Anatomy by Braille

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Sandra listened to the sounds around her as the elevator door closed. It sounded like everyone got off and she quietly asked if anyone was around. No one answered. Sandra is blind, by choice, and has been so for about 5 years. She is 43, about 5’6″ tall and 113 lbs. She was on her way home from her doctor’s office in the local hospital. Somehow she has gotten disoriented and not sure what floor she is on. She felt the elevator stop and thought she heard someone get on. As the doors closed she again asked if someone was around. A cheerful male’s voice said yes, I am down here by your right hand.

Sandra moved her red and white staff to the other hand and reached out. She ran into his hand and he said let me put your hand on the handle of my wheelchair and moved it a few inches to the rubber grip. Sandra said thank you, I seem to have gotten myself turned around today. The voice said no problem where are you headed? Sandra said home, or I should say out to the cab stand. He said no problem, I am going that way and would be glad to let you tag along. My name is Rich by the way. Sandra told him her name and said thanks for the help.

The elevator stopped and Rich said move in behind my wheelchair and hold on to the handles like you are pushing. As he moved forward a little she did and they exited the elevator. He did not move fast and she could tell easily when he made turns or had to slow down to avoid something. She knew it was a bit of a walk to the cabs, and then Rich said he was going to go across the street to the restaurant and have lunch, would she like to join him. Sandra had always had a thing for crippled men and said she would like that.

Sandra could soon tell they were outside and Rich warned her that they were about to go down the sidewalk ramp to the street as the walk light was on. She felt the knobs on the ramp through her shoes and had no trouble following him. He warned her when they were on the other side that it was up ramp time and soon they were at the door to the restaurant. Some nice people held the doors open for them on their way out and Rich said thank you to them. A voice said hello Richard, looks like you need a place for two today. Sandra heard him say yes Sally, over in the quiet side would be nice. No problem she said and she felt the wheelchair move to follow the hostess she thought. She heard the chair move out on the floor and Rich said his left arm was out to guide her and she took it and found the chair with no problem and sat. Sally helped her get it up to the table.

Rich’s voice was beside her when he spoke and told her that he was beside her and not across from her and they had their backs to most of the other patrons. Sandra spoke up and said I guess you must eat in here a lot since you seem to be known. He chuckled and said yes, I work in the hospital and get tired of the cafeteria food often, so come over here. She asked where he worked and he told her the pharmacy. She indicated she had been a patient there several times. Rich asked about her sight and she was honest and told him she lost it about 5 years ago. After a pause she added at my request. She was scared what his reaction might be, but had decided some time ago that she would be honest with any men she met, and if they did not like it, better to find out up front. Rich said great, glad to meet someone that is not afraid to reach out and obtain their desires. He saw her visibly relax. The server came and took their orders.

After she was gone Sandra asked why he was in the wheelchair. Rich said he was in an auto accident about 9 years ago that injured his spinal cord. I am paralyzed from my ribs down. Since you were honest with me I will tell you I enjoy being this way very much. Sandra said thank you for telling me that. Rich said I have a favor to ask, would you please remove your dark glasses? Her answer was to remove them and turn her face towards his voice. He said wow, you have a beautiful face. Her eyelids were sewn shut at the lower edge of the orbit and the lashes were gone. They were slightly sunken in meaning there were no eyeballs or fillers behind them he thought. He spoke up asking no eyeballs? She smiled and nodded her head and saying none. She said she did not like the dark glasses but wore them to not gross anyone out. Rich said you can leave them off around me for sure. Sandra reached out and found his hand and covered it with hers still smiling at him. Their food came and without her asking him, he told her where the food was on her plate. She thought he has been around blind people before.

During lunch Sandra spoke up and said before I was blinded I dated a crippled man in a wheelchair and we had a great time. Just so you know, I am a devotee. Rich said good to know and I am a devotee also, so what say we relax and enjoy each other. Sandra said that would be great. Can I be bold and ask if I could look at your legs some time with my fingers? Rich said absolutely; my lower body is very atrophied. I have some feeling left in some areas. Sandra said I remember how my bayburt escort friend’s legs looked. If you don’t mind me saying, I thought they looked very sexy. Rich said glad you got to see them, liked them, and want to compare.

Rich looked Sandra over good as they were eating and noticed that there she seemed to be braless and one breast seemed to be larger than the other. She had a summer dress on that was well above her knees and flat shoes. Her hair was short and she had a tan. He smiled to himself and could not help wondering if she had anything on under the dress. Rich told her he was headed home after lunch and would be glad to drop her off at her home. She asked if it would not be too much trouble and he said no, I enjoy your company. Sandra said she would appreciate the lift and maybe they could stop at his place so she could look at him. Her curiosity was very…aroused she said seriously as she covered his hand again. He said sounds like a plan. They finished lunch and she followed him back across the street to the parking garage.

Rich opened the car door for her and told her to be careful and not bump her head. He guided her hand to the roof over the door. She got in easily and he then leaned in very close to her and fastened her seat belt. The shoulder belt crossed her chest and now he knew she was braless. Her hand stopped his arm as he was withdrawing it for several seconds, as if she was going to guide it somewhere, but then let go. He closed the door and went around to his side. He opened the driver’s door and pulled up beside the seat. Even though she was looking straight ahead she said she wished she could see for a few minutes today to watch him get in and out of the car. Rich said if you want I will tell you what I am doing as I do it. Sandra said that would be great!

My wheelchair is right up by the car seat, the wheels are locked and I am lifting my legs one at a time into the car. I am going to lift myself half way out of my wheelchair to the seat. I will be sitting partly on the seat and the wheel rim of my chair. Now I have re-positioned my hands on the car seat arm and seat of my chair and am going to lift myself the rest of the way into the car. I am now in the car seat and buckling my shoulder belt so I don’t fall out of the car. I am reaching out and removing the wheel from my wheelchair and will put it behind your seat. And now the other wheel. Then I bring the rest of the chair to the back seat. I usually put it on the seat you are in. I use hand controls to drive with. My left hand controls the gas and brakes and I steer with my right. My friend did not drive as his arms were too weak she said.

Rich closed his door and they started towards his place. He told her he lived in a tall condo building with his unit towards the top and jokingly said hope you’re not afraid of heights. Sandra said she thought she would be OK.

They got to his place and he parked underground out of the hot sun. He explained what he was doing again as he got his chair together out of the car. He wheeled around to her side and opened the door. She had a grin on her face and had undone the seat belt. He helped her out of the car and as she slid around in the seat, her dress had ridden up more, and she had her legs spread, and Rich confirmed she did not have any panties on. He was quite sure Sandra knew what she was doing but they said nothing. He did give her hand a slight squeeze as he helped her out.

Up in his unit he showed her around and they went out on to the balcony. He told her no one could see his balcony the way it was located. She said I bet the view is something. I will want you to tell me about it sometime but now I want to look at you. Rich asked if she needed the bathroom when they got back inside and she said yes. He took her to the small bathroom with just a john and sink right off the living room and showed her how to get a few feet back to a couch when she was done. He said he might be a few more minutes longer than she would be.

Rich went to his bath, undid the strap below his knee attached to the footrest support and another above his knees that held his legs on the footrests. He removed his shoe, sock and trousers. Moving over to the john he unhooked his catheter from the leg bag and let it drain into the john. He removed the leg bag and emptied it then pulled his under shorts off. Using a syringe he let the water out of the small balloon at the end of the catheter in his bladder and then pulled the catheter out of his penis. Using a washcloth he washed his penis and balls good then dried off. Rich’s bladder did not leak, in fact he had to catheterize himself to get any urine out. He usually wore a Foley catheter to work as it was easier to go to the bathroom than getting on and off the john. He took his clothes out to his bedroom and put them on a chair. He removed the shirt he had on and was just in his t-shirt when he returned to the living room.

He told Sandra he was going to pull up in front of her and suggested she take one of the pillows bayburt escort bayan and put in on the floor by the foot rest on his wheelchair, and she could kneel and start there and work her way up. Laughing he said I will assume you want to see my legs more than my face. Sandra laughed with him and said how did you guess. He helped her put the pillow down and off the couch and get on her knees. She had kicked her shoes off. He directed her hands to his left foot and said he had no feeling at all in that whole leg but would enjoy watching what she did.

Sandra started exploring his foot and ankle taking her time lightly going over every inch. He told her he was going to lift his leg and for her to feel how his foot drooped with the toes pointing all the way down. She did and said wow, nothing there to hold it up is there. Nothing Rich repeated. He set his foot back on the foot rest and she proceeded on up his leg.

As Sandra got to his calf she remarked how small it was, she could almost get her thumb and middle finger around it. She remarked how smooth and soft things felt. Rich said I shave it and there is no muscle tone at all. She slowly worked her way up to his knee and then up his thigh. As she was getting higher up his thigh, she ran into one of his balls. She did not jerk her hand away, but took it gently in her fingers and continued working them higher until she came in contact with his pubic hair and cock. Her head had not been following her hands but was facing straight ahead. It stayed that way as she said you took you pants off. Rich said I thought you might want me too. Absolutely she said, thanks.

She found he was firm but not hard and she asked if he could feel her touch and get hard; her friend could not. He answered yes if you are willing to spend some extra time helping me and I take some cialis and use a cock ring. Sandra said it really did not matter if he could get hard or not; I think you would know how to take care of your partner otherwise. She added she would be willing to take all the time necessary so they could enjoy each other. She told him she was glad they could talk about this personal stuff. Rich said he was glad also. She felt him firm up a little more and a drop of precum form at his opening. She leaned down and licked it off.

After a short time exploring his cock and balls she again said to Rich, it would not matter to me if you could not get hard. She started moving down his right leg with her hands and fingers. She asked if he was feeling any of this and he said yes about fifty percent of what she was doing in that leg. After spending a little extra time with his thigh and letting him enjoy feeling what she was doing, she reached his knee. He saw her react to what she felt and gave her a while to go over everything. She said no knee-cap. Right Rich said. As her fingers moved lower all of a sudden there was nothing there anymore.

He could see that her face got a huge smile on it as she realized he was also an amputee. There was only a short piece of fibula attached to the knee and very little muscle or anything under the skin around it. She had it in both hands stroking it. Rich told her he could feel that and it felt fantastic. She leaned forward and kissed it on the tip using her tongue to feel the end of the bone through the skin.

Rich then asked her to stand up in front of him and helped her to her feet. He moved the pillow aside and asked if she would please drop her dress. Sandra was very quiet and folded her arms across her chest and “looked” down, away from him. He let her be that way for a little over a minute and then reached up and took her wrists gently pulling her hands down to her sides.

Quietly he said Sandra, I know what I am going to see and it makes no difference to me, but I am very sorry you are having to go through all of this. Please let me enjoy us together. I wondered in the car if you were going to prevent me from touching you or going to move my arm into your breast. After a few seconds she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, pulled it forward off her shoulders and let it drop around her ankles. There was a scar across her right chest going up under her axilla where her breast had been. Her other breast had a scar where the breast met the chest wall showing that augmentation surgery had been done. There was a beautiful C cup, tear drop breast with a very large areola and large up turned nipple.

Sandra heard him suck in a lung full of air as he looked at her and at the same time heard him say what a beautiful sexy woman she was. He asked if she could inject more saline into the implant and she said yes. As he looked lower he saw she had an abundance of pubic hair that reached far and wide and down the insides of her legs a couple of inches. It was long and luxurious. She stepped closer to his voice and spread her legs some. She knew she had become very wet and wondered if he could see it. She held her hand out and he took it. She grasp his fingers and guided them to her slit pulling his fingers through escort bayburt it. He pulled them out of her hand and she heard him licking them off.

She opened her legs a little further and then took hold of her very long, full cunt lips and pulled them to the side, opening them as far as she could hoping he would take the hint. He did and as his lone middle finger slipped up her slit he pushed it into her cunt as far as it would go. He gathered a good finger full of honey as he pulled it out and moved his hand up under her nose. She opened her lips and he stuck the finger in her mouth, with the finger tip pointing down her throat as far as it would go. He pushed it down on to her tongue in the back of her throat, and slid the finger out over her tongue with her sucking on it. He stuck his middle and index finger in her this time and rubbed her G-spot getting a good reaction out of her. This time when he pulled them out they went into his mouth and she heard him noisily cleaning them off.

With a laugh Sandra asked Rich if he had a bed handy that would fit both of them. He said he did and told her to get on his lap. She reached out and made contact with him and he let her figure out how to do it. She rapidly did and felt his hardening cock poke her thigh. She put her arms around his neck and said home James. Rich rolled into the bedroom with them and up to the bed. He told her where it was beside her and how high off the floor it was; wheelchair seat height. Rich pulled the spread and top sheet out of the way and told her she could move over. She asked if there was any way she could help him and he said hold that thought till later. They both laughed. He pulled his t-shirt off and transferred to the bed. He had a trapeze bar and used it to get to the middle of the bed. He was then able to reach out for Sandra and pulled her to him.

They held each other tightly for several minutes then Sandra used her hand to find his face, moved hers up and kissed him passionately. Their tongues did a dance together for several minutes then they came up for air. Sandra was on her right side so her breast was close by and Rich gently pulled on her nipple. The sudden, unexpected touch made Sandra jerk and orgasm. She had her left leg over his when it hit and she fucked his hip to add to the sensation. When she was done she said you must think I am a real slut. Rich laughed and said no, I am thinking how great a lover I am by making you cum with so little work!

Sandra’s hand slid down and searched for his cock. She found it and it was hard. She asked if he had taken a pill and he said no, you did that to me the minute I saw you undress. Are you close to Cumming she asked and he said yes, I think so. Can I get you off with my hand? Rich said go for it, make a mess. Sandra played with his balls then used his precum to lubricate him and soon he ejaculated a huge load on to her hand and his abdomen. Rich said wow, best one ever; I have not had a whole lot of experience. Sandra moved her head down to his cock and put it in her mouth, sucking the last of the cum out, and cleaning it off. She then licked her fingers getting as much of him as she could. When she was done and back beside him she asked when was the last time you came and Rich said a couple of weeks ago, I got myself off. No woman has done me for a couple of years.

Rich asked Sandra if they had intercourse, did she want for him to use a rubber so she does not get pregnant. She said no, I can’t, I had to have a complete hysterectomy. Rich said he was sorry and she said not a big deal, got rid of all the pain I had during my periods. He asked if she was OK for sex now and she said no problem it was a couple of years ago and by the way, you are the first man to see me after my mastectomy. My doctor was a female and I have not been with a man since my breast was removed. Rich hugged her tightly and said well you just had the proof in your hand and mouth it had no effect on me. She said yea, glad I found you.

Rich said lets hit the shower, I usually take mine in the afternoon anyway. Sandra said great idea, lead the way. As he was moving over to the side he said could you lift my leg off the bed as I move my butt over to my wheelchair, that way you can help and “watch” at the same time. Sandra said great idea, I would love to do that. He guided her on where to stand and when to move as he did and they did it first try. She asked about his stump and he said it followed along with no problem but she was always welcome to handle it any time.

Sandra followed him into the bathroom and she used the john right in front of him. Rich said he usually cathed in the shower and did she want to do him sometime. She was surprised and said you would really let me do that? He said why not, good foreplay and they both laughed.

He explained it was a roll in shower and that he then transferred to the bench from his wheelchair. He had her go in and explore with her hands the whole area. He then had her sit on the bench next to the wall and told her his stump would be on that side and she could help him move from his chair then. They did and she held his stump longer than necessary which he enjoyed. He had her find the belt that was attached to the wall and went around his chest so he did not fall off the bench and she was able to fasten it around him with no problem.

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