An in and out of body sexual experience

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An in and out of body sexual experienceHey! This is Heather a.k.a. Paplaying. I wanted to share a dream/vision that my husband had a couple of years ago. We both have had many dreams/visions in the past ten years but this is extraordinary. With “50 Shades of Grey” being the hot topic on social media, etc. I felt I needed to share this and show what “true love” is and should look like as we exercise our sexual freedom in the swinger lifestyle. Remember:1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NIV) “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” Galatians 5:13-14 (The Message) “It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don’t use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom. Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that’s how freedom grows. For everything we know about God’s Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself. That’s an act of true freedom.”DREAMHeather and I were away for a few days. We were going away for a sex weekend of pure pleasure, fun and enjoying all that God had created without the weight of guilt or feeling like we are neglecting our responsibilities at home. We realize that we need this and that our family is much better when we can have these times. At the same time, we know we have to keep the Lord as our focus too and that way it does not become selfish. We had already gone shopping for some sexy outfits for Heather. The excitement started from just getting ready to pack and deciding what to bring. I was watching her lay things out on the bed and then I was in her mind: “This is really hot. I bet the guys would like this one. I think the white stockings would look better with this and with these shoes. I could wear this under this skirt and surprise them with what’s under it. I wonder who we will meet? It is exciting and scary, but more exciting.” I am now back in my body, and we are finishing up and getting ready to leave. We arrived at the place but I cannot tell where it is. We do have our own room. It also seems that the party or event is all in the same place. In other words, we can come out of our room and be around open-minded people. There is even a pool area and playrooms. We change in our room and get ready to go out to the bar area. Heather puts on stockings and a skirt with some very sexy panties. She decides to not put a bra on under her blouse. We pray before we go out and kiss and out the door we go. There is a mixture of people there: couples, single guys (mostly black but some white). We got some drinks although we had already had some before and were feeling nice and relaxed. It did not take long for us to start meeting some people. There were three black guys that seemed to know each other and were next to us at the bar. Of course, they noticed Heather right away and we all introduced ourselves. One guy asked Heather to dance; he did not waste any time. They both went out on the dance floor and it was so exciting watching him and her. I escort bayan am now in her mind again:“He is really nice looking. Why can’t I remember his name? I know ones name was Stan . . . oh well . . . I will ask him later. Don’t think about how I am dancing, just enjoy it! Oh that feels good.” His hands are on her waist. He turns her around and is behind her, pressed up against her. “I feel that he is hard already. Oh that feels so good. I am glad I am having this affect on him already.” I can even feel this as I am in her body. Another one of his friends join in and come up in front of her and they have her between them. Heather says “Well hello there!” They are doing some serious grinding and dancing. I am now back in my body watching them. They come back over and I can tell Heather is worked up pretty good. We are all standing around by the bar, but they are much closer to Heather now. One guy is sitting on a bar stool behind her and she is kind of sitting on his lap or leaning up against him. He has his hand on her leg, resting on her stockings. I can see her nipples are so hard under her blouse. We are all laughing and enjoying the moment. I then see his hand go between her legs while we are all still talking. She opens her legs a little to let him know it is ok. Even though it is dark, I can tell her face is flushed. Once again I now go into her mind. I can feel his hand in between her legs. “That feels so good.” she says to him as he has his face near her behind her. His finger is getting closer to her panties. Then his finger hits the outer part of her panties on her pussy lips. He whispers to her and tells her how wet she is. I feel his finger moving the panties aside and slips a finger in. It is amazing how this feels. I can actually feel it! She is moving around as his finger goes in deeper. Another guy is standing next to her watching as well, and she reaches down and touches his cock through his pants. He is very hard. Wow, he feels big. The guy behind her that has his finger in her, then starts kissing her neck. She leans her head back and turns to the side to give a side kiss. I am now back in my body watching this again. You can feel the sexual vibes all around. Heather then says “We have a room, should we move the party?” It did not take long at all and we were out of there and now in our room. All three guys came with us. Once in the room the playing continued. They all three slowly started undressing Heather. One was behind her and massaging her shoulders, working his hands down the front of her breast then sliding her blouse off. Another one had his finger in her pussy while she was still standing. The other guy was watching as I was. They all started taking of their clothes, but still had their underwear on. Then Heather was on her knees and all three were standing around her. She put her hand out and stated touching each one through their underwear. She slowing took the underwear off of each one and started giving them blow jobs. They were all pretty big. That was the hottest thing to see… her between them. Then I was once again in her body. I am now seeing these big cocks in front of me and being able to think and feel what she is thinking and feeling. She is licking each one and I can taste some of the pre-cum. tuzla genç escort She licks each one and is enjoying being the center of their attention. They stand her up and put her on the bed. “I need to feel someone inside of me.” I think I was hearing this in her head. I don’t think she said it out loud. Then one of them gets on top of her and starts to kiss her. I can feel the kiss and then I feel his cock starting to touch her pussy. Gradually it starts to go in and with each thrust it finally goes all the way in. “Ohh, that feels amazing and so full.” Her breathing starts getting faster and it does not take long at all till I feel her orgasm building and she lets out a loud moan, “Yes!” Her body is quivering as he is still going in and out of her. With each thrust she shakes. She tells him to cum in her. Once she says that, he explodes! I can actually feel it shooting inside. Another guy is kneeling just above her head and he is so worked up he is ready to cum too. She reaches up and brings him to her mouth. I can see this big cock right in front and she puts it in her mouth, then he cum’s in her mouth. I can actually feel it filling up her mouth and then she swallows. It actually tastes pretty good. The one guy gets off of her, then the other one gets on top of her and fills her up as well. As he is doing that, she has another orgasm. All of this without any toys at this point. I am now back in my body and seeing her on the bed with each guy laying around her. I see the cum dripping from her pussy and also on her face. I move up to her and get on top of her. She gives me the biggest hug and kiss. I can taste the cum in her mouth and then I slide right into her pussy. She is on fire and kissing me so hard. It does not take long for me to cum in her too. Wow! Now the scene changes and we are all in the pool, Heather was with one of the guys and she had her legs wrapped around him going up and down. I could tell he was inside of her. She was embracing him with her arms around him and kissing very passionately. I am now back in her mind: “Oh, this feels so amazing. He feels so good in me and being in the water feels so good. He makes me feel so full right now. His kisses are hot! I feel another orgasm coming. Ahh, I think I am going to squirt . . . here it comes! This one lasted a little longer. How many have I had tonight? This is so amazing! My mind feels so free and so does my body. I want him to cum in me again. Please cum in me and fill me up. Yes, that’s it! Ahh… that feels too good! I can feel him throbbing and cumming.”I am back in my body again and watching them separate in the pool. Both are feeling pretty good. Of course, I even feel like I had an orgasm being in her body. There was a white guy next to me watching all of this too. He was around our age and nice looking. He asked if that was my wife and I said yes. He said she is hot. I said thanks. He asked if she only plays with black guys, I laughed and said what gives you that impression. I said she is open and we just go with the flow. The other guys were talking to some other people as Heather came over to where I was. I asked her if she had a nice time. She said amazing and the night was not over! I could not believe how great she was doing with all of this. She tuzla kendi evi olan escort introduced herself to the white guy.She asked him if he liked the show. I could not believe she was being so flirtatious and open about all of this. He said “very much so”. “I could not take my eyes off of you.” “Flattery will get you places”, she said and laughed. He said “I hope so.”The scene changed again and now we are back in our room. It is me, Heather and this white guy. She is in the bathroom putting something on. She comes out and looks amazing! She has stockings on again and a sexy teddy. His jaw drops and she comes over to where he is and kneels down in front of him. She pulls his pants down and takes out his cock. He is actually pretty big and she even says so. She sucks on him a little and then comes up to kiss him on the lips. I am just in awe of how on fire she is and how she is taking control of all of this. She pushes him down on the bed and then climbs up on top of him. She does not waste any time and puts him inside of her. She tells him this is one of her favorite positions. She is moving all around on top of him and right away has another orgasm. I was not in her mind that time but could imagine how it felt since I already experienced it. She was still riding him and was kissing him at the same time. She was saying how good he felt in her and she wanted him to fill her up. Once again, as soon as she said that he came! I could see the cum running out of her as he was getting soft. She slowly got off of him and laid on her back. I had to go down on her and eat her, which she gladly welcomed. She then gave me an amazing blow job.We were all laying on the bed and fell asleep. I dozed off for a little bit and then got out of bed. She was laying near him with her stockings still on, but other than that we all were naked. I decided to move over to the other bed and turned off the lights. I went to sleep, then a few hours later I heard some soft moaning. I could see a little from the lights outside. He was spooning her and her hips were moving. They were going at it for a good while and then I went into her mind again. I could feel how good she was feeling. “All that feels so nice with him behind me. I like the slowness of him going in and out of me. It feels so full and his closeness feels so warm. I feel another orgasm coming on . . . Ahh, yes . . . I want to feel him shoot in me again. Yes! That’s it! Wow! He still has a lot of cum coming out and it feels so warm. She leans to her side and kisses him while he is still in her. “Stay in me if you can” she says to him. This feels so good. I can still feel him in me, nice and warm.” I am now back in my body and fall asleep. As soon as there is some sunlight, I look over and see her still in the spooning position. She looks very content and relaxed. She opens an eye, catching me looking at her. She smiles, slowly gets out of bed and joins me. She said it was an amazing night and thanks me, asking me if I had fun. I said more then you know! I reach down and touch her between her legs and could feel how wet she is. She said he filled her up good. Do you want to taste? I said are you sure? She said of course! But she said “I want to sit on your face this time.” She got up on top of me and put her pussy on my face. She just gushed out with cum. It was so amazing! I could not believe this was all happening. Then she put me inside her and we made amazing love.It was truly a sex weekend away, and we still had one more night there! We turned it over to the Lord . . .

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