An Encounter with Daniel…

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An Encounter with Daniel…A few weeks had passed since Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had viciously invaded my neither regions and introduced me to a world that I never new in my deepest imagination…Briefly, the three of them had lured me willingly to the basement apartment in one of their parents home.Once inside I was made to feel at ease and then with out warning, I was set upon and sexually assaulted by all three of them. My virgin anal opening was bust open and made to accept their mammoth size sex tools.For nearly three hours I was d****d over an ottoman and sodomized, repeatedly, tell they had their full. Than told to dress and get out. Embarrassed and humiliated, I crept back to my home and fringed sickness for almost a week.Finally my folks gave me reason to return to school, I could not bring myself to tell them that I had been sexually assaulted by three of my classmates. I skipped gym and hung out in the tree line near the football field.I should have known better, just as the bell ranged to change classes, I found myself on the same pathway as Daniel. Daniel was reputed to be the mastermind behind the three and the most vicious.I started to turn and run away when Daniel called out to me ‘…David, you better not run off, bring your ass back here, don’t make me mad at your faggot ass…get over here and I mean now…’I should have ran any way, but fear caused me to stop and turn in his direction and get with in an arms reach of him. Daniel looked at me and without batting an eye asked ‘…you feeling better now….’ I glared at him as he spoke and said not a word, Daniel glanced around and then reached out and took hold of my wrist and said ‘…we gotta get out of here come on let’s go where we can have some privacy…’Daniel pulled me along behind him like a rag doll, I stumbled and staggered as Daniel pulled me along the paths till we reached an old empty house. It was mostly covered in vines and weeds, the lawn was well over grown and once inside you could not see the street.Daniel pulled me through the shell of a house till we entered what used to be the garage. It had been turned into two rooms and only one was in such a condition as to say it was habitable. Daniel secured the door, it was the only way in and out, there was a sky light that allowed sunlight to filter through.An old couch was against one wall and what could only be described as a pallet, made out of different pieces of clothing was in the middle of the room. Even though it was late spring, I was trembling like it was thirty below.Daniel came over and pinched my left buttock canlı bahis and softly said ‘…don’t worry I ain’t gonna hurt you, if you do as I want, and I don’t have to get rough with you…’ Daniel reached up and pinched my cheek and cupped my neck pulling me to him.Instinctively I raised my hands between us to separate us, Daniel smiled and whispered ‘…that’s right, I like my bitch to resist me a little. I tried to speak ‘…NNNNN no, Daniel, I want to go…’ Daniel say to me ‘…sure you can go, just as soon I bust a nutt or two…Daniel reached down and pulled my shorts out of my pants and lifted them up, I started to resist only to hear Daniel say ‘…you gonna get naked one way or the other, let me undress you, you pull your clothes off or I tear them off, but you gonna get naked by the time I count to ten…one…two…three…’I got the message and sobbingly began to get out of my clothes, Daniel smiled and begin to undress also. Daniel was out of his clothes quicker than I and started to remove my clothes from my body. Once we both were naked Daniel embraced me from the back, his arms and hands holding me tightly against his warm body as he whispered into my ear ‘…I really wanted to get you alone, just you and me. But I couldn’t enjoy myself with those two booty bandits around…’I could feel his man hood as it twitched between my thighs and trembled as I remembered the pain from his last entrance into my bung hole. I pleaded ‘…Daniel, I didn’t tell no one please let me go, I want tell no one…’ Daniel snickered and replied ‘…yeah I know you didn’t and you want tell no one know…’Daniel pushed me against the wall and took hold of my hips and pulled them back to him saying ‘…this how we gonna get started…’ Daniel spit into his hand and smeared his saliva between my buttocks. When his fingers found my anal opening I grimaced and whimpered from the tenderness of my bung.Daniel said ‘…yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Soft tender asshole waiting for my dick. You better relax or it’s gonna hurt something awful…’ My hands and head against the wall I braced for what I knew was coming.Daniel slid his massive tool up my butt crack and down again, across my very tender puckering butt hole. As Daniel slid his giant penile glans back up my buttcrack he stopped at the entrance to my rectum and pressed easily against it.As I tried to raise my self up Daniel, cautioned me to ‘…stay bent over, so I can get up in this pussy…’ With a quick hunch of his hips, Daniel’s penis head popped into my rectum. I cried out in agonizing pain bahis siteleri as Daniel slid his shaft back till only the head remained lodged in my anus.Daniel reached his left hand around my waist and his right hand found my nipples and begin to twist and pinch them. I whined and whimpered as Daniel manipulated my nipples till they were almost raw. Then clutching my left shoulder with his right hand and tightening his left arm around my waist Daniel whispered to me ‘…you ready to get fucked now aren’t you…’Holding me in this vise grip, Daniel, begin to undulate his waist and hunch his hips as he slid his enormous tool back and forth up into my anal cavity. The pain was almost more than I could bare as Daniel wormed his twelve inches of man meat deeper and deeper into my rectum.Soon I was pressed against the wall standing on my tip toes trying to accommodate Daniels enormously huge penis. For ten to twenty minutes Daniels abused me like that till he pulled his tool out. I thought it was over, but it wasn’t.Daniel pulled me off the wall and pulled me over to the pile of rags in the middle of the floor saying ‘…lay down on your stomach…’ I looked at Daniel and could not help but notice him stroking his massive penis. It looked as if he had another forearm extending from his waist.I started to protest only to have Daniel jerk my wrist and make me go to my knees. Daniel said very sternly ‘…get on your stomach, pull some of those clothes up under you so you can get your ass pussy up in the air…’Openly crying know, I did as Daniel instructed and laid down, Daniel kicked my heels apart and knelt between them. Daniel lowered his frame to mine and his gargantuan penile head parted my buttocks and found my ravished hole.I Braced as Daniel slowly inserted his tool into my butt, it felt as if some one was pushing a tree limb into my butt. Daniel had one hand between my shoulder bladed steadying himself as he entered my butt inch by inch. Half in he stopped and pulled back slightly only to push another three to four inches deeper. Daniel continued till his pubic hair was pressed into my buttcrack.By now I was biting into the pile of trashy clothes not caring how or where they came from or what or who had been on them before me. Once Daniel was satisfied he was well into my bung, Daniel started to grind and hunch into me.All the while saying things like ‘…boy pussy like this needs to be fucked regularly…you so tight, it’s like you ain’t never been fucked…throw this pussy back baby, throw it back make me come…I wanna breed this pussy, I wanna breed güvenilir bahis this pussy…’Daniel worked his hands up to grab mine and stretch them out above my my head as he hunched into me. I could not do nothing but accept my fate, impaled on twelve inches of rock hard black penis pinned to the floor at the mercy of one of the thuggish dudes in in our school and possibly the city.After thirty or forty minutes, Daniel pulled from my bung hole. The air rushed in and back out as my insides collapse back to nearly it’s original shape. But Daniel wasn’t through. Daniel turned me over to my back and instructed me ‘…I want you to wrap your legs around my waist as I fuck you and hold me with your arms till I bust my nutt. The tighter you hold me like that the sooner I’ll be finished and you can go back home…I don’t want you to go to school today, cause I might want to come over and fuck you again…’Daniel lifted my ankles and told me ‘…do as I said now, don’t piss me off…’ I glanced down to see his shiny shaft as it stood out like a massive oak branch. I shook my head fro side to side in disbelief as to how he manage to enter my bung or how he was going to get that monstrous tool back into me.Either Daniel had came in me or he had exuded enough pre-cum along with my juices to allow him to easily enter me again. I was mesmerized as I watched that monstrously huge organ enter my bung and begin to disappear into my anus.Daniel adjusted my knees and slid the rest of his shaft into me as I arched my head and parted my lips in agony. Daniel lowered his mouth to mine and begin to suck gently on my tongue as he pounded his anaconda size penis into my bowels.With each thrust I gasped in agony to Daniel’s delight, whimpering and holding on to Daniel to try and keep him from ramming to hard into me, worked in my favor. True to his word it wasn’t long before Daniel begin to pant and grind deep instead of hunching and ramming into me.I guess it was about fifteen or twenty minutes before Daniel raised up and slammed into me as hard as he could and I felt his mammoth tool erupt and begin to fill my anal cavity with his seed. With his back arched inward Daniel grind his massive tools deep into my rectum, I could feel his huge head as it slid across the entrance to my colon. Briefly I wondered if he would bust open that part of me also, the obscene sounds made by Daniel’s man hood and my bung hole was enough to signal that I was full of his substance. Daniel collapsed down on me and begin to kiss and lick my face muttering ‘…this pussy mine, it’s all mine, yeah bitch, this pussy and my baby all mine. You bet not let no one else get this pussy, you her me…’We laid there me holding onto Daniel to keep him from moving and him sliding his tool in and out of my gap open bung…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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