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This was one particular night last week on which I just had to take her…

When you don’t wear clothes, sex sometimes begins very suddenly…out of nowhere. No clothes to take off, so that’s out of the way. When I get hot for Blue, I just don’t wait at all. I just go for it.

Without warning, I slid off the couch to my knees and shoved my face between her legs, pushing her computer to the side, off her lap. She closed her computer, wove her fingers through my hair and slid down, happily giving her pussy to her slutty nympho.

“Ooooooooooo…my hot baby…come to my pussy…”

I was possessed…I dove deeper between her smooth thighs. With my mouth against Blue’s lovely pussy, I purred to her, sliding my lips all over her and rubbing them on her clit. Her body trembled and she squealed loudly, wanting more. I purred louder to her and pushed my face harder between her legs…she pulled on my hair and screamed, her pussy soaking my face.

I gave her hot little thrusts of my tongue as deep as it would go, my breath burning her swollen outer lips…she squealed with each fuck of my tongue, her body being pushed by my mouth.

My body was on fire, and I felt like playing a little rougher this time, which she loves!

I growled into her pussy and sucked her outer lips in my mouth…we were both in a state of animal passion. She pulled my hair harder and yelled, “SUNNY! FUCK ME!!”

I grabbed her clit between my lips and growled while pulling on it, send her body into spasm. She was so close to cumming!

I got up on my knees, grabbed her body and THREW her on her tummy…

She expected that and screamed with delight! She spread her legs for me…from between her legs, I immediately pushed off with my feet and pounced on her, my hips landing on her ass, my open mouth landing marmaris escort on the back of her neck, my legs spread with my pussy over her ass!

I bit the back of her neck, growling loudly with my hips pressing hard on her ass…she screamed more and raised her ass against my hips, teasing me…still biting her, I roughly slapped my hips on her ass and she squealed with joy and bucked her ass against me…

I raised my mouth from her neck and yelled, “BLUE IS MINE! BLUE BELONGS TO SUNNY!”

I then pounced my teeth back on her neck, growling at her, her ass in the air. She yelled, “FUCK YEAH! I’M YOURS! TAKE ME!”

Just from pure excitement, I came hard, my body shaking with my mouth on the back of her neck, my cum pouring between her ass cheeks.


I gripped her hips with my legs and she bucked her ass upward, gasping while my cum burned her opening…I still screamed, “BLUE IS ALL MINE! MINE! ONLY MINE!”


My orgasm passed and Baby’s ass cheeks were now soaked, and some of my ladycum had flowed down to her lower back…I slid my body around on it, my breath on the back of her neck, my pussy still dripping on her ass.


I slid down between her legs and pounced my face between her ass cheeks. “FUCKFUCKFUCKSUNNY!”

My legs kept her legs spread and I held her hands down…she quickly stuck her ass in the air and my tongue RAMMED into her ass…I growled deeply and fucked her pussy with my fingers…

She could no longer talk now, making just a lot of hot sexy noises, her ass gripping my tongue and her dripping-wet pussy squeezing my fingers…

Baby squealed with each deep thrust of both my tongue and fingers! Most of my long hair was draped up on her back and beside her, having dragged marmaris escort bayan it down her body when I slid down between her legs.

She was just about to cum, and I wanted her to cum pulling my hair while she screamed for me! I still had one hand holding down one of hers. I let go of that hand and she reached back with both hands and pulled my hair hard as hell!


I wriggled my tongue deep inside her ass, one finger in her pussy swirled in fast circles and she came wildly, her ass bucking against my face and her cum soaking my hand!

Her hips fell to the mattress, her entire body quivering. Still between her legs, I slid my arms under her thighs and gave her wet kisses all over her ass, pausing here and there to lick her pretty ass cheeks, causing little whimpers to come from her mouth.

I slid my hot, wet tongue down between her ass cheeks and flicked her opening…her body jumped and she squealed…I slid my tongue up through her ass and to her lower back where I pursed my lips and blew hot air on her skin, my breasts pushed against her ass.

That caused more whimpers and soft little yelps of pleasure from her throat…I licked her spine on her lower back like a lollipop…her ass tried to raise under me.

My Blue, the hottest woman on earth, wanted more…

I gently turned her over, spread her legs wide with her knees tucked back, then slid my hips between her thighs, smiling at her…

I let my oh-so-fucking-wet-and-horny pussy drip on HER swollen and quivering pussy, my juices burning her clit and driving her body crazy.


“Oooooooooo…does my baby like that? Would baby like to cum again?”

She responded only by grabbing my hips and trying to pull my pussy to hers…my escort marmaris strong ass, thighs and lower back did not let her do that…she tried to raised her pussy to mine, but I had her held down.


I tossed all my hair over her and said, “I want you hot as hell for your next orgasm, baby.” I threw all my hair back, letting it land on my ass.

She got a hold of my hair and pulled on it. “DAMN! HOW MUCH HOTTER CAN I BE??”

“Oooooooohhhhhh, I can make you hotter…”

She fucked her pussy at mine, but couldn’t move enough, with me holding her down, to get our pussies together. I giggled and lowered my pussy to hers…she screamed in anticipation…when our pussies just TOUCHED, her body spasmed and she came like fucking HELL!

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulled me down on top of her and sunk her teeth into the magic spot on my shoulder she can always find, knowing right where it is, and I fucking came all over her…yeah, we do that…and without squirting.

Our lips met and we purred deliciously while exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues, our lips sucking and pulling, unable to get enough.

I smiled at her, then slid down between her legs and used my entire tongue to lap her oozing cum and juices from her pussy…it makes me feel so sexy and hot to be a good girl for her, licking her clean and making her pussylips quiver for me…

Blue petted and stroked my hair, praising me for fucking her so well. “My, my, my…Sunny is SUCH a good girl…”

I purred into her pussy, giving it lots of kisses. I wanted to ensure that she would wake up in the middle of the night, wanting me so badly she couldn’t stand it.

I smiled at the thought of that, then scooched up, looked in her eyes and said, “I love you, my sweet baby.”

“As I love YOU, Sunnybuns!”

I kissed her tummy, rubbed it with my cheek, then used it as my pillow while both of us fell fast asleep.

The End

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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