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ALICE IN ZOMBIELANDHello my name is Lucky .Today I am going to share the story of princess Alice(15) . She lived in a place named Delhi . It’s a modern age story .She is an average good looking teen techanically(22-22-22). She belong to a political family .Along with father and mother she was having a younger brother.And she used to live like a princess.Everything was going good in their family their life was full of joy and happiness.Alice was also good in studies too. Alice’s story is also having megical twists.One night she was sleeping in her bed . Then suddenly she heard an unknown whisper .She opened her eyes a little look around and saw that there is nothing around and she slept again , …………….after sometime Alice was in deep sleep and she again herd the strange whisper, this time she wake up on bed look around but again a strange dark figure was there(she ignored) , she fall down on the bed and again(deep sleep)…………..after sometime a tight slapon her left cheek and said in a shivering sharp voice “Get up bitch!”.She wake up and when she saw who is it her eyes were stretched out and whole body was shivering of fear ,because the guy standing on his bed was no other it was a badass Goblin(just one and half feet). Trembling with fear the beautiful young lady said(Alice) “Who are you scaring me in midnight like that”. Then the goblin said my name is Tinky. Alice said why you are doing here .Then the goblin said “shut up bitch I am here to tell you the secret of zombies…………….now come with me bitch”. Then they slowly moved towards the next room in the dark.The next room was of Alice’s brother Shahrukh(8) . Now both Alice and Tinky started watching in Shahrukh’s room(light already on).The floor was slipped off beneath Alice’s feet because she saw that what his younger brother was doing in midnight (masterbuating).Shahrukh was masterbuating watching FTV babes on the (midnight show). Now Goblin(Tinky 1.5feet) come close to Alice and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri asked in her ear “Have you any idea what your brother is doing” Alice said “no what he is doing I’ve never saw anything like that”. Then Goblin(Tinky 1.5feet)said “idiot he is practicing Handcraft”. “What’s wrong with him” Alice said . “He turned into a zombie , now move your ass”Tinky said.After that they slowly moved to the next room. It was the room of Alice’s mom & dad now when they going close the room they herd the strange voices “Aaaah ummmh oooooooooyeaaah!”, Alicce was scared very bad that what kind of demonic activity going inside then she asked Tinky(The Goblin) What’s going inside then Tinky said “let’s see inside.” Then Tinky(The Goblin) through his magic created a ladder reaching the window right over the door of the room of Alice’s mom & dad . The next moment Tinky(The Goblin ) jumped to the top of the ladder and said “Come on let’s cheque it out flat-ass.” Alices also reached the top and standing along with the goblin watching inside their(mom&dad) room Alice was very amazed that what’s her mom&dad were doing she said “Oooh what they are doing” then Tinky(The Goblin) said “They are fucking idiot .” Alice said “okay, got it.”After that standing on the top of ladder they seen all theChaos happening in the room (Alice’s father was fisting her mother in the ass.) Alice’s dad was fisting Alice’s mom like a slave.Both the Goblin and Alice were enjoying the show . But they have no idea a pair of eyes watching them . Suddenly both of them(Goblin and Alice) heard a strange voice from behind “What you are doing there!”.Both(Goblin and Alice) of them were scared very bad (Goosebumps!). Trmbling with fear both of them turned their necks and what they see it is no one other standing behind them it was Shahrukh(was going for a pee.). Alice had a sigh of relief but Tinky(The Goblin) was very angry he said “You scared perabet us son of a bitch.”……………. “Now what you are looking at our faces get up and see the paranormal activity inside.” Shahrukh was also curious to know that what’s going on inside. Shahrukh joined them and then started watching inside he saw that his dad is fisting her mom and hairs of both of them also s**ttered and the whole bed was a mess bith of them were fucking just like a****ls. Then Shahrukh said “Whoooa that’s awesome!, but you come from where green monky ass!!!” Then Tinky(The Goblin) said ,focus on the party jackass!!!After about one half an hour both the zombies(Alice’s & Sharukh’s mom-dad) finished their job . All the three gentlemen hanging on wall can clearly see the big ass gape of Alice’s mother . Her ass gape was also dripping. When all that finished Alice and Sharukh said “That was AWESOME!” (After that nothing to see inside.)All the three gentlemen get off the ladder . When Tinky (The Goblin) was packing(magic) his ladder Sharuck was amazed to see that how the Goblin packed the ladder he said “Alice frome where you brought this green monky?”Tinky said “Oh son of a bitch , I am not a monky I am a Goblin” . Then Sharukh said nothing he was just admiring Tinky(top to bottom).Suddenly Sharukh’s eyes turned to his whrist watch and “Oh no, it’s time-it’s time.” Alice said , “For what ?” He said “it’s time for nude babes lumber jack I am going Are u coming Tinky?” Tinky said “Fuck off!”and Sharukh was gone.And both Tinky and Alice were slowly moving towards their room (were talking about the highlights ) When they passed away Alice’s younger brother’s room they seen that Sharukh was masterbuating watching the babe’s lumberjack. Tinky said “Jackass! Still masterbuating!” Alice said “Yes , Sharukh loves masterbuating” and they passed away. When Alice and Tinky reached their room Alice quickly striped off Tinky’s buttflap , and Tiny nude . Tinky perabet giriş said “What you are doing ?” She said “I am gonna turn you Zombie !”. Tinky was scared because Alice was acting like a wild(very wild !) whore.And Alice quickly put Tinky’s(The Goblin!) cock (tiny) in her mouth and started masterbuating. She was giving a very good blow job (like professional). It was ten minutes passed Alice was giving blowjob to Tinky And the next minute Alie’s mouth was full of blue coloured semifluid(CUM!) .Then Tinky said “You are AWSOME! Bitch.”Alice swapped all the semi fluid and said that’s tasty. Now stood up take off frock and said “Now suck my pussy” Tinky said “I won’t!” . Alice said “You should be!”. Tinky said “Fuck off!”. Alice said “You should be otherwise I cut your two inch penis and feed it to Tobby!”(Tobby-street dog.) Later Tinky comphrmised with the condition and get close to Alice’s pussy . Goblin was standing right under Alice’s legs his head barely reaching Alice’s pussy .Alice said “yes, now lick”. Tinky raised a little to lick her pussy but suddenly he pushed his two fingers in Alice’s tight pussy Alice screamed ,now Tinky was fingerfucking Alice very fast Alice’s pussy was bleading (broken!) Alice was scraaming and the Goblin was laughing of joy.Alice’s was also liking it. Suddenly A beer bottle appeared in Tinky’s hand(magic!) .Now with one hand Tinky was finger-fucking Alice and with other hand he was drinking beer .When the beer bottle gets empty Tinky poured half of the beer bottle right in her pussy .This time Alice screamed very bad.her pussy walls were totally stretched up to side. Now Tinky started his fucking speed with beer bottle and pushed almost half of beer bottle in Alice’s pussy. Now Tinky was cracking jokes ‘cause of joy and Tinky was also jumping. Tinky fucked Alice very hard until she started moaning.When tinky take out the bottle Alice squirted blood right over Tinky. And Tnky also had a bathfull of cum. After that Alice fell down on bed rubbing her pussy .Tinky also put on his butt-flap and while laughing very bad. And then the hero jumped out the window saying these memorable words, “See ya next time O mother fuckin bitch!” To be continued ……………………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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