Afternoon Surprise

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I came home early on Friday to surprise my wife. As I came up the stairs I heard an excited “hello” coming from our bedroom. As I dropped my bag and headed for the bedroom, I was expecting to find her in casual shorts and tee reading a book or watching television.

Was I ever surprised!

Upon entering our bedroom, I found my wife lying seductively on the bed wearing a matching blue, satin lace, bra andpanties. Completing the ensemble was a matching blue garter belt and sheer blue stockings. She was totally stunning.

My wife has shoulder length, curly brown hair. Her eyes are the wildest shade of green-brown that I have ever seen. I get lost in her smoldering gaze every time I look into them. She is 5’7″ tall and fills out very nicely. Her measurements are 34B-24-35 and 125 pounds. She has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen or can imagine.

I just stood there staring at her from the door. In myastonishment, I didn’t even think of why I found her the way that I did. I was just overheating with lust at this point. She asked me what did I think as she rubbed her hands over her body. She rubbed both her hands over her breasts and down her flat stomach, then out to her outstretched legs. As she recoiled back up she moved both of her hands to the inside of her thighs and slowly moved up to her crotch.

She reached her panties and clutched her pussy with both hands. Giving it a firm squeeze to obviously, relieve some of the tension that was building up inside. My mouth watered and my breathing hastened. I didn’t know what to say.

She then started to rub her pussy through the silky fabric of her panties with two fingers, very similar to how I manually stimulate her. She started very slow while just staring at me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. At the same time, my penis had sprung to life and was straining against my jeans.

As I watched her rub I could see that her clit was starting to rise to the occasion. Occasionally, she would alter the stroke and kind of swirl around her bud through her panties. This caused her to shudder every time she did it. She was so hot. After a few minutes of this visual tease, she rubbed further down into her crotch. She pushed the velvety fabric of her panties into herself similar to how she had clutched herself earlier. A growing wet spot was starting to show through her underwear. My mouth continued to water as I could do nothing but watch.

She then rubbed ataşehir escort her hands back up her stomach and to her breasts. She took one of her hands and reached into her bra and pinched her nipple. Again she mildly shuddered. She then took the same hand and stroked back past her tummy but this time went underneath her panties. I could see her fingers manipulate her cunt under the fabric. It was very evident as she plunged two fingers into her now sopping pussy. She thrust several times and then removed her hand from her panties. Her fingers were glistening with her love juice.

She looked at me and asked, “if I wanted a taste?” I

responded or grunted I guess. She said “not yet” as she put her fingersin her mouth and slowly sucked her fingers dry. She opened her mouth and showed me her tongue rolling around her soaked fingers. I couldn’t take any more!

I quickly took my shirt off and climbed on the bed. I half lay on

top of her eager to reach her mouth with mine. As I closed in, she took her fingers and placed them in my mouth. Her hand was musky and the perfume of her scent overwhelmed me with light-headedness. I greedily sucked on her fingers; looking and savoring every bit of her nectar that I could find.

She pulled her hand out of my mouth and placed her mouth to mine. Her tongue darted over my lips, obviously looking for any trace of her wetness that it could find. We kissed long and hard for what seemed like days. We sucked on each other’s tongues, bit each other’s lips, and became one as we continued to kiss.

She eventually pulled away and told me she needed me to kiss her pussy. Kiss like hell, I was going to eat her alive! I kissed my way down her body and hovered over her now even damper panties. I nuzzled my nose in close and breathed in the now even stronger scent of her sex. Again, my mouth watered and my pulse quickened.

I positioned myself between her legs while kind of straddling the corner of our king bed. My cock, which was still constrained in my underwear and jeans, pushed against the mattress. Involuntarily, I found myself grinding against the bed as I got into place. I could feel the pre-cum welling up from my shaft. She pulled her panties to the side and I breathed deeply. I slowly ran my tongue across her clit. I then placed my entire mouth over her hood and proceeded to suckle and kiss while continuing to stimulate her avrupa yakası escort with my tongue.

She loves oral sex and knows just how to manipulate her hips to make sure I hit those areas that need it just right. Today was no exception! I exposed my teeth and gently bit her clit. She again shuddered, but this time a little stronger. I had never seen her this excited this fast. She hastily reached down and began to pull her panties off. I rolled to the side as she pushed them down her thighs, only now realizing that she had them on over her garter belt. What had she planned?

As she lifted her ankles up to remove her panties off her legs, I

took the opportunity to roll back into position. I placed my forearms over the back of her up-stretched thighs and proceeded to fuck her with my tongue. This angle affords me the opportunity to get by mouth as far into her love tunnel as I can possibly get. After a minute or so of my tongue impaling, I let her legs back down and went back to work on her love button.

She commenced with her grinding and proceeded to fuck my face as I licked and kissed her cunt. I wrapped my hands around her ass and felt that small notch just above her cheeks in the small of her back. I used my hands to assist her in her lunges. It wasn’t long before I felt the fine hair on the small of her back stand on end and I felt a very fine layer of sweat break from her body. She was about to orgasm.

She quickly increased the pace of her grind and I pushed my mouth harder over her pussy. I began to quickly manipulate her clit with my tongue and then she went over the edge. Her body started shuddering violently has she let out gasp of wondrous ecstasy. Her body convulsed for what seemed like an eternity and I slowly lessened my licking. I loosened my lips and gently suckled the lips of her cunt. I then moved back up to her clit and sucked in through my wet lips. Every time I did this, her body shuddered again. Eventually to the point that she pleaded “no more.”

We lay there with my head on her tummy. My cock was still straining against my jeans but now it was also throbbing, begging for release. After a couple of minutes, she sat up on her elbows and looked down at me. She then asked, “Why are your jeans still on? I want you to fuck me!” I quickly removed my jeans but left my underwear on. They to were wet like my wife’s panties from the cum waiting to explode from bağdat vaddesi escort my cock.

She rolled me on to my back and kissed me passionately. Again lingering to explore my mouth and find as much of her sweetness as she could. While kissing me she had one hand stroking my cock through my underwear. With every squeeze I thought I was going to cum. She moved down my stomach and proceeded to pull my underwear off. She looked at my seven inches of circumcised manhood like she had never seen it before. She positioned herself between my legs like I had to her and gazed into my eyes past my cock. She then put the head of my penis into her mouth like it was some oversized

lollipop. I can’t explain the wonderful sensations that went through my body.

She licked and stroked my penis while maintaining a firm grip on the base. She knew how excited I was and she wasn’t going to let me finish yet. After awhile, she positioned herself over my penis while straddling me. The blood flow is so intense in her lower body when she orgasms that her pussy practically swells shut. Though I am average in length, I make up for it in girth and often the only way in is if she is on top.

She put the head of my penis at the entrance to her cunt. She slowly and delicately circled her hips and cunt around my cock. Ever so slowly getting the head wet with her juices. She held her head over mine with her hair covering my face. She put her mouth, almost savagely to my neck, while at the same time impaling herself on my now extremely sensitive and rigid penis. I thought I was going to explode and she knew it.

She started rocking against my hips and varied the motion to help keep me from blowing. She started and stopped repeatedly just to watch the look on my face. She sat up and reached behind her and grabbed my sack and stroked my balls. This was too much! I couldn’t take it any longer.

I flipped her to her back while never letting my cock out of her vise like hold and proceeded to pump her like my life depended on it. I must have thrusted over a 100 times in less than a minute before I felt my balls release their load deep inside of her. She felt my body shudder from the intensity and bit my neck as I came. This intensified the flood of feeling through my body as I filled her sopping cunt with my cum. I eventually came to a stop and just lay there on top of her. We kissed several times and then I rolled off of her thoroughly satisfied.

As I lay there relaxing, movement in the corner of my eye caused me to look towards our private bathroom. Subconsciously, I thought it was just one of the cats, but was I ever surprised to see my wife’s best friend, Sue, standing in the doorway dressed almost identical to my wife, but in red satin . . .

More to come . . . .

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