Alexander , Hephaestion Ch. 04

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[Hey, here is the next installment of Alexander and Hephaestion’s bliss… I always love to hear from you and any suggestions you may have to keep this story going! Your messages keep this writer writing!]

Alexander extricated himself from Barsine’s arms as soon as he knew she was asleep. Guilt stemming from bedding her was already beginning to overwhelm him.

Although he had always been drawn to Barsine since he first set eyes upon her as an impressionable youth, his life was inextricably linked with that of his true love, his Hephaestion. He knew his coupling with Barsine would have tormented Hephaestion and that there would be a price to pay if he wanted to join him in his bed once more.

Beyond this, he knew instinctively that his seed had joined with that of the sleeping woman, and if the child was a boy there would be those in Babylon and elsewhere in his kingdom who would use any means necessary to use him as a pawn in the continual battle against the military and personal might of Alexander. Would he be able to kill his own son if it came to it?

Alexander shook his head and sent a prayer to his celestial father, the almighty Zeus, for a daughter. A beautiful daughter just like her mother.

Pulling on his tunic and brushing back his golden locks, he took a last, lingering look over Barsine’s sleeping form. Her dusky breasts gently rising and falling with her deep, slumbering breaths, her long-lashed lids resting against her high cheeks and her beautiful, curvaceous body lying against the silken cushions which had borne the brunt of their urgent love-making.

He left. He was never to see her again.


Hephaestion awoke with a dull-ache in his temples. Oh Gods, all that wine… he groaned as he remembered the previous evening and his bleary eyes suddenly opened wide letting in the rays of the rising sun as he remembered all that had unfolded… he closed them once again and rubbed them hard.

By Apollo, it had been a long evening… and a tiring one at that. That slave-boy certainly knew how to entertain, and by the gods, he had kept him entertained for hours. He gave a wry grin as he remembered the soft buttocks he had grasped and that tight ass clamped around his long, hard cock…

He lay back and stretched his beautifully bronzed and muscular body on the hard bed he found himself lying on, squinting up through the small window high in the rough stone wall, watching the rays of the sun gradually begin to fall across his naked skin. He idly rubbed his chest and wondered if he ought to call a slave for some sherbet to slake his thirst when the slave from the previous night quietly entered the small room with his eyes dropped demurely to the floor.

“May I bring you anything my lord?” he asked in his musical voice.

Hephaestion smiled and thought he could get used to living in Babylon.


Within the main palace complex, Alexander aimlessly wandered through the cool, white marble corridors encountering no one at this strange time between night and day before eventually finding himself in front of a beautifully carved door of exotic teak wood inlaid in ivory and mother of pearl. Alexander ran his hands over its smooth, glossy surface wondering at both the workmanship and the use of such extraordinarily rare commodities in the form of a simple door. The Babylonian king may have lost to him in battle, but he had clearly known how to live. He thought that there must be something of special value behind such a door.

He put his ear to the door, listening closely for any sounds that might echo from beyond it. Yet, he could hear nothing. His curiosity aroused, he pushed the door and when it didn’t budge, he put his muscle-bound shoulder to it and shoved. The door gave with a loud groan and, as Alexander quickly looked over his shoulder to check if the noise had alerted anyone, slowly edged into the room.

The highly trained senses he had been taught to develop since his childhood were as alert as if he were tracking a mortal enemy in a silent forest. He inched his way through the doorway into what he found to be a darkened room. He closed his brilliant blue eyes for a moment and then opened them, allowing them to adjust to the darkness within.

He wasn’t entirely sure what he had been expecting, a storage room of the kings treasures perhaps, or even a tunnel leading out of the palace complex, and he raised one of his arched eyebrows in surprise at what he saw before him.

At the far end of what seemed to be a huge room, was a high throne the colour of bronze which glinted in the narrow strip of golden light which caught it from the door Alexander had opened. He ventured further in and pulled the door partially closed behind him.

There were couches covered in purple silk lining the edges of the rectangular room, glistening mosaics on the floor which could be glimpsed in those places where thick jewel-toned rugs didn’t cover them and yet, despite these displays of ostentatious luxury, Alexander’s artvin escort eyes were drawn to that throne which he slowly approached.

It was magnificent. There was no other word to describe it. As he ran his hands over the cushioned seat of deep indigo silk and onto the sturdy solid gold armrests studded with pearls, rubies and sapphires among other sparkling gems and onto the back which was shaped like the fan of a peacocks tail and studded with precious stones to emulate the plumage of this glorious bird. The cost of this throne alone would pay his armies for a generation.

He was awestruck and moved to sit upon it.


As Alexander wandered through the palace and found the throne room to rival anything that had yet been seen in any empire of the world in riches or workmanship, Hephaestion held the slave boy on his lap whilst he was fed soft, ripe apricots. He enjoyed groping and fondling his lithe body and running his tongue over the small budlike nipples before sucking and teasing them with gentle nips. This really was the life.

He thought back to those wonderful youthful times spent getting to know Alexander, falling in love with him and learning to explore their lust with one another and exhausting their desires time and time again. As the older of the two in their relationship, he had initiated the physical aspect of their love, being the first to penetrate Alexander’s hard buttocks into his taut, puckered anus which he had been first to take for his pleasure.

The hard physical exercise had begun early in life for Alexander and his Companions of whom Hephaestion was one. They were raised to fight together and support Alexander fiercely throughout his life although also to temper his judgements and rein him in when he got above himself.

Hephaestion was the first to be handed the thin strip of leather by their tutor Aristotle when Alexander had wilfully disobeyed him on one occasion too many. Aristotle had ordered Alexander to stand by the whipping post and Hephaestion to whip him until Alexander acknowledged that to put himself above the gods was sheer hubris, whatever the parentage his mother Olympia ascribed to him.

Hephaestion had run his hand down Alexander’s back, whispering in his ear for forgiveness which Alexander refused to answer, before beginning a whipping that was to last one hundred strokes. Hephaestion had wept for Alexander’s agony which lasted for days, but after which Alexander had kissed him in forgiveness for the pain he knew he endured for his own boyishly outspoken folly. Hephaestion remembered this kiss as one of the most tender they had shared.

It was in this reminiscence that he knew he had to go and find Alexander. He was deeply hurt that Alexander would share himself with another but had always been aware of the attraction Barsine held for Alexander. He also knew it was Alexander’s duty to plant his seed in another, especially in light of the future hunt for Darius that would take them far out of the civilised world that they knew of and, gods forbid, might not come back from. Sons were, after all, the only true legacy a man left behind. Hephaestion gave a wry smile at the thought of another young Alexander dashing about with a head of blonde curls and earnest yet mischievous sky-blue eyes.

He took one more plump and juicy purple grape into his mouth from the slender fingers of the slave before kissing him firmly on his soft rosebud lips and releasing him onto his feet. The slave boy noted Hephaestion’s eyes linger on the gauzy loincloth he was wearing and quickly removed it, tying it around Hephaestion’s own hips. Hephaestion smiled at him in thanks as the boy walked from his room nude.


Hephaestion left his room and wandered aimlessly, it seemed, through the palace complex. He stopped at a marble balcony that overlooked what he thought must have been the hanging gardens he had heard of from bards that sang of its mysterious trees and exotic flowers. He had always assumed it must have been either simply a story invented to fascinate men and women but had never in his wildest dreams thought it might be even more magnificent than the descriptions given over midnight recitations as the feasting in the Macedonian palace came to an end.

He heard a rustle behind him and saw a slave woman walk past the balcony entrance. He put out a hand to her and she came to stand before him immediately, eyes trained at his feet.

“Have you seen the King? Do you know where he is at this hour?”

“Master, he is in the ancient throne room by the harem. Does my master wish for me to take him there?” she asked in a soft, melodic voice.

The ancient throne room…? Were there more fantasies to come true in the space of a few moments… Hephaestion wondered before quickly replying, “Yes, yes by all means take me to him.” He thought for a moment before adding, “But bring me some sherbet and fresh fruit first.”

She nodded and quickly left his presence, returning escort artvin only a short while later with a platter holding a goblet of sherbet and some freshly cut fruit covered with a white linen cloth ready to escort him to Alexander.

He followed the slave whose little ankle bells tinkled gently with every step she took. She led him to the inlaid door which had fascinated Alexander only a few hours earlier.

He watched her walk away and turn the corner before slowly pushing the door open.

There was the soft glow of pink and gold early morning light which lay over the myriad of treasures which lay in this room that Alexander had glimpsed only a minute fraction of when he entered during the dark night. Hephaestion could not help but gasp at the gem-studded walls, the huge shields and armour fashioned from solid gold and when his wide eyes caught sight of the huge gold tree with silver leaves, hanging with fruit made from fist sized gemstones he had to shake his head to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He feasted his green eyes on the tree for what felt like hours before they wandered over the rest of the room and eventually they alighted on the sleeping form of Alexander reposing on the peacock throne.

With a wry smile Hephaestion made his way over to his lover inwardly laughing at the fact that Alexander would just happen to stumble across one of the most wondrous rooms in the world and choose the almost mythical peacock throne to fall asleep on.

He climbed the mosaic steps that led to the throne before simply gazing at Alexander’s beautiful form glowing in the morning light and then gently running his strong fingers across his cheek. Alexander awoke with a start, his body tense and ready to spring into action, his hand groping for his sword, before his bright blue eyes found Hephaestion’s green jewel-like ones and he relaxed, but only a little.

“I’m sorry Hephaestion…” he started to say before Hephaestion’s fingers moved to his mouth and he pressed his lover’s deep, full red lips closed and shook his head. “It won’t do you know Alexander,” he replied softly. “It will take more than a simple apology… I will need more than that from you.”

Alexander’s eyes widened at his words and he swallowed before slowly saying, “I…” and his voice trailed off.

Hephaestion smiled wickedly at him as he leaned down, pinning Alexander back on the throne with his large muscle-bound body and began to kiss his soft lips brutally, nipping at his full mouth and gripping him in place with his right hand splayed across the back of his head, fingers tangled in his honey blond locks of wavy hair.

Alexander began to push against Hephaestion, trying to free himself from the punishing hold Hephaestion had him in. He wasn’t used to being treated in this dominant way any more, certainly not since their younger days had Hephaestion used his considerable bulk to bend Alexander to his will.

Hephaestion tensed and flexed his muscles to keep Alexander in his place beneath him and to show him who would control this particular bout of love-making. Alexander began to kiss Hephaestion back in an equally punishing way, as Hephaestion sucked his tongue into his mouth and nipped at it warningly as Alexander sank his fingers into Hephaestion’s thighs, trying but failing to push him away once more.

Hephaestion ran his left hand down Alexander’s throat, past his pronounced collarbone and onto his muscular chest, letting his fingers slowly stroke around the skin of his tautening nipple before pinching it hard. Alexander opened his eyes wide and Hephaestion caught Alexander’s gasp with his mouth and pressed his body onto his as Alexander began to buck against him again, using his arms to try and force this bronzed and extremely hard bodied man off him.

As Hephaestion’s hand pinched his now hard nipple a final time before moving further down to his thickly veined, hardening cock, and grasping his balls tightly, Alexander tried to bring his knee up to his abdomen and wind Hephaestion into some sort of submission. Hephaestion lifted his mouth from his and raised an eyebrow as he looked down at him growling, “Do you really think that will work against me Alexander? We both know who is the stronger of the two of us… and we both know I will have you this day. I plan to take you hard again and again and until you whimper and beg me to allow you your pleasure.”

Alexander snarled up at him, “Don’t you dare speak to me like that Hephaestion! Do you forget who I am? I am your overlord! I hold the right of life and death over you!”

Hephaestion laughed at his words and his frantic attempt to free himself from under Hephaestion’s weight as Hephaestion stroked his cock and whispered harshly into his ear, “My words and actions clearly have a pleasurable effect on you… liege… perhaps I ought to continue despite what your pouting lips says?”

Alexander glared at him, swearing retribution but Hephaestion squeezed his balls and began artvin escort bayan to suck on his strongly corded neck, as he finally brought his body to lie on Alexander’s and slowly ground his hips into his. They both moaned out loud at this contact, their nipples rubbing as they writhed their golden bodies, swathed in a sheen of beads of sweat showing their intense arousal, against one another. Their muscles began to tense as they held one another close, their cocks as hard as they had ever been, trapped between them and rejoicing in the mercifully tight friction.

They grasped one another by their muscular arms and Hephaestion ran his battle calloused hands down under Alexander’s straining buttocks to pull him even closer to his body which was strumming with his arousal. Straining to hold himself back, Hephaestion grasped Alexander’s hips and held him still, gasping against his neck and reining in control to prevent himself spilling like an untried boy on his lover’s abdomen. He pulled his body away from Alexander’s for a moment which Alexander instantly took advantage of and pushed Hephaestion entirely off himself and moved to hold him against the throne.

Hephaestion swore under his breath and toppled Alexander onto the richly mosaiced using his legs and quickly grabbed his hands, using them to hold his arms over his head as Alexander lay on the floor beneath him once more. Both of them panting at this exertion.

“Damn you Hephaestion!” he yelled from under him and the words reverberated around the chamber.

Hephaestion gave a tight, wry smile before grappling with Alexander trying to lean him forward onto the silk seat of the throne. Alexander being Alexander would never give in to him without an almighty fight and he put up a struggle using all the cunning he had learnt from years of wrestling.

They pushed and pulled at one another, grabbing and squeezing in an attempt to bend the other to his own will and overpower him. Hephaestion lacked nothing in the sheer skill of a warrior and used his larger and more muscular build to pummel Alexander into submission. He grasped him by the neck and an arm and finally threw him bodily over the throne, panting with one final effort as Alexander gave an agonized shout knowing he had lost.

Hephaestion pressed his body fully against Alexander’s which was kneeling in front of the throne, his upper body pressed firmly into the indigo silk stained with droplets of sweat which were running off his forehead. Hephaestion had spread Alexander’s thighs to kneel between them and he held each of his wrists tightly over the arms of the throne as they each drew in lungfuls of desperately needed air. This time he would not make an amateur’s mistake of loosening his physical presence on Alexander.

“Don’t you dare move Alexander or I will pound you senseless this time!” Hephaestion growled roughly into his ear and as Alexander gave a sharp nod, Hephaestion released his wrists and instead held him down by the neck with his left hand while he ran his right hand down the length of Alexander’s back to his buttocks and began to squeeze at the muscular globes.

He felt himself stiffening further as he spread the smooth cheeks before him and saw the tight pucker of his anus. He swallowed hard knowing the pleasure that was to come from this body was like no other. The rivulets of sweat running down his back and the oozing droplets of precum at the end of his thick, hard cock ensured there was no need for any scented oils. He laughed inwardly at the thought of luxurious oils during the powerful fuck that was to come.

Alexander’s body stiffened and stilled at the feel of Hephaestion’s cock pressing against his most intimate entrance, the ring of which remained tight and unyielding.

“Do you want to feel pain, Alexander?” Hephaestion spoke softly to him, bringing his lips to the side of his head. Alexander made no movement, but Hephaestion began to force the thick, plush head of his cock more and more firmly against Alexander’s ass before it suddenly gave and he was able to push the head in.

“That’s more like it,” whispered Hephaestion, knowing his lover was beginning to crack, needing the release from the pounding which Hephaestion would give him.

He watched as he saw the rare and enticingly erotic sight of the length of his manhood slowly work itself to and fro further and further into Alexander whose breaths were becoming short and ragged. Hephaestion finally gave a final push and succeeded in forcing the walls of Alexander’s ring as wide as it had ever been as the base of his two inch thick cock speared him.

They sighed with pleasure at one and the same moment and Hephaestion began to work himself in and out of him, slowly at first and gradually working up to a hard and heavy pounding of Alexander’s ass. Alexander began to circle his hips against Hephaestion groaning with barely suppressed pleasure at what he was doing to him.

Hephaestion grabbed Alexander’s hips, stilling them before him, and forced his way further and further into him, his teeth were clenched and his eyes tightly shut with the ecstasy running through his body. He suddenly pulled Alexander up against his chest, turning his face with his fingers so he could access that sultry mouth more easily. That kiss sealed their union.

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