All Tied Up Ch. 01

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Whipped through this without fully editing, I apologize in advance in grammatical errors ruin the read-


Jeff couldn’t believe the situation he had found himself in.

“Just untie it!”

He yelled frantically as he struggled against the rope that was holding his arms to a wooden office chair.

“I’m trying! These ropes are too tight, I can’t get it loose!”

His girlfriend, Kaley panicked.

“I can hear the garage door opening, she’s going to be inside any minute. You gotta get me out of this!”

Jeff’s voice raised; his panic was evident.

“You’re the one who wanted me to tie you up! I knew this was a bad idea!”

Kaley was shaking as she struggled with the knots.

What was meant to be an experimental night in kink for the two 18-year-old lovers was quickly spinning wildly out of control. Kaley and Jeff had been dating for about a year. Both having just finished their final year of high school and trying to make the most of summer before both parted ways towards different colleges- Jeff and Kaley both seemed to be horny for each other 24/7 and were always sneaking out to a parking lot or having the other over if their parents were gone. As they became more comfortable with each other in bed, they began to explore each other’s kinks. Kaley for one, loved to have her tight 18-year-old, volleyball playing ass rimmed. She loved to bend over while Jeff sat on the ground, pushing her ass towards his face she would reach down and stroke his massive cock while he rimmed her asshole. It made her wet to the point where her pussy was literally dripping. Once she was good and wet she would mount Jeff’s 9″ cock until she was fucked through several orgasms.

Jeff had been timid in initially suggesting the idea of being tied up and having Kaley preform the same routine. He loved the idea of not being able to use his hands while she teased him with her toned body. Kaley was reluctant at first but then went along with it with a ‘whats the harm’ mantra. Jeff’s mother, Catherine, had a date planned for the upcoming Saturday and Jeff wanted to make use of the time when she was gone. That week, Jeff bought some ropes and stashed them in his father’s former home office until his mother had taken off for her date that weekend. Jeff’s father had left the family several years prior and his personal belongings that remained were only there because it would have been too much trouble to throw his office furniture out. Among his office furniture was a sturdy wooden, low back chair that jeff felt would offer multiple anchor points for the curious young couple.

Jeff’s mother, Catherine, stood at a petite 5’3″, had dark brown hair and was an absolute dime. Catherine was 45 when her husband left her, and since then she has focused any and all negative energy in the gym. Wholly with the intent of being as toned and sexy as possible to keep her options open but also instill jealousy with any necessary encounters she had with the ex-fuckwit. It had been 5 years since they split and Catherine’s body beamed with results. Her stomach was flat, her breasts at a 36C barely showed her age following some minor same day lift surgeries, and her ass was a thing of beauty. Catherine loved to work on the squat machines because she could feel the eyes on her as she dipped to 90 degrees. Her short height accentuated the curves of her beautiful butt. Jeff secretly lusted over his mom’s athletic body- It was routine for him to jerk his cock into her dirty panties that he had pulled from her laundry hamper. Of course, he never dreamed anything would actually happen between them and never divulged his incestuous fantasies with Kaley.

The night Jeff wanted to have Kaley over, Catherine had a date planned for 7p. Jeff knew this probably meant dinner/dancing with someone her coworkers set her up with. He was a little bit jealous but always knew nothing would come of it. Any time his mom had a date, the following morning would be filled with how boring it was, how the guy thought too highly of himself, etc. He did know that it would give him and Kaley at least a few hours to have some fun and experiment. Kaley arrived at Jeff’s house at about 7:30, she was wearing a black overcoat and when she entered the house immediately threw it off her shoulders. Beneath the coat Kaley was wearing a black mesh teddy with attached garters that held up a matching pattern of mesh stockings. Jeff was hard as a rock, devouring Kaley’s body with his eyes. He pulled her close and stuck his tongue in her mouth. Spinning her around he grabbed her ass and gave her a gentle spank as he pressed his cock against her tight butt.

“I thought I was supposed to be in charge tonight” Kaley jokingly lamented.

“Sorry, your too sexy in that outfit. I can’t help it” Jeff responded.

“Take your clothes off, I want you to be totally naked when you service me.” Kaley’s demeanor changed as she got into the role.

Jeff took his tunceli escort clothes off and led Kaley into his Fathers old office where he took a seat in the wooden chair. Being the first time tying someone to a chair, Kaley was a bit clumsy and took some time to get things loose enough to not cut off circulation but tight enough to restrict movement. When all was said and done, Jeff’s wrists and ankles were tied to the chair, limiting his ability to stand up or use his arms. His cock was also rock hard at this point, leaking precum as his eyes followed Kaley around the chair.

Once Kaley was satisfied with her job, she put some slow seductively tempo’d music on her phone and began to move her body in front of Jeff. She would slowly walk backwards until Jeff could crane his neck to put his lips on her mesh covered butt. Only to turn around and do the same with her tight teenage tits. At one-point Kaley put one of her high-heeled feet on the arm of the chair and began rubbing her shaved pussy through her mesh teddy- inches away from Jeff’s face. He could smell her and see her glisten with moisture as his cock oozed precum into a puddle between his legs.

Jeff was in the most tangible heaven he could imagine until he heard the unmistakable sound of the garage door being opened. He realized his mom must have cancelled the date early and was a minute away from catching him and Kaley in the act.

He frantically pulled at the restraints, to no avail he couldn’t break free.

“Shit we are so fucked, go stall her” Jeff commanded.

“Fuck I can’t do that, she’ll know something is going on. Jeff, I can’t let your mom see me like this.” Kaley seemed to have resigned to the fact that Jeff was going nowhere and Jeff could tell her mind was on saving herself.

“At least you’re not totally naked! C’mon you’ve got keep trying!” Jeff pleaded

“Jeff, I’m sorry, I would die if your mom caught me dressed like this.”

And with that, Kaley grabbed her coat and keys and bolted out the side door adjacent to the office.

“Fuck” Jeff thought “That absolute fucking bitch, how can she leave me like this!!???”

Jeff hung his head in preemptive shame. Waiting for the roof to fall when his mom inevitably found him. His cock now deflated; he heard her heels click through the hallway ever getting closer to the office where she had no doubt noticed that the light was on.

“Oh my god, what the hell is going on!” Catherine exclaimed as she opened the door to the office to find her 18-year-old son naked and tied to a chair.

“Mom, mom- I can explain” Jeff interjected.

“What’s going on, are you OK!? Who did this!?” Catherines mind was racing, initially thinking some intruder was behind this- she had no idea how harmless the entire plan actually was. Catherine began to reach for her phone and the panic in her face told Jeff she was likely calling 911.

“Mom, I’m fine, listen I’m totally fine. I did this- I mean Kaley did this, we… we were experimenting.” Jeff confessed, mostly to bring his poor mother off the ceiling and avoid involving the authorities.

“Jesus Christ, Jeff! I almost had a heart attack. Why the hell can’t you do this in your bedroom.” Catherine yelled.

“I don’t have the most compatible furniture” Jeff tried to break the tension that had suddenly developed.

Catherine walked behind the chair and began trying to untie the ropes and free her naked son. The bindings pinning his wrists were looped to the back of the chair and that seemed like the most obvious starting point to Catherine. It wasn’t until she had struggled for a few minutes with the first knot that she fully realized how naked her son was. She looked down over his shoulder and could see his thick cock resting between his muscular legs. Catherine suddenly became flushed and tried to refocused her efforts on untying the knots.

“Fuck, She really did a number with these” Catherine said under her breath as she gave up on the first knot.

“I’m going to try the one by your feet”.

Catherine moved to the front of the chair and knelt down to work on the ropes around her son’s ankles. Jeff stared down at his mother feverishly tying to free him and suddenly was able to fully take note of what she was wearing.

Catherine was wearing a tight black dress that had a low cut V neck. When she bent forward, he could see the top of a matching black pushup bra that framed her tits excellently. Jeff’s eyes wandered farther down her body, as she knelt in front of him, the black dress stretched tight around her exceptional ass and rode up her thighs as she struggled with the rope. About a quarter of the way up her leg the dress stopped and revealed lacy black garters holding up sheer black stockings. The black patent leather high heels that completed the outfit was the final straw for Jeff. It was clear that his mother was dressed to impress that night.

As much as he tried to fight it, Jeff felt his cock begin to tunceli escort bayan tingle. His own mom was inches away from his cock, dressed like she was ready to fuck and he couldn’t do a thing to stop the inevitable from happening. Jeff watched her breasts bounce as she pulled at the knots in vain. His cock began to harden as his heart pounded- any minute she would look up and flee in disgusted shock he thought.

“I can’t get this rope undone, Fuck. I’ll be right back.” Catherine was beginning to panic and left the room to find some scissors, a knife, anything to cut the restraints and end this awkward encounter. Glancing down at her son’s cock was having its own effect on Catherine’s and she could feel her pussy moisten as she walked out of the room.

“Fuck I think he was getting hard” She thought as she crossed the kitchen with a small paring knife. Catherine returned to the office and stopped dead in her tracks when she walked through the door. Jeff’s cock stood up obscenely between his legs and was oozing precum at a furious rate. She swore he must have been at least 9 inches and about as thick as her wrist. Having never personally seen a cock that big she stood paralyzed watching the veins pulse through his meaty fuck stick. Catherine went from feeling flushed to almost passing out as blood left her head and engorged her pussy. She felt herself gush into the lace black thong she had used to complete the garter belt/stockings combination. It had been a while since Catherine had been with a man. Routinely she would service herself with a vibrator, but that was no contest for the specimen that stood in front of her. Catherine was aware of the very real possibility that she might leak out of her own panties.

“I’m sorry, Mom” Jeff spoke to break the silence as Catherine starred at his massive cock.

“Not very polite of her to leave you high and dry.” Catherine responded. “She must have had you pretty worked up.”

“Well, what you’re wearing doesn’t help matters at all” Jeff confessed.

Catherine looked down at her own body, her nipples were hard as rocks and clearly visible through her bra and skintight dress. Her toned legs encased in nylon made her look good too. Catherine looked up at her son’s lustful gaze and a switch flipped inside of her. Her pussy was on fire and her wanton need for a deep fuck took over

“Are you saying you like what mommy wore tonight?”

Jeff gulped- “Y-yea”.

Catherine seductively walked towards the chair, swinging her hips with each step.

“And what does my baby boy like about mommies’ outfit”. She said as she pouted her lips.

“I like your stockings; they make your legs sexy.”

Catherine stepped out of her heels and placed one stocking clad foot up on the seat of the chair.

“These stockings?” She asked coyly as she sat on the desk next to the chair. She then lifted her foot and rubbed it along the base of Jeff’s hard cock. The contact made Jeff’s cock jump as he moaned with excitement.

“Oh Fuck, Mom”

“I’ll bet Kaley ran out just as I got home? Bailed on you out of fear of getting caught?” Catherine asked as she continued moving the back of her foot up and down along her sons dick.

“Yea, something like that.” Jeff groaned.

“Well she’s certainly a bad girl, mommy would never do that. But first you have to show mommy how much you want it.” She teased.

The tight bodied mom stood up and unzipped her dress, shimmied out of it and let it fall to the floor. Jeff’s mouth hit the floor as he gazed at her sexy body. If he could move his wrists he would have pinched himself to see if he was dreaming. Her nipples now more prominent through the black lace. His eyes moved down at the matching garter belt fastened tightly around her waist, sitting just above a tiny black thong that barely covered her pussy. The thong rode so low he could see a little tuft of hair where her landing strip began. The stockings were the cherry on top and he wanted to feel her rub up against him some more as his cock surged with blood.

“Fuck mom, you’re so sexy.”

“Mmm I’m glad my baby thinks so.”

Once free from her dress Catherine sat back up on the desk, holding the edges with her hands while rubbing her feet back up Jeff’s legs. She gently caressed his swollen cock with her feet as Jeff drank in the site of her near naked body. His mother’s feet began stroking his massive cock as she teased him with her body. One foot running up the length of his cock while the other gently teased his balls.

“Baby, you’re so hard for mommy! I can feel you’re big penis throbbing against my feet.” Catherine said as she rubbed his precum into her stockings.

“And your balls are so big, I bet they’re just full of cum for mommy.” Catherine added seductively as she licked her lips. She could feel her wanton pussy dripping through her panties onto the hard wood desk.

Jeff wanted to grab his mother and feel her hot body. He struggled against escort tunceli the restraints with no change in results as his mother jerked his cock with sexy feet. He tried to steal glimpses of her panty covered pussy as his balls tightened.

“Oh fuck mom, I can’t stand this.” Jeff groaned.

“Is my baby gonna cum for mommy?” Catherine cooed as she continued stroking. She reached behind her back and unstrapped her bra, letting it fall down her body and onto the floor. Jeff’s eyes widened at the sight of her naked breasts. Despite her age, there was little if any sag to her magnificent breasts and her nipples looked like they could cut glass. Catherine pinched her nipples and moaned as Jeff’s cock jerked between her feet.

“Ohh Fuccckkkk!” The stimulus was too much for the young man to handle and his cock erupted a torrent of cum. Catherine and Jeff both watched his cum spray lewdly all over his chest and abs as well as Catherine’s legs- the pearly white cum contrasting with the sheer black stockings. Catherine was surprised by the amount that was pumping out of his meaty cock, making her mouth water. She slowed the tempo of her feet as he came down from his orgasm.

“Oh baby, that was so hot. I can’t believe you came just from me touching you with my feet.” Catherine exclaimed.

“I can’t help it mom, you’re just so sexy.” Jeff replied, nearly out of breath.

Catherine stood up in front of her son and walked around the chair, dragging her nails across his chest and shoulders as she moved around him.

“I hope you’re not done, baby- you’ve gotten me a little wound up.” With that Catherine squatted down in front of her son, grabbing his cock for the first time with her hand. She looked deep into his eyes as she slowly jerked his half hard cock back to life.

“You know baby, I’ve noticed you looking at me over the years.” Catherine started.

“At first I thought it was just a harmless crush or maybe that you were protective, especially after your father left. But judging by your reaction, I can tell that you like my body.” She said as she tugged on his swelling member.

“I bet you never expected this to happen. All while you’re tied to a chair no less, but don’t worry- I’ll let you out… sooner or later.”

Catherine lowered her head and took Jeff’s now hard cock between her luscious lips. The warm taste of his cum made her head swim with lust as she felt it swell even more in her mouth. Jeff was helpless in the chair, he couldn’t believe he was watching his mom suck his cock.” Catherine sank lower on his cock, letting it push against the back of her throat until she gagged on it. The feeling of it made her mouth salivate and she began to drool, adding to the lubricant provided by Jeff’s first orgasm. Jeff felt the saliva run down his cock and onto his balls, adding to the sensation and driving him wild. Catherine could only take about 2/3’s of her sons cock before gagging, she wanted to take it all and struggled to get it down her throat but it was too big. She slowly jerked her son and nursed on his cock, feeling it twitch and convulse against her tongue. She suddenly stopped and pulled her lips reluctantly off his cock.

“Do you like when mommy sucks your cock?” Catherine asked.

“Fuck it feels so good.” Jeff replied.

“I want to hear you say it.” She said as she gripped his cock firmly and worked it up and down.

“I love when you suck my cock, mommy”

Catherine’s pussy was on fire. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy as she sank her lips back down on Jeff’s cock. She gagged obscenely, drooling all over his cock as she worked her swollen clit through her panties. Jeff tried to thrust up into his mom’s hot mouth. Catherine loved the feeling of her son fucking her mouth, she couldn’t wait to get him out of the chair and let him properly fuck her face- that would have to wait for another time though. She was enjoying having him fully restrained too much to let it end right away. Catherine continued bobbing up and down, jacking his swollen cock with one hand while the other went to town on her pussy. She willed herself to take his cock deeper with every suck. Catherine’s eyes were watering and she could feel her makeup running down her face, she loved the idea of how slutty this must make her look. She felt her own orgasm building as she finally forced herself all the way down on her sons cock. When her nose met Jeff’s pubic bone, Catherine felt an orgasm rip through her body, she was gagging and moaning at the same time while her legs shook uncontrollably underneath her. She came off his cock and gasped for air as she continued to climax.

“Fuck, you nearly suffocated me with that monster.” Catherine groaned.

“Holy shit mom, I can’t believe you just took my whole cock.”

“You and me both” Catherine gasped.

Catherine wiped the saliva off of her mouth and took a second to compose herself. She then stood up in front of Jeff, unclipped her garters and pulled her sopping wet panties down revealing her swollen sex. Jeff was capitvated by her glistening mound that was perfectly framed by a petite tuft of brown hair and the garter belt above it. Catherine reattached the garters to her cum covered stockings and lifted one leg over Jeffs shoulder.

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