…and then along came Sally.

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…and then along came Sally.Lisa and I had moved on from one another. I was quite relieved in some ways. She’d do almost anything I wanted and I was feeling guilty. I honestly think that some things cost you small chunks of your soul. Threesomes, gangbangs, public displays, cummy fingers of strangers in the dark, going to her house at a moments notice, banging her mouth and leaving her in a puddle on the floor. I thought that in the end I’d do her permanent damage. She went on PoF and found a nice ineffective guy who was like Bambi learning to walk, in bed. I think the adoration was probably what she needed. I respected that and stayed away. We’d catch up by phone once in a while but I didn’t ever jeopardise anything she had. I cared for her too much, still do.I was moving on from Southampton. Andres had left a number of months prior and I’d tried a couple of hew housemates. One irritating mathematician with OCD and a dippy mature PhD student who was very bad in bed. I’d taken the place on alone but the extra costs made life a pain in the ass. No quality of life. My new place in Portsmouth didn’t take long to find. I’d shortlisted two places. One that I knew I’d move in to immediately but there was another. The advert was written like some kind of romance novel. I honestly had a feeling, as I read it, that I could show up and immediately fuck the girl who’d written it.The flat was at the top of Fratton Rd. A run down, whitewashed block which probably looked great in the 50s or 60s when it was built. Sally and I chatted on the phone and I popped in after work one day. It seems I was right… I didn’t have a lot of time that day and I don’t remember what she was wearing but I had a quick look around and the size of the place was pleasing. At this point I was pretty convinced I’d take the place in the small village up the road but I said I’d pop back for a second viewing, a cuppa and a get to know you. I told her the truth about the place up the road. My second viewing was a little more engaging. Sally had worn a short denim skirt and a top so low cut that her saggy C-cups wobbled slightly whichever way she moved. The first thing she did was take me to the galley kitchen to chat while she made us some cold drinks. I don’t know if she was aware but she was squeezing past me in that very narrow space, at every opportunity and for some reason she confided that she likes her hair pulled so hard that her head is pulled back all the way, when being fucked in doggy style. About fifteen minutes later, I found out how true this was. I took the other place. If I’d taken it, there would have been a few weeks of intense naughtiness before apathy set in and I’d be looking for another place to live. The rent was cheap enough that she could keep the place on alone and for a short while I’d text to find out if she was in, dump a load on her and leave, telling her to finish herself off. Sometimes I’d fuck her. Sometimes, a blow job. My favourite thing was to get her to lift up her skirt and play with her pussy while I watched, wanked and then spunked in to her open mouth.I was seeing out my notice during that period and hadn’t moved to my new place yet and one day, I’d popped in and was wanking in to her mouth and asking if she’d ever done the girl/girl thing. She hadn’t… and Lisa was suddenly single. I’m reasonably sure that I’m not the only one who loves it when a plan comes together.I’d set it all up. Lisa and Sally would come to my place in Southampton. Lisa would collect Sally from the station and I’d be having my homeworking day. We had a quick cuppa and all went and lay on the bed. I’d cleared out most of the furniture. Sally stated pretty clearly that she didn’t want to go too far but we ended up playing the dice game, I’ll elaborate in another story. I ended up fucking Lisa while sucking on Sally’s saggy Cs. Shortly after this Sally got upset and stormed downstairs. Lisa defended Sally, I didn’t get to cum and they both left shortly after. Selfish women, lol.I chatted to Lisa by phone and she was going to talk to Sally. She invited her over and they got it on. I’d lost control and now Lisa was in charge. I moved into my new place a few days after that. It was above a huge three car garage on my landlady’s driveway. She had three young c***dren and though I wasn’t massively friendly with the landlady, I was kinda part of family life.Lisa called and asked if she could come over and bring Sally. I think she was offering the threesome. I thought about it but decided that I didn’t really want to bring that behaviour into a family environment. Next thing I know, Lisa and Sally are in a relationship. Well, good for Lisa. I think she’d actually learned from me and was taking control. She was happier and it seemed that the threesome was off the table. I wasn’t fussed. It wasn’t hard to get laid.A few months passed quietly and I was out and about and decided to text Lisa to see what she was up to. She invited me over and Sally was there. There was an immediate tension in the room and though it was a little bit sexual it wasn’t so comfortable. I stayed a little while, asked them what they were doing that evening and suggested that we get together later and have a meal. They agreed and I said I’d get us a takeaway at Lisa’s flat.I arrived later on with enough wine for the three of us for the night. As I walked in the door to the flat I leaned forwards to kiss Lisa on the cheek, in greeting and she recoiled. I didn’t really question it, I just held up my hands to show I was backing off and in apology. We went to her top floor flat and waved awkwardly at Sally as I walked in the door. I remember when at uni and walking in to a psych unit for a midday handover and being the only guy in a room with three female nurses, all of which I’d fucked, and it not feeling this awkward.I poured the wine and made small talk. I was determined to have my threesome but it was looking more likely that I’d crash on the sofa with my cock in my hand.As the wine flowed I asked how things were going and they said they were just friends with benefits. I realised that I was going to have to be at my most manipulative that night if I was to get to fuck one of those women, let alone both.A short time later when the conversation lulled I asked Lisa about what had happened downstairs when I leaned in to kiss her cheek. She was a little nervous and said that she didn’t know what I wanted, in a defensive way. “Did you worry that you’d upset Sally?” I asked in serious tones. “No!” she said, indignantly. I thought it was true and I think Sally did too. We were milling around the kitchen in her small flat. It was the same room as the lounge. I was sat on the arm of the sofa. Sally was standing closest to me and Lisa was leaning against the bench top. I explained to Sally what had happened and she dismissed it as a little silly. I also said that’s why I had waved awkwardly, I didn’t want to offend, either. I was gesturing with my whole arm when I said, “Sally Walker, do you, mind if I kiss Lisa D, on the cheek, in greeting?”Lisa laughed like a drain at the absurdity but then in an accusatory tone demanded, “What you asking her for!?” “I’m asking Sally because you are kinda together and I didn’t want to ask you because if you said yes, it might upset Sally that you said yes… SO, if I ask her and she says it’s okay, then you know it’s okay to say yes or no… am I making sense?”Sally smiled and shook her head at Lisa’s seeming overreaction. “Of course you can,” she said, still shaking her head, “Don’t be so daft.” I didn’t move and Lisa was blushing a little and feeling like she was on the spot a little bit. I decided to push my luck, “…and what if I pecked her on the lips, Sally?”I looked at Sally, “Ya know, when she and I were together, we didn’t really kiss at all and in the intervening time, despite all that’s happened, I haven’t kissed her at all…. And you get to kiss her every day.” I smiled awkwardly at Lisa, then looked at Sally and simply said, “You lucky thing, she’s beautiful.” Lisa melted and said, “Oh alright.” She wandered over in and awkward way and I, in a ridiculously grand voice, announced, “I will now kiss the very beautiful Lisa Dale on the lips…. Is this still okay with you Sally!?” Sally laughed and nodded and I looked in to Lisa’s eyes, stroked her cheek affectionately with esenyurt escort the backs of my fingers and held the moment a little to build an atmosphere. It needed to be a lingering kiss. I knew how it would make Lisa feel. Still gazing in to her eyes, I closed the small distance and put my lower lip beneath hers and my upper lip between the other two. I opened my mouth a little, felt her melt, a little, held for a second, then withdrew. I felt that and Lisa was straightening her clothes not looking at myself or Sally. I looked at Sally raised both eyebrows in surprise then raised my wine glass and in the voice of a wrestling announcer, said, “Lisa Dale, do you mind if I kiss Sally Walker in greeting?” Lisa impatiently agreed as if it was a perfunctory act that we should get over with quickly.Sally was a different kettle of fish. I got the sense that she’d be up for whatever and that Lisa was trying to remain in control in front of me. I was watching Lisa, she looked a little worried but there was something else. I knew her sexually and there was expectation, despite her wanting to remain in control of the situation.Sally and I kissed, to say hello. It was more perfunctory but I felt that more was on offer. I sat back on the arm of the sofa afterwards, “Sally, did it bother you that I kissed her on the lips?”Sally shrugged and said no, as if the conversation was completely un-necessary. “May I do it again then?” Sally smiled again and took a sip of her drink. Sally had worked out that this was making Lisa intensely uncomfortable and we were now both teasing her.“It’s fine,” she said, “Kiss her if you like.”Lisa was standing a few feet away now and though I remained perched on the arm of the sofa, I leaned over and gently grasped her hand, said, “Come here you,” and pulled her over to me. She’s the same height as me when say on the sofa arm and she was still stiff and awkward. “I don’t think I kissed you enough, back in the day, you know?” We kissed each other then. Lisa opened her lips reflexively and I responded with my tongue. She had her back to Sally this time so probably felt less uncomfortable. Sally did look around to see though, grinning like a cheeky teenager.I was finding that I actually meant everything that I said. I had missed Lisa and things had got twisted and nasty. It was genuinely nice to feel real affection towards her. I knew in those moments that my behaviour was manipulative, but I was using the truth to manufacture the situation I was looking for.“There we are then, that wasn’t so bad was it?” I went across to the window, opened it and took out a smelly cigar. “Do you mind?” I asked Lisa. “If you must,” she said, grabbed her cigarettes, a bottle of wine and motioned to Sally, “are you coming?” Last time we were sat in that position, Lisa had gotten herself gangbanged by me and two mates. This time Sally sat on the stool where I’d been last time and Lisa leaned against her. I wasn’t jealous but a plan was beginning to form I’d execute it a little later on.The wine and conversation were great. The takeaway had been devoured and things were very comfortable. We were at the window again and Lisa was leaning against Sally and we were chatting and all a little drunk. Lisa went to the loo and while she was gone I asked, “Did she tell you about…..?”Sally knew what I was talking about immediately because I’d told Sally about it. “Course she has, I don’t think she keeps anything from me.”“I just wondered in what context it had come up, aren’t you even a little envious?”Sally laughed and said she was and for two reasons, firstly because she wanted to do it to Lisa, but she also wanted it done to her. We heard a flush and talked about the food we’d just had as Lisa came back in. All I was thinking was that they must have a strap on. It’d be fun to spit Lisa again….and then Sally.We bounced around the flat from sofa to kitchen to window whilst drinking and tidying and smoking. As Lisa was snuggled in to Sally and we all chatted, I said to Sally, “Ya know that she loves her neck being kissed, don’t you?”“Yeah,” said Sally, looking at me like you’d have to be stupid not to know.“But do you know how to do it the way she loves it, or do you just know that she likes it?”“Well, I know that she does and she likes it when I do it.”Before Lisa could jump in I said, “Well, I tell you how to do it the way I do if you like.” I then looked at Lisa and asked, “Is she as good as me, does she do it like me?” Lisa shrugged and said she was alright and with a spiteful look, told me I wasn’t that good. I laughed and Sally was playfully offended at just being distinctly average… and eventually, I started giving Sally instructions.I stayed seated on the other stool and said, “You have to make sure your teeth are dry and instead of biting, you have to just gently graze her neck with your teeth…just giving the impression that you’re going to bite, and not going to hard.Sally began to try. In fairness it’s not rocket science and Lisa was squirming in a cute way. “Let me show you,” I said and wandered across. Lisa was immediately on guard but I dismissed it. “Oh shut up, I’m trying to teach your girlfriend how to give you pleasure, what’s wrong with you?”I began to kiss Lisa’s neck and she responded instantly. I knew what I was doing and started in the middle of the side of her neck with my teeth, making small circles and worked up to just under her ear, then back down to the tops of her shoulders. Lisa was a sucker for this and I couldn’t help draw similarities between this and last time. I might find myself alone on the sofa if she thought I was doing that again. I stopped and told Sally how to do it and after a few minutes she was doing well, both of them were horny when I said, “Let me kiss the other side.” “What you mean?” asked Lisa.“I mean, Sally will keep going on one side and I’ll do the other, you just sit back and relax.” Lisa was guarded but Sally didn’t really care. Lisa was still leaning against Sally, who was sat on the high stool. I moved in and Lisa was then sandwiched. I knew that the proximity of bodies would make her hot.“Aw God.” Lisa said, as she rubbed Sally’s thigh and reached up and pulled the back of my head in to her neck. She was squirming between Sally and I. Sally had slipped down the vest and bra strap on the side she was kissing Lisa. I stopped for a second and indicated to Sally that we should swap sides. In my head I was saying to myself, “I’m making the magic happen!” Lisa opened her eyes for a second and looked bewildered as the pleasure stopped.“What’s going on?” she said in a tone that was concerned that the kissing would stop forever.“We’re just swapping sides, you lucky girl, our necks are getting cricked.” Sally comforted.Sally swapped sides and immediately moved the other bra and vest strap to one side and reached around to caress Lisa’s right breast inside of her vest. Lisa looked down, probably to ensure that it wasn’t my hand and we carried on. I could feel how hot Lisa was in those moments. It was filling the room. Given that Lisa had looked down to ensure I wasn’t holding her boob told me she wasn’t yet comfortable with me yet. The heat of that moment was dying and I couldn’t go much further without jeopardising my goal of fucking both girls, moreover, if we lost the momentum, I’d lose all access. We’d just chat the rest of the night.Sally had both hands inside Lisa’s vest now and the vest was almost off. I gave a couple of surreptitious tugs and Sally did the rest, completely exposing Lisa’s breasts and kneading her nipples between thumb and forefingers. Lisa stopped caressing Sally’s leg and covered Sally’s hands, probably to cover her own boobs.“Sally’s turn…”“What?” said Lisa, a little disappointed.“Turn around, kiss Sally on the neck and I’ll show you how to do it.”Lisa didn’t want to know. She just turned around, and I’m pleased to say, didn’t put away her tits, and kissed Sally on the mouth, then on the neck. I started giving advice but Lisa didn’t want to hear it. Lol. Bossy little cow. I’d almost turned the tide. Very soon, Lisa would have to go along with things rather than me.I looked at Sally, trying to non-verbally gain permission to kiss her neck. She and I were in sync. She didn’t melt in to the experience the same way Lisa did. So, I moved behind avrupa yakası escort the bar stool she was on, between it and the wall and started kissing her neck too. He response was immediate though and I moved her straps and in no time at all, Lisa’s bra straps were around her elbows and her tits were just visible pressing in to Sally’s as they played. I had to get in the middle of this.“Swap sides please.” I said. Lisa did immediately and I kissed Sally’s neck for a few seconds before coming back to the front of the bar stool and kissing her gently on the mouth. Sally responded hungrily. Lisa looked up, perhaps jealous or left out. As she did, I kissed Lisa on the mouth. Lisa responded hungrily too. I was elated that I’d gotten this far and at the same time I was frantically thinking, “What next?”I gently put my hand on the back of Lisa’s head and pushed her down to Sally’s nipples. Lisa was like a dog with a bone and started suckling on Sally’s saggy C-cups. I continued to kiss Sally and fondle her other tit. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh, God!” I quickly thought, “What next?” They were so into each other and I was just an extra in this scene. How do I move things on and keep a starring role? I needed to put Sally in charge…“Lisa’s turn!” I said, as I stopped kissing Sally’s mouth. I looked in to Sally’s eyes and said, “Sofa? ..what’s next, dessert??” I looked down conspiratorially towards Sally’s pussy.Lisa was super hot, she was almost sobbing as she’d been sucking on Sally’s tits. She was really feeling it.Sally didn’t need to be told twice. She stood up, leaving me standing by the stool. She playfully and lustfully pushed Lisa backwards, around the long thin coffee table, then sat her down in the middle of the sofa and knelt in front of her. I needed something to do so moved the coffee table. Sally started unbuttoning Lisa’s shorts athen pulled them down, along with her knickers. I sat on the sofa and tenderly said to Lisa, “May I kiss you?” just as Sally pulled Lisa forwards on the sofa, spread her legs and started to eat Lisa’s pussy. Lisa’s mouth disappeared and I adjusted my position to accommodate. I hate accommodating like that. I like to be in charge, and though I was manipulating, I didn’t feel I had the control I’m used to.Lisa was squirming as Sally munched on her pussy. She was hungrily kissing me and whimpering. Now then, the clothing situation. I was wearing jeans, flip flops, or I had been and a linen shirt. Sally had her bra/vest straps down and was wearing shorts, and Lisa now just had a vest and bra on, which were now around her waist. I hate logistical issues like this. I should probably stop concerning myself with such minutiae, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be in command.I sat up and removed my shirt. I wasn’t sure about the jeans. I may unintentionally halt proceedings. Sally had to be the one to get my cock out. Looks like it’s going to be turns each, when it should all be about me.I caught Sally’s eye. “Let me have a go,” I mouthed silently to her. Once she complied, I mouthed, “Go sit on her face.” And gave a conspiratorial wink. She moved and I moved fluidly in to her place. I had a semi that was sure to grow once I started on Lisa’s pussy. Lisa looked up as I got my head down. I’m pretty sure she would have objected but for two things. Firstly, that wasn’t the first pussy I licked, and as soon as I dropped my head I opened my mouth as wide as I could and placed the highest part of my tongue on Lisa’s pussy and firmly licked her full clit in one long solid lapping motion. That technique has gotten immediate attention in the past and I followed it up by sucking Lisa’s clit in to my mouth and chewing it with my lips. Two indrawn breaths and then the second thing, was Sally stripping off whilst watching me, and Lisa was watching her.Sally tried to clamber on to Lisa’s face. I couldn’t see what was going on as I was munching pussy but Sally just couldn’t get there. She’s a tall one. Lisa’s head was too close to the back of the sofa and Sally just couldn’t quite get there. I pulled Lisa forwards on the sofa and her head got to the right place but then she was so far forwards that she just slid on to the floor. Lisa looked at me, I looked at Sally and we all laughed. “Coffee table.” I said. Lisa looked at me like I was stupid. “Lie on your back on the coffee table.” I began to stand up and I helped Lisa up. Sally stood up as I guided Lisa to sit on one end of the long thin coffee table and then I lay her back. Light dawned on Lisa as she lay back and betrayed herself with a sound that was somewhere between a sigh and that noise you make when you get a fright. Sally faced me and straddled Lisa’s prone form on the coffee table, then lowered her pussy on to Lisa’s waiting mouth. I had my mouth on Lisa’s pussy, with one of her legs over my shoulder. It was a perfect view of the pussy eating Sally was getting. Lisa was like a demon eating Sally out. With my left hand I reached up Lisa’s side and gently took her hand and just held it. It was a loving gesture. Lisa squeezed it hard and held on. I looked up. Sally was watching me eat Lisa while she was getting eaten and gently grinding her pussy on Lisa’s mouth. I held Sally’s gaze as I lapped, sucked and teased Lisa’s clit with my teeth.We were all connected in an almost perfect, hot, sexually gratifying moment.I was going to jam a few fingers in Lisa’s sloppy puss when I realised it’s a perfect moment to unbutton my jeans. I now had a bone that’d scare the dog. I lifted my torso and moved my knees back so I could arch my back to get my hand under my belt. I think Lisa felt the difference in my performance licking her pussy but Sally could see and moved her pussy off Lisa’s face and knelt down to kiss her and in a very certain tone, said to Lisa, “His turn.”I’ll admit I was sceptical when Sally said it but she sat Lisa up and walked the five feet from the far end of the coffee table to me. Lisa had one leg either side of the coffee table and slid down towards me. Both began unbuttoning my jeans. Sally standing next to me and kissing me and Lisa just dealing with pulling down my trousers and pants. We were all breathing heavily and completely absorbed in what we were doing when I said what I said next. I don’t recall if it was deliberate, involuntary, manipulative or genuine. Lisa had gotten my ankles out of my pants and had firmly gripped my hard on to suck it when I stopped Sally kissing me and stopped Lisa sucking my cock.“No!” I cupped Lisa’s chin and stood her up. “I’ve missed you so much and I want to kiss you first.” She stood up like a woman very much in love. I could feel it, Sally could feel it. The hand that was at the end of the arm that was wrapped around Sally’s shoulder, pushed her down. Like a good girl, she just dropped and started sucking. To Lisa I said, “Just kiss me please, let me taste Sally on your mouth.” Lisa kissed me passionately; really opening her mouth to let me taste Sally on her mouth. Sally heard this and sucked my cock more passionately. Both girls were whimpering as they used their mouths on me. I nearly did too. The moment was so powerful. That entire transaction was only five seconds or so. I kissed Lisa harder; pulling her mouth on to mine with my hand at the back of her head, and the same for Sally, with her head on my cock and sucking like it was the last time she’d ever do it.I was feeling an almost blissful, wistful, growth in to my power in this moment. Like a profound exhalation of acknowledgement and completion, despite the night being very young. It was in that moment, after my exhalation that I looked Lisa in the eye. “Get down there and suck my cock,” I whispered. Lisa didn’t need a second telling. I guided her down with the hand that was still on the back of her head. I pulled Sally back with the hand on her head. My fingers had become tightly intertwined with her hair. Lisa started sucking my cock. I loved and still do love Lisa’s mouth. My head tilted back, my lungs filled with air, by chest expanded as I stood there with two girls kneeling in front of me. I looked lustfully, unbridled, down at Sally, pulled Lisa’s head back and swapped mouths. Three strokes in one mouth and then swap girls again. I pulled Sally up to kiss me and then put Sally’s anadolu yakası escort hand on the back of Lisa’s head. “Make sure she does a good job, ay.” I whispered conspiratorially to Sally. Sally got quite rough with Lisa. Lisa was used to it from my treatment of her in the past and she loved it. This was a little different though. Lisa had been very much in charge when I arrived, and now, her girlfriend was facefucking her with my cock. I was filling the atmosphere with aggression now. Sally was mopping it up. Lisa was getting sloppy on my cock. Sally stood behind Lisa, put both hands on the back of her head and started violently forcing Lisa’s mouth onto my cock.I looked down at Lisa, “Play with your clit you dirty cocksucker.” There was only a moment’s hesitation before she did. Slowly at first but once in to it, she spread her knees properly and went to town. “Gag on it slag.” Sally whispered as she bent down to Lisa’s ear. Lisa, with her other hand reached around and put her hand firmly on my buttock. She was really in to it. Sally straightened up and we gazed at each other with fire in our eyes. Unchained lust. We were cut from similar cloth, indeed. We kissed. Almost biting each other, such was our lust. I was fucking Lisa’s mouth now. I reached out with both hands and grabbed handfuls of hair at the side of Sally’s head. “I think that you’d like to use her mouth now, wouldn’t you?” Sally reached out and grabbed the sides of my head. Our bodies were taught. We kissed. There was nothing soft about it. “Be my guest.” I said to Sally, nodding down at Lisa. Sally grabbed a handful of Lisa’s hair and dragged her on her hands and knees across the floor to the dining table. She controlled Lisa there while she pulled out a dining chair. Then she sat on it, slid forwards and forced Lisa’s mouth on to her pussy.Lisa was in doggy while she was made to eat pussy and that presented the target I wanted. First though, I needed to solidify my control. I wandered over to Sally and stood by her side, my hard on near her face. “Is she doing a good job?” Lisa looked up from between Sally’s legs. Breathless but not unhappy. “Yes, she is,” said Sally. I placed a gentle hand on the other side of Sally’s head and moved in. She began to suck my cock. A few seconds was all I needed. “I’m going to use the other end.” Then I knelt behind Lisa, who tried to turn around but Sally stopped her, and inserted the full length of my cock in to Lisa’s soaking pussy.Lisa was in heaven. She’s a natural service a****l. She loves to please. I’ve sometimes worried that I’ve hurt her or gone too far and when I’ve addressed it later, she says that there’s part of her that’s hurt but mostly she loves it. I started pumping pretty hard. “What’s happening, Lisa?” Lisa hates it when I do this but I love it. She’s angry and resentful but I always make her answer. There’s something so innocent about her voice when she does.“I’m getting fucked and being made to eat pussy.” She replied. Her voice was quite high and girly and sounded simultaneously innocent and slutty. She carried on. I locked eyes with Sally over her back. Sally was grinding her pussy in to Lisa’s mouth with both hands on the back of Lisa’s head.“Who cums first?” I said, and left the comment hanging. Lisa was the first to respond. Almost tearfully she said, “I’m really close.”It was music to my ears. Sally and I were on almost the same wavelength and when I said, “Oh Lisa, you poor thing, we’re only going to let you cum if you’re a good girl and you eat all the pussy and cock for the rest of the night.” In that parental, condescending tone of voice.Sally picked up the baton immediately, saying, “That’s right, eat my pussy hard and we’ll give you an orgasm…. Do you want an orgasm?”Lisa’s response was stellar. She looked up and like a lost girl she said, “Yes please.”“What do you have to do to get it?” said Sally, who by now had grabbed a handful of Lisa’s hair on the top of her head and was gazing sympathetically in to her eyes.“Eat cock and pussy.” Lisa said breathlessly. I was still giving it to her from behind.I loved the next bit. Authority and power in that situation were flowing through me. “Get her on the coffee table, on all fours.” I commanded Sally. She complied instantly, as did Lisa. She climbed back on to the coffee table and I got behind her. Sally knelt down in front of Lisa, at face level and simply said, “Good girl.”I started fucking Lisa from behind. “Are you going to be a good girl and cum onmy cock?”“Yes.” Said a now breathless Lisa.“What do good girls do?” said Sally in a mock authoritative tone.“Suck cocks and pussies.” Said a breathless Lisa.I gestured to Sally to come to me. She stood up and Lisa watched her walk to me. Probably wondering what was coming next. I whispered in Sally’s ear, her instructions.Sally complied. She kissed me in an obedient, pleasing her Master kind of way and went about the instructions I’d given her.Sally went to Lisa’s middle while I fucked Lisa from behind on the coffee table. Moved her knees to the edges of the table and asked her, “Are you going to be a good girl?” Lisa just grunted, “Yes.” She was searching for her orgasm. Concentrating on how her pussy was feeling. Sally reached under Lisa and started playing with her clit. Lisa gave a satisfied sigh as Sally started. “Are you gonna be a good girl and cum on my cock..” I said“..and my fingers?” concluded Sally.“Yes.” Said a more breathless Lisa. There was an element of almost comedy about it now.I could feel Lisa tensing. Her orgasm was close. Sally was rubbing harder now, she could feel it too.“What are you going to do, Lisa?” I demanded.Lisa responded to my tone and words, saying, “I’m going to cum on your cock..”“…and my fingers.” Chided Sally.“..and your fingers.” Replied Lisa. She was breathless and tense, throwing herself back in to my thrusts.Sally felt it first. Lisa began to tense as her orgasm began to cascade. Sally and I locked eyes. Lisa was still throwing herself back in to my thrusts and her orgasmic wail was getting louder. It actually sounded like a cathartic experience. It sounded like there was anger, tears, frustration, then most importantly release. Lisa was cuming hard. Sally and I wanted to kiss but she couldn’t frig Lisa to completion and reach up to me at the same time. Our eyes locked. With one hand I just intertwined my fingers in Sally’s hair and we were both tense throughout our bodies as Lisa moaned out the last pulses of her orgasm.I stopped. Sally stopped and stood up, still looking at me. We kissed lightly but intensely and looked at Lisa. She was completely still for a moment, she shivered for a second, despite the warm night air, and then her shoulders sagged. She was done for now.Sally and I helped Lisa from the table and we took her to bed to cuddle out her post orgasmic chill. There was a lot of love in the room at the end of Lisa’s orgasm. It was like we were all feeling, as one mind.It was a miracle that I hadn’t cum by then. That, sadly, or perhaps not sadly, was the only time the three of us played. The rest of the night was intense or fun and outright dirty. Sally got her strap on out and we took turns spitting the girls. Not for me thanks, though, I don’t drive stick. There were orgasms all night long. My balls were pretty blue by the time I shot my load. It was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. Two loving faces taking turns to blow me. They did it in the bedroom, on their knees at the bottom of the bed. I could see their arses in the mirror and them both playing with their own pussies as they took turns sucking my cock. My cumshot didn’t spurt at first. It was more of a dribble. I had a massive amount of cum in my balls. It squirted eventually and I did my best to fairly distribute the contents over their loving faces. It didn’t make any difference in the end, they spend five minutes kissing and rubbing it all over their tits. I killed the mood in those moments. A whispered word from one to the other and they gestured teasingly that they were both going to rub their pussies with their cum coated hands. It’s nothing a towel can’t sort but it’s a bit of a mood killer. Going to sleep and waking up with those two’s heads upon my chest was one of the best experiences of my life….apart from it being shockingly hot all night.Sally woke me with her mouth on my cock. Lisa joined in but not in a willing way. For Lisa, the moment was over. I didn’t get to cum that morning, but I did put it in the spank bank. Besides, I still worked and lived in Portsmouth and I could pop in to see Sally if I wanted… I didn’t. They had a good year together until Lisa got heavy wanting a baby and Sally said goodbye.

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