Agnes Sweet Dreams

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Agnes Sweet DreamsAgnes slipped into her bed tired from the events of the day. She had spent the last couple of hours halfheartedly teasing her boyfriend Michael and his cousin Daniel. Somehow the three of them ended up on the subject of a threesome and discussed what they would do with her and what she would do to them. She enjoyed every minute of the conversation; watching the reactions of the two relatives as she told them every dirty thing she would do to them. She thought back to the conversation imagining all the activities they would engage in. The thoughts were staring to excite her and Agnes soon found her hands wandering.As Agnes’s hands caressed her breasts and rubbed her swelling clit she imagined all the dirty things Michael and Daniel would do to her. She envisioned the two of them standing over her watching as she masturbated. Agnes would smile and blow kisses at the two of them as she got more excited while playing with herself. Daniel would eventually take a seat in the corner of the room and watch Agnes every move. Michael would pull her up from the bed and hold her half naked body close against his own. The two of them started making out hot and heavy, much to Daniels delight. Michael’s hands made there way across every inch of Agnes petite body; over her firm tits, which were visible through the thin fabric of her shirt, and around her tight round ass barely covered by her skimpy panties. Agnes moaned softly at his touch and the feeling of her tongue rolling around his. Michael took the hem of Agnes shirt and pulled up and over her head, exposing her bare breasts to the open air. Gripping her firm tits with both hands Michael began to lick and suck at her nipples; all the while Agnes would steal glances at Daniel sitting across the room. She would smile seductively at him enjoying the attention she was receiving from both men.After making out for several moments Michael guided Agnes onto her knees. He ran his hands through her hair before he instructed what to do next.“Suck my cock babe.”Agnes didn’t need any instructions as she was already undoing his pants. His half erect cock appeared before Agnes’s face and she greedily swallowed it up. She pulled her head back slurping on his dick for the entire length and then opened her mouth wide to take it back into her mouth. She did this several times over and over again, moaning for effect with each motion, until he was fully erect. Agnes now bobbed her head back and forth allowing Michael’s dick down the depth of her mouth. Occasionally she would towards Daniel who was rubbing his crotch through his pants and attentively following Agnes every move.After enjoying his blow job for a couple of minutes Michael helped Agnes up to her feet. Immediately he pulled down her panties and allowed them to drop to the floor. He spun her around and bent her over the bed. He stroked his cock a few time as Agnes laughed aloud at her handling. Michael rubbed his dick against Agnes’s wet crotch a few times before plunging into her tight wanting pussy. She yelled out loud at the sudden feeling of her pussy being penetrated and then laughed as she adjusted to the feeling. Soon she was moaning again. Agnes braced her arms on the bed and rocked along with the motion of Michael long deep thrusts. Looking across the room Agnes noticed that Daniel had his erect cock poking out of his pants, and that he was stroking it while watching her sway back and forth.Agnes smiled seductively at Daniel canlı bahis and motioned for him to come closer with her finger; which she started to suck on after the gesture. Daniel stood up from his chair and approached the bed. He stood stroking his erect dick only inches away from Agnes face. Noticing this Michael thrust his hips hard into Agnes ass pushing her towards Daniel’s hard cock.“Suck his dick Agnes.” He commanded.Laughing from the sudden motion and sudden sensation of pleasure Agnes asked “What’s that?”Again Michael thrust his hips hard into Agnes causing her to fall knees onto the bad and grab Daniel around the waist.“I said suck his dick.”Agnes didn’t need to be told again. Daniel’s hard cock pressed against her face and it was far too intoxicating to pass up. With her right hand she grasped Daniel’s dick a stroked it steadily and slowly several times. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and slowly rolled her tongue around it. Each pump of Michael’s hips made continuing this more difficult and soon she took the entirety of Daniel’s shaft into her mouth and sucked it in earnest. At first the motion was difficult for her; the thrusting from front and behind threw off her balance. But after a few moments a rhythm developed allowing her to better enjoy the feeling of have her face and pussy fuck. As Michael pushed forward Daniel pulled back and when Daniel pushed Michael pulled back. The swaying motion rocked Agnes back and forth causing waves of pleasure to ride over her body. She was moaning out loud but her voice was muffled by Daniel’s cock and the cute muffled sounds only further excited both men.Michael pulled Agnes off Daniel and onto the bed. He lay underneath her and directed her to face him. She spun around doing her damnedest to keep Michael’s cock inside of her. Agnes rode on top of him, bouncing her hips in long even strokes. She leant forward placing her lips on Michael’s and forcing her tongue into his mouth. He put up little resistance. As Agnes enjoyed the feeling of Michael’s hard cock in her pussy and the sensation of their entwined tongues Daniel stood behind her stroking his dick and watching her pussy slide up and down on Michael’s dick. Noticing this Agnes pushed herself up onto her hands and turned her head over her shoulder to Daniel. She wiggled her round little butt at Daniel with a giggle; causing Michael’s erection to shake back and forth inside of her vagina sending waves of pleasure though the both of them.“I’ve got an extra hole her for you Daniel.” She said with a smirk.Daniel didn’t need to hear anymore. He got on his knees behind Agnes and positioned his dick against her ass. He stroked his dick against her butt causing Agnes to laugh and smile expectantly. He pressed the head of his cock into Agnes tight butthole which slowly yielded to the pressure.“Oh Fuck!” She said aloud.The feeling of the dick slowly working its way into her ass was intense, and the pressure made her pussy even tighter; engulfing Michael’s member and causing her to yelp to extra pleasure. At first she could only take his head in her ass and Michael’s motion made it difficult to maintain penetration. But this clumsy fumbling was only exciting all three of them further. Soon Agnes’s ass was ready and Daniel thrust in his full length.“Oh God. Oh my fucking God!” Agnes cried aloud at the sudden surprise of having both her holes filled and the intense pleasure it caused.It took a few moments for all three of bahis siteleri them to adjust to the positioning and when they did they developed a rhythm like two pistons alternately pushing in and out. The pressure on Agnes was tremendous, the movement of each dick only served to make her other hole tighter as they moved. She tried to keep her head up as the two of them filled her so completely. She moaned and groaned with ecstasy; louder and louder with each pump of their hips. Soon she was screaming; getting fucked like this was beyond what she expected. The two relatives were now thrusting in and out at the same time; filling and emptying both Agnes pussy and ass at once. She dropped her head onto Michael’s chest; she no longer had any control of her body. All she could do was scream as she was thrown into a powerful orgasm.“Oh fuck me! Fuck me!” She cried as she lost herself in a wave of pleasure.Agnes was lost in a haze of ecstasy. She could still feel Michael and Daniel in her ass and pussy. Their movements caused her to make soft crying moans of pleasure. The pair had slowed down and awareness began to return to Agnes. Keeping his dick inside of her Daniel pulled Agnes up to standing with him. He slid his dick in and out of her ass which was much tighter now that she was standing. Soon Michael was standing before Agnes trying to work his dick in between her legs. The position was a bit difficult for both men; Agnes was shorter then the two of them and they need to lower their hips a bit to line up with hers. Standing like this made Agnes even tighter to fuck and the feeling of being penetrated from both ends was even greater. New waves of bliss coursed throughout her and Agnes was moaning like herself once more.Agnes lifted one leg up and around Michael’s hip, allowing both him and Daniel deeper penetration. See how effective this was both men lifted Agnes off the ground by hooked her legs and ass under their hands. She wrapped both of her legs around Michael waist and held firmly. With one arm she reached behind her and laid it around Daniel’s neck, with the other reached around Michael’s. Gravity working with them Michael and Daniel bounced Agnes on their stiff cocks; achieving their deepest penetration yet. Moan aloud Agnes allowed each wave of bliss to carry her further and further into ecstasy.They repeated this motion until the effort became too great for any of them to continue. They laid Agnes on her knees placing her on the floor. Before any thoughts accrued to them Michael made a new demand.“Suck both our dicks.”He pushed his cock towards her pretty face and instinctual she gobbled it up. Bobbing her head up and down, she savored the shape and taste in her mouth. Releasing Michael from her mouth Agnes greedily grasped at Daniel’s firm dick. As hungrily as she took Michael’s member into her mouth she did the same with Daniel’s. She moaned softly and happily as she enjoyed the familiar shape and warmth inside her mouth. Agnes bobbed her head back and forth between the two cocks, slurping across their entire length. She continued like this for a few more minutes. Holding a different dick in either hand Agnes pulled them both towards her and put both cocks into her mouth. What would have been a moment as surprising as when Agnes was first double penetrated left all three of them unfazed as they were lost in their sexual fervor. Agnes gagged and her eyes teared as she desperately tried to force both dicks deeper into güvenilir bahis her mouth. She rolled her tongue around and between both dick for several moments, enjoying the unusual sensation.Michael pulled away and laid back on to the bed, and as Agnes continued her blow job on Daniel he issued a new order.“Agnes, come over here and sit on my dick.”Agnes jumped up to her feet and then crawled on top of Michael. She guided his stiff dick toward her wanting pussy but Michael stopped her short.“No.” he said “Turn around and put me in your ass.”Agnes smiled with understanding. Straddling over Michael’s crotch she faced away from him and towards Daniel. She smiled at Daniel as she slowly lowered her hips onto Michael allowing his erect cock into her ass. Now that the full length of his dick was inside of her, she laid back on top of him; her back across his stomach. Comfortable in this position Michael reached his hands up to Agnes firm breasts and began to massage them as he work his cock into and out of her tight butt. Seeing his chance Daniel climb on top of the beautiful Agnes, pinning her between the two of them, a gently slid in cock into her wet pussy.“Oh fuck.” Agnes moaned audibly as that now familiar, blissful pressure filled her body.The two relatives began to pump their dick into Agnes and soon found their rhythm again. Pumping into and out of Agnes at a quick even pace shot wave after wave of pleasure throughout her body. Her moaning became louder and louder and her body was shaking. “Keep fucking me!” She cried “Keep fucking me!”Agnes moans were getting louder, soon becoming screams of uncontrollable pleasure. She started bucking her hips hard against both cocks as her body built up to another powerful orgasm.“Oh my god yeah! Keep fucking me.” She Pleaded “Shit! Keep fucking me. Oh my god I’m gonna cum!”Agnes screams became so loud Michael had to cup his hands over her mouth. Her muffled cries only excited both men even further. In tandem they fiercely pumped their hips, pushing Agnes closer and closer to orgasm. Her eyes were teary, her throat sore from yelling, and sweet unbearable jolts of pleasure ran through Agnes body. She could no longer control herself; she no longer wanted to control herself. She let the pleasure overwhelm her and she came screaming on both cocks.Lost in another wave of ecstasy and pinned between the two men Agnes could only utter her soft squeals and moans of pleasure. Seeing her mouth no longer covered Daniel decided to finish up just how she teased him earlier. He pulled his nearly ready to erupt cock from her pussy and laid across her; his head in her crotch and his dick in her mouth. He started to pump his hips fucking the depth of her mouth with the length of his cock. No longer restrained by the pressure of both cocks inside of Agnes, Michael thrust his cock at full speed inside her ass building up to his own orgasm. A few more quick, deep thrusts and Michael unloaded a thick stream of cum into Agnes ass. She moaned aloud as the warm liquid filled her insides. The sensation caused by her moaning pushed Daniel over the edge and he came hard into her mouth. Agnes lay there exhausted under both men, warm cum spilling from her ass and mouth.Agnes eyes fluttered open. She looked around her room same as before except now her clothes were removed and laying next to the bed. They must have come off while she was sleeping. Her body felt warm and she was a little lightheaded. Agnes must have fallen asleep while masturbating and fantasizing about Michael and Daniel. It was a really great dream she thought to herself, her ass and pussy were still tingling with pleasure. Someday I should actually fuck the two of them.

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