick pussy, wanting to feel this way as long as possible, but knowing that it only for a few more thrusts. You let out an animalistic cry, drilling into me mercilessly as your cum spewed from your cock into my throbbing pussy.

“Yes… yes, that’s it… take it like the little whore you are. Take all of my cum. That’s it. Fuck yeah… that’s a good girl. Mm… such a good little slut,” you growl into my ear, making me smile. Amazing how just a little bit of dirty talk can go such a very long way.

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